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Thankyou Thick Baby Wipes

Thankyou Thick Baby Wipes

3.7 from 17 reviews

Sorry guys... one star is all I can give.

I love this brand and everything they stand for. Unfortunately, I will never use or recommend their wipes again. I have given them a few goes, but they always end up being used to clean surfaces. After one wipe, my daughters bottom flares up in a nasty rash! I even gave it another go when she was older to see if it was just sensitive baby skin. Sorry guys... It's a no from me. I hope this feedback can help you fine tune your product so we can use them one day because Thank you really is a brand we love supporting.

Purchased in May 2018.

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Hey Anna! I'm so sorry to hear this has been your experience. Our team would love to chat further if you could reach out at baby@thankyou.co

Very bad nappy rash!

My baby has never had nappy rash until using these and now he has broken out in a horrible burn looking rash from these. We found this from using a different brand of wipes and when the rash cleared we tried again in hopes it wasn’t the wipes causing it and another huge nappy rash came about. Sorry thank you baby, we won’t be using these again despite liking the thickness of them.

Try on your face before using on baby

I've always used baby wipes as facial cleansing wipes and I love thank you hand and body wash. So I was excited to find thank you baby wipes - they're big, textured and wetter than many BUT, despite claims to contain no 'nasties', they really sting!
If they sting and burn my 'mature' skin what must they feel like on a sensitive baby's bottom?
I now feel less trusting of thank you.

A mixed bag

I really liked the thickness and patterned texture plus they were nice and moist for nappy changes. Unfortunately like a couple of other reviewers have mentioned, my son broke out in a red facial rash after using them to wipe off some food today. Hoping it was a coincidence but bit worried to try again.

Horrible smell.

The wipes are thick and generous size, however the smell turns me off, and I thought it supposedly to be fragrance free? Also the plastic seal loses its stickiness after a while. Slightly more pricey than other premium brand wipes. It is such a shame as I do love the company’s philosophy.

Wipes to clean a big mess!

Even wished you had a bigger, thicker wipe to deal with an oversized mess? Introducing Thankyou wipes. These handy little wipes are bigger and thicker than most wipes on the market. They’re relatively easy to remove from bag, though I’d recommend a wipes container- Tupperware has a good one. They smell nice. They do the job. They’re gentle on skin! They’re WORLD-CHANGING.

The only baby wipes we use. Love them!

I found thank you wipes to be the best natural wipes out there that are also great quality and cruelty free. The wipes are really thick and patterned which helps pick up all the mess. Never had a wipe tear. They are more expensive than huggies or home brand ones but I find they are cheaper than other natural wipers(water wipes for example). They also support a great cause.

Thick and super absorbent!

I have used a variety of different brands and I love how thick and absorbent these wipes are! I tend to use less of these compared to other brands because they wipe messes up so easily. I would love to see them sold in a reusable container with bulk refills.

Cost verse reward

These wipes are fantastic! The things I love are when your wiping poo from your kids butt u never get poo on your hand cause the are so big and thick!
however they are exy- but when I costed them against my cheapo ALDI wipes I found a packet lasted longer as I didn’t need to use as many per poo explosion....
Worth your money

The best wipe on the market with sub-par packaging

These wipes are THE best wipes available. They are so large that you don’t tend to waste them. They don’t rip when pulled like other wipes. They are gentle on skin, no nasties, and the perfect amount of moisture. I love the texture, it absorbs well too.
My only gripe is the packaging - I hate that these premium wipes are only packed into the plastic sticky seal packets. The sticky seal gets all dirt and grime stuck on it then it looses stick and comes off, drying out wipes. A premium wipe should be accompanied by premium packaging, with a clip shut lid style package.

Amazing thick wipes

I love these wipes a lot thicker and larger than normal wipes giving an awesome nappy change clean also very gentle of baby skin and perfect also for removing makeup from the face, I also use these wipes to remove grubby hand and sticky markka of the walls and other hard surfaces


Thick and large size so don't need to use to many. Clean great without any nasty products. Our favourite!
Also great for cleaning sticky hands and faces without any issues for skin on sensitive areas. Cannot recommend them enough. Will continue to use these. Worth the extra price over other cheaper alternatives.

Love these thick wipes!

These are my absolute favorite baby wipes. Big, thick and awesome for cleaning up any baby mess. Also very gently on babies skin- we've never had any problems with them. Would totally recommend.

I thought they'd be ok

I noticed my son had recurring redness in the nappy area since using them and assumed it was a food allergy flare up.
Then today I ran out of my face wipes so I grabbed one of the thankyou wipes to use- and I could feel it burning my face! It was so painful I had to wash the residue off immediately. I don't know what is in those wipes but I have never had a reaction to any wipes before, and will not be buying them again.

Thought they were great (for me) until used them on a baby

I really love supporting the thank you product range, however after using the baby wipes on my granddaughter's skin, she had a severe reaction. It looked like she had been burned. I thought it would be safe because she has sensitive skin and the product claims to be "fragrance free, hypo allergenic, 98% natural ingredients" however the product was certainly not safe for her use. Please review your formula, thanks.

The best wipes

These are the best wipes, thick, non irritant, fragrance free, love them on baby! Love all the thankyou brand baby range and use the hand wash too love love love

Best baby wipes on the market

They are a little bit more expensive than other brands but end up being more cost effective as you use less wipes per go. They are nice and thick, contain a good amount of moisture and clean well. No nasties so they don't irritate my babies skin. Plus all the profits go to a good cause!

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