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Tempur Zero-G Prestige

Tempur Zero-G Prestige

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Perfect bliss - can't live without it!

Bought my Tempur Zero-G Platinum adjustable bed with Massager from Harvey Norman twelve months ago, and love it. Chose AH Beard Body Balance Asana mattress to go with it. Installation done by 2 men from Harvey Norman. I have a vibrating massage every night and morning which is excellent for relaxing and circulation. Also sleep with foot end slightly raised. I like it better than my recliner lounge.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Tempur Zero G Platinum series

I bought my first Tempur Zero G platinum bed in 2014 and was so happy with it. This bed had an amazing 6 range intensities in the Massage function which I loved. The mattress was fantastic and I thought that I had found my dream bed.

In 2017 I went to purchase my second Tempur Zero G Platinum bed. (only because i was so happy with the first.) But when I received the bed and noticed the difference between the two beds immediately. The first bed"s Massage function was far more powerful (6 intensities) whereas the new bed had only 3 intensities. Which was a HUGE disappointment as I bought it for its Massage function!

What is surprising to me was the price of the bed over the years had not changed in value despite its drop in performance and not being as good as the original bed purchased. Before I realised that Tempur no longer made 6 intensities Massage beds, I rang the Customer support number and they returned my call from America! They told me that I would have to contact the Australian HQ in Melbourne. When I spoke to HQ, they told me that I would have to pay AU$150 first directly to them before they would give me the name and phone number of a representative of Tempur here in South Australia. Despite the bed still being under warranty. After I deposited the $150 into their account, I heard nothing back from them and had to chase them up.

I then called the Rep in South Australia and had to leave a message as he was not answering his phone. My message was ignored and I had to call again to get a response. Finally he came around and I was telling him my frustrations with the new bed not working like my original bed. You would think that if both beds were Tempur Zero G Platinum series that they would be of the same standard and have the same features and worked the same. HOW WRONG I WAS IN ASSUMING THAT!!!

The Rep after having to visit my house on 4 separate occasions to change/test motors, control box and finally the remote control could not give me any answers to why the beds weren't performing exactly the same. To cut a very LONG story short, I have discovered that Tempur no longer makes the 6 intensities bed and only have the 3 intensities bed at the same price. (Depending on the mattress you buy and where you buy your Tempur bed, this could be between $4600 - $5000.) You would think that the Rep would have know about this and it would have saved him going through all the trouble of testing and replacing parts etc. It is obvious now that he did not know the Tempur products all that well.

My question is:- "Why are we paying roughly the same hard earned money for a LESSER product?!

Also in all my dealings with the Tempur Rep in South Australia (on his business card it is stated that he is the Accounts Manager) , he certainly did not look like the "technician" that I was expecting that they said that they would send to fix my bed. He told me that he was the ONLY Rep in South Australia for Tempur beds. I found this very hard to believe as Tempur is a BIG company and they command BIG prices for their beds. So how come we are left waiting for return phone calls and eventual service?

Nice bed (the original one was FAR superior!) the newer models of the same series leave me feeling very disappointed. My conclusion is ......if you are going to get a Tempur bed, buy them at the same time (if you have a spare $10,000) so as to avoid disappointment of VARYING QUALITIES AND FUNCTIONS of the same bed series if you should buy them a few years apart! And for the good money that you are going to spend, expect to wait and be wanting in customer service either from the HQ or the local Rep.

Buyers BEWARE.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great bed - if it works properly once delivered.....

We had our Tempur Zero G base and Sensation 19cm mattress delivered on 15 February 2017. After issues with the wait for delivery and then installation, we went to use it that night to find the bedhead mechanism faulty. Clunking and jarring all over the place when raising. Contacted Harvey Norman Aspley (I mean, should I really have to use the warranty when it was only delivered a matter of hours before?) and then Tempur. Tempur told me to contact Ergomotion. Contacted Ergomotion - three times. Finally heard from someone who told me Tempur would contact me within three to five days to organise a service person to come out (so I'm thinking I have to wait a week just to get a phone call?) Well, it's been almost two weeks and still no phone call to organise a day to service. Contacted Ergomotion today and they were surprised I hadn't heard from anyone..... Surprised, but.... still haven't heard from anyone.

