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Tefal Power Grill CB651B61

Tefal Power Grill CB651B61

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Worst customer service imaginable

I purchased the Tefal PowerGrill and when I unpacked it the grill plate was faulty. It was poorly machined and edge on the grill was very sharp. It’s dangerous. Immediately I tried to contact Tefal and it’s impossible through their website. I then call them during business hours and the person sends me an email for me to send photos which I did with the receipt having just purchased it. I then receive a cryptic email about purchasing replacement parts and I’m given a list of who to contact despite it being new and under warranty. Still no resolution and I’m stuck with a dangerous product. Rather than sending me a replacement grill top I have to go to a service centre which is miles away when I can’t go to due to having to work. Tefal, for a supposedly reputable product I have found your customer service disgraceful.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

How things can change!

In my first review (see below) I was extremely disappointed in the Tefal Power Grill but after reading comments in other reviews, mainly about the heat/cooking temperature, I contacted the Ambassador program wondering if I had received a faulty grill because it was evident that other reviewers had a totally different experience.

Anyway, they shipped another one and now I 'get' the comments of the other reviewers and have completely changed my opinion and wanted to say a big thank you for being given a chance to put the record straight and decided to repeat everything I had cooked on the first grill so I had a direct comparison and the difference was like night and day. Immediately I noted the hotplate was actually 'hot' and in fact I had to reduce the dial to between 3 and 4, whereas with the previous grill it was permanently set at 5 (max) and still wasn't hot enough to burn finger/toast/bacon/etc/etc. Yes, I even put a finger on the hotplate and didn't get burned!

With grill #2 one of my first tests was a good old toasted cheese and tomato sanger and this time around I wasn't disappointed. The cheese actually melted, the tomato was warm and the bread toasted to a beautiful golden brown colour, and it too, was hot....unlike the previous attempts where the cheese didn't melt, the tomato was still cold, the bread didn't even colour and was barely warm. Next day I toasted a bread roll on the ribbed end while cooking bacon, egg, tomato, onion rings on the flat surface before adding fresh lettuce and mayo and really enjoyed that burger. Food now cooks to a lovely colour whereas before everything looked uncooked as nothing changed colour, even if left on the hotplate for a longer period of time.

Pikelets are heavenly, although I wish the cooking plate was entirely flat instead of one end being ribbed....I use the flat end most and think it would be a great addition if both plates were included instead of half and half.
Sausages cooked to perfection and remained moist, rather than dry and tough during the previous test. This time I decided to cook lamb chops that I had intended to test last time, but had put them in the freezer instead as I knew they would take so long to cook that they would be tough as old boots.....not now, they were perfect!

Another first was fresh fish fillets and, once again, another perfect meal which tasted so yummy! The hotplate and drip tray are so quick and easy to clean (once cooled) and my preference is to wash them by hand in hot soapy water, ready for next time.

Steak was cooked to perfection, something I didn't bother trying to cook previously as I just knew the hotplate wasn't hot enough.....now, that's all changed.

As you can probably tell, this grill is now getting a lot of use and cooks to perfection...what a turn around? I can see this grill being used year round in both the main kitchen and the outdoor kitchen and being so lightweight it's possible to move from one place to the other at a minute's notice and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a quick snack or main meal.

Previous review dated August 30th 2018:

I really wanted to like this grill but have unfortunately have been quite disappointed as it doesn't get hot enough to cook food (specially meat) quickly and it is very flimsy and moves freely on the table/benchtop/or wherever you have chosen to cook and I had to place it on non-slip shelf liner so it didn't run away.

The first time I used it was to make toasted sandwiches, but even though I used a teflon-suitable spatula for turning and was extremely careful in doing so, the coating has scratched. Hard to believe I know, but I am extremely careful with things like this and this time was no different, sadly that was my first disappointment (other teflon coated appliances have been used in this household for many, many years and still don't have any scratches). These toasted sandwiches barely browned on setting #3 (midway) so the dial was turned to the highest setting, which is #5, however a cheese slice in the sandwiches didn't even melt nor was the tomato warm, so the much anticipated toasted sandwich ended up being one-sided, warmed toast with cold filling. These were tried on one other occasion in the hope of getting better results, but alas the outcome was the same, although we did cook the bacon on the hotplate separately, otherwise it wouldn't have been cooked. The hotplate doesn't get as hot on the ridged/grill plate end and when the hotplate was removed for washing, we noticed scorching around a bracket which holds it in position, so not sure if that indicates a fault? The grill had only been used twice when this was noticed.

Thin sausages with half a tomato, a slice of bacon and a grilled egg was another failure, as I ended up having to cut the sausages in half (lengthwise) so they would be cooked through, as this whole process took much longer than normal and the sausages were so dry when normally they are quite moist. Maybe if the grill had a lid it might be a whole lot more useful as the heat would be retained, food would be cooked and not left with cold centres.

For comparison, I've been using an electric BBQ (competitor brand with lid) for quite a few years and while it's the same wattage (and same price) it does get extremely hot and I only need set the thermostat at a third of the marked settings to cook a large, rolled piece of pork/beef/lamb/etc or whole butterfly chicken, while at the same time cooking half potatoes, pumpkin wedges, whole onions etc...in other words a whole roast dinner and had hoped this Power Grill might replace that BBQ, but it is not in the same league unfortunately. I very much doubt I could cook a rolled shoulder of pork on this Tefal grill in a reasonable time, given it can't cook a small half tomato through the centre.

I really hate being negative but I have to be honest and express my disappointment in this grill because I had expected it to be much more efficient that it is in reality. Sure, it looks good but looks don't count (imho) if it can't do the job.

Lastly, the multi language instruction manual is a complete waste of time, I expected it might have a couple of recipes or cooking suggestions, but no! There are other colour options illustrated in the tiny, monochromatic manual, but it appears only the light grey with timber leg option is available in Australia.

Having just read another reviewer stating their grill was 'quick to heat, can get very hot' now has me wondering if the grill I received is faulty, as there is no way I could make the same comment. Overall this grill was disappointing and not sure I could recommend it to a prospective purchaser. Sorry!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Love this product!

I purchased this product after seeing it on a cooking program and am delighted! It is light weight, easy to clean & simple to use, everything promised. Heats up quickly with perfectly even heat & no splatter. The only negative is the lack of an indicator light displaying on/ off.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

The Perfect Balcony BBQ - Great to take on Holidays too!

