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Thermomix TM31

Thermomix TM31

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Couldn't live without it!

I have had my thermomix now for just over 3 years and still use it most days. As a busy working mum it saves me so much time with cooking basic items such as soups, bolognese sauce, mashed potato and white sauce. I can also hide lots of veggies in my sauces as it chops the vegetables up so small my kids can't see them! In my opinion it is worth every cent I paid for it. Highly recommend it.

Purchased in April 2015 for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Great fast food maker - essential kitchen device for a modern family

The TM31 in coming up for its 10th birthday and has been lugged thousands of kilometres for a few years in a van. For a kitchen appliance used many times a day over 10 years this is exceptional.
Apart from one service to recalibrate the scales and a blade set and the consumerable lid seals this is a go to machine in the kitchen.
It makes meals faster than takeaway delivery at a fraction of the price.

Would buy again.

Date PurchasedDec 2008

I love my Thermomix! Only wish I could Use it More often!

I've had it for a few years now and I just love how well it is built and how quick and easy it is to whip up whatever your heart desires. I really look forward to using it to its full potential when I have kids and a family of my own. Also great for doing food for parties. My favourite all time use is making butter YUMMY! I'm never buying butter from store again. This tastes divine and cost less that store butter... it literally melts in your mouth.. store butter sticks to your mouth! Just awesome that you can also cook, set and step away... come back and it is all done! Great for people who don't have time to slave away in the kitchen. Hope I can make this machine last for another 20yrs!!

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Terrible company and worst customer service

The tm31 idea is brilliant and it could have saved you time in the kitchen. But I don’t use mine and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
The tm31 machines are ALL faulty and have a risk of causing serious burns and injuries. Despite being unsafe there is difficulty in getting a refund. The thermomix Australia company are terrible to deal with and rude and no help at all. Save your money!

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Fantastic and never felt unsafe using it

I love my Thermomix. I know about the sealing ring issue and was more than compensated with the extra bowl and new ring to cover the issue of the faulty sealing ring. I use my Thermomix mostly for baking, grinding, steaming and stirring dishes that I refuse to stand by the stove to cook for an hour. I also use it to grind wheat and seed for my chickens which saves buying chicken crumbles. It saves me time and encourages me to cook things like breads etc that I would not normally make by hand. You can't beat it for creaming cold butter when making biscuits etc.

A real time saver and my kids have learned to use it too. When they suddenly feel like a custard and I am too tired to make it they will do it themselves and I don't have to worry about them burning the pan!

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Thermomix is a disaster waiting to happen

I wish I could give negative stars. This company has been horrific to deal with from the start. They lied to me about a new model coming out and then when my lid kept unlocking itself and hot liquid was splashing out they did not inform me that they were aware that there was an issue with my machine and people were being burnt. When I asked for a refund between 2014-2016 they denied me repeatedly and treated me like an inconvenience that they wished would go away. They are the most unethical, greedy and dishonest company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Do yourself a favour and buy your appliances from a store where you can return it if it is defective because this pyramid-selling scheme will burn you, literally in some cases. Consumer protection has also failed everyone who has a defected TM31 machine by not pushing to allow them the refunds we are entitled to when a product has a known major fault and does not work as demonstrated.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Unsafe product left in the houses of Australians

The product should be removed from the market and those that bought their $2000 cheese graders been offered to get their money back. TiA keeps on changing the rules and have now even asked the customers to use the product at alternative settings just to suit them. If you speak to them about the product they sends you out a green seal. They have no loyalty towards their customers.
I bought it and was told my kids can use it yet now I can't even use it with my kids in the house. We weren't told that the new release was coming out even though some of their consultants was told that the new release would be coming out.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Too Scared To Use Anymore...

Well, what can I say.
I did originally think that this machine was the best thing since sliced bread...
I did obtain a tm31.
Now I too scared to use it in case it explodes hot stuff over me and my kitchen...
Makes for a great doorstop...
Sob sob sob...

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Unsafe and faulty appliances left in homes - failure to recall

After waiting for years to have a thermomix, I got one as a gift from all family members and friends.
We had checked with the consultant that no release was expected and were being told that nothing had been planned. The new model came out 2 months later, and to make things worse, I was advised shortly after that my machine needed a new seal as the original one had been recalled for safety reasons.
Despite the disappointment of having an outdated 2 month old machine, I had been using it on a daily basis mostly to blend things and to steam veggies in the varoma, but also to do soups during Winter. For these, I have had to hold the machine down as it moves a lot along the bench when blended, especially hot liquid, but have been using it with my 2 yo assisting me as he loves to watch.
Fast forward to today, when multiple cases of people getting serious burns or other injuries have been brought to light, and Thermomix has been fined millions for knowing the product was unsafe and not letting their customers know, and making people sign non disclosure agreements when these customers were trying to alert the public. They are sending new TM5 machines to the owners of the machines sold and delivered with the 3 months period (so faulty machines are still in homes of families), but all the other ones, which they have identified as faulty but were sold outside the period are not being recalled. Worst, they keep advertising them as safe when more people are speaking up about being injured.
I have been using it with my kids not being fully aware of the risks, but now that I know, how coule I ever use it for its intended purposes and put my family at risk

