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Sunbeam Quantum Thick and Thin TA4200 / TA4400

Sunbeam Quantum Thick and Thin TA4200 / TA4400

TA4200 and TA4400
2.3 from 22 reviews

Don’t buy it

Burns edges and sometimes whole piece of toast no matter what setting it’s on. Tried it with 6 different types of bread and crumpets. One out of 6 types of bread worked fine. If you hold a piece of bread on a metal rack over the toaster and hover it around like a camp fire, it works. Incredibly frustrating during the morning rush to leave the house. This hasn’t put me off sunbeam appliances.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Very good toaster long and fits different size breads

I've always had a Sunbeam toaster and they seem to be the best, big space for think and thing bread and this one is evem better it fits different lengths of bread. Love it especially for breads like focaccia. It's a good toaster saves me toasting different breads in the grill.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Not deep enough!

This toaster is not deep enough for almost any slice of bread. The top part of the bread always pokes out above the heating elements! The only bread I have found that fits properly is an $0.85 cent generic loaf of bread (eg, Home brand), because they are smaller than every other loaf on the shelf.
Here is a link to a photo (if the review site allows it to work): http://i.imgur.com/xLCDx8v.jpg

Aside from that, it's not so bad a toaster. You still have to flip the bread around a couple times to ensure a consistent toasting (which you seem to have to do with every toaster, no matter how much you pay). But I've had much worse. The plastic knob and lever also feel cheap compared to the last similarly-priced Sunbeam toaster I had.
C'mon Sunbeam, your chinese factory cut too many corners with this model. Better get on their case before the next model is only deep enough to toast half your bread and only has a rusty metal prong for a lever.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Toasted !

Ok ,we went looking for a new toaster ,personally I wanted red to match my other appliances but saw this nice looking while one on jb hi fi shelf.
its a long toaster ,nice looking and states it fits thick and thin breads. Great we can use it to toast muffins and crumpets and lovely cut bread.
Well it has a dial that says it defrosts and numbers up to 6.
We have had lots of trial and errors over the last 6 weeks of use.
Other than the look of the appliance there isn't a lot of positives to say about it.
I put frozen slices of normal bread into it on defrost and about 20 secs later the spring pop up sound alerted me it was ready. Nope still very much frozen in the middle.back in and when it popped again the edges were burnt and the bread was just warm and partly toasted ,so much for that level.
The dial is a hit and miss job,i like my toast lightly browned but 1 doesnt do much,2 toasts but burns the edges no matter what we have in the toaster,crumpets burn the edges badly on 2 and putting it on 3 I dont bother ,i just pop it down again and watch it so as it doesnt have a chance to burn even worse.
It does take larger cut bread but it isn't deep enought to toast the whole slice ,we have to turn the bread half way thru toasting.
It smokes on 1 because the edges are burning and sets off our smoke alarm.
A shame sunbeam ,I did expect better quality from such a branded long standing name for appliances in our house.
It looks good other than that don't bother .

Date PurchasedJul 2016

What a Bang!!

Have had this toaster for just over 2 years but hasn't been good. Could never get setting right, had to watch the toast cooking all the time. Blew up yesterday and I'm not at all sorry. When we bought the Sunbeam we couldn't bear to throw out our old toaster which was over 30 years old, so it was retired to the cupboard for emergencies. Out it came yesterday and still works perfectly but only good for thin bread.

Sunbeam Quality of Hazardous Errors

Just made myself 4 slices of toast in less than 3 minutes to the humming, buzzing sound of elements heating; set on three it browned the bread evenly on both sides and when it was ready it gave me its usual spring ejection sound! Outside was cool to touch, removable crumb tray easy to clean, and the cancel button continues to through an electrical spark of light when used!

It seems to be a comedy of sounds and poor Sunbeam quality of errors… Although its predecessor was a Sunbeam (Slimline) it didn’t have half the personality as this one!?

My need was for a slim line toaster and since there are so few to choose from within a reasonable price range, this particular Sunbeam TA4400 Quantum suited my space requirements, and at $31.00 I knew it would be destined for the junk pile sooner than later.

Yet here it is from July 2011 still humming, buzzing, clanging and throwing the light fantastic to date. Make of it what you will – it’s OK, but I rate it as bad because anything that throws out electrical sparks is hazardous! It should not be purchased!

Furthermore I would not give this as a Wedding present (for fear of embarrassment) nor recommend it to the cheapest of friends with these electrical quirks.
Slimline design
It's a comedy of errors and hazardous electrical quirks

Hi Angie4124, Thank you for your feedback To provide our assistance with your matter, we will greatly appreciate if you can please contact Sunbeam Customer Service either by phone on 1300 881 861 or email customercare@sunbeam.com.au (subject line: ProductReview.com.au with Sunbeam Aquella) with your details. Regards, Sunbeam Customer Service 1300 881 861 customercare@sunbeam.com.au Thank you for your reply Sunbeam, I have emailed my details as directed... Thx, Angie4124@Sunbeam_Official: I have actually had a similar problem with mine. Plus, even on the highest setting my crumpets are barely browned.

Smoke alarm winner

Sets the smoke alarm off all the time half the toast burnt half not done. Can not get the "just right" setting? Try putting only 2 slices. In the middle to try to get an even colour burnt all over wish I had stuck to a 2 slice might take longer but better results live sun beam but this 4 slice toaster is not to their standard
Doesn't toast evenly

Not deep enough

It does what it says it will do but as one other reviewer stated, if you want to toast quite large breads such as Helga's, the top of the bread will sit a fraction above the elements so depending on how burnt you like your toast, it may not cook the tops. Bit silly really. Then again, I feel a bit silly reviewing a toaster!
It releases nicely and seems to be cushioned
Not deep enough

Piece of junk

I have only just purchased this toaster and have tried both sourdough (hand sliced) and bakers delight tin loaf (machine sliced) bread. Both toasted in the middle of the slices but burned on the horizontal outer edges. No amount of fiddling with the position of the slice seems to help.

