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The Natural Confectionery Co. Snakes

The Natural Confectionery Co. Snakes

2.6 from 63 reviews

Well done...not.

They are smaller and tasteless. So won't be purchasing them again, off to the opposition.
So well done to the bright spark that decided to make the change and to those who agreed to it.

Purchased in March 2019 for $5.99.

520g JUMBO Snakes

I am contacting you to COMPLAIN about the last 2 pkts of snakes that I have purchased. They are DRY and just PIECES of snakes. Soo disappointed!! I will not disappoint my grandchildren again . . . time to try a new manufacturer.

Sticky snakes

I think the recipe has been changed, now there lollies are chewy and sticky. Disappointed. Usually easier to eat bit this new texture is just to chewy.

New snakes packet - less sugar. Awful!

New formula 25% less sugar re snakes. Just threw out - sticks to teeth is sickly and dense. Why the change? Less sugar claim misleading also. Corn syrup unhealthy - plenty of info on that one. Do not buy.

25% less sugar

These are dreadful. The texture is hard and they stick together. And very false advertising, as the front of the pack says 25% less sugar so I brought them thinking it was a new product..but the less sugar is clarified on the back as ..”compared to other brands” or some such nonsense! So you have actually changed the recipe and trying to sneak it past us . Epic fail!

25% Less sugar packet

I really enjoyed these snakes. Considering they have 1/4 less sugar than some other brands is a bonus! With no artificial colour or flavours or sweeteners. I enjoy a sweet treat so these hit the spot perfectly . They were on special at my shop and I'm glad I grabbed a bag to try these. If you like a treat and want less sugar try them !

Made me sick :(

They taste weird and unusual texture but still ate, unsure if related but was physically sick not long after (had a few, maybe too many!).

New 25% less sugar snakes are bad.

They're horrible.. I used to buy 3 bags of these snakes a week, now they're bad and won't be buying these anymore.

25 percent less sugar. Great idea. Awful execution

I eat Natural confectionery company products 3-4 times a week but if the new lower sugar products are all I can get then I will not buy them ever again. The new texture is sticky and tougher. The flavours all leave a nasty aftertaste. Good intention very very badly executed.

Lose the 25% less sugar range

Guys, I have loved your stuff for many, many years. Yours was the only confectionery I could give my now 30 year old son. But man, you have ruined your lollies with this new range. Seriously, lose this range quickly and go back to your previous recipe!

25% less sugar snakes are horrible and mushy

The new "25% less sugar" snakes taste sickly sweet and have a terribly mushy texture to them. Rather than the clean, yummy taste and texture of the normal snakes, these taste like I'm eating a fake, overly sticky piece of congealed factory muck. My teeth feel like they're coated in syrup and the taste is, frankly, acidy. Back to the drawing room, Natural Confectionery Company - and here's a tip: just stick with the original recipe.

The new snakes are shocking

Whats going on with these new snakes ? The old ones were yumm now they are too chewy and taste terrible. Why do these companies change stuff that has nothing wrong .

New party mix disgusting

The old party mix had great flavours and assortment, the new party mix just tastes like coloured plastic. Bring back the old party mix please.

The snakes changed !! What happened

We consume a lot of snakes and we noticed about a month ago that they had changed ! And in our eyes not for the better
A lot more glazier I don’t believe the taste changes put they have become way to glucosie
Rubbery !
And we’re not happy about it at all ! there was a reason we ate kilos upon kilos off snakes now there just lile the shitty Allen’s ones
Very disappointed and natural confectionery company has lost us as a customer

New Party Disgusting

I have always been happy to pay more for Party Mix than the cheaper brands because they were of very good quality but your new Party mix tastes awful. It is just cheap plastic jelly with no individual flavour. You might fool the younger kids with this inferior product but I'm 61 yrs old & will not be buying this again.

What’s happened to Party Mix

New party mix is auwful. Flavours all changed, now taste very plastic. Where’s the dinosaurs? Please go back to the original flavours, it was such a good mix, don’t understand why you would change a good product.

Colour/flavour mix

I have 3 grandchildren who love your snakes but we find that your colour/flavour assortment is a bit 'unequal' - orange, green and yellow are under-represented in the general mix. Appreciate mass production might make it difficult but the eldest grande loves these flavours.

Too Many Orange snakes

I agree with an earlier comment about the recipe changing. Something does not taste right. That aside i hate having so many orange. Give me red or purple any day.

Not nice flavours

Had some today and I only like the green ones (taste like Apple) unfortunately there were only 2 in the packet... Not worth me buying even when on sale

Party mix

I normally luv the dinosaurs party mix but this time i got 4 dinosaurs and 12 milk bottles and 10 teeth - i hate the bottles and teeth. Too many and not the right mixture.

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