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Swallow Beema

Swallow Beema

3.8 from 30 reviews

Sturdy, easy-to-handle pram

This pram has been a perfect fit for us when we had one child. We acquired this pram second-hand and despite some cosmetic wear and tear, it still functions really well. It’s quite heavy and bulky so it wouldn’t be ideal if you had to get it in and out of the car all the time, especially in early weeks post-birth.

It’s easy to steer (inc one-handed) and turns well. I was out and about with this pram almost every day and gave it a good pounding over footpaths, gravelly tracks, grass etc. We’ve only had to pump up the tyres once in 18 months and not because of a puncture – they were just getting slightly flat. The basket is a great size (fits two full shopping bags), though when the pram is in the flat position this storage space is decreased and it can be hard to access (most prams would have this issue).

When my daughter was a newborn we used the bassinet in the pram and removed the hood section. We also used the bassinet as her bed for the first couple of months.

It’s slightly narrower than most three-wheelers I’ve come across (e.g. Valco), and I’ve never had a problem fitting through shopping aisles/checkouts etc. The downside is that it’s too narrow to safely accommodate a toddler seat, so with our second child on the way we will have to buy a new pram.
Handles well over all surfaces, good storage space, good size hood and foot muff, quite narrow
Heavy and bulky, fabric fades easily


We purchased this pram based on the "Choice" consumer guide. It is a safe product which has had little record of problems. Our Beema was great for our first child. We used the bassinet (sold separately) as a temp cot for the first couple of month as this is where our child settled best. The pram is easy to fold open and closed and has a lot of basket room for storage. The widow on the top of the visor allows you to peep through to check on your baby. We really liked the boot cover, sun shade and wet weather protection which made it easy to go anywhere at anytime. The three wheels makes the pram easy to steer and handle all kinds of terrain. The down fall is that when our second child came along we could not buy a safe and recommended toddler seat to fit the pram which could transport both of them together. However, overall we did not have any mechanical faults or other problems (except for the occasional flat tyre!) and therefore would recommend this pram especially if you only have one child.
Safety and reliability
Unable to fit toddler seat for older child


Overall this pram/stroller is fantastic. I bought it second hand for my daughter 15 months ago. I got the bassinet with it which was just wonderful for the first 3 months. So handy for a newborn. They can lay in it comfortably and look at you while you walk.
I've had no problems with the pram except there is a bit of wear and tear on the fabric by now but this is after 2 children using it so I guess that is fair.
I love pushing it, it's so easy to steer on both smooth and rough surfaces. Great for long walks. The break is easy to use and it's got plenty of storage.
I use the sunshade and raincover and had little problems with them except find the raincover sits a bit akwardly, maybe it's just mine.
I highly recommend this stroller to anyone that enjoys walking with their baby.
It is easy to steer, great on rough surfaces, fits through supermarket check-outs, has a large basket underneath, suitable for all ages. I can't get enough of this stroller, just love it!
Is a bit tricky to fold and is heavy to lift into the boot of the car. Just fits into the boot of our Sedan. However we use another lightweight stroller for the boot and this one for walks from the house.

Great inexpensive Pram

this was the first pram ive purchased,

its a great size (fits through every supermarket aisle with ease),

nice neutral colours(though they do fade, and the material is not great)

the three wheels are superb, pushes with ease, so light and turns every which way.

has a cool nifty pouch at the back, but doesn't much heavy stuff as its attached at sides with velcro.

adjustable handle, and one joined brake at the back wheels which is handy.

tyres last a good while.

all round a good pram that's inexpensive but still has quality features ,
an only a few cons.
size is perfect! three wheels are a dream to push! neutral colours! inexpensive!
fades! material is a nightmare to clean! and the puch at back is attached with velcro.

Love it!!!!

i love this pram it is so easy to push and it has a bassinet that you can attach to the pram it is a godsend when they are little as they face u and u can talk to them...
sooo easy to push
just a bit bulky and heavy.


