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Sunbeam Cafe Series LC9000

Sunbeam Cafe Series LC9000

2.5 from 33 reviews

Disappointing machine

Bought this with high hopes, but early on when i used the Julienne attachment it wouldn't push down on the spindle far enough and ended up chopping all the little grey plastic dots off on the plastic plunger attachment that you push/guide the food down the spout with. Ok, fine, it still worked, but then when i went to grate cheese the other day, a ball of mozzarella, so not all that hard in density, the machine started making a terrible noise. Stopped it straight away, and when i opened it the grating attachment had bucked against the resistance of the cheese and had snapped off bits of the plastic from the middle of the lid, so can't use it at all now; also chopped into the bottom of the funnel bit where you feed the food into. Called customer service, need to buy a new lid, but my concern is if it happens again it will be a waste of money. Very disappointed.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Awful, Stay Away, Conked Out After Only a Few Months

This worked well for a few months making pesto, hummus, chessecake mix, breadcrumbs etc but then conked out completely and the motor hasn't worked since. Simply not good enough, and what's worse I don't have the receipt. Not good enough, perhaps Sunbeam should reconsider using the cheapest possible manufacturing (because they clearly have been using that).

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Exactly as described

Love the power of this processor. Much quicker than the previous processor, also the double bowl feature is fantastic. The drawer that holds the discs is a great ides. The auto press fantastic, it allows me to be able to prepare whilst this is running. I recommend the LC9000. It perfect for what I want.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Sunbeam food processor

You'll save time in the kitchen with Sunbeam's Food Processor. It has a double bowl feature so you can mix two things at once for faster results, and the auto pulse function provides short bursts of processing so you can continue food prep at the bench without having to continually press the pulse button. Plus, with the Sunbeam LC9000, the included accessories are conveniently stored in the built-in draw for quicker access.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

A little overpriced for what you get

It performs adequately although looks and feels a little flimsy.
Bought this after a massive fail with a Russell Hobbs and this one is still going which is a plus.
For the money though, I wish I'd invested in a more substantial model, it looks kind of cheap, certainly not an appliance I'd have on display any time.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

It works for us!

I'm surprised at the negative reviews here for the Sunbeam Cafe Series food processor. We have been using ours for nearly a year and are very happy with it. It's well designed and easy to clean.

The only negative is that the drawer with the attachments can be difficult to slide out and close.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Food processor my eye!

This food processor was great for three weeks but stopped working suddenly without a reason. I have a minimal budget and if this is the case for you too,do not loose your receipt! It seems to be a pattern as the same thing happened to my sisters unit. The design is pretty below par as the slicing blades sit way to far from the chute which means you end up with un cut chunks you need to do by hand which defeats the purpose! It is a pain to put together after a clean for use, don't we buy these things to speed up and improve our cooking? Bottom line : A waste of $310 and another useless appliance taking up space. I should have read a review here first!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

On my fourth machine is three years

When this machine works it works great. Does everything I need it to perfectly. But it's rate of breakdown is ridiculous. The first three machines were replaced by warranty but the fourth is now broken and is not covered. The lights come on and the bowl is locked in but when the buttons are pressed they just blink. I suspect it's a problem with the PCB. Can this be replaced or could it be a other issue?

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Can't even do the basics

- Slicing was fairly useless as the blades are too far away from the chute leaving huge uncut chunks.
- Dropping food onto the chopping blades at the bottom cuts the fist few, then minces them while other pieces bounce around on top - barely touched.
- the whole thing is extremely fiddly to put together with blades precariously close to fingers most of the time it actually scared me to use it.
- We paid $299 on special for it and were swearing at it within 10 minutes.
- Sunbeam is on the black list for us now along with real estate agents, Harvey Norman, Sydney, Landcruiser and Jeep drivers, cyclists, crossfitters and anyone who enjoys wearing a suit to work. Oh and Trump of course.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Retunrned ours within months

We bought this food processor because I wanted to make nut butters etc. (which I told the sales staff and they recommended this machine). Unfortunately it doesn't have much power at all. Also, the motor couldn't seem to run for more than a few minutes because it got too hot and then I had to wait ages for it to cool down before I could try and continue with cooking. Infuriating.
I did think the bowl design was good because chopped food didn't get stuck under the lid and make a mess when you take the lid off.
But performance wise it deserves 0 stars. Sorry!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Well designed processor and neat storage when not in use.

Bought a lovely red version of the LC9000 food processor, originally to use for running travelling cooking classes but now used in the kitchen. Regularly used for charity cook ups that produce 200 meals in a day.

Well made, durable (those having problems with bits falling off must be very rough with their stuff). Love how it all stores away in the based or inside the large bowl.

The auto pulse works very well. The machine is quite heavy and while that is a bit of an issue when moving it, you get a very stable machine as a result.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

poor quality plastic jug

The motor is fine but this is the 2nd plastic jug that has bits falling off it. Just flimsy. The machine is not designed to last. I had a moulinex food processor that lasted 40 yrs. This one is lucky to last the year out. Its very expensive for a throw-away thing.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

I year old and stopped working.

did all it should do and I was pleased with it and then it just stopped working, I don't have the receipt as it was a gift, and it will cost nearly $200 to fix, I year old and maybe used 12 times. I will buy a different brand and do my research for my new food processor.

