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Rubbish product and matching customer service

Designed a blender that cannot be put in sink of water or dishwasher. Floods and cannot rid the water which rusts the parts.

Promised a replacement was sent 3 weeks ago. Still waiting.

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Hi Jemcm, Sorry to hear of your experience with this. For tracking of the replacement please call 1300 881 861. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Not bad machine but no help with replacement hot water handle/knob

My mother has passed her EM7100 coffee machine onto me. Although it is approx 18mths old at this stage most of it is working okay. I do have an issue with the hot water knob being broken - some of the clips have snapped off it. I have spoken to Sunbeam twice and still no answer to this part being replaced. I am happy to purchase the knob from them. Pretty unhappy with the entire customer service process from them. I really need this knob (it is the same as the milk frother knob on the left hand side). Amazed they don't have this as a spare part...I have emailed them twice and each once emailed they contact me. to say they will look into it. I do not feel I should have to call them to find out what is happening with the knob. Pretty annoyed. I would be happy with a different knob which fits the slot which I have also explained but apparently nothing else is compatible.

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I would like to say that after some time I have now received a replacement knob in the mail.

Kettle broke, but after review here, Sunbeam replaced.

Brought an expensive Cafe Series kettle. Looks fancy but broke just after having it for more than 1 year. When we spoke to Sunbeam, got told "out of warranty, your problem".
Now after a review here, they asked me to phone up and offered a replacement, which they sent out. Very impressed, thanks :-)

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Hi Mikey, So sorry to hear of this. You can be assured I will be passing your feedback onto out product team. If you have your purchase receipt and it is just over 12 months please call us again on 1300 881 861. We will also need you to advise the model number. Kind Regards SunbeamThanks, I spoke to them and they have now replaced the kettle. Very impressed.

Crap quality control

I would give less if I could.
I have just disposed of your 4 slice toaster after 6 months of frustration!!!
I cannot leave it alone as it burns everything is sight.
Set on the lowest setting, after 2 minutes it has warmed up one side of the bread if I'm lucky. Set any higher only one side gets toasted, put it down again with the bread turned around the whole slice is black. I have wasted enough of my energy, patience and time on this contraption. Gone!! Gone! Gone!!!! Its been disposed of and after generations of loyal support to your brand by my large extended family so is my loyalty to you.
The first one was given to me 30 years ago when I left home and worked reliably until 6 years ago........ Since then we have had 3 others before this one. Each lasted just past your warranty before killing itself.... God alone knows how....... Now this one hasn't made the warranty time..... I am not chasing the warranty I have had enough!!!! I am changing my allegiance. No other sunbeam produce will enter this house again. Your quality control is obviously non existent. I had 2 of your frypans and both have also been consigned due solely to their ability to cease working appropriately after the warranty expired. I have also had 4 of your irons which were each replaced under the same warranty due to water leaks, failure to heat and or regulate heat and power shortout.
The store has informed me that they can no longer accept the product back if this one malfunctions. It had better not else I am taking it to consumer protection. As you can tell I have been a loyal supporter of sunbeam. No more!!!! Count me out!!!! Enough is enough. I'm going with a different manufacturer!!!!

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Hi Ivy-Mae So sorry to hear of this. I will be sure to pass on your feedback to our product and technical teams. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

Disappointing Customer Service

Sunbeam MultiChopper Food Chopper, the bowl cracked (after minimal use) less than 18 months after purchase. After several weeks of emails and phone calls. Sunbeam reiterated the out of warranty statement (12 months) and refused to replace the bowl. The option to purchase the bowl if you can find a stockist is roughly half the cost of a new machine. Very disappointed customer.

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Hi Sunbeam Customer, So sorry to hear of this. I will be sure to pass on your feedback to our product and technical teams. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

Sunbeam refuses to publish my review on their website.

Sunbeam refused to publish my review on their website. Their faulty electric blankets are complained about all over the internet.

My review:
Faulty electric blankets

I purchased one 4 years ago. It lasted only two. Sunbeam replaced it on ‘goodwill’ advising that no warranty would be given as I did not have original receipt. One would think that a company would have confidence in a replacement product. Failed again within less than 2 years. Sunbeam have advised there is nothing they can do. I have never had an electric blanket that has only done 2 winters. Absolutely ridiculous that sunbeam will not acknowledge design or manufacturing issues. My replacement blanket will most certainly not be a sunbeam one.

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Hi mmid, So sorry to hear of this. I will be sure to pass on your feedback to our product and technical teams. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

Sunbeam, What a joke of a company

Purchased a sunbeam torino just over 2 years ago and milk steamer stopped working. As it was out of warranty i opted to pay the $300 repair charge..... after 7 weeks i am now told the part is not available in the world and will never be fixed.... extremely annoyed customer

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Hi mick, So sorry to hear of this. I will be sure to pass on your feedback to our product and technical teams. Kind Regards, Sunbeam3 months have gone past with no customer support and no response from sunbeam.... What a joke!!!

Terrible product. As for rating wouldn't give them 1 star but couldn't submit without clicking some

SUNBEAM didn't even bother to reply to my email - disgraceful company I will never buy another of their products again..

Worst manufacturer bad quality products

I got a mixer as a gift, used it 5 times and motor stopped working. Customer service was not helpful. Horrible horrible product. Don’t ever buy from them!

