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Tefal 10 in 1 RK705

Tefal 10 in 1 RK705

MPN: RK705
4.8 from 4 reviews

One appliance - multiple options

This Tefal is great. Can cook in the one pot. Bacon. Brown onions. Steam vegies. Soups. Rice dishes. Can cook individual components in the one pot! Easy clean up. Haven't used all functions yet! Nice easy appliance that you can pick up and put into cupboard after using it! It's great!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

The Perfect Rice Result

This is what I have wanted for so long.
A rice cooker which performs A+ for even Blind Freddie.
Separates perfectly, correct texture, can't speak more highly of.
Just hope it can continue!
Haven't used other features yet, the only other function I will be put to use is the steamer, so it doesn't have to be Houdini.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

A great appliance.

I bought this appliance for Christmas, to replace a cheap Kmart rice cooker that finally died in the middle of the December. I considered buying another cheap rice cooker for around $40, but I was tired of water spattering onto the bench top and rice sticking to the pot, so when I saw this one on special at Myer for $99, I thought I'd give it a go.

It's great! The rice comes out perfect each time. No more mess on the bench if we cook just a little. The delay-start function is brilliant, allowing me to come home to freshly cooked rice. The cooker itself holds the heat really well. I cooked some rice last week and took it to an elderly couple that I visit. The rest of the food wasn't quite ready, so we ended up eating about an hour later. The rice was still hot and fresh in the pot.

If it keeps working like this for a long time, it'll have been worth the money!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

A dream appliance for healthy meal prep

This machine does exactly as it claims. Its perfect for healthy tucker preparation. Steaming veggies, cooking porridge, steaming rice and pearl barley are all simple and easy with perfect results. The operating instructions are simple and the cooker is easy to use if you follow them. Its actually quite hard to stuff anything up. We've made soups, stews and casseroles easily as well risottos from time to time..All these were made from scratch and were all tasty.. We haven't baked anything in it or made any yoghurt yet but the reheat function is a champion. To top it all off its very simple and straight forward to clean up. Although the appliance construction is generally very robust, my only silght concern is the quality of the coating on the removable pot. After over 100 uses, the teflon seems to be wearing and scratching off. A replacement pot doesn't seem to be available sadly. In any case, this Tefal RK705s is great value for money. A real "go to" kitchen aid !

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Questions & Answers

Can I make a frittata on the bake mode? No recipe or instructions for slow cooking either. No guide as to how much liquid etc.
No answers

Can you use the Tefal RK 705 for steaming and congee?
2 answers
A great steamer, I use for my yum cha dumplings, pork buns etc, don’t eat congee so haven’t tried.i I don’t see why not. Water boils very quickly. For rice I give 10/10, always perfect, the best rice cooker I have ever used.This unit steams anything. I use it for veg most days. As for congee, I’ve never tried but it works for soups, stews, casseroles and of corse porridge so I reckon congee would be a breeze.


10 in 1 RK705
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