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Sunbeam SecretChef HP4520 / HP5520

Sunbeam SecretChef HP4520 / HP5520

HP4520 and HP5520
3.9 from 117 reviews

Excellent value Sunbeam Slow Cooker

This is an excellent economical slow cooker. Simple suitable for a family of 5. The ceramic cooking dish looks great and washes easy. The Sunbeam is Great value, is simple to use, and retains sufficient juices to allow for great curries. Best test was a tradition Goat leg curry. Time for more slow cooked stews and curries

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Love my analog slow cooker

I requested this for Christmas after my digital Sunbeam broke (after 13 months!!). I love this model, it’s cheaper and fuss free. It does mean you can’t set the timer to turn off or turn to warm but you can remedy that by using a wall plug with a timer. Overall a good product at a good price point. Love the ceramic bowl too, I kept the bowl from my digital model so now I have two. One for dinner and one for pudding afterwards!

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Thanks for the positive feedback mj88!

Terrible, has wrecked my benchtop and chopping board

This is my second slow cooker, had the other one for years and never an issue (only died due to user error). Have used this one 3 times and it's wrecked my wooden benchtops - next time tried it on the chopping board and it's wrecked that as well. So dangerous - what a total waste of money - I'll be going back to Russell Hobs

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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HI justrace, So sorry to hear this has happened. Please give us a call on 1300 881 861 so we can discuss this with you.

Perfect cooking temperature, food comes out brilliant every time!

I bought this as a replacement for my Target branded slow cooker, which would consistently burn and overcook my food. So I made this purchase and I've had nothing but tasty and delightful results. It's so simple to just whip something up before work and chuck it in here knowing you can come home to a tender, flavoursome and delicious meal. I suggest cooking some beef spare ribs drenched with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce if you want to treat yourself!

And disregard negative reviews below, most of which are just about the stainless steel casing getting "too hot". Well, that's what happens when you have a heating element on the other side of stainless steel. Use your brains, my god. It's a great cooker.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Ainsley, thank you for your thoughts. I agree, slow cookers are just so helpful in our daily lives!

Does the job

Currently on sale at David Jones at an attractive price of $39.95, I went ahead and purchased one. I used it to cook and it did not disappoint! I am a working mother with 3 boys and it gets so busy esp before dinner time. I cook a night ahead, I pop everything in the slow cooker at night and have a really nice meal first thing in the morning ready for the night ahead.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Busy Mum, that's what the slow cooker is for, making meal preparation so much easier and you are the perfect example of this! Thanks for the great review...

Extremly hot on out side.

Have just purchased this cooker and it gets extremely hot on the out side...
That hot that it's untouchable ... Should this happen .
Have only used it a few times because I'm a bit frightened of being burned. Purchased from Myer store two months ago.
To replace an existing sunbeam slow cooker that I have had for years. Just needed a bigger capacity.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Joanne. As per the answer to the question you submitted, the body of the slow cooker will get hot as one of the feature's of this product is that it has a 'wrap-around' element to ensure consistent/even cooking, as opposed to an element solely in the base of the unit. That is why Sunbeam always recommends to use the handles when lifting or moving the slow cooker.

Good upgrade

Bought this because our existing 3L Sunbeam didn't have the capacity I needed. As with the other one, it is easy to clean, cooks well and provides exactly the features required. As I have time available, I prefer to brown meats and soften vegetables on my induction cooktop rather than buy a multi-function cooker.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Hi Brushy26, thanks for the positive review!! I agree, the 5.5L capacity is great for when you have friends over or alternatively, if you want to prepare mid week meals ahead of time!! Keep an eye out for our newly released HP5530 which has a capacity of 7.5L. This will help you prepare meals for the entire year haha!!!Can't afford the cost of the freezer that would require.Mmmm...If only Sunbeam made freezers....

