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Tefal CY505

Tefal CY505

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Stopped working after 2 months

The CY505 electric cooker is a joke. The timer on this cooker basically stopped working after I bought it 2 months ago. It kept showing the pressure building up but the timer didn't come on. And I only found out once I had my ingredients in the pot. So after waiting for ages for the timer to come on, I then had to transfer my partly cooked dish onto the stove top to salvage it after I discovered the timer wasn't responsive at all. Called Tefal customer service. They basically said they had no idea why it was doing this & they asked to me take it in to some third party repairer. These guys weren't available - they're not answering calls or emails. So the customer service overall has been extremely poor.

I also found the product itself was clunky to use from day 1. The lid is not easy open and close even before or after the cooking process. It keeps coming up with the E2 error message. Another error message I got was E6 and the manual doesn't even list what E6 is! What a joke.

The product feels like a cheap, sub-standard buy. Maybe Tefal offers better cookers than this one but I'm put off by Tefal after this experience with the shoddy CY505.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Makes even a muppet like me into a gourmet chef

I bought this for my wife, but its me that uses it. I'm what you'd call culinarily challenged. My wife is a brilliant cook with great intuition, but I constantly feel the need to follow recipes and nothing turns out as expected. That is unless you count the food being expected to turn out rubbish.

Enter the Tefal All In One multi cooker. This thing is super easy. I love French food and I now make a Beef Bourguignon to die for. I could use just the pressure cooker function and be done inside an hour (from chopping ingredients to serving it up), but I choose to lengthen the process slightly using 2 hours of slow cook. The result is super tender, intensely flavourful goodness. Seriously, this is the best beef bourguignon I've ever had. I've also cooked lamb shanks and soup and everything turns out perfectly. There's loads of functions and any slow cook recipe you find will be easy to prepare.

The only downside so far is that the non-stick material used to coat the pot will scratch if you even look at it the wrong way. You absolutely 100% need to use plastic of silicone, which is a bit of a pain.

Quick note: The purchaser below said she was getting an E2 error. I too got this and it was related to the screw fastening the main handle/knob being a little loose and allowing the lid to rotate slightly (so the machine thought you were shutting the lid. A bit of tweaking and it's been fine since.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Not as good as I expected

I tried browning the meat, but kept getting E2 message. Only way it worked was to close lid, which was a pain as I couldn't keep turning meat. I wanted to make bone broth, but it doesn't cook long enough. Pathetic recipe book.
Would really have liked more instructions & varied recipes Must say it cooked veg soup in 10 mins after it got up to pressure. Overall, I'm disappointed. I could have bought one of the old fashioned one's that you use on the stove top. That way I could brown meat, & cook bone broth as long as I wanted. Thought this appliance looked ok, could slow cook & pressure cook. Sadly regret purchasing.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

This is perfect! Can make everything and tasty.

From the day one I bought this I have been using it to make soups, risotto, curries and cakes. Even rice recipes comes out perfect all the time.
Easy to use and best part is just put all your food and put the timer and forget about it and your meal is all ready.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Handiest kitchen gadget!

I use this at least 4 times a week. Great recipes came a long with it with easy instructions. Sometimes it doesn't seal properly but just need to make sure the seal is in correctly and clean. So great having the one appliance for slow AND pressure cooking. I rarely slow cook though as the pressure cooker makes meat so tender, just make sure you get the times right.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Tefal Slow Cooker and pressure cooker all in one

It does slow cooking and pressure cooking all in one, so I have given my slow cooker away. I have had a few problems not with cooking but with the literature provided. Very hard to find a phone number to call as the one in the box does not answer. The Instruction book has a list of the all the parts on the 1st page of the book from A to P but the description of the parts does not appear until page 11 which I thought should be together. Also the cookbook that you get has mainly all day cooking recipes. I had to ring Harvey Norman to get a phone number and he had trouble finding it as well, but when I did get on I had a very friendly service lady who gave me some more details and would send me some recipes, very nice. Also the unit displays Fahrenheit when cooking on DIY and Browning Mode so they have given you a conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Slow pressure cooker