ASSEMBLY/PREPARATION: Straight forward. Just place the non-stick hotplate onto the base ensuring the drip hole is located over the slide-out- drip tray. Wipe a layer of oil over the hotplate and you are ready to go. Any excess oil pours straight into the drip tray below and so can be easily reused.
HEAT UP/COOKING: The hotplate is quick to heat up. You can start cooking in just 2 to 3 minutes. Temperature is quick and easy to adjust using a dial control located just above the power cord socket. However the markings on the dial are difficult to read and should have been somewhat larger. Minor issue though. The best thing about this electric BBQ is the fact that food does not stick to the hotplate surface. What a blessing! We cooked sausages, lamb skewers and potato slices without any issues.
WHERE TO USE IT: Best advice is the use this electric BBQ/GRILL outside due to the typical splattering and food fumes associated with BBQ cooking. If you must use it inside then ensure it is in a well-ventilated area and place newspaper on the surface around it to capture the splatter.
CLEAN-UP: The non-stick hotplate becomes cool enough to remove by the time you finish eating. A rinse under hot water whilst rubbing with a soapy sponge will remove most of the residue food and fat. The base seems to remain perfectly clean and doesn’t need any cleaning. The drip tray with the excess oil and fat easily slides out for convenient cleaning.
CONCLUSION: This electric BBQ/GRILL is perfect for balcony BBQs for 2 to 6 people. This super-convenient electric BBQ does away with the need to keep an old, rusting, gas BBQ taking up valuable space on your balcony or back yard. When you are finished with it just tuck it away in the bottom of the cupboard. So convenient! Great for taking on holidays with you too as it takes up so little space in the car.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

BBQ + Frying Pan = The Tefal Power Grill

When I picked this up, one thing stood out immediately. it's very light.
A lot lighter than expected, which made me question the grill alloy or even it's sturdiness.

Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised. The body is coloured soft grey, raised on wood legs with Tefal's signature red heat-spot adorning the centre of the non-stick grill surface. It's a great looking "appliance" and a welcomed addition to my kitchen.

It's simple, EASY to clean and heats super fast, only a couple of minutes and you're away.
So far, I've cooked burgers, breakfast, steak, veges, and Korean-style BBQ - I sat the grill in the centre of the table and we cooked our food as we ate, like in Korean-BBQ restaurants. So cool.

I have a Weber Q that I use to cook 75% of my meals (I really should do a review because I love it), but there are times when using the BBQ is inconvenient, i.e. when it's raining, really cold outside, or the gas bottle is empty. Plus clean up is quicker in comparison (grill plate lifts off and the excess juice catcher pulls out. Both can just be rinsed under hot soapy water or put in the dishwasher). That's what makes this such a welcomed addition.

This is a dual-grill; one half riveted like a traditional grill and the other is flat, making it perfect for cooking meat and vegetables at the same time. For example, meat patties + buns on the riveted side, along with eggs, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms on the flat side. The grill also has a gutter around the edge leading to a single outlet to collect excess grease and juices. If your catcher is clean you can simply pour the juices back over your food!

I was worried about the heat capacity and whether the grill could get hot enough to sear meat, but this was quickly squashed. The Power Grill has a simple dial that goes from 'off' setting, up through 5 levels of heating (1 = low and 5 = max).
I turned the dial to 4 and a half, once the heat-spot indicated the grill was ready, I was pleasantly surprised to get a good sizzling sound from the meat touching the surface and searing within a few minutes.

I honestly can't fault it. It's a simply perfect little grill.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Not quite a grill, not quite a frying pan

[Ambassador Program] This grill was provided for exchange for an honest review. The following review is entirely the opinion of my partner and I.


First impression:

The grill came in a simple flat box, packed in cardboard and paper. Which made the entire packaging completely recyclable, that is something that we liked. The device itself is of a simple design, compact, removable grill plate, seems to be a breeze to clean. The heaviest part of the product is the grill plate, which makes it top heavy, that would probably help with the stability issue given the whole thing is fairly light. There is two sections on the grill plate, half grill and half flat. We looked forward to using it for the first time the following morning to cook breakfast.

First use:

After washing the grill plate in warm soapy water, we put the product to test. The grill plate have the feel and quality you expect from Tefal.

The grill doesn't have an indicator light, but only a heat sensitive logo in the middle of the grill plate to indicate that it is on. This seems to be a bit dangerous, especially to those who have cats and small children. It heated up rather quickly, and as we made an attempt to cook an egg, the whole egg slid into the juice tray at the bottom of the grill. After clearing the bench we tried again, and this time, it wasn't only the egg that tried to run away, but the entire grill as it is very light-weight, it constantly shifts around the bench top as we were trying to cook with it. There is a slight slope in the plate that supposedly helps with the flow and collection of grease and juice from the meat, which in the case of our (attempted) fried egg, did not end well. The grill side gives the food the nice grill lines you expect from a griddle. So our breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and grilled haloumi cheese turned out rather well despite the earlier drama.

Next we tried to cook chicken thigh fillets on it for lunch, which did not work too well as it did not cook through properly unless it has been cooked for a long time. So we wished wholeheartedly that this grill had a lid, so it would cook a bit faster, and it will probably compensate for the uneven heating from the element below and save some electricity.

Then we tried to use it like a Korean style BBQ, with the thinly sliced meat. It worked very well in this instance.

So far we have only tested the product in the kitchen and our dining table (conveniently next to a power point), as the power cord is very short (mighty 1.1m in length), we would imagine that if you use it anywhere else you would probably need an extension cord.

There is only two of us, we can't really comment on the serving size of the product, but we have our doubts as the packaging claims that it is made for more than 2 people.

To sum it up...

- Tefal quality non-stick plate
- Heats up quickly
- Cooks anything that is thinly sliced very well
- Easy to clean
- Light weight (could also be a con)
- Compact
- Dishwasher safe parts (grill plate and juice tray)

- Too light weight, and it constantly shifts around while cooking
- The power cord is too short for it to be really practical
- No indicator light
- Could do with a lid
- Does not cook meat through very well if it is thickly sliced
- The bottom of the feet could do with some rubber dots for stability


The product is most likely only suitable for a very specific group of people. It is good for that Sunday breakfast or home rendition of the Korean BBQ. It tried to be two things (grill and frying pan), the idea is great, but does not work so well in practice. We consider it to be neither a necessity or entirely suitable for a small family, unless you like to entertain guests. So this time, Tefal... comme ci comme ça.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Perfect grill that take little space or cleaning and a great excuse to have family & friends over


We are very fortunate to receive this grill as part of the Ambassador program and here is my honest experience review of this Tefal Power Grill.

Upon first impression I have to say that this grill looks very modern and aesthetically pleasing especially with the clean look and those wooden look leg supports. It is also made in France.

Comes with instructions and manuals that is easy to read. This can also be downloaded online.

The grill itself consist of 3 parts where they all go together pretty straight forward. They are also lightweight so can pretty much be set up anywhere with a powerpoint nearby or taken anywhere with ease.

The grilling tray consist of 50% grill plate and 50% flat plate. Being a Tefal product famous for Thermospot Technology so you'll know when it is preheated and has reached the perfect temperature to start cooking. It is 2400w so powerful and heats up fast. Also packed with the 5 temperature levels that is adjustable so you can cook any sort of food you like with ease as the heat distribution of this product is fantastic and on point. We usually turn the heat up to max at starting then adjust the temperature once the plate is hot enough. The plate is non stick, which is a bonus as food that normally require oil to cook on a normal cooking pan no longer does, hence more healthy. Although the plate can easily scratch so it is advisable to use wooden or non abrasive products on the surface for example when flipping the food while grilling or when cleaning the product.

The grill is designed slightly slanted forward, not very noticeable or affect the food to slide in any way. It helps any oil or grease slides down the drip tray conveniently located at the front and centre that is wide and deep enough for a good grilling session. It is easy to take out and empty if the tray is filled up before the food session end. Loosely fitted, for ease of removing with one hand.

The cord is about 1.1m long. Good length as we have no problem connecting from the powerpoint to our dinner table.

