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Swisse Ultiboost Liver Detox

Swisse Ultiboost Liver Detox

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Liver detox


If taken daily I feel like these pills really do help detox your liver. Once I started taking them they reduced my bloating significantly and I also felt less sluggish and like I had more energy. The only downfall for me is the pills are quite large and I struggle to swallow them and often feel like I get them stuck in my throat.

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Keeps me alive


I've been taking Swisse Liver Detox for about a month now. They're the best things I've ever taken for liver detox. I use to be a heavy drinker and sometimes I still have a drink from time-to time. They've really detoxified my liver. I feel a lot better and a lot healthier too. My complexion in my skin is just that much better, overall, thanks
to Swisse Liver Detox. Definitely worth paying the money for this product.

Boyd C Pantle.

sleeping through


Chinese doctor said i have liver problems, been taking 5 days now and sleeping through the night without waking to go to the toilet one to two times. Something you accept after having 3 children and almost 50.

Excellent liver pills


I have weight management issues always have a big belly due to the abuse of weight loss supplements over the years. after taking these pills I feel great, no bloating or flatulence issues. Will highly recommend to those who have belly issues as they make my belly flat in no time.

Stomach gas and burning.


I have suffered gas and bloating for years. I have had test after test and then to be told it was IBS. I have tried so many products. within 3 hours of taking this product, I felt relief. my stomach didn't feel like it was going to explode & the gas settled right down. looking forward to seeing the future with this product. So glad.





After years of drinking taking pre workout, sizeon proteins etc and abuse of the liver. I randomly took these Swiss pills a girl mate of mine takes them. I took 2. Later on that night I fell ill like fever sweats the lot. I didn't know what was happening until I went to the toilet and all this black bile stuff came out then I clicked. The pills? This went on òn for another day then I came right and felt better than ever. My liver must of been that bad that the ingredients in the pills flushed the bad stuff out so the pills could of just saved my life. 4 years have passed now i still take the pills not everyday but once a week thats good enough for me . Thanks Swiss



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I took it for more than 2 months. My eyes is always day especially wake up in the morning. Definitely got some improvement. my eyes feel more comfortable now. Will recommend to anyone.



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Good product


My uncle had the problem with liver. He tried some products, but liver's parameter did not change. I did search online and I bought Swisse Ultiboost Liver Detox. He used for 3 months and his liver get better. Thanks Swisse for good product.



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Perfect for Liver Detoxing


Hey I have been using this product for nearly 2-3 months now and its absolutely amazing. It helps a lot with bloating and aids in digestive system. If you have not tried this product I would highly recommend it.



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Really good product!!!


I was suffering from liver issues from last 2 years. Bloating, diarrheas etc after eating meat, milk etc.
Using it from last 2 months and 1 pill a day.. and working like a wonder...no issues from last two months..
from my personal experience, If you think your situation is worse and u are not getting benefit from it...then take it during meal (may be in starting..bcoz it takes around 10-15 mins to dissolve the pill in stomach)...for 1-2 months...and then right after meal is ok...

Thanks Swiss



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High liver function reduced.


After years of my doctor telling me i had high liver function i started taking these pills but definitely did not reduce my beer consumption. Last check up after few months of the pills the doctor says my liver function has reduced and have i reduced my beer consumption? It can only be the pills!


brodricjPerth, WA

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No help for liver function what-so-ever


Following an abnormal liver function blood test (high ALT and Gamma GT enzymes, symptomatic of a liver under stress) I started taking Swisse Liver Detox, 2 tabs per day. I have been on this therapy for 6 months. A repeat of the liver function tests after 6 months on Swisse showed no improvement in the liver function what-so-ever. 8 parameters of the liver are tested and none showed any change or improvement.
Short of the possibility that Swisse is stopping the liver from getting worse, I have seen no benefit in my liver health with this product.

I'm testing them now


I went to the doctors and got told the same thing i have a terrible liver amd my kidney is not so good so I am hoping to get different results the next time I go. Fingers crossed.

Don't know how it's possible


I have been suffering from cold and flu for over a week, decided to do juice fast to boost my immunity but before that I decided to do liver detox for effective result, believe it or not, just one time liver detox 2 tablets at once after a meal did the miracle, cold and flu gone for good just in an hr time where no other medicine helped, I can breathe properly and so happily, got my life back, start is so amazing and Now I can't wait to see my results of detox, Thanks to Swisse for such an amazing product

Life saver pills


Last year my liver function test showed that my liver was very bad and i was having liver pains. Just a month or so later, my liver test results show that my liver function is now perfect even though i was only taking one pill a day and forgot some doses completely. I didnt change anything ( like diet etc) so i know its purely because of these liver detox pills. Thanks swisse ;-)



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Best liver pills out there


Happy to say that i now always purchase Swisse braned items.

Swisse Untiboost liver detox is the best liver detox pill available on the market. When i returned from my overseas trip my doctor advised of certain problems with my liver, he recommended i take swisse tablets and within two months my symptoms had dissapeared.

Reliable, works
Pricey - but worth it

Stopped my indigestion


I was really struggling with reflux and bloating and after 2 months taking this I haven't had 1 episode.

No bloating, no feeling sick after eating fatty or spicy foods

The first couple of weeks I did go to the loo a lot but it settled down

Would definately recommend

Swisse Ultiboost Liver Detox


I've only been taking these for around a week but within a few days I noticed I felt a lot more energetic as well more alert - I'm looking forward to further enhancement from this product. Big tablets but easy to break in half and only need two per day.

Liver Detox review


Ok...so I know in an ideal world I would improve my diet and lower my liquor intake...however reality bites...I have been taking Swisse Liver Detox for a few weeks now and have noticed that my eyes have become whiter, I am waking up feeling much more refreshed, my indigestion has lowered and overall I feel much more alert....
Good sized container

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What are the contra indications of this product?

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Can I take it after dinner? And can i use it with something like collagen supplements?

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