Burns the edges regardless of the heat setting

Hi E Knight, we are truly sorry please contact our Consumer Support Team on 1300 881 861 to discuss further. Alternatively, you can return back to the place of purchase with a copy of your purchase receipt for a replacement.Bought one as a Christmas gift, for us. I took mine back as I felt I had a faulty one - threw sparks from side lever and the replacement does the same.same thing happened to me, the only setting it didn't burn on was 1 but it wasn't toasted enough

Awesome wee toaster!

We actually got this toaster through the Flybuys loyalty programme here in NZ. Was probably worth the least amount of points. Last time we got a toaster worth more, and it cooked unevenly. This one cooks fast and evenly so really delighted. It's small and compact. Lightweight so easy for the kids to pop in and out of the pantry. Definitely recommend this wee toaster!
Cooks evenly. Got defrost button - we're not that organised about getting toast out of the freezer. Compact and light. Inexpensive too.

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Good day Wendz34. Thank you for your positve feedback! We appreicate the time you took to mention all the great feaures. Regards Sunbeam NZ

Really disappointed

I expected so much more from the Sunbeam brand. From day one using this toast we have had to leave the setting on the lowest or the toast burns each time. The plastic lever to lower the bread broke off after 2 months of normal use, all we do is push it down, if it isn't up to the task then it shouldn't be on the product. This is hands down the worst toaster I have ever owned.
Looks sleek and not too large for a 4 slice toaster
Cooks unevenly and burns on all but lowest setting. Cheap materials

Piece of junk

Rubbish toaster. burns one part of the toast, whilst not cooking 1/3 of the same slice due to the bread sitting above the element line. I use Helgas, Noble Rise or Abbots Village which are all the same sized loaves and popular breads for many years. We bought this toaster from Coles so you would think a company like Sunbeam would have done enough market research to accommodate popular brands accordingly.

Junk. Useless design and a complete waste of money.


This toaster has been fantastic. it is fast and efficient and is perfect for any size breads.....I have had it for years and it works perfectly still. easy to clean with a silver panel that opens at the bottom. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a toaster that is reliable
toasts any size bread


Not the best toaster out there however, it is one of the cheapest toasters available to purchase so I guess uneven cooking isn’t something to really scoff at. I've had mine since 2006 and it's still going strong. I love that it does defrost frozen bread etc and that you can clean it quite easily due to the removable bottom tray however, you do still need to give it the upside down turn to get everything out. If you have the dollars to purchase a great toaster and really like your toast perfect from side to side this isn't what you should consider buying however, as I said for the cost (I think I paid $20!) - It's just perfect for me.
Great defrost function.
Like everyone else has said - does not cook evenly.


This was fairly inexpensive and is okay to use. It does have a cancel button, so that helps if you smell something burning. It holds up to 4 slices, so that saves on time and you can toast nearly everything, like crumpets and thicker loaves. Overall, its okay to use, despite burning a side of the bread, but it was very low priced, so its fine for me for everyday use.
This toaster does toast thick and thin bread so its great for toasting thick cafe fruit loaf slices too. Like the other reviewers, for me, it does burn on one side of the bread.
I keep having to change the settings for different breads, so I dont know if everyone has to constantly keep doing this. If I buy a different brand of bread, I dont know which setting to use, so sometimes it burns the bread-I mean full black burned- and the setting is only on 2. For other breads, on setting 2, it still keeps it while and untoasted.


Nothing about this toaster makes it a worthwhile purchase. Piece of rubbish that should be withdrawn from the market with the designer drawn and quartered.
Nothing really, unless you like your toast well done on one side and barely cooked on the other.
Toasts one side heavily, the other side barely, so to get even toasting you need to cancel and flip. Anything on the setting about 1 produces burnt toast, and the setting goes up to 6! (Radioactive bio-char anyone?) Waste of power when not wanting four pieces. Poorly designed lifting mechanism meaning that if you're toasting crumpets or muffins you'll often burn yourself trying to get the buggers out. Heat produced is quite staggering so be careful what you place it under.


For a good brand this doesn't toast evenly and didn't last long. I find that it does toast quicker than some other brands but I would prefer to have something that would last a couple of years than have quick uneven toast.
Defrost function works well and it's quick to toast compared to some other toasters.
Doesn't toast evenly and broke only after 7 months. Didn't bother getting it fixed as I just bought a replacement which i'm happy with.


Hopeless. Yes it takes 4 pieces of toast or two large pieces but it burns every time. don't buy it (mine is less than 6 months old on 2jan2010)
It looked stylish
It doesn't cook evenly and the edges of the bread, no matter whether its frozen or fresh, always burn


Absolute piece of junk. We didn't pay much for it but it still ends up just being wasted money. Our old Sunbeam Quantam was great, this is just made in China rubbish
Cheap, we paid $30 for it
Cooks unevenly, Like most other people have said, no piece of toast comes out the same.


have used it for a few years actually, and i suppose i just got used to it. i usually flip them half way, can't say that it's as bad as what everyone else is saying, but maybe i'm not expecting as much from it?!
takes 4 pieces of toast
not even cooking

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Sunbeam Quantum Thick and Thin TA4200Sunbeam Quantum Thick and Thin TA4400
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