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Sunbeam Beatermix JM3200 / JM3250

Sunbeam Beatermix JM3200 / JM3250

JM3200 and JM3250
3.2 from 13 reviews

Didn't last, very disappointing

We got this beater two years ago, as I remembered my mother's Sunbeam mixer lasting for around 15 years. I used it infrequently and only to mix egg whites or butter/sugar. Last night the beater's motor completely gave out, there was a flash and smoke started pouring out of it. Very very disappointed with the quality of this product and sad to see Sunbeam products become so unreliable.

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Hi Joanne.S I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Sunbeam

Works really well

Bought this one as a replacement for the old one which has had well over 12 years of good service.. Very happy with it and it's strength. Also quite please with the service received at The Good Guys which was well done. We were quickly joined by a service member who took us to the necessary shelf and did not try to force sell anything to us.

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Hi Peter, Thank you for your feedback on the Sunbeam JM3250 and we are very glad you are happy with your purchase. Done hesitate to give our Customer Care team a call on 1300 881 861 if you require any advise or information on the product. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Very Disappointed - They don't last!

I bought this model JM3250 but hardly used it.
Very disappointed as they don't last long! It started make friction noises when mixing a thicker dough and I need to stop it as the noise gets louder. So basically it cannot be used anymore.
I have tried contacting Sunbeam customer service many times but NEVER received any replies until today.
I don't recommend this product at all!

Very Disappointed

I used to have one years ago and it went for about 10 years no problems and then I purchased another it broke within 10 mths stopping and starting eventually just stopping, bought another and used it once and it blew up. Now I gave them one last go and surely enough not even a year and it stops and starts with a nice burning smell coming from it, this makes it very difficult to bake anything successfully.

I don't use it daily and usually to bake cakes etc so not heavy duty. Unfortunately this was in my price budget and so kept giving them ago. Now I will be saving my dollars for something a little better. A shame since my first ever sunbeam mixer was a champ!
Quite light
Doesn't last, stops and starts, unreliable

Way to noisy

Purchased this mixer to replace a little cheap one that had only cost $12 thought it would be much better as I've always trusted the Sunbeam brand but no more it is to noisy to use has a high pitch terrible noise which is impossible to put up with for more than a few minutes should have taken it back won't be buying Sunbeam again.
Easy to eject beaters
Noise overrides any good points

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Hi disappointed10079, Thank you for your feedback, Sunbeam takes all customer feedback very seriously and would like to begin by expressing our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. To provide our assistance with this matter, we will greatly appreciate if you can contact Sunbeam Customer Service by phone on 1300 881 861 or email customercare@sunbeam.com.au (subject line: ProductReview.com.au with Sunbeam Beatermix) with your details. Regards, Sunbeam Customer Service 1300 881 861 customercare@sunbeam.com.au

Wish I had kept my old mixer!

Bought this to replace my 20 year old mixer[ that was still working fine], what a huge mistake. My old one left this sunbeam for dead. I purchased this one as the beaters were stainless steel [not chrome], it was lightweight and I have always been happy with this brand. It is so slow at beating normal everyday ingredients [takes 3 times longer to beat cream than my old 120w mixer], lets off a horrible burning smell, and is so noisy , my family leave the house when I have to use it. I don't use it very often so it hasn't had a hard life, I didn't like it from the first use so I will be throwing this in the bin and purchasing a Breville one tomorrow. Really disappointed with this product.
Useless, so noisy it actually hurts your ears!

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Hi AngZ, Thank you for your feedback To provide our assistance with your matter, we will greatly appreciate if you can please contact Sunbeam Customer Service either by phone on 1300 881 861 or email customercare@sunbeam.com.au (subject line: ProductReview.com.au with Sunbeam Beatermix) with your details. Regards, Sunbeam Customer Service 1300 881 861 customercare@sunbeam.com.au

12 years!