We have used this to cook breakfast, burgers, bbq, vegetables dishes. It took us a while to get used to the temperature settings as it was sometimes too hot or not hot enough. Food were cooked in a timely manner as the thickness and size of the food matters, therefore we usually have them portioned in thin or smaller sizes to cook well. Scrambled eggs, vegetables, pancake and patties is currently our favorite to cook on this grill as it is cooked evenly and the best part is you can cook them all at once. Very helpful for a busy family with hungry kids.

Our family and friends love this grill as much as we do. It is perfect in it's compact size on the table where our family or friends gathered around the dinner table and enjoy over a good chat. We call this Korean bbq night :)

Washing up is with ease as the plates comes apart. It is dishwasher safe but we don't have a dishwasher so hand wash is just fine and never been easier. A sponge with a bit of detergent does the job of cleaning. Please take care with the grill as it is not made tough for scourers or abrasive cleaning products. I found out as there was a spot of tough grease stuck on the plate and I tried to use a scourer in the hope that it will come off, the plate scratched a bit.

Overall, the RRP is quite a lot which is probably the only down point of this product making it nice to have but not a necessity. Overall, this power grill is fantastic for indoors bbq. For anyone who love to have grilled bbq indoors and without the hassle of cleaning too much then this product is really convenient and great to have and definitely a product to please any guests.

TIP: For ease of cleaning and maintenance of this product, try to wash it straight away after the product has cooled down completely. Also dry it well with a clean cloth after washing to keep it looking as new.

Once again, thank you Tefal for this beautiful product to add on to our Tefal collection.

Thank you.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

This cooks things exceptionally well!

I have to admit, this Power Grill has really surprised me with the quality in which it actually cooks certain foods and I really like it. For us, this will be used mainly when we go camping. It is really light and the perfect size for our family of 2 adults and 2 littlies.

I'll start with some of the things that didn't really grab me:
- the plate just rests on top of the element, so I have some concerns about it not being completely secure to the base
- the warnings say not to use with an extension cord but the cord on it is quite short
- there is no on/off switch (hence the recommendation that no extension cord is to be used)
- there is no light to indicate that it is on, so again it just requires a bit more attention with toddlers around as is the case at our house
- the instructions indicate that the symbol in the middle will change colour once the plate has reached it's desired heat (there's a dial that goes from 1 - 5 to manage heat), but the change is so subtle, that the heat coming off the plate indicates it's hot before anything else...
- Price.

What I like about it:
- it's light, compact and easy to move around
- Super easy to clean the plate and fat tray
- It cooks different foods really well, and I mean really well.
- It's so easy to use!
- It's non stick surface is fantastic. Even our eggs lifted really well off the plate.

We have Scanpan frypans at home and I was surprised to see that this power grill cooked things better - we used it for a variety of our meals - steak, seafood, eggs, haloumi, to name but a few. It cooked everything really quickly, with a nice golden look to it. For example, I cooked a few prawns on it for lunch one day to test it out, and then got hubby to cook some up on the frypan in the kitchen to see how it compared. The Tefal grill prawns were better cooked by a longshot.

My mum has a kmart version of these that she uses in her motorhome and when she first bought it last year she tested it out a few times on our back table. The table was covered in spattered oil which she was oblivious to, and it was difficult to remove. We have had no issues whatsoever with oil spats with this power grill when using it out the back on the table. I don't really see myself using it inside. In fact, though I did use a splash of oil, I'm not sure that I really needed to. Things just don't stick. I did scratch it on my first use because I forgot to use non stick utensils on it.

I really like it.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Simple. Easy. Expensive.

[AMBASSADOR PROGRAM] This item was sent to me as part of the Ambassadors Program. The review is my own opinion and not encouraged By the company to write a bias review.

I’ve been living in my own home now with my wife for 2 years now and I’m always the kind of man that needs to cook on a stovetop (or a microwave as a last resort). Never have I used an electrical grill.

When I received this item from the post, I had to use it that night and see if using the Tefal Power Grill was just as good as using a frypan on a stove top.

At first impressions, the unit is very light. Comes in three parts. The heating element unit, heating plate and the power cord. It doesn’t take a genius to work out how to put the unit together. It was a quick and simple process - connect the power cord to the unit and place the heating plate on top.

The main unit is built mostly plastic and the distinguishable wooden textured legs add a nice touch to the visual. A drip tray is located at the bottom front of the unit, enough to hold at least 200ml of drained fat or grease. It doesn’t take much effort to remove the drip tray. Make sure not to tip the unit as the drip tray doesn’t seem to stay on snugly.

Cooking surface dimensions measuring at approximately 40cm x 25cm, it was adequate cooking space for the two of us. As stated, half of the cooking surface is a grill and the other half is flat.

Our stovetop is also electric. Meaning our electricity bill would always be more than expected. The first night, I cooked something simple. Something that my wife I like eating - burgers.

A dial located on the right side controls the temperature and ranges between the OFF position to 5. To me, numbers is a hit and miss for me but I always tend to stay with “5”.

I was pleasantly amazed on how the unit was able to heat up very quickly. More quickly than using a stovetop. At a powerful 2400w unit, it’s no wonder.

Tefal’s well known Thermospot Technology also makes an appearance on this. Located on the middle of the plate, the spot changes colour so you know when it is the perfect time to cook your food.

There was enough space to put 6 normal sized beef patties on the plate. Patties were charred perfectly and the final product was delicious. First use was a positive experience.

Cleaning was not a simple chore. I always allow the plate to cool before attempting to clean. Make sure not to use a rough scourer or the surface will scratch. I learnt that by using a metal spatula to flip the burgers.

Using a sponge to clean the majority of the plate was effortless but once you get to the edges where the plate dips narrowly for where the grease runs down to, it’s hard to get into it. It took me many attempts to scrub the grease off. The plate is also dishwasher safe.

The next night we decided on sausages - a sudden craving for them came unexpectedly.
These took a lot longer to cook than expected. Something that our cooktop would’ve done better. It did finally cook in the end but I would not try cooking sausages on there again any time soon.

I did a quick research on the rrp price of this product and was immediately shocked on how much it was worth. At a whopping $250, I can safely say there are much cheaper options you can take or stick with using the stovetop.

I will continue to use this and take it with me next time when a family gathering is scheduled. Would be a perfect item to use in the middle of the table.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Long chatty dinner

Power grill is provided for review.

Who it is for :
People who like to sit around a table with a power grill in the centre. Cook their meat as they eat while chatting and drinking. ( having said that, I haven't got a chance to put this scenario to a test and will update so after I have a chance in the coming weeks. But read below to see why I think it will be good for it)

People who have breakfast with the whole family regularly.

Who it isn't for :
People who want to cook steak veges etc fast.

I used an infra-red temperature thingy to test the temperature. Concluded that the flat size is always a bit cooler than grill side by about 20 to 30 degrees. From 80 Celsius degrees on the flat side in setting number one. To 260 on grill side on setting number 5.

However the temperature for each setting is not constant throughout the time you have it on.

It gets lower as you leave it on for a longer period of time. I am sure the heating will restart after a set period of time.

For $250 ish and considering it's function. I think it only appeal to a small group of people.