This cooker is extremely disappointing

This cooker failed after 2 years moderate use. Surely we can expect a longer and more reliable performance than 2 years. Although worked well initially it’s features are very ordinary.We will never buy a Sunbeam product again. Quality and reliability is non- existent. It is unfortunate that we can’t trust established brands anymore. Looking elsewhere in future.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Affordable but not great

For its price, it's alright because it does the job but it cooks slower than the times indicated in recipes.
Takes a very long time for the temperature to heat up and cook food.
The size is very decent and can cook for a family for 4-6 well.
Easy to clean.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Shattered lid

Had a similar experience to J Ferguson. Put lamb shanks and vegs on low at 10am and at 5pm heard an almighty 'crack' and found the glass lid had shattered into my casserole rendering it inedible. Only had this cooker for a month and used it only once before!!!! Taking it back to The Good Guys today, very disappointed as I had a Breville for many years with not one hiccup until it. Not sure whether to try again or go back to Breville???

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Does the job

Got the slow cooker for a great price, and it does the job. Relatively easy to clean, and maintains temperature while cooking. It is very slow to heat up, so requires another pan if wanting to brown meat before adding to the slow cooker. This version has a 'keep warm' function which is useful.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great value Slow Cooker

This is a great slow cooker which is nice and simple. It works well and is a decent size to make larger portions. However, this product could be improved by adding a "Keep Warm" setting which would be convenient. Otherwise, it is a great slow cooker for the price that was paid.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great for large family.

This replaces a Sunbeam Slow-cooker I had previously that I would have still had had the ceramic inner not cracked. Have chosen a manual cooker so I can be more vigilant and take more care when I cook. Loved having the digital cooker but I believe this cooker does the trick just as well. My decision was based on the fact that the digital display died over a short time...ended up counting beeps.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Big enough for a family of 4

I bought this slow cooker to make my life in the kitchen a little easier. It is a perfect addition to my kitchen appliances and the size is large enough for a family of 4. We have been very satisfied with the results and tried a variety of meats and sauces. It is very easy to clean and care of, nothing sticks to the bottom, perfect results.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

A great value slow cooker, large enough for family!

This is a relatively simple slow cooker. But with one feature that many others lack, the "Keep Warm" function. Which is really handy when entertaining, or if your timing when cooking things may have been a bit "off".

With a 5.5L capacity, it can be considered (perhaps mistakenly) as interchangeable with other 5.5L slow cookers. However, it has a slightly rounder oval than many, and so it has the capacity to cook a large family-sized roast chicken, 4 lamb shanks (in a single layer), or large duck with room to spare. For stroganoff, soups, and other non-oddly shaped ingredients, you can easily feed an average family with 5.5L perhaps even for two meals.

At a price of $34 (new) from Harvey Norman, it's hard to find a cheaper product from a name brand.

We have been very satisfied by the results even on "High", despite the fact that we know that the results could be further improved on the slower (and lower) setting. Let's just put that down to our disorganisation. :-)

We really can't complain about any aspect of it's use, functionality, or result. At all.

Sure, you can buy other slow cookers with temperature control, and pressure cooking options, others will cook a meal based on a pre-defined range of recipes... but for our purposes, that's really excessive.

If you like a simple device that does the job well, then we give this a solid 5 stars.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Love it

This slow cooker is big enough to cook a generous family meal. The results are always good but I find a longer slower cook preferred. I sometimes put it on late a night on low and let it cook through the next day. This is great for fall apart pulled pork or beef. It's easy to clean but the ceramic cooking bowl is quite heavy.

Date PurchasedFeb 2008

Simply Great

Such a great appliance to have, just set and forget really. I find while im preparing my ingredients have the cooker on warm then when you put everything in it starts cooking straight away then I just leave it on low all day as im a full time mum it makes getting dinner ready for my husband easy. So easy to clean just washed out, i would highly recommend it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Wasted my time, money and food

Very disappointed that my corned beef and pickled pork for Christmas, came out so bland.

