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Tefal Secure 5 NEO

Tefal Secure 5 NEO

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4.8 from 5 reviews

Best piece of cookware I have ever bought!

I have had my pressure cooker for some time now and use it nearly every week. It is great to use in both winter and summer. I have made soups, pot roasts, curries, stews, you name it, I have tried most savoury meals in it. It is so easy to clean, I sometimes put my pot in the dishwasher but not the lid, there are no problems with residual smells. It is so good at cutting down cooking time and the energy used to cook. I am constantly trying out new recipes in the pressure cooker. Best piece of cookware I have ever bought!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Time Saver!!

I purchased the Tefal 8L pressure cooker a few months back and I have no regrets. Very easy to use and clean. I’ve made soups, roasts and rissotos in a fraction of the time it would normally take on the stove top. still getting use to how quick it is. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a cook book included. This wasn’t a big issue for me as I get my recipes online. I also got the bigger size as I like to make winter soups and the 6L wouldn’t be big enough. I purchased this from Kitchen Warehouse and it was delivered in days and at the best price I’ve seen advertised.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great Price Point.

Easy to use and fit the silicone ring (no 'right way up'.)
Easy to use and fit the lid (clear arrow markings.)
Easy to use handle and pressure selector. Lid, handle and controls 'feel right'.
Nice large size.
The base is small compared to the pot size - it's a mere 15 cm compared to the 22 cm pot.
The Pressure Indicator is situated low inside the lid - use steam as your pressure indicator.
The manual is clearly written and does come with cooking guide times though no recipes. Pdf version is available.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

So easy to use and shortens cooking time

I've always wanted to get my own pressure cooker but couldn't justify paying the price and thankfully this went on sale at Myers so I just bought it.

It's super easy to use and is dishwasher safe (pot only not the lid) and comes with instructions on what amount of time it takes to cook certain things.

When my rice cooker broke I started using this to cook my rice. The time is shortened by half while the rice comes out perfectly fluffy and tasty.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Easy to use pressure cooker

Easy to use, especially after using my Mum's old pressure cooker. I got the 6 litre which is a good size to make a large stew or curry. Cooks the meat quickly and I prefer it to a slow cooker as you don't have to choose a meal hours before you want it. The lid clips on so it feels safe and secure. It would've been even better with a recipe book with some pressure cooker recipes.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Questions & Answers

Hello, I have bought a Secure Neo 5 pressure cooker and I am having issues with it. I followed instructions and went online as well to try to find if I was using improperly. The steam from the pressure cooker comes out of the Pressure indicator but never from the steam release outlet. Therefore, it never reaches pressure. Has anyone had this issue? Thank you. Regards, Virginie
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This pot definitely has a learning curve. I have found it burns easily and so use it more for stocks and soup recipes. If you can control your stove at an instant that would be better. Check your seals are in correctly and call the tefal customer help line - youtube is also great. Good luck and best wishes.Hello, Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is indeed a learning curve. I used it again and worked perfectly. Will keep trying. Thanks.

Hi can anyone advise if the pressure needle rises up (like older models pressure cooker) when pressure is reached, or the "needle" doesn't rises up, and it's the pressure indicator just turns red, so you have to look into it to check if it turns red? thanks!
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On my model the pressure indicator is a red button that pops up and seals a small steam vent.


Secure 5 NEO
Price (RRP) $249.95
Dishwasher Safe PartsYes
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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