On the upside - this is a fantastic bed - and the footend works a treat! And the mattress is amazing. Not hot at all, like other reviews mention (I believe the thicker they are, the hotter they are - and ours is the 19cm slimmest). So, now I've given the product a good review, maybe the service could catch up???? Let's see.... maybe three to five days wait is ahead of me!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Tempur prestige zero G Base

TEMPUR - Zero-G Prestige Series Bed Base

I bought this for the movement. I needed to raise the bed at times as I had a couple of operations, and a bike accident which means I need to raise my legs while sleeping.

This is a BASE, it is used in conjunction with a Tempur mattress.

As bases go, it is hollow. You have basically a platform, motorised bed functions, which are included underneath the platform. The bed comes with a remote control, secret pocket storage, so you can up the phone in there when it is charging the USB. Each side has two USB ports for charging phones and such.

Black material looks plain but stylish enough not to need a valance, who has them anyway?
The base comes with a remote control that lights up when touched, so you can use it at night, the base also has inbuil lights under bed, again to add subtle lighting to see, but not bright enough to affect sleep.

I bought this from a retailer, and they delivered and set up as part of my purchase. One bed was floor stock, the other new, and this had to be sunchronised with the bed and remote. The issue here was they despatched one bed with the wrong cable, so the transformer wasn’t working, I had to pick up the part, they did offer to deliver it, but I needed the bed set up that day. The next issue it wouldn’t work, so if in doubt, read the instructions better. I just couldn’t work it out.

My base was up standing because the parts were missing. When I got the parts and tried to work it, the bed didn’t work. This is a monstrous weight, it should not be moved alone. It nearly killed me! The issue was that it had to remain up to synchronise, which in the first instance I didn’t know how to do and it didn’t seem to work, in the second instance, I still couldn’t find how to do it with the instructions. The reason was that the black box under bed, with the button was too hard to see, black on black for starters, not able to be reached when the bed is lowered. So to synchronise, keep the bed upstanding. Lower base- no mattress with two people.

It worked! Took me 2 hours to get it going for the above mixed reasons.

So using the remote, you can raise the head, raise the feet, and use the inbuilt massager. Now let me say the massager is just a vibrating thing, it doesn’t actually massage, so no movement other than shaking occurs to the body in various positions. You can set this to mild or stronger and to 10, 20 or 30 mins. You can adjust for the foot or the head or both.

It sets for tv viewing, or Zero G, which is said to be the ultimate in comfort position, meaning zero gravity.

This base has Bluetooth, remote control. Just download the app for your smart phone.

My base did not have a headboard, but you can buy the brackets for this.

So I love this base. I love the remote, I love how it works. O love the height with mattress, might be a little high for short people

· Possible issues, motor issues
· Electronics under bed, how safe are they? Any fires? I would hate to be sleeping when something burns!
· I would like to control the foot position more and not have the head move as well
· Heavy duty weight, hard to move around and I am on a wood floor not carpet.
· Hard to clean under it, even when you raise the bed –
· High for some people when mattress on it (not for me)

· I suggest for making the bed you raise it, makes making it easier!
· Also for cleaning

Overall a good base with remote, and different level settings.

Questions & Answers

Can you use this bed if you have a pacemaker?
2 answers
My 94 yo grandmother had a pacemaker inserted after buying this bed and was okay but best check with your doctor.Definitely check with your doctor. Tempur's manual states in the safety precautions, "Pacemaker Notice: It is possible that some pacemakers may falsely interpret the optional massage feature vibrations as movement/exercise. This is a common occurrence with any product that creates a vibrating movement and may not affect the pacemaker. Please consult your physician before using the massage feature."

Can I use my existing mattress on the tempur aspire zero g base? Or do you require a special mattress to go with it?
3 answers
You’ll need a Twmpur mattress - it needs to bend when the frame moves.Hi, Wes. In order for the adjustable base to work most effectively the mattress needs to be capable of working with an adjustable base. This being due to the articulation of the base itself. All TEMPUR mattresses are adjustable base compatable and will comform completley to the movement of the base. They are available at all leading retailers. Please let me know if you have any further questions. - LCThanks, I was hoping mine might work as having MS am scrapping the barrel to get funds as is so hoped did not need a mattress too. Will have to look into the tempur ones and see what is best way to go.

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