Obviously this is one of Australia's preferred prams in lots of independent reviews. I can see why,as we have had nothing but good service from this unit after nearly four years and three kids. It is definitely worth the heftier price tag. We have smashed ours about a lot but it is still in great nick.
We are now using the Beema for baby number three and it is keeps going well.
The versatility of this stroller is the fact it can used with a rear facing, removal bassinet and then be converted easily into a forward facing pusher. The storm cover, sun shade, hood etc are all good. The basket design below is handy also. We have belted the living daylights out of ours from trips to the deli to bush bashing up hill and down dale through rocky desert scrub and it is still in one piece. It folds up easily and the removal of wheels is easy when you want to really cram the back of the station wagon.
This stroller is also narrow enough to negotiate thin bush tracks and crowded shopping centre aisles which is a huge plus.
Comes with a wrist strap which is good and the brakes work well.
We wore out a set of tyres after about 2 years. Also, if you go off road a lot, invest in some green slime tyre goo or thorn proof tubes.
Due to its narrow width, it does tip relatively easily - the seat belt works well we discovered as a result of this phenomenon.
One screw keeps coming loose on the hood.
You have to buy the add ons separately, which add to the cost a lot.
Should come woth a drink holder included for this kind of money.


I love the Beema, we bought this after using another brand and this one was much better. My daughter was very comfortable and loved riding in it. In the 2 years we had it, nothing ever broke or got damaged, and we used it a fair bit. My mum still uses it with her other grandkids and it is still going strong with no hassles. The sunshade does cover well, but I also bought a generic sunshade/bug cover which fit really well. I would definitely buy another Beema, the only thing is they are only available from one particular store in NSW (not sure about other states), and that store has moved to over 100km away!
All in all, I would recommend the Beema to anyone looking for a safe, reliable pram.
Looks great, easy to move around, turns well, baby is very comfortable.
VERY heavy to pick up to put in the car.


I didn't buy it for the first baby because I wanted the reversible handles of a four-wheeler, but if I had got the Beema Q, I probably never would have bought others. As it was, as soon as the baby was old enough not to look at me, I regretted not having a 3 wheeler, because I live in a very hilly area with crappy footpaths of varying evenness. I've since gone through seven prams in total and ended up with my 3 year old in the Beema Q. It's a bit heavy, but solid for her, and now I would consider the Beema Q the best all-arounder, for shopping, out & about, and serious walking.
Comfortable for baby from newborn on up. Adjustable handle, great big basket, big pocket, narrow enough to fit through aisles, maneuverable, not as heavy as some, breaks are easy to put on & take off, even in sandals.
Could use a bigger sunshade, I never feel comfortable that the break is solidly on. It's pretty heavy & bulky to lift into boot (which I rarely have to do, so no problem for me). A parent console would be great, as the pocket isn't ideal for walking.


Overall i would recomend this pram to mothers with new borns and then put it away again untill your child is about 2. Skipping the time in between because the baby/toddler looks very uncomfortable.
I love the fact that this pram is so easy to manoeuvre in any direction, its is also great when you need to steer with one hand. The pram folds easily and locks down making it easy to lift in to the car.The brakes are easily applied and hold tight. Also the adjustable hight in the handle is great as my husband is alot taller than I am. This pram is great for babies and has a narrow weel base to get in those tight spots
This pram is hopeless once your bub wants to sit up. It provides little support for them at all, There is no support for their head or for the rest of their body. The straps seem to do nothing to hold them in place and stop them from slipping down. As soon as you lift the back rest the whole seat becomes a slippery dip!


While we really liked this stroller when our son was little and in the bassinet, once he was sitting up we stopped using it due to:
(1) Size & weight: Too heavy to push uphill with a big baby in it! And though it's not big for a jogger/3-wheeler, it's still way bigger than our Maclaren, and I hate wheeling a huge stroller into shops or a cafe. And it's WAY to heavy/big to be practical for going in and out of the car.

(2) Harness: I hate the harness straps and clasp. They are located at the wrong position (e.g., below our son's shoulders at the back) so therefore can't be adjusted to hold him securely. And the clasp always pinches me. Compared to the comfy straps and easy clasp of our Maclaren it's no contest.

(3) Seat: Too wide/shallow so a smaller sitting baby always flops to the side or slouches, and even our toddler son slides forward.

So, with baby #2 we'll use this stroller when she's little, but will sell/give away when she's grown out of the bassinet as we literally never use it now. (It's become the towel rack for our son...)

That said: the suspension is great, so if you live in an area where you'll be walking on level areas, it wouldn't be too bad.
*Great suspension: pushes easily over all surfaces and gives a smooth ride to bubs
*Surprisingly easy to maneuver
*Bassinet is great for a little baby and the dual shades mean you can totally shade the baby
*Heavy: not an issue when pushing on a level surface, but an issue when going uphill and of course to travel with it.
*Terrible harness and clasp: Clasp is hard to use & snaps on my fingers; harness is impossible to get a good fit on a sitting baby
*Size: It's not big for a three-wheeler, but big compared to an umbrella stroller
*Seat angle/arrangement: easy for an older baby to squirm out of position and, for a younger, sitting baby, to slouch.


