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Sunbeam SecretChef HP8555

Sunbeam SecretChef HP8555

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Non stick comes off after a few months

Non stick coating started peeling off the insert after only 7 months. Contacted Sunbeam who replaced the whole unit because there was a long wait on the inserts. 16 months later and the coating is peeling off again (it was replaced in summer so has only had a few months use). Sunbeam are refusing to replace due to being out of warranty. Don’t waste your money on this product.

Purchased in January 2018.

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Hubby loves it.

I bought the slow cooker for my Hubby. He loves using it, you are able to sear and seal the meat first (no frypan needed). It is deep and holds lamb shanks with ease, the digital screen makes it easy to read. I have enjoyed many a meal with Sunbeams slow cooker

Purchased in July 2018 for $150.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
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Hi Chelle_C, Thanks for the great review.!

It WAS loved, until recently!

Had our Sunbeam Secretchef for about 18 months now, and was using it weekly until recently. We love slow cooking (soup, stews), and the sear function, and timer, is super. We've had the same problem as the other reviewers though.
Despite only using silicone or wood utensils, the non stick coating is coming off in strips. We don't feel it's safe to use anymore. I've just read that a replacement insert pot costs around $70! What?! That's not reasonable for a device, even one about 18 months old.

Purchased in July 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Hi A Speck, Sorry to hear of the issue with the cooking insert. Please call us on 1300 881 861 and we would be happy to assist you further.As per Sunbeam's suggestion, I phoned their care team. I was delighted with the response I got - they will be replacing the unit. Thank you Sunbeam (and Clare, who helped me) for excellent customer service!

New to slow cookers

Just purchased my Sunbeam HP 8555 browning slow cooker. Am new to slow cookers use. Have used it once, made a stew and very happy with the browning function and cooker overall so far. Hope it continues to function this well. Will update review in 3 months. Fingers crossed it will continue to serve me well.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Great while it lasted

I bought this in 2015 and have used on a regular basis ever since. Absolutely loved the sear function and could never fault the unit until about 4 months ago when the non-stick surface insert needed replacing. This cost about $70 but I was happy to do it since it had been such a great appliance thus far. However, I’m now finding that the unit doesn’t reach a temperature higher than the lowest setting- seems like the element is failing. For the price I expected more than a 3 year lifespan so am very disappointed, as I’ve had sunbeam appliances last 10 years+ before. Now considering going to another brand when I replace it.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Cooks really well. Non stick is rubbish

Does a great job cooking but is let down by the non stick coating which just peels off. never used anything but plastic utensils. it was a gift so i dont have the receipt and when i called customer service i got quoted $90 for a new tub. considering sunbeam is well aware this product has issues i think that is a poor effort at getting more money from a customer. you can buy the same cooker new for $130. i went and bought a slow cooker with the old clay pot for less than what sunbeam wanted for the tub. it has all the timers and you dont have to worry about health effects of coatings coming off in your food.

Date PurchasedSep 2015
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Hi Kris, sorry to hear you were not happy with the Secretchef. We do value everyone's opinion, good or bad and will take the feedback on board..

Fantastic product non stick let's it down though!

My slow is fantastic, however as previously mentioned the non stick coating has cracked. I only use and own plastic utensils and so am extremely disappointed in this. Especially as it is only around a year old. We have purchased the extended warranty as well. Feel like this needs to be rectified in order to make one of the best products in this range on the market!

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Bron, sorry to hear you have this problem, not sure why this may be happening. Please return to your store of purchase or phone our Customer Care Team on 1300 881 861 so we can assist you.

