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Weber Baby Q
Latest review: From sausage sizzle to large roasts- this bbq is perfect for any type of cooking. Also compct enough to take to destinations with ease. I find that the hood however is a little difficult to clean

Weber Family Q
Latest review: I was given the Family Q for my 50th birthday by wife. I am a Weber fan having previously owned a 6 burner summit gold and have a Weber kettle. We use the Family Q at our caravan down the south coast

Weber Q
Latest review: This is an amazing bbq, portable and high quality. Much recommended. Got rid of big bbq to completely replace with this for my family. Easy to clean and what i love the most about it is the cooking

Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill
Latest review: This is my first gas BBQ and I absolutely love it. Very strong burners, I've tried almost everything thing. Sausage, Kafta, chicken whole and skewers etc. I love the taste the iron cast grill leaves.

Weber Original Premium Kettle
Latest review: Can cook anything and everything on the Weber, especially low and slow meats like beef jerky or kleftiko lamb. Indirect heat method or direct method of cooking simply achieved, just move charcoal

Weber Compact Kettle
Latest review: got sick of the traditional gas bbq and decoded to try a kettle charcoal bbq instead and are more than glad that i did,the food tastes more like that true bbq taste.after using it was easy to clean

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FURNACE
Latest review: Bought the larger 3 burner in January after contemplating it for several months and very happy with it, should have bought it sooner. Looks great on the patio (orange lid). Was easy enough to put

Jumbuck 57cm Black Kettle
Latest review: If you get this kettle get the coal baskets $15 and $10 chimney @ Bunning's.l use a sardine tin with metho in it to get the fire going saves drama works great.BBQ works great make sure bottom vent is

Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill
Latest review: I’m now on my 3rd set of hot plates in 4.5 years. I am very careful with cleaning and oiling and they just don’t last. I get the same comments from BBq galore that I need to keep oil on, which jus

Latest review: At the end of the day it’s just a metal cylinder so how the price can be more than twice as much as other similar products baffles me? Plus the fact it hardly works unless the top is open, the a

Kamado Joe ClassicJoe / BigJoe
Latest review: This for me is the perfect bbq. It can do everything very very well. It takes a bit of getting used too but once you master getting the temperature you can do just about anything in it from brisket

Jumbuck 4 Burner Hooded Stardom with Side Burner
Latest review: First of all let me clarify a few things to help you guys out. 1. I am not a bbq professional or even a professional cook so don't take my reviews as any expert advice. it is just my experiences

Weber Go-Anywhere
Latest review: It’s small Easy to clean Easy to store Great to take to the beach or on a boat great taste from the food cook beef lamb pork roast and it’s been amazing only no issues have come up yet the best

Ziegler & Brown Portable Grill
Latest review: Not hot enough, steaks cook too slowly, the wok doesn't get hot enough and is only good for stewing. We spent $430 on the trivet, half hot plate etc....wasted our dough. DON'T buy

BeefEater Bugg
Latest review: Having read some reviews I was a bit hesitant to purchase this Bugg over the Weber however I took the punt and couldn't be happier - we love it!. Looks cute, takes a fraction of the space of larger

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FORCE
Latest review: After much deliberation and weeks of homework we finally settled on the Everdure.We were and still are not disappointed.It heats up quickly and we use it a lot.Although i do have a couple of

Weber Summit
Latest review: Our E-470 is a little less than one year old and it does everything we ever imagined in a grill. At 81 years old and retired I love cooking on the grill. I have had many grills in my life, but

Everdure Neo Buddy
Latest review: I have been around for a fair while living in the bush and now caravanning around our great country, I have a Neo buddy and I use it daily for breakfast and dinner. It is by far the best I could have

Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite BBQ (on Cart)
Latest review: If your BBQ area gets any wind at all DO NOT BUY THIS BBQ. The burners either go out or flare up in yellow flame with the slightest breeze. Bought through BBQ Galore with all settings adjusted by

Weber Genesis II
Latest review: First, despite my reservations, this bbq was reasonably easy to put together. I did in 2 stages but in total I reckon it was 3hrs. Assembly manual is very good...some diagrams not perfect but overall

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