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Swallow Beema Q

Swallow Beema Q

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We called it " THE BEAST " because HOW GREAT IT IS!

We got the pram from my mother in law..she bought it second hand from buying and selling website. To be quite honest at first i dislike this pram because i thought it's a second hand must be the quality is really poor.

We called this pram " THE BEAST " because its really sturdy..durrable..strong..easy to steer and great manoeuver pram...not just that the storage is huge and roomy!!! have a peekaboo window in the hoodie!... 3 style recliners! not to forget the foot moof cover up and very cozy.

We use this pram when our baby was 6 weeks old...we didn't use any bassinet at all...just put pram liner and the head liner for baby...soon as she was 4 months no more headliner instead she already in 2nd recline position.
Our baby always love this pram...because soon as we put her in the pram...she always fall asleep for quite long!

We used this pram on the bus on the train...took it to the shopping centres..the beach...and lately to the park going up and down the hills..all the terrain!

now we have little compact light weight stroller as 2nd stroller to keep in the car as The BEAST takes lots of room in the boot....but The Beast always be our main pram!!...LOVE IT!!!

Brilliant pram

I purchased this pram as a walking run about and it has been brilliant - it is sturdy and durable. It fits in my small car boot no problem and also folds up in 1. Provides comfort for bubs with 3 different seat positions including complete lay flat option. Underneath basket is a great size for shopping. Overall really thrilled with this pram.

I am looking at purchasing a new hood and seat cover as the one i have is extremely sun damaged - i know this doesn't effect the product use just more for me - does anyone know where i can get this, i have done research online but not having much luck, i have submitted a form to babysmart and i am awaiting a reply.

Perfect, never had a problem

Absolutely loved this pram, bought mine new in 2004 and used it for my second little girl in 2012. Loved the inflatable tyres and the bassinet insert. Great manoeuvrability. Only issue for me was this one was a little heavy as I had a bad shoulder, folded so easy though.

solid durable

i bought this pram from a second hand. but it still strong. easy to use. especilly the large wheel, made push and turn so easy. big storage space are very good for mum carry shopping. only the down side is little bit larger if you only have a small car.

7 years old and still going

I purchased this 7 years ago when my son was born now using it with my 6 month old very happy with the sturdy structure large basket underneath the bassinet is fab for newborn and folds now flat when not in use love the adjustable handle which I could get a capsule to fit in only down side is how heavy it is after having a c section it was extremely heavy to lift out of car


Brand new pram baby is not quite 5 months old and 2 back wheels had to be replaced which are not under warranty but store did for us out of courtesy. Now on holidays and wheel has popped again.
To say im disgusted, annoyed and dissapointed is an under statememt!
Would not recommend this pram to anyone.

Wish I found this sooner

This is the BEST of four prams I have tried, very happy. It is a fairly large pram which some people I know don't like, but for me I loved it, my little girl can sit up, stretch out or lie down. The pram is really hard to overbalance if I put some bags on the handles ( this happened a bit with the other prams) and the storage underneath was very good. Manoverability is great ( can go over most surfaces easily and can even do with one hand most times). Easy to pack down although a little bulky.
Great handling. Comfortable


This is my third pram for as many children. I bought it second hand on gumtree with matching basinette. This pram is amazing. It's the best one ive used and I've used top of the range Phil and teds and valco. It's so manouverable and easy to use and stores well in the car. Bubs is so safe and comfy. Also Chouce just rated this best three wheeled pram in 2013. Can't say enough enough about it. Love it.

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Hi - I really like this pram too. It was a hand me down from my brother, so has been through 4 kids and still going strong. A bit heavy, but great storage underneath, good bassinette, easy to fold, once you know how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUyU2WTQZKM

Average pram and would not recommend

We bought this pram for our first baby after reading the reviews online and this pram was on sale for half price at Babies R Us. It's good to push around on concrete walk paths, but the front wheel doesn't turn well when use in shopping centres, have to have the front wheels locked which then makes it very hard to turn. Cannot push this thing with one hand. The folding and unfolding is easy however too big to fit in the back of my corolla hatch. We also bought a bassinet with the pram and find it very nice, and we even used the bassinet for his everyday sleeping until he was 3 months. Loved its bassinet. My son is now 12 months old, when sitting upright, he always lean towards the side, the seat is not as snuggle as some of the prams in the market. I'm considering another pram which gives the second seat option as bub No.2 is coming.
Sturdy, air fill tyres are good for rough roads, when bassinet added to the pram, feels very safe
Bulky, hard to manuover, uncomfortable seat, too long

Unfortunately you brought a stroller from the liquidation of the old Babyco which was sold through Toys R Us, that's why you got it half price ! Babyco normally did the final assembly and adjustment of the front swivel wheel in Australia. Yours didn't get that. If you undo the nut on the top of the swivel and remove, clean, lubricate with silicon and reassemble it will be much better. Once reassembled adjust the tightness of the nut on top of the swivel until it swivels to your satisfaction. Can I ask if there is any type of car capsule that is compatible with the Beema Q Swallow? And if so, which adapters/parts would I require to attach? This would be much appreciated as I really don't want to have to buy another pram.Hi Amy, did you ever find out the answer to the car capsule being compatible with the Beema?