Surprising and unexpected result on an out of warranty Cafe Crema 4820

So happy with the result of my enquiry after my Cafe Crema machine broke down after 16 months. It took a week to get a reply to my original enquiry, but then within a few days, and exchange of 1 or 2 emails, within the week I received a NEW and upgraded machine delivered to my door! I see so many bad reviews here for the customer service so I guess I was lucky. Really appreciated their generosity and am grateful. Thanks Sunbeam!

Worst customer service!!

My 5th follow ups with their customer service and still no one responds. I bought an iron last Feb 2018 and it’s already broken! I attached the copy of the invoice when I lodged my first query online and it has multiple purchases/items. Their customer service responded that the iron is not included in the tax invoice, that i need to attach the correct one! What a lazy person! Its not my problem that your invoice doesn’t have clear item descriptions but you should at least check each item codes of the purchases and i can guarantee you that its there!! I even googled each codes online and definitely the iron is in it and it’s the right invoice!!

Very disappointed in my Sunbeam Slow Cooker which is about 2 years old.

This is my second Sunbeam Slow Cooker, the first one was great. This one may have just reached warranty.
I put porridge on last night and turned the cooker off, but not the power point.
Woke up about 2 hours later to realise the slow cooker was still cooking even though it was turned off. I turned off the power point and removed the plug, the next morning noticed the outside of the cooker was still hot! When we tested it, the inside stayed cool but the outside of the cooker became very hot.
I can't believe how dangerous this could have been and will never buy another Sunbeam Slow Cooker!
I haven't heard of this happening before - is this an isolated experience?

Barely get over the treshold

Purchased our first Sunbeam King Bed electric blanket about three years ago only for it to fail eighteen months later, after waiting quite some time for David Jones to arrange for the replacement (not DJ's fault) the second unit is now faulty. When we received the replacement unit we were informed the warranty would only start from the original purchase date which looks like they had insight into the reliability of their product.

My advice would be to buy a cheaper brand, why spend $220 when you can spend half that amount on an alternate reputable brand with the same features and same three year warranty.


I have recently had 2 issues with our EM7000, so I kindly engaged your official service repairer. 4 weeks later and my machine is still not correctly fixed. In fact, it has actually come out in worse condition than on submission.

Requested Work:
Replace Group Cup Seal
Fix Thermal Fuse for Steamer
Fix hot water tap
Descale Machine

First week - picked up machine. Group cup seal incorrect placed (it was inverted). Group cup handle now impossible to properly insert and eject. Took back to dealership, shown issues. Left machine there another week to advise it will be looked at and expect a call. No call came. Came back to follow up and technician didn't fix the issue with the group cup. Left it there another week and got told I would recieve a call on the Monday(no call recieved). Came in again on Saturday for follow up. Machine clearly wasn't even looked at all week. At this point I took the machine back as I have been without my coffee machine for over 4 weeks now.

I am now making a formal complaint to both you and the retail ombudsman. I am demanding a new replacement machine for my troubles. This official repair centre has no customer service or accountability at all for their work. I expect a call from sunbeam to remedy this situation, as this is absolutely disgraceful.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Don't buy a Cafe Crema!

Coffee machine corroded and leaking after two years. Offered a 40% discount to buy a new one! Zero customer care!


A couple of months ago I purchased a Sandwich Press Grill. The mechanism on left had side is of and inferior quality and you are unable to close the press once it has been placed in the open position . It requires you to touch the hot appliance and attempt to guide it back into position. A very poorly designed product but a great size


I contacted Sunbeam and I told them I love this coffee machine but on my 2nd one in 4 years and they asked me to send the machine to the service department and they will give me a replacement unit I'm so happy with this result. Great customer care!!!!!! Not often found today.

Extremely Poor Customer Service

Sunbeam Customer Care website said 3 day response to an email enquiry, 3 weeks later no reply, so I contacted again. They replied and said the brew head on my Sunbeam Coffee machine was worn out, so I asked how can it be worn out after making 3 cups of coffee, so they said they would contact me in 24-48 hours, 2 weeks later no reply, so I emailed again. Still no reply, its now a month later and no reply, (2 months from my first contact) so I guess they will not be giving me the courtesy of a reply, and I strongly do not recommend Sunbeam Australia.

Unreliable product. Warranty worthless

I bought a queen-sized Sunbeam electric blanket in 2013. In 2015 one side stopped working. It had a three-year warranty. I sent an email to the customer service address but never received a reply. I rang the sevice centre, but after waiting for hours, was unable to speak to anyone. The promise to phone back was never honoured.

Apalling service and quality

I tried to contact Sunbeam support about a faulty product and was told the wait was one minute. I gave up after about fourteen minutes. Rang back and was told I could get a call back. Opted for that and when they finally called some hours later the phone rang exactly twice and then they hung up before I could answer. When I dialled ther missed call number I got back to their same call centre to start the process again!
I have three Sunbeam appliances and ALL of them have malfunctioned soo after the warranty period has expired.
I replaced the leaking kettle three times before finally giving up and getting another brand...All items I have are from the Cafe Series and the outer surfaces corrode and look really poor about a month after your start using them....bac=sicially I think this stuff is junk trading on it's former reputation for quality........and, as I said the support is lousy at best......at the price there are many other products and probably most are better than this rubbish!

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