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Sunbeam MultiProcessor LC6200 / LC6250

Sunbeam MultiProcessor LC6200 / LC6250

LC6250 and LC6200
1.7 from 120 reviews

Spend more and get a better product

I bought this food processor a couple of years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. I’ve had a good experience with other Sunbeam products in the past which is why I bought this. I am very careful with how I look after things too so the issues are not from misuse.
First the white plastic attachments are yellowed from grating carrots (and washing the attachments straight after use). The white part of the bowl handle has become detached from the rest of the main bowl, so it always has to be carefully realigned every time I use it, the grater attachment (largest holes) always clogs up up when grating veges. The plastic around the main blade has cracked and now the final straw is I have attached the lid to the main bowl and it has jammed onto it and I cannot get it off no matter how hard I have tried.
I won’t be buying anymore Sunbeam products after this.

Purchased in April 2016.

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Product is used: Monthly
Used for: Dips & Condiments and Soups
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Hi Cats So sorry to hear of your experience with the food processor. Your feedback is very much appreciated and will be passed onto our product team .

Useless processor

Just used my new food processor for the first time tonight - VERY disappointed as the blades would not even crumb up corn flakes. Absolutely useless piece of equipment! I feel that the bowl should have indentations on the side of it so that the food has something to crush against to make a fine crumb.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Lynne, Thank you for your review and feedback. Sorry for the issues you are experiencing with your LC6250. It can depend on the amount of ingredients used. Please call us on 1300 881 861 and we can do some trouble shooting with you.

Kitchen time saver

Seem to use this product mostly during summer months. Saves an age chopping salad veg especially coleslaw. We dont eat cheese cake often but when I need to crush the biscuits for a cheese cake base, its done in seconds. No hesitation recommending this product at all. It does take up a fair bit of cupboard space though.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Don’t bother!

Bought this food processor about 6 months ago - wish I hadn’t. It doesn’t chop vegetables properly. It is difficult to use. I then tried to blend a salad dressing but that didn’t work either because there wasn’t enough dressing in the bowl. I have a Sunbeam stick bender I bought maybe 15 years ago and it is magic. My advice is pay more. You get what you pay for.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Handy to have and great value.

Very pleased with my purchase so far.
I purchased it for irregular use (once or twice a month) but have given it a good test run.
It does the job well. I'm pleased with the quality for the price.
Functions are very easy to use. Cleaning the parts is quite easy too.
The cutting plate storage is a little fiddly and could do with a slight redesign but I appreciate the concept.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

A basic necessity.

I owned the older discontinued version many years ago, which I happily used almost daily until it wore out. So I naturally upgraded to the newer Sunbeam, and have been just as happy with it's performance & functionality. It is a cheap and basic food processor, no bells and whistles, but for daily use it does the job. I use mine mostly for grating, shredding and slicing to make salads and pre-preparing other veg for dinner. A few times a week it also gets used to whip up a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies, donut dough, brownie batter, or anything else that is a bit too thick or heavy for my mixer to handle, and it does it with ease. Price is on par with its features and quality. Not the best thing out there, but more than adequate for most processor tasks.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

cheap but does the job

Dont use a lot because I bought a sunbeam stick model as well which I use all the time For bigger jobs works great haven't had any trouble and only cost 65$ When it does break down I will buy this brand again Friend has much more expensive one but mine does same job

Date PurchasedApr 2013


HI, very happy with the product. it is the perfect appliance for every home. it is very user friendly and easy to use. always works well for me, don't use it that much, but it is handy to have. hate the cleaning as it is fiddley. I've used it mainly for making salads, and for making crumb pie bases, chop fresh bread into crumbs so well. but don't drop it as it cracks easily

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Not a bad machine for the money

No matter what product you're talking about, if it's made by Sunbeam then it's probably not the top of the wozza, but it's increasingly likely that you get what you pay for these days.

My mum's had her old Sunbeam processor (a backup for if/when her 40yr old Kitchenmaid carks it hah) and it's still going, though it's rarely used, and mine is used even less - mostly bc I can't be bothered dragging it out, setting it up, and then cleaning it and putting it away.

It does the job and for the price you can't complain. It's not a bad food processor. If you're not going to use it every day, I would recommend it over the far more expensive models.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

It's ok for the cheapest out there - what more can you expect.

To be honest, it was my bad for choosing the cheapest item on the shelf, and i think you get what you pay for, especially in this instance. It works OK, but not amazing. Parts snapped relatively quickly and I couldn't get the blade in properly ever since. But it works adhoc, on and off. Clearly I need to invest in a better product next time.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


always works well for me, don't use it that much, but it is handy to have. hate the cleaning as it is fiddley. I've used it mainly for making salads, and for making crumb pie bases, chop fresh bread into crumbs so well. but don't drop it as it cracks easily.

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Useless, time wasting machine!