My Beatermix has just died after 12 years faithful service. 12 years! One of the beater clip-in-bits had been dodgy for a couple of years so that the beater fell out if lifted off the bottom of the bowl, but it still worked fine. I borrowed a friend's when it kicked the bucket halfway through a 6-egg pavlova mix, and it was tinny in comparison. This is sturdy, plenty of speed options, plenty of power and it last for 12 years. What more could you want? I'm off to get a new one.
Reliable, lasted forever, plenty of power

I can beat that. I was given a Sunbeam beatermix for a wedding present 36 years ago and although the cord is starting to look a bit frayed, it still works well. It was because of the fraying cord that I am here looking at reviews before purchasing another , but I'll just stick with my old faithful till it gives up.Hi KMF8 and Userexists, please see our new range of beatermixes which can be located on our website https://www.sunbeam.com.au/en/Appliances/Food-Preparation/Mixers/

Love it!

Had my sunbeam mixer now for two years and paid $29.95.So easy to use and the beaters are thicker than the last one i had,so its stronger.Love how the beaters pop out easy and it all goes back in the original box.Great from whipping cream to cake batters,as well as my yorkshire pudding batter which is a bit thicker.Handles everything i throw at it!
Easy to use and clean.Cord is long enough too.

An economical little workhorse

I had a very strict budget to meet for buying a hand mixer and assumed that it would mean buying an inferior quality product. Fortunately the Sunbeam Beatermix was very affordable and I haven't had one problem with it since I bought it a few months ago. I've used it for sponges, heavier cake batters, even soft doughs and it's powered through them all. It's not suitable for heavier doughs but other than that it can mix almost anything.

The beaters are easy to clean and pop out easily and it's not too noisy either. One of my best kitchen purchases.

January 6th 2018 Update: Just as good as my Mum's!

I used a Sunbeam mixer growing up cooking with my Mum, and bought this one because of its similarity. I haven't been disappointed! I'm an infrequent baker, so it gets used once every month or two - however there have been no issues and it works exactly as I expected it to. The beaters are sturdily made, and do a good job mixing anything from cream to cake mix to pudding.
Good price, many different speed settings
Can't handle heavy doughs (to be expected for a hand mixer)


this mixer is so cheap yet so good which is surprising, i bake alot so am using it at least once a week and its still going strong, it is easy to use, easy to clean, compact so fits anywhere without taking up alot of room, even fits in the draw, and it looks good
this hand mixer is great, i use it all the time and have had it for years with no issues at all, mixes everything with ease, is not too heavy so my 8 year old can hold it with out a problem,
there is no cons about this product


a good little unit with enough power to handle the job expected of a compact unit, with a competitive price
a good handy little unit good power, pretty good value
very little that stands out "above" its competitors


I chose this over the breville and the other sunbeam hand mixer because it is much lighter to hold (probably because the motor is 190watts as opposed to 320watts on the other two) and when you're mixing you don't want your arms to fall off. Has 5 speeds and a turbo or boost function to give it that extra ooomph when mixing something heavy. I have had no problems with this. It easily creams buttter and sugar which is what i mainly use it for. The unit is easy to clean.
Light weight, easy to use, easy to clean, performs well
non to mention


a good little handheld mixer. I used it for 2 years and is still going strong. I rearly use it now as i was given a sunbeam mixmaster but this little unit does still come in handy. Perfect if you can't fit or afford a mixmaster.
compact, easy to use

Questions & Answers

Hi there. My kids have thrown the two attachments for my Beatermix in the bin and I'm wondering if I can get this any where please as the unit is not too old and I love this brand and I paid full price for it? Type 515 model no JM3200. Thank you for your support. Nas
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Hi Nas. You can buy spare parts from any of our affiliated service agents. Please click the following link for a comprehensive listing of all service agents in Australia https://www.sunbeam.com.au/en/Service-Agent-Locator/?state=nsw . Alternatively you can visit the following website https://bigwarehouse.com.au/ - this guys are an online spare part provider. The part number for a single beater is JM32101.


Beatermix JM3200Beatermix JM3250
Mixing Speeds55
Motor Power200200
Price (RRP)39.95
Replaced bySunbeam Beatermix JM3250

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