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Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control

Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control

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The product curbs my appetite and good for when I have out-of-control PMS cravings (this is when my stomach is like a bottomless pit). I don’t need it otherwise though.

it does not work

it s expensive and it does not work for me. I am still hungry and it does not pressed my hunger which I was still hungry after my lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. I have problem with controlling my appetite although I did not crave for sweet. I just feel hungry and really hope this pill could work for me but it did not.

never feel hungry again!

Great product. Highly recommend .
I’m less inclined to eat unhealthy while taking these.
I found it also took away my cravings.
Excellent to not feel hungry!
Thank you Swiss!

Fantastic product

The first appetite suppressant that really works for me and I have tried quiet a few. Garcinia combined with green coffee worked in a very subtle way. XLS medical didn't work for me whatsoever. I am a foodie combined with a craver + emotional eater, so my food cravings are very powerful. I love good food, try to keep away form junk as much as I can. After a month of uncontrolled eating I gained 4 kilos. Swiss hunger control already helped me lose 2 kilograms. I am still working on losing another 2 and maintain my weight at 48 kg (My height is 154 cm). I decided to order a couple of Swisse online.

Not working for me

I've been taking them since summer began & have noticed no change. I have increased fibre & water in my diet recently which is working better than those herbal pills. Save your money you'll have a healthier wallet. This is my honest truth!!

Waste Of Money

I tried them followed the recommended dose and for me they did nothing. So after a week I doubled the dose, still made no difference .Total waste of money, very disappointed I paid $49 for 50 tablets .. could have used the money on something useful, maybe shoes..

Best Suppressant on the market!

I am currently on the 5:2 diet and the pills are really helping on the two 500 calorie days. No hunger what so ever! Brilliant! I am 5ft 3 and my starting weight was 9 stone 10. My aim is to reach my goal of 8 stone 10, I've just reached the 9 stone 4 mark! could not recommend more!

No change in hunger for 3 weeks ......its crap

i took this for the first time and according to instructions for three weeks. It hasn't done a thing to reduce my appetite.
I'm baffled at the comments that say that it's worked for them and that they have lost weight. I would suggest one of two things with these people, they've been "paid" for such comments or just good old fashioned hard work has helped them lose weight, not the tablets.
I've lost weight the hard way now, by just gritting my teeth and being a hungry angry b*#ch.


Drink a glass of water. It will do more and save you a ton of dosh. I trailed it for five days, and even doubled the dosage half-way through. Placebo is about all you will gain from this 'snake-oil' suppressant.

it did not work for me!

I know Everybody is different but it did not work for me. I couldn't even tell that I took one and the next day I took two to see if that worked but know it Didn't Hmmm not good for Me :-(

Swisse! Once again you reign supreme!

I buy a lot of your products. I was unsure about this product (the first hunger control product I tried) and boy... Have you nailed it again. I have gone from 3000 calories a day to 1200. Thank you!

Don't buy it.

Reading the reviews, I was rather hopeful these appetite suppressant would work. It doesn't work. It has zero effect, if anything, it makes me even hungrier... Not worth buying really.


I have been taken these tablets for just over 3 weeks now, I take one an hour before lunch, and one in the afternoon about 90 minutes before dinner. I feel no need to snack anymore and I feel full. I would reccomend these.

Semi effective

It's the first time I've bought such a product, but I wanted to try it to curb snacking after dinner. I tried one first after lunch, and within 10minutes I felt like I'd eaten half a loaf of bread - it doesn't magically make you not want to eat, you just feel like you've over eaten already. It stayed that way for 3 or so hours - not quite the time period people are looking for. For now, I don't mind having spent about the price of a coffee per day to cut out the night time snacking.

I think it's working..

I have been taking this for two days. My hunger definitely seems to have declined and I feel fuller quicker. I also haven't felt my usual need to snack. So far it's working for me. Either that or it's a placebo effect.

just started today

Like my title says I tried one tablet today.I had one 20 mins before eating a snack for lunch.Noticed I didn't need to finish all my lunch.I felt fuller quicker.Still feel full several hours too.Although I do feel a bit queasy.Maybe its covering my hunger pains I should feel now.Will write another review in a few weeks.
feel full
makes me feel a bit queesy

don't bother - if I could give it 0 stars I would.

It doesn't do anything, Seriously. You will be as hungry as as if you have taken nothing. If it worked everyone would be buying it and Australia wouldn't be as fat as it is now..Have a cup of coffee that will work much better.. for a little bit at least
It doesn't work!

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Wanted a little helper and this definitely "did not" work!! So overrated. I still felt my appetite needed attention and resulted in me snaking/ eating despite the claimed hype! I agree have a coffee or a gallon of water instead!

hunger levels dropped

I've been eager to try out this product for a while now and came to my sense to purchase it. I paid $49.95 for 50 capsules, so ATM I'm taking one pill in the morning before breakfast, and the other before dinner , and I find that I'm not feeling hungry as I usually do, so for breaky I'll just have a piece of fruit! I've noticed my snacking habits have also changed i don't seem to snack on anything , I try to drink a lot of water during the day as well as exercise regularly. I'm only on day 3 now and I'm seeing that I'm not over eating and I can barely finish my plate, I know it's early stages but I'm looking forward to see or notice some results within the month! MUST BUY! it's great

Works for me

I was 103 kilos and counting, after using this product for about 2 months I have lost 9 kilos I am now down to 94 kilos. It seemed easy as maybe my stomach has shrunk and I don't eat like I used to. I would recommend this product it does work for me. No more fat guy.

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Is it possible to get a sample size of this product to try?

It works!

Every now and then we have a couple of hours between patients, even if I'm still busy doing normal clinic duties, all I can think about is food. I take two tablets in the morning, just with water and I don't feel hungry all day, I do make sure I eat lunch though and it will last me through till dinner!
That the product actually worked

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Has anyone found that the “hunger control” Swisse has made you put on weight? I just bought a bottle but I’m scared to take it like how doesn’t it work? Does it pack on the pounds so it reduce stress hunger?
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is this product available at Coles & woolworths today?
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Ultiboost Hunger Control
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