Don't waste your money , attachments don't stay put and get bent when you put food to be processed. Capacity is sufficient but processor doesn't chop up vegs properly. Gets jammed and metal discs move from position during processing.This is a useless time wasting machine you spend a lot of time getting it to work without jamming. Bought at the Good Guys Brighton.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Not Happy

Bought this appliance 2 or more years ago used it about 4 times and holding disc broke (plastic maybe they should make them stronger)and did not do the job well and i was not happy to replace it was 1/3 of the price of buying a new machine but wont buy a sunbeam again

Date PurchasedFeb 2014


I didn't want to spend a fortune on a processor as I don't use it every day so $75 on special was a bargain. I didn't read the reviews til after I'd bought it, and thought I'd bought a lemon as reviews were mostly very bad. I thought I'd better try it while I still had the packaging in case I had to return it, so I made a cake today (using one of their recipes), and sliced some vegies, and so far everything works well. In fact it had less wastage in the slicing than my previous processor that I had for over 10 yrs. The locking lid is a bit awkward, but I think that's me just having to get used to it as it's a bit different to my last one. I love the storage for the attachments, and it's easy to store the other main attachments in the bowl if you follow the directions. The only thing I thought should be made clearer is the slicing attachments have to be attached to the blade holding disc BEFORE you put it on the spindle. Or maybe it's just me being a bit thick. Early days, but so far no complaints.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

As afood Processor it makes a good cake tin

Bought with good intention, used with frustration .

The Chopping blade "rides up" the drive shaft and stops being driven- it just free roates. Complete waste of hte designers brains.
There MUST be a better way to "attach" the chopping blade to the drive spindle, there just MUST be. I might Glue it there for EVER!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Does a good job

The Sunbeam food processor is great. It does what I need every time. At first it was annoying having to remember how to put it all back together to store away but after a few times I got the knack. Have used Sunbeam for many many years and will keep doing it

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Don't waste money on sunbeam

Although this was a gift several years ago, i have only used it maybe 20 times. Firstly the dial didn't work correctly. Had to give it a fiddle to get it to start. The plastic around the blade has cracked and now when crumbling biscuits, I can't turn it off. It's running at full speed and jumping around on the bench. Although it was a cheap food processor, that is not the issue. I am sick and tired of Australia being a dumping ground for cheap Chinese junk. This processor is only going to end up in Australian landfill and I imagine will take years to decompose. what has happened to Sunbeam - used to be a reputable brand.

Date PurchasedDec 2013

Unbelievably Disappointing!!!

After being a devoted owner of Sunbeam appliances for more than 30 years my more recent purchases & gifts of Sunbeam appliances over the last few years have turned out to be nothing but disappointment. My latest appliance an LC6250 was gifted to me for Christmas 2015. It didn't come out of it's box until February 2016 and by June 2016 the locking tab on the bowl cover had broken and cracks began appearing in the blades plastic housing. Considering the appliance had minimal use (only for processing snipped fresh herbs etc.) and was handled, maintained and used carefully this really is unacceptable. After contacting Sunbeam and being advised that due to the manufacturing date of my appliance the warranty would not be upheld I was offered pitiful discount on my next Sunbeam purchase. Not wanting to waste money on a whole new appliance I asked about replacement parts at my own expense. I was given the part numbers I supposedly required and told to contact a Sunbeam agent to order the parts- which I duly did and had to pay for the parts up front before they would even be ordered. Now I find that one of the part numbers I was given was incorrect and I am now the owner of a Sunbeam LC6250 Bowl which I do not need and the part I do need (the bowl cover) is no longer available. Added to this comedy of errors is the enraging fact that the bowl I've been supplied is non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, I was offered the opportunity to purchase a whole new bowl and lid assembly at a further fee of nearly $40. Well Sunbeam, my answer is a resounding: No, just No, further more, this once happy customer will: Never purchase, nor recommend, nor accept another gift of anything Sunbeam for the rest of my days.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Doesn't do the job

Blade doesn't even fit properly, food sticks underneath. Understand why it has been discontinued. Problem is I have recently purchased mine second hand!! Certainly not recommended. Considering the price we pay should be top product. Have always purchases Sunbeam but may have to reconsider by brands. Very disappointed and I can't take it back now.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Would not buy again. Does not work effectively. ***update in description***

***UPDATE*** Rang Sunbeam and explained my problems with the machine and their customer service was excellent!!! Shame I cannot say the same about The Good Guys where it was purchased.

I have the same problem as everyone else. Big gap between base and blade means chunks sit at the bottom and the blades just spin. Also the same problem with grating where chunks just sit above the top plate. Not happy with this product at all. Have checked the manual to make sure I am not doing anything wrong. I didn't take it back sooner as I thought it was just me.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

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Questions & Answers

Where can I get a replacement BLADE HOLDING DISC for LC6250? Mine broke ages ago and I just put the food processor away but I may have more use for it now that I run a motel/restaurant.
1 answer
Hi kavita66, Thank you for your query. The part number you require is: LC6250103 Parts are available from the following online agents - please place the model number in the search engine to see a full list and photos. It pays to check the pricing and compare. https://www.ewingelectrical.com.au http://www.elliselectricals.com.au https://bigwarehouse.com.au Mr Sparky (QLD) 07 3379 5332

How to use the LC6200
1 answer
Hi Rahman. Can you be more specific please?

My mum gave me the LC6200 a few years ago and only recently I tried to use it. I could not even get the lid open despite trying to rotate lid in the opposite direction to open it! Think it’s a factory defect. Does anyone else have similar problem?
4 answers
I find it sometimes frustrating to get the lid on but it just needs to be in the correct position and aligned properly. Im sure its not a factory defect.Yes!Always difficultyes i do and it broke it cost fortune to get a replacement


MultiProcessor LC6250MultiProcessor LC6200
Price (RRP) $109
Release dateMar 2005
Replaced bySunbeam MultiProcessor LC6250

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