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Machine good.. Customer service poor

I actually have a TM5 and TM31. Whilst I like the product (mainly my TM5 as it is safe) for cooking from scratch, I don't feel the company has been very honest with customers. I purchased my TM31 in April 2014 (I was allocated a TM31 from a faulty batch). I was sent a green sealing ring in 2015, because as I understood the grey sealing ring was faulty. If I had known that there was a fault with the product then I would not have purchased it. In light of the ACCC hearing, and reading of incidents that had happened prior to 2014, I questioned whether the TM31 was safe via email, only to be sent a copy and paste generic response stating that all electrical appliances, have an inherent risk of injury. While this is true, companies who are aware normally withdraw a product, like Samsung did when they realised there was in issue with the Galaxy Note 7, and suspended sales. I feel I was given the brush off by Thermomix. There are lots of good Thermocookers on the market, without going through a multi level marketing company.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Absolute Joke and ZERO customer service

Purchased my machine in 2013 and has been a dud since day 1. First my measuring cup and barons lid completely cracked and disintegrated, then it started spraying boiling hot liquid out from under the lid whilst cooking. I was scolded several times. Reported to Thermomix and didn’t even get a response from them at all.

Machine completely exploded in 2016 all over my kitchen. There was spaghetti bolognaise everywhere! Even all over my ceiling! Very lucky no one was near by. Reported to Thermomix and they took it for approximately a week to investigate further. Machine was returned to me with a note accompanying saying it had been serviced and was all in good working order.

It then came out that my machine was part of a faulty batch of serial numbers. A new green seal was sent out to me.

Kept having the same problem even with the new green seal installed and now in 2018 my lid completely undoes whilst the blades are running. I am now too scared to use it. Contacted Thermomix again and has again been sent for testing. Received an email tonight stating that again they found nothing wrong with it and apparently the lid detatching is completely normal.

Very very dangerous machine and the companies moral code and customer service are absolutely non existent! Will never give this company another cent!!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Problems with Machine and Customer Service

I bought the old TM31 literally weeks before the new model came out. They were very happy to sell me this old one at the full price without letting me know about the release of the new model or reducing the price on the old model. I find this extremely unethical. The only and major issue I have had is the small plastic top that sits into the lid to allow the release of steam, pops off during cooking thus any hot liquid spurts out making a complete mess of the kitchen and if you're standing too close, you can get a burn. I have to put a wet cloth over the top to contain any mess when I use the machine but then I have a hell of a clean up of the outside of the machine. As such, I use my machine for cold cooking, chopping and shakes. Sort of makes it not worth the $$$. I just got off the phone from their support line and now have to have a service but I can either, deliver the machine myself, post the machine in a box myself or get a courier. Not only do you get a faulty machine but it's up to you to do all the running around to get things fixed after spending $$$ on the product. I find the company seriously wanting.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

It’s a good processor and a pot....get over it

The fhermomix is a food processor and a pot. All of the things you make with it can be done very easily and for less $$$.
You need to clean it 7 times every meal.
With any chilled meal it ends up like slip.
Amy cooked meal ends up as slop.
Risotto is butchered by the stir function and pulverized by the blade function.
Chicken and meat are shredded when stirred or cut turning it into shaved pieces of meat.
I would not recommend this product to anyone ever.
But at your own risk

Date PurchasedOct 2017

EDIT: From Bad to Great - How Thermomix turned it around.

After all the drama below Thermomix turned things around. Acknowledging the delays and stuff ups and getting things sorted quickly. I have a lot more faith in upgrading one day. I was surprised how reasonable the quoted repair costs were.

tried to get our thermomix repaired. Its sitting in our entrance now for 9 days and still no collection. Yet if i call and say i would like to buy one i get 10 sales people harassing me.
Over inflated pricing should at least see reasonable customer service. if you arent spending money, they arent interested

