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Thankyou Nappies Little Dreamer

Thankyou Nappies Little Dreamer

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Superb !

Thank You nappies are awesome. They are very soft on baby bum n have excellent absorption. My baby was very comfortable in these and never had leakage. The nappies are very affordable unlike big brands huggies which provide less value for the cost. Thank you nappies are definitely value for money. And I highly recommend them.

Leakage every change!

Our baby is nearly 3 weeks old and so far we have mainly used Thank you Little dreamer nappies knowing that it's a better option for the environment and for wanting to make a positive contribution toward a great cause. However, we seem to have soaking clothes most times that our baby requires a nappy change. This can get tricky having to change his clothing numerous times within a day! At first, we thought that it may be due to our nappy changing lack of skill, however had nurses and family members (with experience) check and show us again how to put on a nappy properly, yet still we have leakage. We've then tried Huggies new born range and don't seem to have a problem. The other issue we've had is with that the velcro not sticking too well.
We now have half a box of nappies left and will use them so not to waste the product or our money. By doing this, we've had to accept that our baby will be wet at least 4-5 times throughout the day!

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Hey Immo! Thank you so much for taking the time to review our Little Dreamer nappies. So sorry it hasn't been a great experience, it's certainly not what we aim for. If you're keen to connect further with our baby team, the best email address is baby@thankyou.co. Thanks again!

Great for number 1, not so mucb the later

Purchased the newborn nappy and at first whilst her poos were small loved them. The nappy waa light weight, absorbancy was amazing and I never struck a leak. However, and a big however, poos are a whole other story. The nappies don't have that flap that folds down at the top of the back to catch leaks so as her poos got bigger I had multiple leaks a day! I tried to change her within a few minutes of her pooing but thats not always realistic so inevitably poo ended up up her back. Worse still if she pood in her capsule it would go up her back and on to the seat (which was more washing and a major pain when out!) Prior to this I had maybe two leak with the huggies and they were due to not being on right.
Unless you enjoy the constant clothes changes and washing I wouldn't recommend.

Good quality but can’t get us through the nigjt

Bought a box during their promotion period. About half the time it leaked through the night (5 hours or more) but doesn’t leak during the day. The material is good quality and bubba seems to be quit comfortable with it. I would still use it during the day but won’t use it during the night.

Happy with the Nappy

Happy with these Nappies - Little Dreamer, Bundle of Joy, Go Getter, Mover & Shaker
We have used these nappies on and off since birth, when we could afford them/they were on special, and have always been happy with them. We wish we could afford them all the time but price-wise some weeks we can only manage the $11 per supermarket brand packet.

Excellent nappies

We originally bought the Huggies Newborn Ultimate nappies for our premmie (currently 4 week old twins) and they were OK but we found we had a few pee blowouts. I was given a couple of boxes of the Thank You Little Dreamer nappies and we switched to them this week and absolutely love them! The sizing is great and we know that our little guys (only 2.5 kgs) will still fit in to them for a while. Even though they are currently quite little, the fit isn't compromised at all. I highly recommend these nappies for your newborn.

great nappies beautiful concept

we love these nappies, they are the only ones will will use on our baby, the size is just right and they are as effective and reliable like any other brand. i love the online and deliver service, it was efficient, quick and easy.
i’m happy to know that our choice is helping other people in need

Great concept

Love our Thankyou nappies. We are SO happy with our box of thank you nappies. Quality is fantastic and the concept behind the band and company is outstanding. I love the designs which are fantastic as well. And the best part is that with every box we buy, we know we're helping to fund maternal and child health programs in low-income countries. A socially conscious option, that just helps you decide – YES!!

Better than expected! Love them!

I was hesitant to try the newborn nappy but was pleasantly surprised. We have loved using them on our baby girl. They compliment the rest of the range of baby products which we love in our house. We did find that the size runs slightly larger than other bands we had tried. we continue using Thankyou nappies everyday and night!

Not happy with product - leakage

The nappy is not absorbent as huggies newborn my new born has had leakage most bowel movement from the top or leg, indicates up to 12hrs day or night lucky to make 3/4hrs such a shame as a like everything else about the product stands for such a shame be glad when the box is finished.

Excited to finish my box

I’m so disappointed with these nappies. All other Thank you products I have been happy with, hence the purchase. I’m literally excited to change my 10 week old twins nappies at the moment as each wet and dirty Nappy is currently one step closer to getting rid of this box and going back to decent nappies. They are a poor fit, too wide in the crotch to fit nicely, I think this may be the reason I’m finding them leaking A LOT. The grip tabs don’t stick well and just feel cheap. The nappies have a hard, cheap feel to them and are definitely not what I expected with absorbency.
I figured with the price they were they should have been ok as they are up there with the price of Huggies but not even comparable :(
The only positive thing I have to say is that the twins have not got Nappy rashes, however they’ve never got them period, regardless of what brand I’m using.

Great nappies, but too big for little newborns.

Love the Thank you brand and had heard good things about the nappies, so bought some prior to my son's birth and took them to hospital. However, they were WAY too big for him (granted, he was a small baby at 2.81kg). Now that he is bigger, I love them! They retain everything and definitely seem kinder on his skin - he has next to no irritation when using these. Just be wary of packing in hospital bags or using for small newborns.

Hold a lot & the cause is fantastic

These were recommended by a trusted friend prior to bubs being born. We used Huggies in the hospital and tried some other Eco brands in an attempt to do our part for the environment but Huggies & the Thank you brand were by far the best when it comes to holding in numerous weed overnight & minimal leakage in a poo explosion. One Eco brand leaked within 5 mins of putting it on.... I'd love to do the best I can for the environment but not if they are more expensive & it creates more washing & wet clothes & bedding I have to change through the night! Given the great story behind the Thank you brand, these are our nappy of choice.

Great cause, not nappies

The cause is fantastic, the nappies unfortunately are not. First time mum I've sampled quite a few of leading brands/types and these are not comparable. They leaked, did not hold as much in (for those not familiar with 'poonamis') They irritated skin a bit. Fitting is awkward on newborns as they are too big. I waited few weeks and still awkward and leaves marks on legs even if 'stretchy'.

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