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Sunbeam Compact Cafe Grill GR8210

Latest review: Needed a new Toastie maker so wandered in to big W and there she was. Shiny Sunbeam sandwich press. Really quick, very non-sticky (if that makes sense) and easy settings stop bread burning. If you

Tefal Optigrill+ GC712

Latest review: I just made a Turkish bread with filling and made it perfect, it's magic couldn't go wrong with a tefal optigrill. I'm going to try some fish tonight on the

Tefal Power Grill CB651B61

Latest review: I purchased the Tefal PowerGrill and when I unpacked it the grill plate was faulty. It was poorly machined and edge on the grill was very sharp. It’s dangerous. Immediately I tried to contact Tefal a

Sunbeam Contact Grill and Sandwich Press GC7800 / GC7850B

Latest review: I use my sandwich press nearly everyday for my lunch, it grills chicken very well too. One of the trusted brands, it never let's you down. The added feature like thermostat to control temperature

George Foreman Jumbo GR18891

Latest review: This is my third GF grill - wore the other two out. This time we bought the smaller model - it didn't cook meat very well. Took it back and got the next (heavier) model - same issue. This one will be

George Foreman Easy Clean Grill GRP1080AU

Latest review: We have been using ours for about 18 months. We leave the temperature gauge in the middle. We have no issues with the cooking food with grill closed, or open with the flat plate for cooking

Innovations Vertical Grill

Latest review: This appliance has not been available in Australia fof at least 20 years. I found new stock advertised in an INNOVATIONS catalogue I received in my mailbox in March 2018, and immediately orederd

Tefal Super Grill GC450

Latest review: Old breville grill/sandwiche press died after 17 years. I brought this as a replacement. Not as big but a great item. Cooks 3 toasted sandwiches as a time comfortablely. A family may require a bigger

George Foreman Compact GR18850AU

Latest review: As the title states, compact and easy to use. A light indicates that the unit has heated up and is ready to use - just stick your food inside to start grilling. Non-stick coating means that you

George Foreman GR18870AU

Latest review: Started with a Ronson grill and had it for years. When it died we had to buy George Foreman because the Ronsons were nowhere to be found. Have now gone through 2 Foremans because the cooking surface

Tefal Optigrill+XL GC722

Latest review: It's foolproof - once you understand how it works. It took me a couple of goes before I fully understood how it works. It does Salmon perfectly and even my FUSSY Wife who likes her meat well and

George Foreman Electric Griddle GREG10

Latest review: While removing item from storage draw bumped one leg on work bench. Leg broke off. What do I do now??? The plate works ok but rather large to store and place on bench

Sunbeam ReversaGrill HG3300

Latest review: The grill is hard to clean, but I have made hundreds of pancakes, eggs, omelets, hamburgers, bacon, sausages, and much more on this. I moved into a rental with an awful cook top so I used this

CampMaster Butane Grill Stove

Latest review: This product was bought in Big W. It could sustain negative temperature much better than the one sold in Bunnings. And it can be a simple gas stove for any small home with proper airflow. It can cook

Silex Kitchen Genius 61080

Latest review: I bought my first silex in 1994 and gave me 20 years of reliable cooking and loved it. Decided to upgrade with a brand new model. Just after warranty expired it started to trip,our electrical

Breville Smart Grill Pro BGR840

Latest review: It is much more expensive than the "George Foreman" type grills and griddles, which have the controls on the power cable assembly. I have 2 of these units, a George Foreman and a Sunbeam, and the

Gasmate Deluxe Spit Roaster GSB300

Latest review: During assembly of the unit you need an angle grinder on hand, to grind away the sides of the wheels. This will be required because the machined grooves for the retaining clips on the rear axle have

George Foreman The Champ GRP5

Latest review: Absolutely rubbish of a product.. not even 13 months the lower and upper heating plates ceased to heat. Called up a third party organisation spectrum brands who said can't be repaired. Attached is

Breville Adjusta Grill & Press BGR250

Gaggenau VP 230

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