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Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration

Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration

4.1 from 24 reviews

I am so happy I chose this company!

When I looked into replacing my roof I was overwhelmed with stories I heard of sole traders and roofing companies doing the wrong thing.I am so glad I got referred from a friend who used SGRR.From the initial consultation to the end product I could not be happier.Great communication from the office and the tradesmen were AMAZING.Thanks SGRR for my new colourbond roof I will recommend you to all my family and friends.


I would like to say a big thank you for a job, WELL DONE.
We recently contacted Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration for an-assessment and quote of our roof and gutters. We decided to proceed with the quote even though we were cautious.
The roof and the gutters were replaced the way we had hoped for, it looks great, more importantly,no more leaks.
We found that the company was easy to deal with and very accomodating whenever we had some questions to ask either with office or the trades people at our house.
All in all, to deal with Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration was a very good experience and we would do it again without any hesitation.
Finally, our decision was not based on being cheap, but rather dealing with a company we felt we could trust and with a long track record.

One word - dodgy!

We had the exact same experience as the ‘highlands’ post below. Awful company, unprofessional and avoid at all costs!

Note: we were asked by the company to amend our original review, with a threat of being sued (even though all information was factually correct). Please find our new review below:

Lesson learnt. Don’t make the same expensive mistake as us and do your research!

Also advise checking trade licenses on the Service NSW website: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/check-builder-or-tradesperson-licence

The Dept of Fair Trading website is a good resource as well.

5 Star service and quality

I had my roof replaced at the back section and my tiled roof restored from this company. From the first phone call to the last I couldn’t be happier with the service and quality of my job. Would highly recommend Sydney GRR to anybody.

Thanks again Sydney GRR team!


I just had a new Colourbond Roof installed by SGRR. The customer service and tradesmen were simply amazing. I was informed from start to finish and the final product was more then I expected. I highly recommend this company and I will be referring this company to my family and friends.

Save yourself from a nightmare!

Very poor workmanship. Had to get Department of Fair Trading involved to resolve the issues. SGRR justified and make excuses for their terrible work. Couldn't care less attitude of roofers. Drilled through electrical cables. Did not hold to their claims on their web page. Did not replace old sarking or do new battens on the entire roof (as stated on a new roof replacement on their web site) old sarking left in tatters and flaking into roof cavity. Overfilled skip bins which in turn broke all the driveway lights and left gauge marks on concrete. (SGRR made the bin company pay for the new electrical work to repair the damage, (?) New sarking left hanging down in the roof cavity as it is not attached to anything. Screws not drilled in properly, some left standing without being drilled in, many holes had to be redone and a screw installed. Big mess. Did not clean out gutters before re installing gutter guard,(which had to be removed). Flashings not correct and not installed correctly. Lots of water in the kitchen after rain fall which in turn blew up my range hood and cooktop - did not offer us any compensation for replacement of either items. We then had more rain in through a bay window. We had to have two more down pipes installed at a further cost of $2K. They never mentioned that the existing gutters would not take the amount of water coming off a colour bond roof. Never had this problem with the tiled roof. then had to get painters in to fix the damage to the ceilings, more expense. You would think that as they are "gutter" installers they could have advised of this before commencing the work. They are completely unprofessional! Cost me thousands of $ extra for lawyers, roof experts (through my solicitor who found 35 counts of poor quality work and things done incorrectly) and roof plumber, builders & painters to fix things. Caused extreme unnecessary anxiety. Has taken 11 months to get "some" satisfaction through a work order. Had new flashing installed last week (11/4/2019) so waiting now, for rain, to see if the roof still leaks!!! Also take note that most of the 5 star ratings are NOT verified.

Since writing this review I noticed that SG&RR have completely changed their wording on their web page!!!!not verified means that anyone can write something. Need to provide proof of purchase etc for a verified review. I showed the DFT work order.

A Job Well Done

From the first contact with G.R.R we had the feeling that we would be in the hands of a Company with very high Work Ethic and as it turned out after the replacement and repair of the Roof on our Sun Deck, our ussumptions were correct,
The service and workmanship was excellent and we will be very pleased to recommend G.R.R to any prospective client

6 months after installation.

