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Sunbeam StickMaster Pro SM8650

Sunbeam StickMaster Pro SM8650

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Sunbeam should pay for pollution

For the sake of a small ‘plastic’ part called a POM that turns the blade this machine is un workable when this breaks, so the whole perfectly fine machine has to be thrown out. This is the second one with the same unobtainable piece. Absolutely shameful. If this piece was a stronger material or even metal ? We thought by buying something that looked less plasticky we were being more responsible HUH!! I won’t be buying another toy.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Love it, but have to consider it disposable at precisely 13 months....every time!

I loved this StickMaster so much, I'm on my third unit....that's the downside. First one burned out the motor, just out of warranty. Second bored out the plastic thingy that connect the steel shaft to the motorized handle. Just out of warranty. Third one, exactly the same issue...the black plastic part inside the top of the steel shaft (the thing with the cogs!) that connects to the rotating white plastic part inside the motorized handle, bored out. Interesting, given that it's only used for smoothies.

I haven't even unpacked the whisk, beaker and chopper attachment, though I suspect the unit is out of warranty (so if anyone wants those parts and lives in South Australia, you're more than welcome to them.)

I'm disappointed, because this is my favourite kitchen appliance, takes up so little space, and when it works, it works well! However, I can't, in all good conscience, purchase a new one every year and consign the old to landfill, all for the sake of a 1.5cm plastic piece that's probably worth about twenty cents!

As it seems to last 13 months, depending on the price I've managed to purchase at, it costs between 5-10 dollars a month to run.....the new model is far more expensive, so I don't think I can justify the purchase. Sad though, because I really did love this. Actually, I'd probably be happier if it looked cheap and plastic, because throwing it away would be easier than throwing out nice shiny steel that still looks as good as the day it was purchased!

Blew up after 3rd use

Do not buy!! I only had it for about 6 weeks, after the 3rd use I was blending (not on maximum speed or for long) then it started smoking and blew up. I am shocked at the poor quality. It was supposed to be one of the better ones! Lucky I kept the receipt.

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HI VMcclay, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Kindest Regards Sunbeam

Leaking seal on the stick

Cleaning when something smelt foul. Grey fluid leaked from the stick itself. Pulled the seal out and found gunk built up around it, on the inside of the stick. Threw it away. Clearly the seal does not seal and just allows everything past. Waste of money and a health hazard. Zero star.

Happy with the product until the seal came out.

I too have had a problem with the seal. My pumpkin soup was full of it. I was unsure what it was until
this morning I checked the stickMaster Pro and discovered the seal had disappeared. Now to look for another one with no seal. Hope the new one is different.


I didn't use the shaft very often, ocassionally for pumpkin soup in winter. In the last six months started making berry and banana smoothies. It started smelling foul, discovered liquid in the shaft with little bits of stale smoothie dripping out through the seal...was scared of getting sick so threw it in the bin. All other bits work extremely well...would love a replacement shaft.

Had the unit for about 5 years, still works perfectly, very handy and versatile.

Have not had issue with mine, out of the 3 attachments, I use the whisk and chopper the most. I use the whisk for whipping cream in the tall container, the rubber lid is great as it doubles as a non-slip base, then a lid for storage in the refrigerator. Same goes for the chopper container, which I use for chopping garlic, nuts and parsley etc, it also has the same rubber lid - versatile design as it saves having to decant food into another container for storage. I use the stainless steel mixer less, but it is very functional for making soups etc. Can't fault the unit yet and could not do without it in the kitchen. I will repurchase the same unit again if I can should this one expire at some point.

So many good points. One really silly design flaw.

I've had this stick blender for years now. A few years ago the seal in the large metal attachment self destructed whilst blending pumpkin soup. No doubt, my eating disgusting rubber seal turned me off pumpkin soup for a while.

Attachment still works fine and the liquid just gets drawn up the spout a bit. Wash it and it's fine. Why put a degradable rubber seal there?? Such a silly design. It's better without it anyway. I use this appliance a couple of times a week for anything from mincing meat, crushing ice and making shredded salads. It's super handy. I don't think I have ever used the whisk attachment though.... It's kind of tacky.

The large jug with the lid is perfect for crushing ice for a quick drink. The lid is massively handy. Would recommend except for the silly seal. Sunbeam..... Change this please.

Was good till it died at 13 months old

The stick component being dishwasher proof is the only reason it didn't get one star.
The buttons on the top became less and less reliable at 12 months, and then died at 13 months, half way through a basic banana smoothie and then a very unhappy miss 4 year old.

Died after 14 months of weekly sensible use.

I believed I might have found a decent blender at a fair price. Motor burnt out mixing some custard. Given the price, the time period and the use. I just couldn't in good conscience recommend it to anyone.

Great in the beginning

I was super impressed with the gadget to start with, it was brilliant at crushing ice. But then, 1m after warranty expired, I was blending soup and it stopped working. The plastic insert in the shaft, was bored away. Disappointing!!

Again, pity about the seal...I might have fixed mine though

Like lots of others, we use stickmixers for pureeing soup. I mean, the idea with these things is you can puree without needing to transfer to a processor in multiple batches! So we were annoyed when we had Stickmaster Pro 'seal soup' like lots of others here. It did quite a few hot soups over a year or so though, so it's not that bad.
Anyway, you CAN pull the shaft apart, but I can see why they don't sell a replacement seal - I have a feeling it's moulded in. This fix may not be recommended but I replaced the seal using Selley's Glass silcone sealant and a thin card backing to make sure it didn't go in too far. Home brewers use this silicone sometimes because it's rated OK for aquariums, and what won't kill fish shouldn't hurt ppl! (Even food-safe-rated silicones I could find in Oz are only approved for 'incidental food contact anyway). So if you're keen you can make yours work again!
As for other attachments, the processor has succumbed to toddlers (and was useless for dry grinding e.g. spices), and the whisk is really not up to the task.
If you want to puree soup, get a brand that says it can do it. Or buy a really cheap one so it doesn't matter if it dies!
Overall, a few little things that let down an otherwise well-designed product.