First Impressions. I'm wondering if I can swap it for a Minute Cook.
I've just bought the FAST & DELICIOUS All-in-one Multicooker after the Minute Cook I've had for years failed. I loved the minute cook and thought having a slow cook function as well would be fantastic for those recipes that need slower cooking for the full flavour of the dish to come out.
So far I've cooked chicken tikka and brown rice which turned out well but it was a very slow fast cook, probably as long as a gas stove. Probably longer as I would have cooked both the curry and the rice on the stove at the same time.
Disappointments: * Recipes - I do hope that little recipe book in the box, the 'Free 35 Recipe Book' is not all you can get! None of the recipes really turned me on. I am quite happy to download and print a pdf recipe book but having individual recipes on the website which you can't download as a book is not at all practical. I like to flick through my recipe books and decide what to cook and I'm not in the habit of carrying my laptop to the kitchen to read recipes. My Minute Cook had a very good recipe book and I will need more for this as it does more.
* Temperature reading is pointless as it's in fahrenheit.
* Browning function is slow and impractical. There's no point waiting 5 minutes for it to heat up enough and then start browning, I might as well brown it on the stove which takes 5 minutes all up, either way I have to hang around to stir it anyway.
*Time to heat up and activate the pressure is slow slow slow. To cook 1/2 a cup of rice for 10 minutes, it took 4 minutes for it to heat up enough to start the 10 minute pressure cook. Guess how long it would take on the gas stove? Yes, about 15 minutes from start to finish.
I really hope this is just a bad first impression and I will find it as wonderful, practical and easy to use as the Minute Cook. I might keep you posted... might not.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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UPDATE: I've just been online to the Tefal site and there are NO RECIPES for this appliance! None! No slow cook recipes, no pressure cooker recipes. Cook4Me pressure cooker recipes online could be used but do not give instructions, instead they say "Follow the step-by-step instructions on your Cook4Me's LCD screen." I'm feeling really angry right now! Not good enough Tefal. I have emailed Tefal asking for recipes.

Great MultiCooker for a First Timer

After recently getting married and moving out into our new empty home, I need to set up my kitchen with some kitchen essentials. I was after a few appliances such as a slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker etc and after investigating I came across these 'multi cookers'. I purchased the Tefal Fast & Delicious Multi Cooker when it was on sale for $179 at David Jones. So far, I am very happy with it and have had no issues on its cooking ability - it is awesome :D I use it several times a week particularly the pressure cook, rice and steamer functions. I have made several stews and risottos and they have come out tasty and tender. Perfect for the upcoming Melbourne Winters My only draw back on this product is the instruction manual - it is a bit vague and I found I was referring to the recipe book to actually learn to use the appliance correctly. Also, the temperature settings are in Fahrenheit not Celsius - I called Tefal and they advised to use a converter chart to find my desired temp in Celsius. This is fine but I think considering it is being sold to an Australia Market they should fix this issue. Also, the lid does not come off for easy cleaning unlike some competitor products. Apart from these minor limitations, I would say this is a great product

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great for more than you'd expect!

We recently bought the Tefal CY505 in the hopes that it would make cooking easier. While it's not as simple as throwing everything into the pot and pressing a button, it is still a handy little unit. It comes with a recipe book that we are currently working through. So far, we have made potato and leek soup, numerous stews, risotto and even a cake! Of course, you can wing it with your own recipes as well.

The CY505 is really easy to use. You just choose the type of cooking (e.g. browning, slow cook, pressure cook, etc.) set the duration of the cook and then start/on. The main thing to note is that it does take some time to warm up after pressing start/on, so even though the recipe might say it takes 5min cooking time, it's actually 5min plus the time it takes to heat up to the right temperature, which can add around 5min depending on the cooking setting. Also, most of the recipes in the book will use a combination of cooking techniques, e.g. browning the onions first and then pressure cooking with other ingredients, so again, more time is needed each time you change the cooking method for the unit to warm up.

We're having a lot of fun trying out all the cook book recipes at the moment. We were particularly impressed with the pressure cooking function as a curry we would normally leave in the oven to slow cook for 3 hours was done in 40min. Love it!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Questions & Answers

Where can I access more recipes for this product other than what is in the book that comes with the machine?
3 answers
I’ve not used any of the included recipies with the exception of some of the soups. Try Googling Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon recipie for pressure cooker. I followed the recipie to the letter but added a 2 hour slow cook before putting the mushrooms in at the end. Turned out brilliantly and I’m not a good cook. Flicking between the browning, pressure cook and slow cook settings is the key here. Not sure why everyone is so hung up on Tefal recipies.Thank you Chris Oz I will try to step out of my comfort zone and just pick recipes that suit the functions of the machine. I have used several of the recipes in the book and find they are a bit bland for my taste so will use them as a baseline only. Justine Schofield from Everyday Gourmet uses the Tefal products and her recipes are great.Whilst he looks like a carrot from all the fake tan he wears and his tv fads are terrible, I highly recommend the Pete Evans One Pot Paleo book - the recipes are great and healthy to boot

What is the wattage of this pressure cooker? Is it the same as the cook4me? I went to the Tefal website and did not find any information about this.
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I exchanged my original Tefal Fast and Delicious as the browning function stopped working, with the ‘E2’ code appearing on the screen. Tefal said it needed to be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, the same error code is now appearing in the replacement. Has anyone else experienced this?
2 answers
Yes. It has to do with a problem with the locking lid that does not stay open properly. It slips and then you get the error message, even though it looks open fully. I took mine back to the store and upgraded it now very happy.If you dont have the lid in the fully open position. it will show the E2 sign when Browning, Check the lid


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