My husband is a chef. And we often have steak at home. There are pros and cons in grilling steaks with it.

For one, due to the lower temperature compared to cooking over a cast iron pan. It doesn't seems to smoke as much. Previously, every single time we cook steak over stove it will definitely set off the fire alarm. But with the power grill, we finally have a few peaceful evening. And you can cook more pieces at once.

The downside of that's, it takes a significantly longer time to actually get it cooked compared to over the stove.

You won't have a problem with thinner cuts of meat however.

I cook eggs on it without oil. And with it lifts off clearly as long as u wait for the part in contact to completely cook first. Tefal has done a good job in terms of non stick.
The egg white texture seems to be a bit pancakey. Never seen eggs cooked like that. At the very least it's interesting. But the time if takes is not worth it if you are cooking just an egg. If you get watery eggs a bit of that will flow right into the oil drainer. But most of the time that's not much of an issue.

I cook a bunch of pancakes about twice a week for breakfast. And I am very happy to report I didn't burn any. It isn't easy to get a pancake burnt on it. And with the large surface area. It cut short quite a bit of time compared to cooking over the stove. It is very pancake friendly if anyone is a fan. The little spill dots are so delicious too.

Grilling veges on it take a longer time too. I have seen other reviewers say all the temperature setting is too hot. They may be living on warmer climates? I was testing all the cooking during cold winter and honestly. Most of the time it doesn't seems as hot as I like, but it gets the cooking done.

Washing is super easy since I can dump the two main dirty parts in the washer. It is the plus plus of this product.

However for a product that price. I would have expected the temperature to sustain within a certain range for each setting and not drop so much thru the time I leave it on. Having said that, it may be due to the winter temperature. If I will change my review in summer if I see a significant improvement.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Not a necessity but I like it.

I honestly wasn’t sure how much I would use this versus just sticking with a frypan, but I’ve actually found myself pulling it out multiple times a week and find it quite handy. I find it fits more on than my biggest frypan so it’s been great for cooking up breakfasts when friends are over or for sausages, grilled chicken, pretty much any meat I cook goes on there now! I also like the fact that the fat gets drained off rather than just having the meat sitting in it in a frypan.
It’s very easy to clean, just lift the top plate off and wipes off with a soapy sponge in seconds, or can be put in the dishwasher. I found the temperature setting worked better for me than my cooktop for keeping things warm if I messed up my timings on a meal. If I leave meat on the lowest setting on my gas cooktop in a frypan it just doesn’t go low enough so ends up burnt, where with the power grill it turns down low enough to keep the sausages/bacon warm while not cooking it any more. Only issue I had with the temps was that it does take a bit longer to heat up than a pan on a gas cooktop, but I think would still heat up quicker than an old electric one.
The only other negative was the size, it’s a bit big to be left out taking up space on the counter and takes up a bit of cupboard space too which may be a problem if you have limited space. I found it fine packing away every time though since it’s so easy to clean.
It’s definitely not a necessity but I do find it quite handy and I am definitely getting good use out of it. I also think it would be handy for camping/caravanning.

In summary:
* Good size
* Good temperature control
* Easy to clean
* Fat gets drained off

* Size - takes up a lot of bench space
* Takes a while to heat up

Date PurchasedAug 2018

So easy to clean.

For everything I've tried it with, this grill has been excellent, but the real selling point for me is how easy it is to clean. I've been handwashing the plate even though it can go in the dishwasher, because it just lifts straight off and wipes clean. We have a large electic frypan which I find great to cook in but I avoid using it because it's so big and cumbersome and awkward to wash afterwards, so the simplicity of just lifting off the power grill plate and wiping it - or putting it in the dishwasher should that ever be required, is a huge plus to me. Love it.

It's pretty to look at - the legs are fake wood which is a nice touch - so I don't mind having it live out on the bench. This also adds to how easy I find it to use. It's really lightweight, surprisingly so.

The time it takes to heat up is minimal - about 2-3 minutes, and it has cooked everything evenly for me. I love the ridges to give some things nice grill lines, they work well though I ended up with burnt grill lines on everything the first few times until I got used to the temperature settings, as on my old frypan everything has to be max temp to get a good grill on.Now that I've learned I don't need to blast things to get them nicely grilled on this, I've mostly been cooking at 2 or 3 on the dial, it gets plenty hot enough for everything I've tried on it, but I've not cooked steak so can't comment there.

My favourite thing to cook on this so far is toasted sandwiches... I can fit six at once which is legendary for me as there's five people in my family so normally making toasted sandwiches means standing for ages churning out one person's at a time, now I'm six all at once on the grill and done! The lack of any high sides around the plate make this a breeze to put in and flip - I am trying to think why I never thought of doing this in the big electric frypan and I think it's that the raised sides would make them hard to flip - and I think this grill also cooks more evenly - all six toasted sandwiches cook evenly, melted cheese, hot tomato/onion/meat throughout. This probably isn't what Tefal intended it's main use to be but I love it for this.

I've also cooked hamburger patties, bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes, all of these things a few times each and I'm very happy with how they've all been cooked. I especially like it for cooking eggs as the non stick surface is actually genuinely non stick. I'm normally not a fan of teflon as it doesn't ever seem to be genuinely non stick but with all of these things I've never used any oil, and the eggs have lifted right off. I usually prefer poached runny eggs and don't fry them for myself, but the last twice I've cooked eggs for me I've done them on here. I don't need to use any oil, so can preheat it to a nice medium-low temp, crack the egg onto the plate, flip it as soon as the white is set, and end up with delicious runny eggs with set but not seared whites, just as good as poaching them and without the mess of eggwhitey water all over a saucepan - once I lift the egg off there's literally nothing left on the grill to clean. Win!

I've not needed to use any oil with anything I've cooked, and for the fatty things like hamburger patties the grill has a little moat around the edge that has all the fat drain off the plate and into a removable drawer that is easily pulled out to tip out the oil and clean (can go in the dishwasher). I've found this really easy to clean and nice to see all the fat draining away rather than sitting around the food.

I would like to point out negatives but honestly for what I have tried it with so far - being the things we normally use this type of thing for - I have no complaints. It's a bit tricky to see what number you're at on the dial - but then I like that the base with the dial is tucked underneath the plate rather than protruding, because it means it gets no splatter and stays clean. It would be bulky and awkward to store, but it's pretty enough and useful enough that I'm happy to have it on the bench. It's pretty expensive - but I didn't have to pay for it. So, it's an all round win for me.

I can't stress enough how awesome toasted sandwiches are on this grill. You should try some ;)

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Good for simple cooking requirements...but not a frypan

With a kitchen renovation in progress and faced with the knowledge that for a few weeks the home hot meal preparation would be severely limited, it seemed some form of portable electric grill would be useful. Fortuitously, a Tefal Power Grill (CB659B66) was provided as part of Product Review's Ambassador program and proved a partial solution to preparing meals “al fresco” (in the pergola).