Great Jogger

I got a second hand one on a whim and didn't think much of it. But I've found it so useful. It has small bike wheels and can be taken on almost any terrain. I thought about getting a new jogger to replace it but couldn't find anything better. I can run with this and my running times are nearly the same as running without the jogger. People get a little dissapointed when I pass them with a pram running in the park run on the weekend!
Easy to manouvre. Great for running.
The back wheels extend past the pram so get caught on things, like doors and corners. It doesn't fold down that compact as to fit into a small boot. The basket underneath does not take much weight, nor can you easily put things in there. However, having said that a lot of other similar prams have these problems too.

Great pram

I wanted a jogger pram as well as. A second, indoor pram. I bought this second hand and in great condition, as it is well built/made.

The length of it will be a problem for some but i like it as theres enough room for my feet - im tall and so is my partner. It has a great multi-position handle - superb. For couples of different heights so everyones comfy.

Pneumatic wheels help distribute bumps in the ride and the seat is great for newborns, providing you use an appropriate head support (goldbug etc) and maybe a small towel under head to protect fontanelle. My bubs slept often in this pram.

Handy pocket for keys, wallet, nappies and wipes at the back of the snshade is super handy! Yes, it doesnt come with a parent or child tray but there are many replacement pod/tray items to hold drinks etc if this is what you desire.

Dont underestimate the value of linked brakes like on this, my other pram has 2 seperate and i hate it.

Extra large super handy basket underneath shores a full nappy bag and more! If you can walk to the supermarket like me, this pram is brilliant!

Overall great second-hand buy!

Great for walking

Love the height and adjustable handle, hubby and I are tall. Lays completely flat. Need additional padding for newborn head support but we used a coocoon or safe and sound capsule,
Just flipped sun hood all the way over to the foot of the pram when I had newborn. Easy to walk ith on rough ground, shoulder strap height is great for tall kids. Sun hood is inadequate. Have had many tire punctures from off path walking. Brake system is easy if wearing thongs. Cover is washable. Steers o so easily. Narrower than my Phil n teds. Folds well. Can remove all wheels and is quite impact in the boot. I need a double pram now and don't like the Phil and teds I've got.

I got it new but not worth the money, good to get it secondhand though.
Compact when folded, easy to steer, ood o jog/walk with. Good from baby to child. Good size basket, very narrow
Small sun hood, get punctured tires

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Hi, can I ask how you attached the safe and sound capsule to the beema? Did you buy one of the straps that attaches the capsule to the pram or did it lock in? Where did you get the strap from if you used a strap? Many thanks :)

Excellent Pram

I purchased this pram 2nd hand as I was fussy about having a jogger pram as close to my previous pram as possible (previously had a Landcruiser). The Beema Q Swallow has three inflatable tyres making it very smooth over any surface/terrain and super easy to steer, even single handed. Very easy to fold and unfold and the pram is quite light considering its size. Suitable from newborn to child, the backrest is very easy to adjust with one had into any position. The adjustable handle makes it very comfortable to steer for both myself and my very tall husband. Although it's not recommended, my 3yo has often ridden comfortably on the hard plastic wheel cover piece at the front while bub has been in the pram. A very strong and sturdy pram with metal spoke wheels. The brake bar at the back is very easy to operate (even in thongs!).The hood offers excellent shade cover, especially when little one is sitting upright. Can be a tad bulky when folded, but it is a large pram so it is expected. Love the basket space underneath, can fit so much in there! I love this pram and was fortunate enough to find one in near new condition at the fraction of the price of a new one!
Easy to steer, large storage basket underneath, adjustable handle.
Slightly bulky when folded.

Best Value 3 Wheel Pram on the market if your looking for 2nd hand pram

I write this review as i think this is best 3 wheel pram available in the 2nd hand market as this pram is not available new any more.

I wanted a 2nd pram for walking and to take with me as 2nd pram in larger vehicle. (we have small combi pram in smaller vehicle and main pram for the mum)

I only needed a cheap pram that was easy to push, it ticks the box in all the right places for me.

