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Sunbeam Kettle Electric BBQ HG5400

Sunbeam Kettle Electric BBQ HG5400

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This grill is great, and its design is perfect for use in the kitchen because it doesn't spill when cooking, it's well-made and it's easy to clean. It's of good quality, and I'm relieved when it's grilled. It has a large barbecue area and is easy to move around. I love it.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Thanks for the great review Perry!

great BBQ.

Bought this BBQ to replace a big stainless steel monster that was a marathon cleaning job every time we used it. This one is a breeze to clean after use and cooks well without splatter. All the drips are well confined to the underneath tray which fits into the dishwasher, hooray!! The split grill and solid plate is useful. Haven't done a roast in it yet but looking forward to it. You can cook with the lid on if its windy and still get good results. Has a good cover too.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Thanks for the great review Muffy!!

At least it lasted a few years

Purchased a Sunbeam Kettle Electic BBQ for convenience of cooking in the atrium close to the kitchen.
Had about 4 years of good service and then the problems started.
The unit started to buzz during use, seemed to come from the hotplate. Also the non stick surface deteriorated so it was getting harder to keep clean.
Last year it also started cutting out during a cooking session. Could not even complete cooking sausages. Eventually I decided to order a new hotplate. Once that arrived it worked okay for 2 uses before reverting to the cutting out.
Next I replaced the control unit, once again several cooks later it started the cutting out and not getting to full temperature.
As we also have a Ziggy 3 burner and a recently acquired Kamado cooker, we were only using it for middle of the week, dinner cooking due to its convenience.
It is now sitting near the rubbish bins ready to be disposed of piece by piece.
Replaced it with a Ziggy portable.
The Sunbeam is a good product but does seem to have problems with lasting. Due to the shortage of electric barbeques like this the choices are limited so that is why I moved to solutions that either use LPG or Lump Charcoal.

Works for us

We bought this as we are selling our home and have packed away our large outdoor unit - but didn't want olive without a BBQ all together. Since having it we have cooked almost every meal on it and have been delighted with it. we are now a family of 4 adults and yet there is plenty of room to cook for everyone.

Problem with connection

My parents love the idea of this BBQ as it's usually just the two of them cooking but the electrical connection is really tenuous and even opening the lid can dislodge it. Very disappointing.

Since posting this review, my parents took their kettle back to the store and it was replaced without question and their new kettle works perfectly. That one have just been a lemon.

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Dear Cmca, Thank you for your feedback! Please contact our Consumer Support Team on: 1300 881 861, should you require further assistance. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Works for me

Yep this is good. Its effective, compact, light and cheap. Easy to assemble. Does the job well. Like a big outdoor fry-pan really. If you have a gas cooker (which I did) you need a backup for when gas runs out. Electric is better and more controllable.
Did I mention light! There a some people who have a problem moving 50 Kilos of gas cooker around. This is light - very light. I think about 10 Kg.

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Hi Aldeberan, Thanks for your positive feedback. We hope you get good use out of your BBQ as we head into the summer!! Kind Regards, Sunbeam CS

Stop complaining

It costs ashtray money, how can you expect to feed a big family or party altogether. It doesn't pretend to be big. Buy the bigger one and see how you go. For those who say its doesn't cook well I have cook everything on this thing. Tonight, despite the only downside I see that is no idea what temperature you are punching out I slow roasted a blade roast, simply wrapped in foil and on a mini grill tray. It was melt in the mouth stuff and I have NEVER used a slow cooker or anything just guessed from the net re oven times. Temp bottom of sear for just over and hour, flip and number 12 for an hour, wind back to 10 probably another hour, sit it on 8 till you ready to eat.

This thing is so underrated and those of you who struggle with it may have had bad luck or just can't cook. For those of you who say it is unstable, it is not a ride.

Best value for money I have seen in years. Just can't please some people.

Sunbeam Electric BBQ - not too much thought went into this design.

Positives... heats up quickly and is easy to clean.
Negatives... unstable, no side shelf/area to place food or utensils. Not the largest plate ti cook with!!

Concept is good design is poor.

Wobbly stand poorly designed

Living in an apartment I was attracted to the size, portability and cooking plate non-stick properties of the HG5400.
One wouldn't think it should be so difficult for a company the size of Sunbeam, with such experience and expertise, to design a stand that is stable (relatively important when using a BBQ producing piping hot fat don't you think?).
The centre plastic pop-out pin connection of the 2 piece stand is not tight at all. Reading the assembly instructions in the "Instruction Booklet" it states "Insert the top tube into the bottom tube, ensuring the screw is aligned to the slotted nut" Not very helpful when there is no screw or nut in the tube assembly! Adding to the frustration is the wobbly engagement of the stand within the base of the barbecue.
However all was not lost, with the wobbles sorted through the use of plastic electrical tape to stabilise both stand connections....but really - should I have had to?