I contacted Sydney Roof and Gutter Restoration to quote upgrading my roof to colour bond and found them very easy to deal and I accepting there competitive offer on the first visit.
The reasoning why I chose Sydney Roof and Gutter Restoration was simple, due to the product having a 25 year warranty I was concerned the other smaller companies who quoted wouldn't be in business in 20+ years making claims allot more difficult. I contacted Sydney Roof and Gutter Restoration after searching for the oldest ABN in Sydney.
Surprisingly, after we agreed on price I was contacted by the project manager who made some professional recommendations which reduced the price by $900. Uuuuummmm WOW!
The project management was fantastic, materials arrived on time and work started on schedule. The install took 1 day longer than expected due to some issues with the roof framing. I was not charged any extra for the time spent. Double WOW!
In conclusion, Sydney Roof and Gutter Restoration has outstanding customer service, the staff are passionate and have the customer best interest in hand. I have no hesitation in recommending there services. Absolutely sensation....
I have had the colour bond roof installed for 6 months and it's the best thing I've ever done. Though winter, my family notice how much warmer the house is, especially on those cold winter nights. No more freezing early morning toilet stumbles. We have also noticed a big reduction in heating costs and I can't wait for those sticking hot summer days. In the coupe of warm days we've had already my house was cool inside with no AC running. Im so happy.
If you are thinking of updating your roof, I strongly recommend a colour bond roof and Sydney Roof and Gutter Restoration.

Excellent Company, so happy I choose them!

I recommend this company as I trust them, here is why.
3 years after buying our house we discovered that the roof titles needed to be replaced (Ahhhh).
I had contacted 7 companies in total to quote on the work and had research all of the companies including any reviews online.
Finally decided on this company for the following reasons: their professional conduct and attention to detail during the quote stage, the solutions they proposed and the responses to their online reviews - I like a company that is open to dealing with any issues that may arise.
I could not be happier with my choice!
The job was put on hold by me, for a short period, as I dealt with a subsequent internal ceiling issue and Sydney GRR were more than accommodating and worked with me to re-scheduled.
After the job was complete and we had paid the bill in full, I notice a VERY MINOR detail that was purely cosmetic and when I broached this with the company they sent some guys out straight away to adjust it. They even cleaned up my driveway after the skip bin had been collected. Love that!
From Elmer who did the estimate, Glen who was the Project Manager to Darcy the Site Manager and all of the team at Sydney GRR, thank you guys and girls for a painless experience you are fantastic!

Roof Replacement by SGRR

We thought we needed a roof restoration in the house we purchased a year ago as leeks etc had now become very apparent. We were initially quoted on the restoration and went ahead with this. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side and it was a good 6 weeks before we could have anything done. When the workers could finally came out I soon found that we needed a complete overhaul - a new roof entirely. We thought this may be the case, as it was really old original tiles on a very old house - so really it wasn't a shock to find this out.
Anyhow we were then quoted for a new Colorbond Roof and went ahead with this. A week later the job was done - and we are so Happy with the result. They are professional and for the most part kept us up to date with what was going on and when it would be happening.
The finished product was worth the wait. Thank you SGRR. Would we recommend them? Yes!

My brand new roof is better than I imagined.

As a single mother of three I was very carefull about who I would trust to replace my old and leaky roof. I got three quotes and they varied quite a lot in price, but what stood out the most was one company. The gentleman from Sydney Gutter and Roofing was by far the most professional and explained in detail exactly what was required and how it would be done. Now I have a new colorbond roof with gutter protection and peace of mind. The guys doing the work were great, nothing was too much trouble and they cleaned up at the end of every day which is so important to me as I have young children. Thanks guys.


I had Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration replace my old tired roof with a new colourbond roof.
The tradesman were highly experienced and professional.My new roof looks AMAZING.Well done team and thanks for a great job.

Had my roof replaced by Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration

Would not recommend this company to anyone. The salesman told us theirs would be the most expensive quote we would get, we would pay more if we went with them but that we were paying for professionalism and quality. That the job would be done right the first time. The quality and professionalism is shocking. They have been out 4 times to fix defects and poor workmanship and is still not right. I could have got a poor result like this for much less $$. Now I have no choice but to go to fair trading to pay for a professional roofer to fix the mess their in house cowboys have made of this job

Excellent Company

Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration replaced our Fascia, Gutters, Down Pipes and restored & sprayed our roof. They are an extremely professional team. Every person with in the team we dealt with was excellent in customer service, product knowledge, installation etc. The trades worked in extreme temperatures, were on time, fast and efficient. They are master crafts men at their jobs. Nothing was too much trouble. They were so understanding, could empathise and were more than happy to work around my illness and treatment. We have a builder opposite and at the back of us. They are extremely impressed with the job and final product. We have already had another neighbor state when the time comes they will use Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration. From what the gutters and roof looked like before to what it is now is second to none! We are thrilled and highly recommend Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration!