Thought it would be easier than on the stove, as I wouldn't need to watch it constantly. When I read the instructions I realised I needed a heat proof mat, or cutting board to put under it (not clear if they mean a 'heat proof cutting board?), so I used a board. Hate buying something, getting it home and realising you need another product to make it work! The counter got really hot, and my board now has splits in it, so it's in the bin.

I did the corned beef first, didn't really have much flavour, despite all the ingredients I put in, no where near as nice as the one I did last year on the stove (in 1 1/2 hours). So I did the pickled pork next, and doubled up all the herbs and spices. Again, really disappointing, even more bland than the beef. Really sad, I did really yummy ones last year on the stove. I will not use this again, I don't have a "heat proof mat", don't want to waste another board. I would never leave this on, unsupervised, as there is no timer or cut off switch.

UPDATE: Harvey Norman decided this review was not suitable for their site, so be wary of their reviews. They only like positive ones.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Made my life so easy!

I love my slow cooker - easy and no fuss about it.
Allow me to cook soup, stew, curry as a super chef.
The only thing was the cable that got damage and could not find replacement - luckily hubby took care of it, does not look good, but still do the job.
The size suits more when I cook for 4 or plus people.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Easy to use, heavy to move.

Works great. Haven't had any issues and feel safe leaving this on all day while not home. Originally was for my mother however it was a bit too big and heavy so score for me. If you have trouble lifting heavy things then I would suggest a smaller one

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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Questions & Answers

Most Important: Is the Ceramic Coating Lead and Cadmium FREE in the Sunbeam Slow Cookers? Slow Cooking can be Healthier for us (the Celsius being lower than a Gas Stove) but it becomes TOXIC when Lead and/or Cadmium are used in the glaze that coats the Ceramic Bowl OR Nasty Tephlon is used. Stainless Steel would be great - it's Good to have Options. In the interest of Good Information Practices and Good Health, companies should always state on the package and advertisements if Ceramic Bowls, Oven Dishes, Cups and Plates are Lead and Cadmium FREE. This is a must in manufacture and buying practice for consumers. I have Oven Casserole Ceramic Dishes from a company overseas that openly state this Vital Info on the products. (Researcher 20+ Yrs)
2 answers
I do not know. At the same time I am old enough for it to be irrelevant.Hi Janetau. All of Sunbeam's slow cooker inserts meet the necessary requirements.

Hi, have just purchased a replacement sunbeam slow cooker 5.5 ltr. When using it gets that hot on the outside that you can't possibly touch it ... Is this normal? Thanks Joanne
2 answers
Unfortunately I can't really comment as I never touch the outside when it is on. On the rare occasions that I have to move it, I always use the handles. We don't have small children, which I assume is behind your question.Hi Joanne. One of the features of the HP5520 is that it has a wrap around element as opposed to an element at the base, which ensures consistent/even cooking. This means that the outer body of the slow cooker will get hot so we always recommend to use the handles if lifting or moving the slow cooker.

My slow cooker is smoking at the bottom and has rubber smell. It is brand new and never used before, is this normal?
3 answers
Ours did smell a little bit on the first use. After that it has been OK. I assume it is the element affecting sheathing on the wiring. If it continues over the next two or three uses I would take it back.Hi Crystal. As Brushy26 said, there may be initial burn off of manufacturing oils when you first turn on the machine. This should stop after a few minutes and is fine to use. If this issue continues beyond the first use, there may be a different problem and I would advise to bring back to the store.Can’t bring back to store as it’s past the 12 month warranty stage. Just haven’t used it till now. I’ve sent yous an email about my experience and have received no reply.


SecretChef HP4520SecretChef HP5520
Price (RRP) $54.95$59.95
Keep Warm SettingYesYes
Dishwasher Safe PartsYesYes
Dimensions 280 x 420 x 270 mm280 x 430 x 290 mm
Weight6.15 kg7.1 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)
Release dateNov 2009Nov 2009

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