Purchased this a couple of years ago to replace a 4 burner gas unit which had become too big for my needs. A neat looking unit, good size for one, but it just doesn't cook. It heats up to a temperature, then the thermostat cuts out for at least 4 mins before it reheats again. For about 1 minute. I can cook in an electric frypan in 15 minutes what this unit takes nearly 40. Totally hopeless. This unit should come with a user controlled thermostat unit, like an electric stove, not the preprogrammed one it comes with.
Just doesn't cook..

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Hi essjemm, Thank you for your feedback. As a helpful tip, preheat the Sunbeam Kettle King BBQ on the high setting and then drop temp one or two degrees down to regulate control. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Sunbeam Customer Service either by phone on 1300 881 861 or email customercare@sunbeam.com.au (subject line: ProductReview.com.au with Sunbeam Kettle King BBQ ) with your details. Regards, Sunbeam Customer Service 1300 881 861 customercare@sunbeam.com.au

Love this little BBQ - Easy to use, great for small places

I Love this portable BBQ, Easy to use, lightweight and easy to move around runs on electricity so no fear of gas blowing up in your face when you light it. Compact yet still able to cook a fair amount on it, easy cleaning just take off grill plate and wash in your sink. Cooks even fits on a balcony and takes up little space. Looks really attractive was a great price on sale. Easy to assemble. Has a really deep lid so you can do roasts etc on it. Has a control for heat so you can adjust cooking temperature.
Everything for a portable bbq
The only fault i have is that the control knob sticker came off when i opened it but was easy to put on once i knew where it had to be postioned


I returned my Sunbeam kettle bbq. I would not recommend it. The concept is great shame it doesn't work!
compact, looks nice and doesn't take up much space
not bbq is not powerful enough. Even on the highest setting it does not have the heat needed to sear meat. as element underneat is in a certain area the heat does not transfer easily and the stand was unstable.


Love it, would recommend it to anyone living in an apartment,
sears meat well if heated up for 10 mins with lid on.
compact, no gas bottles to change, can cook a roast outside , no hot kitchen!
Easy to clean.
Not much, too small for big family or big party.


Lightweight versatile product with huge flexibility with what can be prepared by this handy kitchen addition. The only issue we found with this product was the connection with the electrical point, which slipped out fairly regularly. Concept is excellent for flats and like places with restricted space.
portability and convenience
the electric connection point - pulls out too easily - needs to lock in.

Questions & Answers

Love this bbq. Great size. Cooks everything well. Unfortunately twice now, once after 3 months, the second time after 5 months, it just stopped working. No problem with replacing from The Good Guys and just trying for the third time and hopefully have better luck as when it works it’s great. Would like to know the reason for it suddenly stopping though.
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Had the same problem but out of warranty. Seems to be a problem with the remote making contact to make the thermostat part work. I replaced it but then had problems and had to replace the hotplate. Next time I had problems I gave me up. I was never totally happy as I never had any success using it as an oven for pork roasts. Replaced it with a single burner Ziggler and Brown which gives me almost a year from an 8.5kg cyclinder of gas.Hi Natalie P. Thank you for contacting Sunbeam with your concern. It may be the control probe that it is issue - although hard to confirm without testing. If you have any further issues please call Sunbeam on 1300 881 861.

There is no Roast setting on the probe and no gauge on the lid, just up to Super sear. What is the sequence for Roast Chicken as in the Instruction/Recipe booklet "on Roast setting with lid on"??? JMV
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Hi JMV thanks for your review....for slow roasting we would recommend the low heat setting or regular roasting the medium setting, hope this assists.

We have purchased the Kettle BBQ - downsized from a big 4 burner - when roasting we seem to generate excess moisture. Have turned air vent both ways but still an issue. Maybe we are not preheating enough? Any thoughts?
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Umm, not sure. Haven't encountered same problem. Definitely have vent open if this is the case (I generally have it closed to keep heat in). The way I roast anything is use a rack from an oven roasting pan (sits about 10-15 millimetres off BBQ surface) then just place the meat on some foil upturned on the corners. Depending a the cut of meat sometimes cover it completely in foil to say the last 15-20 mins. The less fat in the meat the longer to keep it covered so doesn't go dry. Sometimes I put meat directly on BBQ surface right at end just for a minute to char the meat a bit if need be to taste. If you cover the meat the whole time in foil then that may cause your moisture issue??? Hope to have been some help.


Kettle Electric BBQ HG5400
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