Out of the box
I'd have to say that initial thoughts on quality were of some concern. All previous experience with electric grilles were with appliances that were particularly heavy and therefore cumbersome in the portability stakes. The Tefal Power Grill feels disturbingly lightweight (coming in at less than 3 kg) and while this makes for easy portability I had concerns for its cooking performance. On the other hand, the 2mm pressed rigid aluminium plate heated quickly to the desired temperature (five settings on the thermostat) in around ten minutes and cooled quickly when powered off. The plate is easy to remove ...being only held on top of the device with the benefit of gravity. There is a raised outer edge with accompanying gutter to keep food confined to the tray and channel grease into the collection tray. Half the cooking surface is flat plate while the remaining surface has a “grill ribbing”. Total cooking surface available is 40cm long and 24cm wide. Both cooking surface and grease tray are classified “dishwasher safe”. Based on the packaging, Tefal markets the grill on being based around “communal dining” with the clear indication that the grill would be centred on the table and with diners around it doing their own cooking.

After removing it from the packaging (and still getting over its lack of weight), I found it to be quite stylish in appearance. The body is made from a grey heat resistant plastic while the non-stick cooking surface is black with a silvery “checkerplate” pattern. Tefal does not specify what type of non-stick surface it uses but does indicate it to be safe and having no PFOA. In the middle is a patterned reddish dot of about 45mm diameter. Tefal calls this a Thermo-Spot and when it turns solid red (pattern disappears) the appliance is preheated and ready to cook. Rather than go with black (or similar coloured legs), Tefal has opted for a faux timber pattern (similar to pine in appearance) on the heat resistant plastic legs which assists in striking a good balance between functionality and aesthetics.The grill is made in France and thus features a multi-language instruction leaflet. I say “leaflet” as the English section only runs to six pages and five of those are “Safety Instructions”. This leaflet is also small and does not have the visual flair that you might expect for an appliance of this expense. Also, unlike similar appliances, no recipes are supplied. There maybe some recipes available on Tefal's website but at the time of writing this review, the link wasn't working. Warranty is one year but Tefal also states that the appliance is not “throw-away” but is repairable for at least ten years.

It should be noted that there are precautions around where the appliance is to be located whilst in use. Tefal states that as a fair amount of heat is generated, it should only be used on a heat resistant work surface. My experience was it was only warm underneath but it may get a lot hotter if left on for a considerable period of time.
The supplied lead is only 1.1metres and Tefal states in the instructions that you use an extension lead only if you accept full liability for its use. No explanation is given as to why but I would assume that as the appliance is rated at 2400w, it is using the full capacity of a domestic power outlet and some extension leads may not be up to this. If you do use an extension lead, make sure it is rated to 10amp. You certainly won't be plugging anything else into that outlet while the Power Grill is in use.
Tefal's claim of ten minutes to heat is justified and I found it usable in less than that time. However, there is a certain amount of inefficiency in the heating as the plate just sits on top of the heating element. Other electric grilles I have used have the heating element integrated with the cooking surface. There is also a 1cm gap between the body of the grill and the plate allowing for heat to escape.
The thermostat wheel has a bit of slack in the movement, feeling “plasticky” and somewhat flimsy. Hopefully it will be up to long term use. Missing from this area is also any indicator light to warn the device is on. Relying on the Thermo Dot is insufficient, particularly when it is covered in food. I feel this is a serious oversight by Tefal ...particularly when all other indications are they are particularly aware of consumer safety.

The box indicates that this is suitable for cooking for 6 to 8 persons. I think they may be stretching it a bit ...unless your guests eat very little or are prepared to stagger their cooking. As to what you can cook on the grill, kebab's would arguably be what it is best suited for. I found these to cook quickly with easy access for turning. The “corrugations” that form up 50% of the plate surface proved ideal for holding sausages. A meal for myself and my wife and which consisted of sausages, onions and mushrooms took up the majority of the cooking surface. This left little room for any visitors we may have had. It did, however, do a good job of cooking this within the time expected (and with very little spatter). Some other things tried were eggs and hash browns but these seemed to take much longer than expected and I was left wondering if perhaps the option of some type of cover to help maintain the heat would be of benefit? Overall, I felt that the grill was best suited to cooking food of smallish proportions as it might struggle if you had a really thick piece of steak.

Not as easy as I would have thought, considering the non-stick surface was new. Being without the dishwasher, I had to resort to cleaning in a basin. Most things came off relatively easily but I had to soak the tray for a bit to remove all parts of the kebabs and (surprisingly) the onions and mushrooms. Otherwise, it is fairly simple. The tray cools quickly and lifts off easily. The only other area you may have to clean is the drip container which also slides out easily (perhaps a little too easily if you accidentally tilt the appliance to one side). The body is well recessed under the tray so should not get any spatter (although your surrounding table might). I'd have to say, however, it's one of the simplest cooking appliances to clean that I have encountered.

The Tefal Power Grill is marketed at what Tefal calls a “convivial setting” (social eating for the rest of us) and is meant to be a social adjunct with people sharing the cooking to allow for their own preferences. At this, it works well. However, do not mistake it for an effective substitute for a frypan. A frypan will be more efficient at cooking and can be purchased for a lot less (the Power Grill comes in at about $249)

When first using it, I would recommend you turn it on and leave it for a little while to allow for some unpleasant smelling smoke to clear. This, I imagine, is due to oils or similar on the heating element that were used as part of the production process at the factory.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Destined for the Caravan

Upon receiving this item and opening the box, first impressions were that it was cute. The item is quite lightweight and very plasticky. The quality of this item is not what you expect from Tefal, it is far from feeling like a premium appliance.

Although initial impressions were a bit disappointing we were eager to try it out and it did surprise us. It was easy to use (which is lucky because the instructions are surprisingly unhelpful and hard to follow). We were able to cook a whole heap of shashliks which would normally require cooking on a BBQ because a frypan just isn't big enough. It heated well, cooked well and was easy to clean. You can place the cooking tray in the dishwasher but it is easy to hand clean due to the non-stick surface. The product also has a built-in drip tray which is handy and easy to clean.

One of the issues we noticed with this grill is that the temperature dial can be hard to see because it is overshadowed by the cooking plate and the numbers on the dial are quite small and provide very little information as to what temperature you're setting it at. There is no reference or noticeable click when rotating the dial to a number. It goes from 1 to 5 and you just assume that by turning the dial and having the number somewhere in the middle is what you are selecting. It definitely could have been designed better.

After a few weeks of using it a lot, frying everything that we would normally use frypans for, it inadvertently became another appliance taking up valuable bench space. It is basically a rectangular frying pan with legs that requires more storage room. I didn't want to put it in the cupboard because then I knew I wouldn't get it back out again. But, even as it sat on the bench, it quickly became second-in-line to the everyday frypan.

Although we are very happy with how it cooks, we didn't have any issues with it's performance, in fact, it probably did better than we expected, this product won't be something used frequently in our kitchen. Unless we need a large surface to cook on we will revert back to using frypans simply because of the convenience and limited room they take up.

We have however, decided that it will be invaluable in our caravan. This product will be very handy - perfect for sausages and hamburgers or the big breakfast fry up and because you do a lot of outdoor cooking when camping, this item will be ideal. No need to worry about oil splatter and filling your house with the smell of cooked meats (unless you use it directly under your kitchen rangehood). The fact that it is very light is also a positive when travelling because it's easier to handle and store (as long as you have a cupboard/container big enough). Personally, I think if this was marketed toward campers it would be a well sought after item, but as a household appliance I don't think it's going to sell that well. It's RRP is quite steep and hard to justify when you consider it's build quality and purpose.