Yes great until non stick starts peeling

Purchased in Jul 2017 have been away for 3 months had out to cook soup then when cleaning found non stick peeling off. I have only used silicone and non stick utensils in this. Very disappointed as I have purchased a lot of Sunbeam appliances over the years and now I have a slow cooker that works and I cannot use.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
HI Maria, sorry to hear that and not sure why this has occurred. Please give our Customer Care team a call to discuss this further with you on 1300 881 861Thank you

Great until the non-stick starts to peel off

I had read others reviews on this product about the non-stick coating coming off, but decided to chance it as i liked the other features. It was great for twelve months, and then it happened. The non-stick coating started to bubble off in the bottom of the insert. Never used anything but silicone in it. As the original warranty had just run out, and i had purchased and extra two year warranty, i rang up the backup warranty place only to be told that it doesn't cover the non-stick coating - only the working parts. To say i'm angry doesn't even cover it! So now i'm stuck with a 1 year old slow cooker that works but i can't use it because you are not supposed to ingest non-stick coating (which will happen if i cook food in it now) Don't think i'll bother with extra warranty again. Grrr

Date PurchasedJun 2017
Hi Sweet 58. Sorry to hear of the issues you are having with the non stick coating. I urge you to take a closer look at your extended warranty as it sounds strange that it wouldn't cover something like this - Although I could be wrong! Despite this, Sunbeam would be happy to assist anyway. A new batch of the crock insert is due in early August - please give our customer care team a call and we will put you on the priority list to receive one of these.Hi, I have already sent a message to customer care, and am waiting for them to follow up. Do i just ask them to be put on the list for a new insert? Also i double-checked about the backup warranty and was told it definitely doesn't include the non stick coating.Hi Sweet58. I have just sent you a private message. Please respond at your earliest convenience so that I can expedite your issue!

So far very happy

Only used my Sunbeam once, but so far very happy. Love the fact that I can brown my meat and then slow cook in the same appliance. At 5.5 L its a great size with room to cook for a family. Love the different setting options. Very easy to operate. HOpe the coating doesn’t damage as reviewed by others!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Big Disappointment.

Was thrilled with my Secret Chef and as all my appliances are Sunbeam was expecting good service. How wrong can you be. The coating scratched easily with wood and then bubbled and peeled off. I have read all the previous reviews here and it is a common fault. My appliance is 3 years old(no actually 2 1/2 yrs) and is dead....not good service. Have asked Sunbeam and they say buy a new insert for the ones coated after mine are different. As the inserts are $70 I think I might be buying another brand.

Our local FB group often ask for user opinions and I will certainly let them know and will not be purchasing Sunbeam again. I have Cafe Jug, Toaster, Mixer and many other things bought 10 years ago and expect to replace soon, but will not be Sunbeam as quality today is not the same.

THE GOOD GUYS have been fabulous standing by what they sell which is more than I can say for SUNBEAM. Got a new Secret Chef today which will be great for it has the new style non stick insert used since 2015.


Very disappointed in After Sales Support from SUNBEAM

Date PurchasedOct 2015
Sorry to say the replacement has bubbled too!!! The searing I believe does this to the non stick surface. Very disappointed. Would not recommend the Secret Chef. Perhaps Sunbeam Official can reply on this??Hi valbletch, Sorry to hear of problem you are having. We have just sent you a private message for you to contact us...

great product. But?

Great product that cooks really well.However the handle on the glass lid is metal with no heat insulation and gets very hot during cooking process. i put some heat insulation on the handle and now I cannot fault it. I would recommend this product and if the manufacturer reads this an insulated handle would make it a 5 star product.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

High hopes - but let down when it gave up after 12 months

As a chef, I am very choosy when it comes to purchasing products for my home kitchen. This slow cooker was recommended and was doing its job well of low- moderate use. After 12 months it simply gave up. I assume it has two heating elements in each side of the cooking surface? Now only one side heats up and doesn't have enough power to cook anything so the whole unit is useless! Very poor equipment from a company that I held in high regard from a professional perspective - very disappointing.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Still experimenting!

I wish I had read the reviews before I bought this, now I know its not me. I have used this only three times so far - on low/high, separately and turning off before said time. Each time the meat has been overcooked. So I have concluded that this cooks very fast and when recipe says four hours cook for two. Will keep on experimenting. I agree with all of the comments. High is way too high and boils up very quickly and slow is not much better. I'll still keep experimenting. It seems that it would cook the toughest piece of meat very nicely, but forget chicken.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great tiil glass lid sheltered into dinner at 2 1/2?years old!