Date PurchasedDec 2015


Bought it a few years ago and was working fine, did not overwork the machine maybe a dozen times a year then suddenly stopped working. For the price you pay I would have expected it to last decades. Buy cheap and replace regular, not Sunbeam tho. Disappointed, as a Chef I thought that I was buying a solid machine not a lemon

Date PurchasedJan 2012

My Sunbeam Cafe Series 1400w is dying

Was great for first couple of years but then machine started to short out the fuse box in the house.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

As a loyal Sunbeam customer (from the age of 16, now 38!), this product broke my heart

It is a gorgeous, strong, stable machine which is one of the reasons that I bought it.
Unfortunately, with only one speed setting- super fast- it struggles to do the one job that I actually bought it for.
It's 'S' blade mixes/chops/purifies etc beautifully makes great rissoles and cake mixes but, I didn't buy it for that- I have a great mini chopper and a Sunbeam mixmaster for those jobs.
I cut up a LOT of veg and loved that the LC9000 had a variable slicing blade and wide feed chute.
Unfortunately, when trying to slice hard cheese for a salad it sliced about 2/3rds, of the half kilo that I put in, and mushed the remainder. When I tried to slice sweet potato, I got about 3/4 out, roughly sliced, and about 1/4 of tiny little chopped up, almost shaved, pieces.
I tried to keep the chute full (as the manual directs you to, to avoid the food bouncing around), but it is so powerful and fast that even with hubby helping to fill it, we couldn't keep enough in the chute to work it properly.
I tried the auto pulse function the second time around with the potato, but even then, when it pulsed 'off' it took so long to slow down that you still had to try to keep the chute full to avoid the leftover 'ends' from bouncing around and getting macerated.
Sadly, I found it no good for neatly presented meals, or a family on a budget because you lose anywhere from 1/4 up to a 1/3 of your food if you are slicing.

Machine is dead after 5 years.

I bought this processor because I thought it would last considering it cost nearly $400. After finally realising it was tripping the safety switch for a long time it is now completely dead. It was used once a week on average. Its just over 5 years since I bought it. Very disappointed.

Excellent as a food processor, average as a slicer/julienne

After reading some reviews on here, and purchasing the food processor, decided to give some feedback of my own. Overall as a food processor it is a lot better than our last one. the s blade is excellent at processing both dry and wet ingredients. It can make a very smooth hummus and can process nuts/dried fruits to make health bars. Have tried cutting carrots and onions in julienne, it does an average job. I would say more shredded than julienne and the last bit definitely gets caught in the gap and you have to pick out the chunks, but saves me chopping up onions.

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Hi Ben W, Thank you for your great feedback on the Sunbeam LC9000! If you require any further advise or information on the unit, please don't hesitate to give our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Waste of Money.

Stop now, do not buy this machine. It does not slice, process or even cut vegetables.
The issues are the design is flawed and the blades are rubbish. The blades sit approximately 2cm from the edge of the bowl so when you put for example an onion though the shoot to be sliced/julienned/shredded, it spins around a bit and then falls through the crack into the bowl. The bits that do get cut are usually juiced, not cut, so you end up with a sloppy, juicy, chunky mess when all you wanted was a cut onion. I have never been so disappointed with a machine. I would not even re-gift to someone I do not like!

Hi Clair, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Kind Regards SunbeamThank you for your apology however I think a more appropriate response would be to recall this product as it does not perform the functions it claims to.?

So far so good

I've only had the machine for a couple of weeks. I used it to grate raw beetroot - it was done beautifully, I'm really impressed. There were a couple of larger pieces, but then all machines have this issue. I certainly couldn't grate it as quickly by hand. The machine is rather heavy - somewhere around the 10 kg mark & is rather large - need to put base in cupboard separately to bowl. Having the blades in the drawer means that everything is together in one unit. The variable shute size is also good, although I am finding that this is creating extra washing up.

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Hi VintageDom, Thank you for your great feedback on the Sunbeam LC9000! If you require any further advise or information on the unit, please don't hesitate to give our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kind Regards Sunbeam

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Questions & Answers

My processor has just stopped... all lights are on but no noise...how long is warranty?
2 answers
Hi David Shoobridge, the warranty period is 12 months and the motor has an extended warranty but I would like you to call our Customer Care team on 1300 881 861 to discuss this with youWell I’m rapt... with proof of purchase Sunbeam have honoured the warranty, and are replacing my Food Processor with another on its way. Thankyou Sunbeam.

Can I make almond butter (using only almonds) in my Sunbeam Care series LC9000?
No answers

Does it puree meat and chicken?
1 answer
I’m vegetarian! Sorry I can’t answer this.


Cafe Series LC9000
Price (RRP) $399
Release dateFeb 2013

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