New Roof in a flash.

From the first phone call we found this comapny to be polite and competent. The salesman was excellent and spent a lot of time answering all our questions.
The tradesmen that did the job were on time, polite and hard working even in extreme heat. They got the job done, cleaned up after themselves each day and did a really good job. I would recommend SGRR to everyone.

Competent work at a reasonable price - I got them to do a second job

I got them to replace my gutters and install leaf guard. They did this promptly, well and at a reasonable price.
A year or two later I got them to replace the metal roof at the rear of my property. They quoted less than others, and did a good job. In particular, they have done good work around the chimney, which was a problematic area for leaks beforehand due to poor quality work.
The thing that stops me from giving five stars is attention to detail.
The workers left cigarette butts around my yard. This may have been OK 20 years ago, but it is not OK now.
The work on the metal roof was fine, but there was a very small amount of ancillary work on the adjoining tile roof that was barely adequate. The worker who did this left cement residue everywhere - on the tiles, on the metal roof, splashed up on the front of my house near the tap where he washed out his tools and bucket. He also dropped a chunk of tile into my sewer gully trap, which caused the sewer to overflow. Fortunately, I am the kind of person who investigates their gully trap before calling a plumber. If I had paid for a plumber to fix this I would have been really angry.
In addition, one of the workers has left a smart alec remark written on top of my air conditioning duct. It is not rude or offensive: it seems more exasperated in tone. However, it is my duct, and it is not up to contractors to leave messages for each other or write comments upon it. I imagine whoever wrote it assumed that I would never get up on the roof and see it.

100% Best Company And Service Ever!!!!

Since Sydney Gutter and Roofing restored my roof and replaced my gutters, my home is like new again. Amazing job done and every person I dealt with from estimator, office to tradesmen were professional. I have recommended them to 3 friends and family and all have had the same experience!! WOW!! Thanks SGRR!!!

March 29th 2019 Update: Great Company Great Job

Had my roof restored about a year ago and I wanted to see how well it stood up before putting up a review! It’s looks just as good as the day it was done and no leaks in the recent weather we have had! The company was great from start to finish and nothing was a problem!! Would recommend them to anyone and my friend/neighbour has had their roof and gutters done by Sydney Gutter and Roof Restoration as well and is over the moon!! Thanks SGRR!

Highly recommend this company 10/10

Amazing service and tradesman.I had a new colorbond roof and gutters installed by SGRR.They completed the job in 3 days.I highly recommend this company.

Do not use this company

Job they did was really bad and I do not trust the company at after looking what a rush job they did on my roof and the price they got for it don’t be a fool like me do some research all I can say is lesson learnt.

GREAT JOB !!! On Time & On Budget

I would highly recommend Romand and crew. They came to fix a leaking roof. They were on time and on budget. Having had some rain just a few days ago, I can confirm the repairs have worked.

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Questions & Answers

Hi , Sydney Roof and Gutter (on 8020 5777) in Crows Nest / Warriewood was recommended to me by a real estate agent. Can anyone tell me if this is the company reviewed here? Thanks Mary
2 answers
Hi, I can't confirm if they are the same company, though I do know Younis Chahrouk ( the man who came to my place) does work all over Sydney under different company names. His other company Sydney Home services and sales is currently being deregistered by ASIC due to his dodgy practices. Just be careful and I would suggest that you definitely get more than 1 quote. They overcharge significantly. Good luckHi Mary, No, this is not the same company. There are lots of companies with the words "Sydney" "Roof" and "Gutters" in their name- it helps them get higher results on Google, and hijacks the goodwill of other companies. Our company hasn't worked with Younis Chahrouk- or anyone in Crows Nest \ Warriewood- for over 3yrs. I realize this is an old question, but I thought I would post this for any other people who may be fooled. Best, Sydney GRR

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