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Sunbeam Beatermix Pro JM5900

Sunbeam Beatermix Pro JM5900

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Not happy with this product.

The power cord is too short even though the power point is at the end of the bench. The beaters are too short. The controls are not the easiest to use. On the positive side the motor performs okay. A very average product which was probably designed by a man! I seem to always purchase dud items from the Good Guys!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

No fluff in the beater

I have a proper stand mixer so bought this for making simple cakes. Everytime I use it - the mixture doesn't 'fluff'. eg. when I beat butter with sugar - just ends up clumpy. I put the same mixture into my stand mixer - much more fluffier texture and feels more right. I don't know whether it is because of the beater design or the speed. It sounded and looked like it is beating fast. I am now looking for another mixer. Also as the other reviewers said - the beater is too short - so hard to beat.
Not doing its job.

Absolutely Brilliant Sunbeam Mixer

At first I thought the Sunbeam JM5900 Beatermix Pro Hand Mixer with 10-Speeds would not have the power, but was I wrong. It does just as good a job as my large Sunbeam Cafe' series mix master. I purchased this to save me getting out the big one just for a bit of whipped cream. I have not had to use the mix master since.
Small, light weight, powerful, easy clean,

Easier to use than a whisk - not as good as a mixmaster

This is a great little beater if you can't be bothered getting out the mixmaster. As mentioned by other reviewers it is limited by the size of its beaters and dough hooks. You just need to adapt your mixing bowl to a larger one where the mixture is shallower and you can get right down into the bowl with the beater. If it's a large task you are doing, use your mixmaster, this little fellow isn't up to the job. That being said, I've mixed up pancakes, pikelets, cakes, beaten egg whites for pavlovas and whipped cream with this little beater and had no problems. I don't know if they solved the problem of chrome flaking off the beaters by the time I bought my beatermix pro, but I haven't experience anything like this - maybe I've just been lucky. I find this little beater is ideal for those smaller tasks which I used to reserve for a whisk and my whisking arm is eternally grateful.
Compact - easily cleaned and stored away
The beaters and dough hooks are a little small, but you can get around this by adapting your bowl

Very handy

I find these beaters very handy to have-they are much easier to get out than my big mixer. They have good speed range. They are not as fast as the big mixer at some things (like whipping cream) but they still get the job done.
handy to have as easy to get out of the cupboard. I put the beaters in dishwasher to clean them-making it easy (but not sure if I'm supposed to)
can be a bit splattery when whipping cream, slower than the big mixer-but more convenient sometimes

Perfect for my needs

I paid $42 for this beater around 4 months ago, it also came with the dough hooks. It has been excellent so far. I'm only your average home cook with the kids so we make cakes and biscuits, whip cream etc so I know I don't need a heavy duty mixer.

It feels sturdy but not too heavy to hold, even the kids can have a short turn. Plenty of speeds and turbo to choose from I can feel the power in it and always mixes really well and quickly, I've been nothing but impressed. It is compact and so easy to grab and use, clean up and put away.

I always love the one push button to release the beaters.
Cheap, sturdy, plenty of power.
Beaters are a little short but its not hard to find a bowl to accommodate......


I wouldn't buy another one of these, it is too difficult to use in a normal size bowl. It does seem to have good power though.
It has a good speed range and a boost button
The beaters are much too short. Unless the whole beater will fit in the bowl you can't use a bowl with any kind of depth to it.


For an expensive beater, I am shocked at the quality. It has the potential to be an excellent product, and I have a cheaper Sunbeam Beatermix which hasn't broken in years. Dissapointed
it has lots of speed features, and it powerful for the type of use i want it for.
the very first use, the metal plating from the beaters flaked off into my mixture. Had to throw it all out and start over with old beaters. Interesting that someone else commented on this too - maybe a recall is in order?

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Beatermix Pro JM5900
Price (RRP)59.95
Mixing Speeds10
Motor Power320
Release dateOct 2006

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