1: easy to push
2: large to carry baby up to toddler in comfort for both parent and child.
3: stable
4: can run with it (best for light jogging and general fitness)
5: as it is cheap 2nd hand pram i can treat it ruff and not fear damaging a pram that cost me up to $800 as some new 3 wheel prams can.
6: has lots of storage space

1: it is heavy, but i am male and pram will only be used while i am around so no problem.
2: the shade cover does not cover very much to protect against sun, i needed sun shade to protect young baby.
3: large
4: big

So it does what a 3 wheel pram is supposed to do, make it easy to push over any surface.
I highly recommend for what it is.

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Sorry, but the Beema is still sold new, Baby Bunting stores and independents sell it.

Too long and bulky

I bought this pram second hand after a friend told me how much she loved hers. At first I loved it when I had the bassinet fitted, there didn't seem to be anything I could fault about it. As time has went on however we moved house and I now need to get it in and out the car more frequently which is annoying as it is quite heavy and awkward to lift, and quite bulky. It is also quite long compared to most other prams I have seen, when you have the bassinet on it can be difficult to see the end of it which can mean bumping into people and lots of apologies! If buying again, I would also choose one which can be reversed as the sun shade doesn't come very far down, so if we are walking towards the sun it's difficult to shade bubs eyes.
Sturdy, reliable
Bulky, heavy, too long

Great price & fits in small cars!

After a LOT of research, we ended out getting one of these prams second hand but still in good condition. While it may not have the "overly designed" look of say, a Bugaboo or a Quinny, these units are practical in every sense and have everything we need.
One of the highly understated values of this pram is that it double-folds into quite a small space. This fits in the boot of a Hyundai Getz, which only very few useful/practical prams do.
Overall very happy.
Very practical, lots of pockets, fits in small cars
Tyres seem to get flat reasonably quickly.

Awesome I've loved it.

I bought this second hand and it was hardly used. I've loved it. We walk every day and find it fairly sturdy. I do find that if I'm walking on a slope it feels like it may tip even though it never has) Folds away really well in our car. Handle bar moves to different positions, locks really well. Loads of storage also.
Reliable, sturdy, hood moves to protect from sunlight. Great storage.
Faded! I found the black faded and looked older than it was even though its always in my car.

Love love love it!

I love this pram and would recommend to anyone who walks alot. I live in a rural area and not many paths - combine that with walking about 5km most days - i need a pram that has decent frame and wheels. This pram was recommended to me over a P&T and for the price difference well worth it. i walk on bush track, road and boardwalks. It is so easy to push and steer. You need the bassinet attachment for newborns and it is so easy to attach.
Price, easy of use, tyres
Can be a little heavy if you don't have good arm strength, faded (most black prams do), bit bulkier than some other three wheelers

Beema was ok

I bought a Swallow Beema from BabyCo 7 years ago for my first child because it was recommended by Choice. We dumped it at the tip when my child was 3, because it was so trashed I couldn't even sell it secondhand. We got a lot of use out of it, and it's not a bad choice. But there are definitely both pros and cons.
Easy to push. Good pocket underneath to put bags in.
Worst thing was it was very heavy to lift in and out of car boot. Also, it aged a lot, so foam on handle had issues, the wire in the hood came loose etc eventually (after a lot of use). The weight was the worst thing though. Also I later regretted not having bought a pram that could be converted to two seats, for a second baby later on. Also it is large - so a bit of a pain in shopping aisles etc.

Great for new parents!

My son loves sitting in Beema Q pram! We've got 3 prams and he only loves this one. He can sit in it and be happy for us to push around for hours. Very very impressed.
Easy to go on the road. No problems with turning at all. I've seen mothers having problems with their prams on CityCat but I never have any problems with Bemma Q
My son likes to look up and always bump his head on the side. Eventually I had to put attach some pads on the side so he won't bump his head. But this is the only problem we have...

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Questions & Answers

Hell can anyone tell me how to set up a beemaq pram i can find plenty of information on how to collapse it but nothing on how to set it up
2 answers
How to collapse the position to recline : - there’s a silver metal at the back...pull it up and it’s collapse to 2nd and 3rd position How to collapse from standing up right to fold up : - on the handle bar..on the side near the hood there are 2 holes made from hard plastic...pull them up at the same time and drop the pram down. It’s a bit tricky for the first time but once u get the grip..it’s bloody easy Good luckThank you I was given the pram don’t know how to assemble it as in unfolding it

Just got given the swalllow beema Q pram. I can't seem to work out how to lay the seat down. Also what age would you start using this without the bassinet? Thanks heaps
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Hi there...there's a white metal behind the seat....just pull that up to adjust the seat....to sit up the seat just push the seat up.that's it. I never use bassinet....I lay my baby in there started when she was 6 weeks....I just add a puffy pram liner...and she always happy in there. Enjoy!!!

Is this pram the same as Berna evo (evolution)?
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