Somedays I like this pram and others I don't. We purchased it at Babyco where they had a sign saying it was given a good rating by Choice magazine. Looking at Choice it rated other prams better and I wished I'd looked at that first! It handles really well on footpaths for walks around the neigbourhood and for tight turns it is excellent. I find it awkward to carry from the car to indoors and have nearly tripped over the tether strap as it always seems to swing down when carrying it. When using the pram though the tether strap is a good safety feature. I do only have a small car and it just fits in the boot. It has good storage underneath, and a pocket at the back of the chair that is good for purse, keys, phone etc when going out for a walk. It would be nice if it had some sort of tray or something at the top so you could put a bottle of water/food there. The thing that bothers me the most about this pram though is the shoulder straps, they really are terrible. No padding, so I had to buy something for them. The straps must be designed with toddlers in mind as my 10 month old bub is still too little for them at their tightest. I'd say another month and they'll fit finally! Having the bassinet option is great, and I guess in relation to the shoulder straps they expect you to use that for longer than I did - but there was no way bub was going to do that as bub had reflux. It would have been good if the bassinet had a feature that allowed you to adjust the angle for their head. I think when bub is a bit older I may like this pram more, but I wish I had bought something else for him to use from about 10 weeks to 1 year.
Reasonably priced. Handles well and can turn around in a small area. Optional bassinet. Tether strap and leg cover.
Heavy and awkward - it's a real pain to take out of my car and walk up steps to my front door. Takes up all the room in car boot. Adjustable shoulder straps are terrible - no padding and bub is 10 months now and they are still too big. Would be good to have a tray on top to hold bottles etc. No Rain cover or Mosquito cover.


I use the Beema strictly for walking around from home as it is too bulky, heavy and time consuming to fold down and out in the car for away trips. We purchased a second stroller for that. Love the bassinette as bubs can face me whilst walking so go interaction. The beema is also much smoother to push, probably due to inflated wheels. Overall, a great pram and would suit if have plenty of boot space and don't mind the weight and time it takes to put together.
smooth to push, bassinette attachment, highly rated by CHOICE
heavy, folds down bulky,


very good value comes with alot of extraz other brands dont bootcover toy bar etc. if i had my time over i probably wouldnt get another one i would opt for something more light weight like a maclaren or quinny but hey i does the job and it was great value
easy to use great in tight spots fits down most standard shop aisles padded seat used the bassinet until my son was 6months it was excellent on a windy day as my son suffered badly from colic the adjustable handle is great for when my husband uses the pram,large storage basket fit 4 huge grocery bags in there the price was excellent
very heavy i had a c section and struggled for the first 6weeks to get it in and out of my car i had a holden station wagon and it took up a lot of boot space.


Looks great, is good to push on bumpy surfaces (ie: outside), but overall not impressed with it at all - quite disappointed in fact! Did not live up to expectations.
Smooth to push - looks modern, versatile in respect of being suitable for a newborn through to a toddler.
Very heavy to lift into the boot. Awkward to fold down. Tyres regularly need air.
As your child gets bigger (to toddler stage) if their legs are long, they can get caught in the wheel as they hang over the foot rest, and when you turn, the wheel jams their foot. (This is what happened to my 14kg daughter, so she definitely wasn't too big for it!!) Also, the adjustable handle is no good to put any weight on in respect of when you want to tip the stroller onto its back wheels so you can go over a gutter. The handle clicks out of place when you put pressure on it.


I love the idea of having the bassinette and have used it quite alot,
Do not like howevere how heavy this thing is!
I had a ceaser and 4 weeks later, I still cant lift this thing in the car!!
Quite hard to fold down too, You need both hands to do so, which makes it difficult if a woman or man does not have their own transport etc and is trying to catch a bus, where would they put the baby to fold down the pram??
Handy bassinette for newborns. easy to push
SO HEAVY, Realloy hard to fit in car boot, whether your boot is big or not!


Great product. I did a lot of background checking regarding width, price and weight. It does take up the whole boot but I'm unable to get a boot load of shopping if I'm using the pram. A friend of mine has bought and sold at least 4 prams with her kids whereas I have only child and have purchased the ideal product initially. Fantastic to walk with and manouver although my child does also lean his head on the framework. It is only meant for one, so if you're planning for another child, plan ahead and get another pram.
Reasonably priced, especially compared to the Phil & Ted. Easy to manouver, large basket underneath, good on rough terrain (no footpaths in our area), have not had any trouble fitting it through any doorways or aisles and it's not overly heavy compared to a lot of other 3 wheel prams in this price bracket.
The bar across the seat dislodges easily. My toddler can now remove it himself and chuck it on the ground. The straps are too small for infants.