Reviews on this item have been very mixed and I do agree with a lot of what others have said, however I am sure we will get a lot of use out of it when we go caravanning because it does cook well and we are happy with it's overall performance.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Convenient Size, Lightweight & Easy Clean-Up

Please note that this is an Ambassador Review, and that I have been given this item to test in return for honest feedback.

I'll start by saying that I'm a bit of a chef. I LOVE cooking. I don't tend to cook a lot of steaks, or sausages (if I do, I cook them outside on our big BBQ because I hate splattering fat everywhere in my kitchen!) - but I cook a lot of other random things, and I love to get my kids into the kitchen and get them used to cooking, so part of me hoped that this grill would be safe for them to use.

The first thing I noticed was that the unit is incredibly light. I actually thought something was missing from the box, as the hotplate kind of 'hovers' over the rest of the unit - on first impression it didn't seem particularly stable, or safe to use. I checked the instructions in the box, and I was really disappointed with the included (very limited) instructions. There really wasn't much information at all to give me an idea on how it functions. This, unfortunately, seems to be standard for Tefal appliances though.

The unit is fairly attractive. I'm not a big fan of non-stick appliances, so I found that to be a detractor, but I liked the look of the base and the legs. I am not exactly sure how I would store the unit when not in use though (up to this point it has lived on my bench to get as much use out of it as I could). For its small size, it does take up a bit of space on the bench, and the legs do not appear removable, so it might be tricky to fit into a cupboard when I don't need it. However, if it was to be one of your main cooking appliances, then this wouldn't matter.

I washed the hotplate in warm soapy water, and turned it on one afternoon with the intention of cooking sausages for dinner, however after a very brief period of heating the chemical smell coming off the cooking plate was so extreme that I had to put the unit outside. I'm not sure if I'm just super-sensitive to these smells, or if its a genuine issue with the item/the non-stick plate.

I ended up plugging the grill into an extension cord and leaving it outside on a table to heat until the smell dissipated. That night, unfortunately, we didn't manage to cook our sausages on the grill - we just weren't keen on eating food from a plate that smelt so strongly of chemicals. It took a couple of hours before the smell dissipated enough to be able to use it inside the house.

A few days later, I was making pikelets for my kids afternoon tea and decided to try out the power grill with these.
I noticed, as I cooked, that the heat isn't particularly even. I found that it got much hotter around the outside edges of the pan, and so the pikelets didn't cook as evenly as I would have liked. The level of heat was fine though, and I didn't end up with anything being burned or over-cooked. Cooking times were a little on the slow side, so I suppose the heat levels really wouldn't be ideal for cooking a steak or anything that required that quick 'flash' of heat.

On other occasions, I have used the Power Grill to saute mushrooms (it did that very well, though took a little longer than I thought it would) and to saute onion. I missed the level of caramelisation that I'm used to in my usual stainless steel fry-pans though.
I also found it very tricky to remove the food from the grill plate after cooking in both those instances. The food tends to end up in the outside 'draining' edges of the plate which is a bit of a pest (especially when your sauteed onion ends up going down into the drip tray!!), and I found that it was near impossible to get smaller items off without lifting and tipping the plate (not ideal with a hot metal plate - oven gloves are necessary!!). This job may have been easier with better utensils, however I have limited silicone cooking utensils so I had to make do as I didn't want to scratch the non-stick surface of the tray.

Now, while my review has been a bit negative thus far, please do take into consideration that I cook A LOT. I'm quite food obsessed, so I'm also very fastidious when it comes to my kitchen equipment. There aren't a lot of people like me, so this unit may really suit most people!

While this grill isn't something that I would buy for myself, I do think it has a place. I think it would be fabulous for people in tiny apartments or with little to no kitchen and no cooking facilities. It's tiny, quite portable and light-weight so it could easily be great for using in your caravan or holiday unit.

For people who don't cook a lot, or who cook simply, this unit would be fantastic. The plate is light and small enough to fit easily into the dishwasher, making clean-up a breeze. The entire thing is so simple to clean and that is definitely something that I love about it.

Also, despite my comments at the beginning about it seeming flimsy, I do feel that this unit would be suitable for my 12 and 9 year old children to use fairly safely, with supervision. My only consideration would be that the hotplate has the grill side on half of it, and the other is flat, and in our case, we'd rarely use the grill so it makes half the cooking space superfluous.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Like a mini BBQ in your Kitchen

Out of the box is the Tefal Power Grill looks very stylish, it's something I don't mind leaving out on the kitchen bench. I really like the wooden looking legs, I know it's not real wood but it looks great.

The whole thing is very light and easy to handle and it's also very easy to clean. I know the plate is dishwasher safe... I don't have a dishwasher (just the 2 kids haha).... but in reality a wipe over with a dish cloth or paper towel is ample most of the time...just was the drip tray with the other dishes. And I must say the drip tray is very easy to remove and clean.

The temperature control is a rather simple dial, but I've found starting on the medium setting (number 3) seems to be great for most things. I am used to cooking things with oil so it's great to be able to cook at a high enough temperature to sear stuff without having to use oil if you don't want to.

I also find it preheats faster than what the instruction book says. And if you're used to cooking with gas once you get used to this you learn to switch it off earlier so that you can use the residual heat to fishish cooking stuff (or keep the meat warm while you finish making steamed veggies or whatever).

Things like sausages always taste better on a bbq, but the Husband doesn't always want to cook BBQ and it's just not practical to go in and out and do it yourself. Well the Tefal Power Grill gives you BBQ results right in the kitchen without even having to use oil and put up with splatter etc (takes some getting used to not hearing the sizzle if your sausages aren't particularly fatty on their own).
It's also great for quickly frying up a couple of eggs for brekky....but do make sure the grill is hot enough first, because it's sloped the egg white may try to run down the gutter!

My ultimate test was cooking bacon... it makes such a mess in a fry pan and takes ages in the oven. The verdict, well that's why I give it 5 stars, I didn't have to use oil and it took no time at all, the plate was easy to clean afterwards. Happy days! And honestly when I cook sausages I find it easier to cook them on the power grill compared to using my favourite black iron fry pan.

I haven't tried cooking steak or something like salmon on it yet.

Husband thinks it would be great if it had a lid like the sandwich press or at least a lid to protect the plate in storage. I think it would be awesome if it had a domed glass lid so that you could kind of use it like a mini oven! Even better if it came in a 12v and camping friendly wattage (for camping off grid with battery power / solar....... I'd use it over a gas powered BBQ any day because it's so easy to clean).

I'm not the type of person to keep kitchen gadgets if I'm not likely to use them much..... this one is definitely a keeper. I was going to give it 4 starts but really I don't see any reason to so far.... well perhaps a bit more info or recipes and suggestions of what to cook could come with it. Also I've used metal utensils (because I don't have plastic tongs or egg flip) and I haven't noticed it scratching or anything, Tefal must do a pretty awesome non stick coating!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

TEFAL Power Grill Galore

Having a BBQ is an Australian tradition that never dies as we all like to sizzle up that traditional food on hot summer days. There is nothing quite like gathering around with family and friends waiting for that BBQ galore.