I loved it until lid shattered. Don’t expect it to be near as slow as old ones. High is way to high and meals I would put on about 8 am in older style need to go on about 11 am in order not to be overdone and to far

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Love it but taking it back tomorrow

We've had this cooker for 2 weeks, we've cooked amazing mesls in it! Hoping to get a replacement as we've found that the high setting slightly boils while the low setting really boils it! So i think the wires are a bit out of whack.
It is super easy to clean, searing in it means less dishes too.
We love the product even though it hasn't been perfect, it has still created amazing curries, roast and brisket.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Does the job well and easy to clean

I am happy with my purchase of the slow cooker and I like using it at least once a week, more in winter than in summer. It does the job well and cooks very tender meat and poultry. Cleaning is easy as nothing sticks to the bottom and I can just wipe it clean.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Have made so many meals in this, 5 stars!

We use our Sunbeam slow cooker at least twice a week, and love how simple meal time is!

Usually we throw in the ingredients before work, and come home to an amazing slow cooked meal. The two settings allow for a longer lower temperature (8hrs) and an faster higher temperature (4hrs), meaning you can cook in time for dinner that night, or put it on in the morning. Easy!

The heat function means that even if you wont be home until 12hrs after setting your timer, the food will remain warm in the pot, perfect!

We have had zero issues with this product, and I even bought one for my Mum to use too!

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Could be better

I have a traditional slow cooker with a crockery insert and glass lid that has worked and is still working brilliantly coming to 20 years. It is however a little small at 3.5L, and I was in the market for a larger 5.5-6.5L cooker that can also sear in the pot. My first choice was the same brand as my traditional cooker - a solid stainless steel model. I didn't like the stainless steel lid but could live with it. BUT the deal breaker was that you had to sear in the pot on a cooktop, and the pot would only work on electric or gas cooktops, not induction which was what I have.

The Sunbeam Secret Chef Sear and Cook was the consolation prize.
- Large enough, in a rectangle shape with rounded corners
- Easy lift out pot
- Glass see-through lid
- Ability to brown in the pot at choice of temperatures from 100C to Sear
- Ability to slowcook with timer, then auto-switch to keep warm
- Stainless steel to match other appliances

- Overall build feels flimsy
- Stainless steel exterior more for looks than durability (in my opinion)
- Glass lid feels really light & thin. Metal handle gets very hot.
- Non-stick insert seems very thin. Edges nicked after first use. Bottom cooking surface pitted after second use. (No metal utensils or harsh scrubbers were used. Both dishes used boneless meat, so there weren't any bones to scrape the insides of the pot.)

I have my doubts about longevity, but am hoping for the best.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Calm tool to use for cooking

I am happy to use this slow cooker which is simple and easy .The cooker is easy to remove without breaking it and cleaning is a breeze. The product work well. I wish the cooker was a bit larger and round not oval but it is to implying that the machine doe asn'the work well.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

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Questions & Answers

is this programmable- that is, can you set a timer to commence cooking at some later time?
3 answers
Unfortunately not. It's the one feature missing (and something we missed in an earlier slow cooker we had). It does have a "warm" function though, which stays on for around 4 hours once your food is cooked which helps.Hi DandJ, Thank you for your question. Sorry - he HP8555 does not have this feature. Have a look at the CHP300 Express Crock XL Multi Cooker. This has a slow cooker function (amongst many others) and has a time delay function that allows you to delay the start of your cooking so that cooking finishes when you need it. Kind Regards SunbeamNo DandJ it does not have a preset progam facility which is a pity. What attracted me though was the searing capability which I find to be good and suits my purpose.

Has anyone had trouble with the slow cooker button not working? It won’t scroll through H to low to warm. The timer just changes. Weird. Browning button works. Annoying.
No answers

I really like this cooker and is used in my household everyday. This is the 3rd one I have bought. And the exactly the same issue has happened to this one also. After 8-12 months it doesn’t heat up for searing or more then 150 degrees. Has anyone else had this problem?, as it’s the 3rd one, thinking it’s a issue with the product. They still work perfectly for slow cooking which I have found to be such a great cooker for. Cheers Mark
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SecretChef HP8555
Price (RRP) $169.00
Keep Warm SettingYes
Dishwasher Safe PartsYes
Dimensions 270 x 460 x 310 mm
Weight6.35 kg
Searing FunctionYes
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateDec 2011

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