Overall it is a brilliant pram. I wish mine had an odometre as I use it SO much and have never had a single problem with it. I love the rubber tyres as they are convenient to re-pump (service station) & they handle all terrains with ease. The dynamics of the pram make it easy to lift the front wheel on to kerbs/buses etc & it is easy to turn the pram around and pull it up stairs backwards (don't need to rely on the kindness of others!) It really is a brilliant pram & I am so pleased that Choice voted it number one which was why I purchased it in the first place. I love it!
It's an excellent pram for everyday use and brilliant for long walks. I walk A LOT as I don't have a car and find it extremely easy to manuever, handles well on rough terrain, fits easily on buses/trains, turns on a dime & fits through shopping aisles. It folds easily & safely & I find no problems getting it in the boot of our Ford Falcon (I'm 50kgs). My son loves it & it's been comfortable for him from birth (he's now nearly 2). There is heaps of storage room & the padded sections all remove for easy washing.
The 5 point harness is sturdy & safe just when you put it on it snaps on so you have to watch fingers. It's annoying that once baby number two comes along you have to buy a new pram.


An expensive option but a god one. We ended up keeping this one for going walking and exercise. We bought another lighter and smaller stroller for everyday use. The Beema is a very sturdy pram and would recommend it to anyone willing to spend the money.
A great pram for taking out for a light jog. The construction is of very good quality and pulls apart very easily. Putting it back together is a cinch!
Not practical for everyday pram use. Too bulky and heavy, and takes up too much space in the car. Needs a drink bottle holder and area up top to put more things.


at 1st i loved the pram. But, am annoyed that it obviously wasn't designed to suit babies old enough to sit.
no problems when my baby was a new born
as baby now sits up his head rests on edges of pram leaving big red marks on his head. I have to put a soft garment etc.. there to stop him from hitting his head on the side. Also, after taking pram out of my car boot 1 day, I put my 8 month old in and started to walk - the front wheel fell off. We're very lucky baby did not receive serious injury.


I used the basinette insert all the time, even at night at home, it is a great size, comfy etc.However you need a very large car to fit the pram & basinette in if going out. Had to remove the front wheel everytime for it to fit in our car boot, the exposed metal forks cut the plastic lining under the seat. An absolute hassle to fold up & reassemble, still can't find the locking devise once folded. You can't utilise the large storage basket underneath when seat is fully reclined. The straps are far too long for a baby learning to sit & wanting to be upright. No padding on the side bars or hood to stop little heads from banging on them & ending up with nasty red marks on their faces. The foot support can't be moved to a downright position so legs are always straight out, many toddlers just don't like this. Fantastic for a new babe and walking use. Horrible for a toddler & car use.
Loved the bassinette, manouvors very well, fits through checkouts & tight shopping aisles. Easy long distant walking, great storage underneath & at back of seat.
It is too heavy. A nightmare & almost impossible to fold up & down & to get in & out of the boot. Too long & bigt to fit into most doctors rooms, dentists, offices etc. Straps too long. No padding on sides of hood. NO toddler seat can be attached (which you don't get told)

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Questions & Answers

i have a Beema Evo and it has started pulling to one side when i try to push it. i cant find the manual so don't know whats going on. has anyone had this experience?
1 answer
Hi! Sorry I can't help; I never encountered that issue. Hope you find a solution!

I have a flat tyre and on inspection the whole rim is broken, how can I repair or replace this?
1 answer
Hi, We have spare wheels for the Beema Q and Evo. How old is your stroller and is it the front or back wheel you need ?

I have just purchased this pram second hand. How do you fold it down?
1 answer
Hi! To fold the pram down, the pram needs to be in the fully reclined position. Also make sure the basket is mostly empty. Stand as if you are walking with the pram and grab each side of the handle. Hook your fingers in the black circle things under the handle and pull both hands towards you so the handle presses into your body. When it does this, you should be able to push the handle down towards the ground and the pram should collapse. There is a little clip on one side of the pram that locks the pram in place once closed. Sorry if this doesn't make sense - hard to explain in words. There is a version of the pram manual here: http://www.freebabymanuals.com/swallow/prams - see if that helps!


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