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Swisse Teenage Ultivite

Swisse Teenage Ultivite

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They're Amazing


I'm a 16 year old girl. I have a lot of stress and anxiety. I've only been taking it for a week but I already notice a lot less stress and anxiety. 100% would recommend to anyone who is constantly stressed but doesn't want to take anxiety meds. I also don't feel the nausea effect that a lot of reviews are mentioning so if that is something you're afraid of I would say try it before you assume anything. Also on the packaging, it says to take after a meal so that might be why some are experiencing nausea because they might not have followed the directions.


MelAustralian Capital Territory

Don’t recommend. Causes nausea


A friend and I both tried them for our teenage sons, and both boys, aged 15, experienced nausea after taking a single tablet each morning. Definitely don’t recommend this product.

Purchased in February 2019.

Effective Within Did not work

KellyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Causes vomiting


My 16 year old son had taken the tablet twice and on both occasions started to feel nauseated and vomited within 10 minutes. He willl not be taking anymore. Really disappointed.

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $22.00.

Effective Within Did not work




Thought it would be good for my teenager daughter. But she vomited after 10 min of taking it.
I tried it the next day for myself, & couldn’t believe it after 10 min I felt really sick and vomited and brought up all my breakfast. What a waste of money. Cause they were expensive!!

Teenage vitamins okay


These vitamins are quite good x the only thing I really hate and this is coming from a 13 year old, is how big they are and the taste. Even when you half it they are still big and kinda scratch my throat xx they don’t make me feel sick though I think that they are good xoxo



Unbelievably good for my daughter


After seeing previous reviews I was hesitant to try these however I was distraught after seeing my 12 year old daughter suffer month after month with her heavy, painful cycle and anxious, depressive and angry moods so thought anything was worth a try. The difference is remarkable! About an 80% improvement overall and she feels she has her life back with energy and a cheerful demeanor most days. Keeping in mind the reviews, she is having the pill after a solid breakfast with a glass of milk and has only had issues once with reflux when she had fizzy water not long after. If you are not sure what to do for yourself/your daughter, at least give these a try!



Makes my son Vomit


The first time I gave this to my son, he vomited soon afterwards he swallowed it. I assumed he was just sick. Tried again today and he violently vomited. Noticed the other reviews - am concerned that there has to be something that not right in this product that is quite harmful.

HORRIBLE! Caused me to vomit


I have tried this product twice now and both times I have felt horrible. The first time I felt extremely nauseous for over 3 hours and the second time it made me vomit!

Causing loss of appetite and nausea


On the third morning of taking these I felt nauseous within minutes. The feeling lasted for about an hour as I was unable to vomit. At lunch I had a bowl of pasta and couldn't even get through half the serve without feeling extremely full. Over the past few days I have lost my appetite as eating seems to enhance the feeling of nausea caused by the tablet. Throughout the day I feel waves of nausea.



  • 3 reviews

Causing nausea and vomiting


At first I only took half a tablet in the morning becuase I read the reviews that people were vomiting I was fine and didn't feel any nausea (it did give me energy as well) then a few days later I took a full size one just before breakfast and within 2 minutes after breakfast I started feeling dizzy and vomited. They should give some side effects on the packaging.


HollyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 55 reviews

Makes me a bit nauseous.


Like others here, I've found sometimes this multi vitamin can make me a bit nauseous. I do think it's been of some benefit to me, it's just weighing up the 5 or so minutes of nausea after taking it.

More vomiting


My daughter also had the same reaction of vomiting and has now ceased taking them. there should be a warning on the bottle. Wish I had seen these reviews before spending my money.

Weird product 0_o


Every time I take one at breakfast, I start to feel nauseous a few mins later, but I have started taking one tablet each night before I go to bed and I've noticed that I'm really motivated and confident the next day.



My chemist told me that I have to have one half for breakfast and the other half after dinner and I feel better than ever. I've got more energy and I don't look as pail.



Causes vomiting


My 15-year old daughter has taken one tablet after breakfast on two separate occasions. On both occasions, she vomited within 5 minutes. We weren't sure if it might have been a coincidence the first time, but now that it's happened twice and the symptoms were exactly the same, it seems that there is something in these tables to which some kids are very sensitive. Other reviews demonstrate that this isn't an isolated incident. She has only vomited one other time in her life - when she was 2 years old, so she's not generally stomach-sensitive.




Pretty please don't make me sick!


I've tried this product for the first time today with my breakfast (yoghurt and fruit). A few minutes later I started to feel very nauseous and had to go outside for some fresh air. I didn't end up vomiting (the last time I vomited was 6+ years ago when I was struck with a virus) but I felt sick for the next hour and a half - more or less.
Not being sure of what caused my nausea I looked for reviews of the product to see how it had affected other consumers & was surprised to see someone else has felt the same!
I'll be trying this product again tomorrow.. fingers crossed that it works as well as the good reviews say they do & that I haven't wasted my money!
Great packaging



It might just be my body but whenever I take it it always makes me throw up within 5mins. The minutes before then I feel sick. If I could stomach it then it might have an effect on my day but really for me and my body it was a waste of money.

Bad taste, made me feel very sick

Absolute necessity especially around exams


Since taking Swisse Ultivites I have been feeling much happier and more self confident, my friends have noticed it to and have wanted to know what I was taking.
-Fixed some urinary problems I was having -I feel more focused -I perform better academically and physically
Pill are a bit large, Bad taste

Questions & Answers



What is the best time of day to take these tablets?

No answers

Mariah H

Mariah Hasked

Does taking the Teenage Woman’s Ultivite Multivitamins effect birth control pills????
Im a 17 year old young woman and I have had really heavy periods since I was 11 so started taking birth control pills to stop my period as I have tried so many other pills before that didn’t work. My main concern about taking these multivitamins is that the birth control pills won’t be as much affective due to it, il be back at square one with my period again!!

1 answer

Hi Mariah, I don't know the effect on the pill but it has reduced the heaviness by at least 50% on its own.



Can I crush teenage men's ultivite tablet and put it juice or yogurt?

No answers

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