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Thermomix TM21

Thermomix TM21

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Great machine

Great machine that can do almost anything. I know price point can be a sticking point to purchasing a thermomix, however it’s prefect for a small kitchen where counter space and storage is short. It’s means you don’t need to own 5 different appliances. If you have food sensitivities or are looking at additive and preservative free diet this machine is a god send especially if you don’t live in a major centre and have issues with access to alternative foods. The automated recipes make it so easy to use if you not a cook.

Date PurchasedDec 2015


My machine has only been used a couple of times since purchase 3 years ago. I have not found enough recipes to warrant getting the machine out. The scales are unreliable and the plastic lid has already been replaced twice. I now find an 888 error which means I can throw this 2000 dollar appliance in the bin. I am soo annoyed and sorry I ever bought into this scam . Please think twice before forking out soo much money for such an inferior product. Shame Thermomix.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Review demonstration

My hobby is serious cooking done with passion I can cook most of cuisine recipes popular Thai Chinese Mexican Italian Asian Indian etc
I am confident that Thermomix will be very good and we have bought it for my son who does not know how to cook the machine is excellent tool for starters professionals and also it precise time and temperature cooking method We need to use BBQ Oven Charcoal grill and wok on certain times Thermomix covers most of cuisine I will write one more review after we use it I am retired from work and as after 2 years we plan to relocate from Australia so Thermomix will be good easy for two people or four

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Easy To Use, Convenient

The Thermomix is great at combining multiple gadgets into one easy to use appliance. It's quite expensive but we got it as a wedding gift. If we hadn't I wouldn't usually purchase something from this price point.

The engineering of the product is immaculate and it's extremely easy to maintain, If I could recommend something it would be to lower the price point so other people can obtain the benefits of its use.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

The greatest kitchen tool

Thermomix 8+ years of great service. Produced 100s of great meals, drinks and saved us 1000s of dollars by cooking good food at home. Never missed beat, easy and safe to use. Goes in the Caravan when we go away, because it's so versitile and takes up minimal room. Expensive to buy but it soon pays for its self in money, knowledge of food and preparation of good food. Easy to clean and new recipes and ideas always online if you need and idea for a meal.

Date PurchasedFeb 2008

Very Good

I purchased my TM21 reconditioned from an professional eBay seller in Germany - bit of a risk, but it's been brilliant. Including postage, only cost $600 - I would've love a brand new TM31 but I just couldn't afford $2000. Came with a 12 month warranty, although I'm not sure this was very practical from Europe to Australia.
Haven't had any mechanical issues with it - I feel it's probably better than the later models in this respect, as things like electronic touch screens and unnecessary moving parts are the things most likely to break down (I've seen the fancy moving arms on the newest model and my first thought was, those are just inviting trouble!)
My friend has the TM31 and I do like her bowl better - I find the TM21 a bit too tall and narrow to scoop food out easily from the bottom, but apart from that, no difference and you can use all the same recipes. Where the TM31 has the ability to reverse the blade direction, you just put the speed at 1 or 2 on the TM21 and it has the same effect.
I use it for risotto a lot, bread, jam, fig paste (a LOT less messy!) and a couple of good cake and icing recipes.
I'm single, if you're feeding more than 4 people, the bowl will probably be a bit too small, but I love it for making big batches and freezing portions.
Only design feature I don't like (and the TM31 is the same) is the cheap little plastic measuring cup in the lid. I've never used it (if you can afford to buy a thermie, you probably already own measuring cups and a measuring jug) and if you were taught to cook as I was, you probably take the lid off pots and automatically place them upside down on the bench - my friend has broken at least 3 cups like this!
Lots of recipes on the thermomix online community and the Everyday Cookbook.
Very happy with this purchase.

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Forgot to add the spatula isn't overly good, either. Useful in that it's designed to be able to hook the basket out easily, but in terms of scraping the bowl, my $2 K Mart one is far preferable. The number of times you need to use the spatula through the hole in the lid while the motor is running are fairly limited.

fantastic machine

Ive had my thermomix tm21 for 12 years now.its well worth every cent and hasnt skipped a beat , only thing ive replaced is a butterfly worth 25.00 ...there strong in there making..far from flimsy ,unlike other copys...the only thing i foundwith my tm21 was the jug was a little small for a family of 6 ..but the newer ones are alot bigger now....dont hesitate on price as over the years it will pay off...it does everything its supposed to do and more...keep thermomixing :)

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Questions & Answers

How do I use the reverse function on my tm21, if there is one?
2 answers
Many apologies - I am not at all familiar with this model - on my machine there is a button with an arrow turned back on itself - that is the reverse button - it is located on the lower right hand side of the machine...I hope this assists you....The TM21 was two models ago (around the 1990’S I think) and didn’t have a reverse function...sorry!


Thermomix TM21
Price (RRP)$1939
Motor Power500
Replaced byThermomix TM31
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