Love my sunbeam!

I'm genuinely surprised by the negative reviews of this product... My mother in law bought my husband one of these stick blenders one christmas, maybe two years ago? Initially I thought, just another gadget. I had no idea what I would use it for, but low and behold I use the darn thing every day!! I've surprised myself. And it is so much easier to clean then a big blender. Just clean the stick under running water, it's even been through the dishwasher a few times. I use the egg whiper thingy majig and my egg whites are done in less then a minute. Definitely recommend!

So upset

I purchased my stickmaster Pro a few months back and so far so go until this morning when it decided to stop working. The motor now smells burnt out and I am not very happy. I have not had it for very long and was only using it to crush almonds. I thought Sunbeam was suppose to be a good reliable house hold brand. I found my stickmaster to be very useful and handy as it I could easily be stored it in a cupboard as I'm limited with kitchen space. Now looking to buy another brand. Would not recommend people to buy this one.
great size, very handy
Stopped working after only using it for a few months


Using the stickmaster pro as directed to crush ice when the plastic lug on the drive shaft on top of the chopper attachment shattered. Reading other reviews it seems they are designed to self destruct 1 month after the warranty expires! Very disappointed as I had been a fan of this machine until this happened.
Worked really well until the plastic lug on the drive shaft shattered
Plastic components are bound to break

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Thanks for all the good advise. Sounds like there is a common problem with motor burn outs and leaking seals causing the stickmaster to smell. I brought mine from Myers today but having reading all these reviews it is going straight back to the shop, unopened. I had a simple Braun unit with just a jug which lasted 15 years. Now my search begins again .


I cook almost every day, my kitchen is small and the stick blender is a very important item because I do not have the space for a proper food processor. After a year or using it the motor died. I doing the research to buy a different Stick blender, but I recommend people not to buy this one.

Hi Catabadu, could you please contact our Consumer Support Team to discuss your issue further. Our contact number is 1300 881 861.I had same experience. It just stopped working. The Sunbeam recommended service centre in seven hills NSW told me it cannot be repaired. I have to throw everything into landfill. Sunbeam should work towards preserving our environment.I had the worst experience. I have used two of these already. The first one had the motor burnt in less than 7 months and then this second one's motor also died in less than a year. I don't understand why Sunbeam cannot fix the manufacturing fault if this motor issue is across the board. Every other review is about the motor burnt out in less than a review. At least the customers expect 2 years replacement warranty until the motor problem is resolved. 1 year warranty is not good enough. Chopper is also small in size. On the flip side of it, I must say that the stick blades are really good for making food purees for the babies, soup and other liquids.

can't live without it

This was a "hand me down" from someone that no longer used it. I've had it for 3 years and it was very timely as my food processor had died. I admittedly don't use the stick blender because I have a bamix...but I used the small food processor attachment all the time. I used it to chop nuts, coffee, herbs, and even mince meat. I think this is as good as a food processor minus the size. Whereas in the food processor I chopped onion, garlic, celery and carrot all at once, I do it in this one veg at a time...but it's brilliant. Same goes for meat..a small amout at time. But for just garlic or onion or herbs...saves big wash ups in a big food processor (which I no longer have). I only used it as a stick blender a few times and understand about the liquid getting stuck in the wand part...because it does that the few times I've used it. But with careful washing and draining most of the time I found it to be ok. I would recommed this to anyone who likes cooking to save time but has to do small amounts. A couple, an older person, young people starting out. I can do anything I did in my food processor in this but in smaller amounts which sometimes is good because I used to do it by hand rather than dirty a huge bowl of a food processor.

It takes up less room and is very reliable.

I love it love it love it...and even if I could ever afford to get a new food processor, would buy this again without hesitation. But can't really comment on the actual "wand" mixer.
the small food processor part.
for what I used it for NOTHING, but I didn't use the stick blender very often.

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Hi silli_me, thank you so much for your feedback.


the bowl has cracked and I am having great difficulty purchasing a replacement of the bowl. I find this unsatisfactory aFTERonly 12 month use.The store from which it was purchased do not get replacement parts for customers I find the stick master very useful and easy to use other than the split bowl
bowl cracked 12 months after purchase

So annoyed

So this morning I was using my 2 month old stickmaster when it decided to burn out the motor (blending a banana into milk). There was just a little "click" and it no longer works. I can't find the receipt at the moment, so I guess that's the end of that $80 purchase... Don't think I'll be using sunbeam again, should've read these reviews and gone with the ninja instead
Holds liquid, multi-speed, somewhat easy to clean
Can't do what it was intended to do for more than a few weeks even though it's not cheap

Bowl cracking

We have a bowl that has cracked and it has been used normally. After checking on line I have found we are not the only ones. Has sunbeam done nothing to rectifiy this problem. Also my wife cannot change the attachments because she has not the physical power needed to push the buttons in on each side to remove attachments.
The job it does suits our needs.
As stated above. Bowl not strong enough for use. Changing atachments not easy. Both design faults.

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How do you remove the cover of the motor? are the screws under the rubber handle
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No idea. Ask Sunbeam?

What are these stickmixers like when chopping dates?
2 answers
Hi Lisa, you can chop dates using the chopping bowl. We would recommend before chopping dates that you soak the dates for approximately 30 min in hot water. We also recommend removing the pips before chopping as well. I hope this helps you Regards Sunbeam Customer CareI have never tried to chop dates but if it chops gravy beef if should chop dates Mary


StickMaster Pro SM8650
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