The TEFAL Power Grill is a quick and easy grill for perfect BBQ results with its 2-in-1 plate design, half being a grill plate and the other half a flat plate. Sizzle your various steaks, Rib-Eye, Fillet, sausage or seafood on one side while cooking the vegetables on the other.

It is what I would see as the perfect appliance when you don’t want to bring out the big barbeque and make a mess for small family gatherings and quiet romantic cooking with your partner. I once went to a Korean BBQ in Hong Kong and there is something therapeutic about cooking with your partner with the variety of cookable foods on offer.

The TEFAL Power Grill has the Following Features:

2-in-1 plate: 50% Grill – 50% Flat

Product advertisement:

• Half grill and half flat cooking plate.

Real world opinion:

• Cook your various favorites - Rib-Eye, Fillet, Porterhouse and pork chops, seafood.
• A flat hot plate for cooking vegetables, fried eggs and other breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites is a welcome feature.
• Toasties would also work really nicely.
• The Power Grill is a great size with lots of space to cook up quite a feast.

Thermo-spot technology

Product advertisement:

• The indicator turns solid red when the appliance is perfectly preheated and ready to cook.

Real world test and opinion:

• Perfectly ready to start cooking once the dot is red in color, with most Tefal products it’s a common feature and good to have with this product.
• Plate heats up in 10 minutes and you should allow 2 hours to cool down.
• I timed the cooking startup time to be 2½ minutes on level 5 max setting for the spot to turn full red. This is
not necessary however as a setting of 3 can be used to warm up the grill plate ready for cooking.

Removable plate

Product advertisement:

• The plate and the drip tray are fully removable for easy cleaning.

Real world test and opinion:

• The option to remove the grill plate and place in the dishwasher is convenient, I would personally wash it by hand to prolong its use. I did notice some small chips after cooking a T-bone steak.
• The manual clearly states on page 37 that a sponge should be used and not a rough wire brush or any harsh
kitchen cleaning tool. I used a soft kitchen sponge to clean the hot grill plate after 1 hours and 45 minutes of
cool down time.

Adjustable thermostat

Product advertisement:

• With 5 temperature levels, cooking temperature can be adjusted for all types of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables,
fruits etc.

Real World Test and Opinion:

• Having 5 temperature levels is a handy feature since cooking by electric is different than cooking with gas.
• I found the adjustable thermostat to be as expected from an electronic grill. I turned up to 3 to warm up the grill and then was adjusting between 2 and 3 when cooking.

Easy cleaning

Product advertisement:

• The hot plate is dishwasher safe and is convenient to have. I would personally wash the plate by hand to
preserve the surface of the plate and prolong its good condition.

Real world testing:

• For the easy cleaning test, I used a soft kitchen sponge and was easy to clean with no fuss. I noticed some
minor chips on the grill plate coating material. Time will tell if more chips and marks start to be visible. I had a
T-bone steak cooking at the time and maybe was caused by the bone when tossing the T-bone while cooking.
• The grill plate is advertised as dishwasher safe, so I placed the hot grill plate in the dishwasher after cooling

Healthier cooking

Product advertisement:

• Non-stick surface means there’s no need to add additional oil or fat and inclined grill allows excess juices to
run into the drip tray.

Real world opinion:

• Having a non-stick surface is a must and as stated on the website there is no need to add additional oil or fat,
the handy drip try is used to remove excess juices.
• Healthy cooking is always welcome as it brings a healthier lifestyle.

Testing and use considerations

• When you first start up the hot plate you get a fresh product smell and light dissipation of smoke, I was a bit
concerned about the smoke and turn it off, but a second time I turned the gill on the smoke had gone. My thoughts concluded that it is normal and does this on its first use out of the box in order to preserve the hot
plates condition when stored for lengthy periods. Make sure you don’t start it up near a smoke alarm for the
first time and give it a good pre-clean with a soft cloth.

Warranty Specification:

A 10-year guarantee from the date of purchase –
Jamie Oliver by TEFAL stainless steel products have a 10-year guarantee from the date of purchase or delivery date, against any faulty materials or workmanship related to the stainless steel material provided the product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended product instructions. This guarantee does not include any damage due to inappropriate use or resulting from knocks, falls, yellow or blue discoloration or in other exclusion cases listed above in the TEFAL guarantee.

Note: In the booklet provided, the warranty guarantees scope stating the scope and use of the appliance; the Power Grill must be used in an environment that is non-professional and non-commercial. The appliance is for personal use and any fault or repair that is caused by using the appliance in an environment other than personal use is classed as voiding the warranty.

A world class and acceptable warranty guarantee.

Manufacturer URL Link

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great idea, Unfortunately doesn't deliver

I was sent the Tefal Power Grill to review as part of productreview.com.au's ambassador program.

First thing I noticed when I picked up the box is that the product is very lightweight - not what I was expecting!
I thought the plate to be made out of cast iron, but it appears to be a light weight alloy. This makes it very easy to move around, but I initially wondered if the alloy would be up to the task.

The main body of the unit is finished well, the faux-wooden legs look quite nice, and the drip tray fits well enough to not be seen when closed. The drip tray does not click or snap into place as I was expecting, and it has slid out on its own while I was giving it the once over. This was disappointing and gave me the impression that the unit was possibly not finished as well as it could have been.

After giving the plate a quick wash and dry with hot soapy water, I was eager to test this baby out.
To temper my comments on the appliance - I am a BBQ guy... I (much to my partners shame) own 4 Weber bbq's (3 charcoal, 1 gas) 2 smokers, (one gas, one offset) and an upright vertical Shish (kebab shop style).
So just saying... my standards and expectations are quite high.

First test was with 2 regular Sirloin steaks from Coles. I enjoy steaks very rare, and I figured that this would be a pretty good run-of-the-mill test for the unit, a rare steak requires a fast very high heat, ideally only 90 seconds on each side.
I plugged it in, turned the knob to 11 (well... 5 is the max) and gave it a good 15 minutes to heat up.
Holding my hand over the surface of the plate, it seemed 'somewhat hot' and the Tefal Thermospot thingy indicated it was up to operating temperature. I heard the unit click off the heating cycle (there is no light to tell you when it has finished heating) and I knew it was as hot as it was going to get.

I slapped on the two 'average joe' steaks on the griddle side, and was rewarded with that awesome sizzle sound.
After 90 seconds, I turned the steaks over. There was only the very suggestion of a grill mark on there, only a very light brown caramelisation... very disappointing. Against my better judgement, I let it sit back on there another 40 seconds to try and get a decent char. The 40 seconds turned into 2 full minutes, and even then it was not as charred as I would have liked.

When eventually I did turn the steak, that's when things really started to go downhill. Even though I hadn't touched the temp control, the heat seemed to just die off, and by the second 90 seconds, the second side was barely even coloured up still just grey. Again I left it on there until there was at least some colour, before removing them and letting them rest for a minute.
Cutting in to them revealed them as well done to very well done in parts... or ‘completely ruined’ in my book.
The unit might have done better with some thicker steaks, and not the thin 8 year old cow you get from Coles and Woollies. But after the first trial - I really don't want to waste some expensive steaks.

