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Swann Wireless Door Chime with Mains Power

Swann Wireless Door Chime with Mains Power

1.2 from 61 reviews


Works for 1month batteries changed crap this companies products should be banned from country will make a point at Bunnings Chinese crap

Worked for a while

Was fine until it stopped working there is no reset in the system.Does not seem to connect with the door bell ( battery is fine) Would not purchase another Swann product. Very disappointing.


This product is terrible. Stopped working after 6 months. I would not buy this brand ever again. Avoid!
I paid someone to install, not getting that money back either. Terrible product.

Eyes Wide Open about Prior Reviews and Happy w/It

Bought the model with 2 chime receivers. Easy to set up and change sounds and volumes. There are 32 chime sounds (including 1 knocking and 2 w/bells) and the remainder are chintzy sounding chimes and tunes.

My happiness is because my hearing is not the best and the two chime units are in different rooms, plus each has a fairly loud volume range. If it only lasts a year and needs to be replaced I will still be satisfied if I always hear someone at the door. Previously had Kambrook and Arlec single receiver 'bells' that were stone solid but not sufficiently loud.

Odds seem that they will go for a year or two before problems, but given the alternatives worth the chance.


Had unit about 18months. Capacitor in plugin base unit leaked and burned out beyond economical repair. Steer clear of this rubbish it seems components get to hot. What more can i say!

Do not buy

I have used this door bell less than 15 months.
In this period of time door button stopped working and had to fixed by myself using glues because press button was stuck in the unit . Then 2 weeks ago main ringer stopped working and then there is no way to fix.

Purchased in June 2017.

Don't buy it is rubbish

Swann model number : swannswwhom-dc820p heap of rubbish no parts available I have it for 13 months lights all on door bell plus ac receiver all tune work but no the front door bell when you press it! It illuminate but don't communicate with receiver put new battery same don't waste your money buy someone else door bell.

Short lived piece of rubbish

Worked until it rained. Door button appears to work... deluding your visitors. Piece of rubbish. DON'T BUY. Put the door press button on a string and use it as a door knock. It will work that way for a short time.

They fail

First one plug in unit failed and a few weeks later the second plug in unit failed. I did all basic electrical fault finding techniques but the units are electrically dead. The product is not fit for purpose do not buy.

Same problem as everyone else

Fails to chime although push is indicating it is operating. An obvious manufacturing fault and yet no sign of any product recall. Yet another British firms name being used to fool people into buying a shoddy product.

Works with quick fix

I had the same problem as most of the users, door bell button light was on but no sound. Tried holding "bell" button (middle) for 5 sec, then tried also + (volume up), (volume down) for 5 sec and it works again. I think the bell button press did the work :) as it looked like the doorbell was not paired with speaker.

Swann Wireless Door Chime

i just bought the pair 1 worked for one day ' replaced it with the other one same again don't buy waste of money. not happy jan i will look elese where

Don't buy Swann Wireless Door Chime SWHOM-DC820P

Our Swann Wireless Door Chime SWHOM-DC820P is less than 5 years old and the door bell push has developed an intermittent fault. As this product is still on the market I expected to be able to buy a replacement bell push but SWANN tell me: "The unit is well out of warranty and we also do not sell bell push". So much for good customer service.

Great unit then just stopped working

Came very close to buying a second unit for my daughter's new house, then ours just stopped working.
The light on the button works so anyone standing on the doorstep is lulled into thinking it is working.
Don't buy!


Same story as every other complaint I've just read changed the batteries in doorbell only to realize that it was the main unit, when pressed the to check on main unit in power point does not light up. Another good example of Chinese made rubbish.

Avoid this product.

Just don't bother.
This item stopped working 1 week after purchase.
All kinds of fixes, adjustments were tried. Unplug/rest/replug. Different powerpoints and locations. Reset. Etc. After reading these reviews I can see Swan appear to sell some very poorly made products.
Got a credit from Bunnings, bought another brand.

swann doorbell dudd

just over six moths old and both units of powered receiver are dead.model swhom-dc820p2 stopped working in jan this year about a week apart. contacted bunnings they said talk to the manufacturer as should be warranty on unit.

A Disappointment

I echo the long line of previous negative reviews. Ours was rarely used yet died well before its time. Appears Swann doesn't care so that brand is now forever blacklisted across the board. As for the one-year warranty, I think Ozzie consumer laws place a mandatory 2-year warranty on items like these. Shame on Swann and shame on their Chinese manufacturers for not taking more pride in their products and responsibility for their repair. Too many negative reviews describing the same issues and yet no response or endeavour to address these issues by Swann.
Very telling!

Does not work right out of the box

Bought one today and tried it before installing it, plugged into socket and try pressing the button right next to the bell with no respond. returning straight to the store.

Not working after 12 months

Purchased Swann wireless 2 receivers on 4/02/2016 paid $59.19. First received stopped last week now second receiver does not work. Battery in button OK. Model SWHOM-DC820P2 Serial No. starting with 08721. Russ

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