Second test was chicken Fajitas. The grill side was loaded up with 1 large sliced onion and 1 green capsicum, and the flat side was loaded up with chicken breast slices. Same heat up cycle, turned up to 11, and left to sit at least 15 minutes. The unit struggled to maintain the high heat needed, and after a few minutes, the sizzling sounds started to die off, and we were in stew country. It didn't do a bad job, but still not as good as my regular grill, or even my cast iron fry-pan on a gas hob.
Not a total fail, but nothing to write home about either. the food was cooked adequately, but again, not real searing to speak of.

Third test was a breakfast - Sausages, Bacon and Eggs - this it handled very well, it was extremely convenient to put the sausages on the grill side and let them slowly sizzle away, with the bacon on the flat side doing the same.
I had the pan set to 3 and this seemed pretty good. I did notice the heat drop once everything was put on, but as I just chucked it on and left it - this was ok, and the temp slowly came back up over a number of minutes. I wasn’t after a sear or ‘grill’ and this seemed to be in the units wheel house.

Once the bacon was done, a quick wipe off with some paper towel and the eggs went straight on. I have to say that the non-stick worked great, and nothing has ever stuck to it, even the heavily spice fajita strips.
It was very convenient to use for this type of meal, and I think this is where is excelled, but unfortunately, it's pitched as a grill.... not as an electric frypan.

I cooked a number of other meals on the grill, including Skin on Barra fillets (no chance of crispy skin - Fail) Chicken Breast fillets (again fail - turned out dry as they would not seal). In fact, I cooked every main meal on it for 2 weeks - with the same outcome - the unit does not get hot enough to be used as a grill, and when up to temperature, it struggles to maintain heat once the food is applied. You get a poor sear on the first side, and nothing really to speak of on the second side. It would be impossible to get grill markings on a medium-rare steak for example.

To sum up, (or TLDR)

Build quality, fit & finish:
The unit feels a bit cheaply put together, the drip tray slides out too easily, and it just feel too light. It does look pretty good on the bench if that counts for anything. The grill plate feels a bit loose in the base to me.

While it functions great as an electric frypan for Sunday breakfasts, it really lacks the power to be able to function as a proper grill. When grilling meat - its impossible to get a nice char - or anything close to nice grill marks. If you only like to eat dry well done meat - this is perfect - because that's really all you're even gonna get out of this unit to be honest.

Cleanup is a breeze, the plate wipes clean-ish with damp paper towel, and it easy enough to wash in the sink or go straight into the dishwasher. The unit is great in this respect.

I wanted to love this. I really did. And it’s a great concept.
But it just needs a more power, as it isn't really fit for purpose as a Grill in my opinion. It fails on just about every level as a Grill.
It does work great as a type of electric frypan for non-searing operations that don't require high sustained heat… like breakfast fry ups or pancakes etc. It is convenient to cook a breakfast for two where high heat is not really required, and it’s very east to clean.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

We liked it but there were issues...

This is an Ambassador review...
Firstly, I liked the more 'Asian' style look of this mini grill, as it suits my décor with the faux wood feet and the grey colour.

As we like doing Japanese and Korean style food a lot, this was very nice to receive for review.
I don't entertain lots of people at once so it is usually hubby and I, or a friend and I. I normally do a lot of 'at table' cooking on my portable induction plate (Tteokbokki, anyone?), so I'm used to this and have one end of my kitchen island set up with a power point and bar stools for this purpose. I can imagine the short cord would be a nightmare if you were trying to cook in the middle of a regular table.

I was disappointed that there was no temperature advice given in what I received - no suggested heat levels for varying foods in the booklet, so you have to guess, (unless I was missing something?). The highest setting was pretty much too high for anything.
I did grilled veg slices, skewered meats, thin sliced meats, fried some unsweetened mochi - all successfully after making the heat adjustments, however I don't think I'd manage if I didn't write down what heat setting to use for what in future.

I don't think the old style elements under the non stick grill plate are particularly efficient, either. I think It's not a product that I'd have bought for myself. I put a square cast iron pan on the induction plate, normally, and it does better in terms of power usage I think. The Tefal Power grill wins in the draining fat department, though. The whole set up there is easy to use and clean, with the drip tray and the small slope on the plate.

I found that wiping rice bran oil over the plate, before cooking, made it easier for the non-stick to perform. I did find that the Tefal non stick has improved a lot - I hadn't bought anything from Tefal for at least six or seven years. I haven't tried eggs on it - quite frankly, I'm not game. I could imagine a cleaning disaster if I didn't have the heat level right, and I'm not going to mess about with egg rings, that's just another thing to clean. Speaking of cleaning, the whole unit was easy to clean, really great, there.

I like that I can sit in my alfresco and cook with another person on our little bistro setting... but I also did that with our induction plate, which took up less space. I also think that no more than 4 people could use this comfortably, or you'd be tangling up your chopsticks while trying to reach your food.

I can imagine that chopsticks, skewers or tongs would be the easiest way to use this, utensil wise, and Asian style food prep, small pieces that cook quickly... I would never do a chop or small steak or anything like that on this grill. Really inefficient for that, in my opinion, unless you like a seared outside, and raw in the middle, or waiting an awfully long time at lower heat. Depends on what you eat, and how you eat it, I guess.

It looks more attractive than the induction plate, however as I don't forsee the Queen coming to visit and eat teppanyaki with us, I don't think it matters much, though I do like it.

To me it seems as if I'd have preferred an entirely flat grill... we aren't interested in grill marks on food, it's neither here nor there, although all the food magazines and television seem to have made it popular over here... I prefer the food to be entirely in contact with the grill, and cooked/seared evenly and thoroughly.

I like it a lot in some ways, however I don't think I'll use it much after this initial review period. I think the retail price is far too much for what it is. I believe it's $249 and you're limited to just grilling - vs $49 that I paid for my portable induction about 5 years ago, with a choice of pans according to what I'm cooking at the table.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

A grill ideal for small space

If you are looking for a small grill that takes up minimal space look no further. This grill is ideal for those who battle space for a big size grill. Of course, functionally it's not as a big gas grill but it comes close. This grill l is ideal for someone like me who doesn't grill outdoors or have a massive grill in my alfresco. I love grilling but hate cleaning anything after which sucks the fun out of grilling or any outdoor food activity. Get outdoor grade extension cable plug this unit with few mins it's ready to grill. ** Emphasis on proper extension cable to handle 2400 Wats. I like how quickly it heats up. It comes with 2400 Watts of power it can suck up a lot of electricity if you do it daily. For those who enjoy weekend grilling, this is fantastic!. Easiest to clean and the grill pan is non-stick is fantastic. I would recommend placing some good olive oil or similar high heat oil to season the pan a few times even though the guide says it doesn't need it. Two sides flat side and grill side on the pan makes it a personal preference for meats vs. veggies Having a temperature control gives you the level of grilling if you prefer to not to burn your veggies or meats. Make sure to level to ensure all the meat drips go to the drip pan. But if you going to fry eggs I would heat up to a point where the egg white doesn't drip into the pan. Clean up the heat plate is easy. Soap and water are all you need. I would be very careful with the heat plate which is a breeze to lift to wash. Do not use abrasive products on it if you plan on using it for a few years. An excellent product from Tefel.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

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