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Enjoying my windfall gadget

I received an unexpected bequest from my uncle and I decided to buy a Thermomix, more or less on the spur of the moment, because I saw one for half price on Gumtree. Because it was a windfall, I didn’t feel the need to justify spending $1000 on a piece of gadgetry. The woman selling the machine said it belong to her sister who had only used it about 12 times. It was so clean, and still in its packaging, that it was hard to believe it’d been used at all. However it was the old model, the TM 31 which got some bad press for scalding people.
I had never been to a Thermomix presentation so I had no real idea how it worked (apart from watching a very funny skit by the two Kates on You-tube). However there are tons of really great demonstration videos online and I got up to speed pretty quickly.
One of the first things I made was parsley sauce. You put the three ingredients in the jug, measuring as you go. When you press all the buttons and wander off. What comes out the other end is perfect parsley sauce. After that, there is no going back. So almost instantly I started using it for everything. Chicken pate, tapenade, hummus for a party that I was having. Perfect Hollandaise sauce to go with the poached salmon. Vanilla custard and fresh fruit jelly for a trifle. I love the fact you can weigh things as you go. Also its capacity to clean itself afterwards is useful, although you still have to wash it after you’ve been making sticky things and it’s a bit tricky taking it all apart and putting it together again.
However, there have been some failures. Some are probably failures in the recipe, the Pavlova was a disaster and I found myself having to make a new one on Christmas morning with my old electric beater. Some are the result of bad design. I followed the recipe for mashed potatoes and suddenly had boiling milk pushing up the lid and spurting out into the air like a volcano. This didn’t overly worry me. If you jam the lid down with a Chux cloth you can stop that. But I would never make that recipe again anyway, I would boil the potatoes in the microwave or pressure cooker at a third of the time it takes in the Thermomix and then mash it in the machine.
I think the problem with all the recipes is an attempt to use the Thermomix for absolutely everything. So, the logic goes, you can throw away all your other gadgets. The answer to this is you can’t. I still need my food processor for when I want to grate carrots for instance, or slice things. I need my electric beater because things like beaten egg whites can come straight out of the bowl, unlike the Thermo mix where you have to work it from between the blades with a spatula. And I can steam things just as effectively and probably quicker in the microwave.
Overall though, I am really enjoying having it. And I’m really enjoying the huge range of recipes online. So if you’ve got the money, I would say go for it!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Jack of all trades master of none!!

I bought my tm31 5 years ago and from the start my blades would knock the steaming basket and I eventually found out why I had bits of plastic throughout my rice. The spatula plastic also started crumbling and eventually started disintegrating. The MC just cracked one day. My lid has cracked. Scales are incorrect. The recipies are awful, developed by stay at home mothers with no cooking experience rather than professional chefs.

It doesn’t do a super job at anything it is just does an acceptable job at everything. Jack of all trades master of none. Now I use it make a shake in the morning and that’s it and I am now thinking about getting a vitamix because it doesn’t purée frozen mango well at all.

Excellent paperweight, terrible cooking appliance. Price is a joke.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Expensive but very handy

We thought twice (or maybe a hundred times) before buying the Thermomix, given it price. However, with 4 children at home, we finally accepted we could use a hand with preparing meals.
It was definitely worth, we use it every single day. Most of the times we don't make any of the fancy recipes that come with the handbook, but we make milkshakes, soups, desserts, mashed potato, etc.
We have it for over 3 years now, and still looks (and works) as new.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

This is a fantastic Kitchen appliance!

I dont know how many times I have told my husband I love the TMX, it is makes cooking all round 10x quicker, processes that would normally take a lot of time so much easier and faster, things I would never think of even making are regular staples in our house now because of ease of use.
The noise of the TM31 is the only thing I can fault, when we purchased this, i had a newborn and was worried about waking her but soon got too learn it didnt bother her but its really the only thing I can fault.
Easy to clean, the bowl i just shove in the DW - we use the TMX at least twice every day.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Handle fell apart. No help from Thermomix as it is out of warranty.

The Thermomix handle (on the side of the main bowl) simply fell apart unexpectedly. This was a shock as we have kept it in excellent condition since new. It is obviously held together by glue, and a screw (which has rusted through). My suggestion to Thermomix is to use "stainless steel" screws when dealing with kitchen appliances which get washed on a regular basis. However, I was surprised to hear back from Thermomix that they offer NO HELP as soon as it goes out of warranty! I had heard about their poor customer service - but was shocked to experience it myself! Why have I paid all that money if there if the product is not good quality, not long-lasting, and there is no help from the seller (beyond the minimum obligation)? I have other kitchen appliances which have lasted much longer and cost a fraction of the price. Other than that, the scales do not work intermittently (this has been the case since new). It is not easy to clean. It is VERY VERY VERY noisy (you could get industrial deafness from using it). Very disappointed. I would NOT recommend to buy a Thermomix unless you like throwing your money away.

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Love it, use it every day, but VERY overpriced.

Love this device, use it daily for all sorts of things.Can't fault it's quality & reliability, have had it for 3 years now.Just very expensive, far too overpriced for my liking however. Other competitor offerings for a far cheaper price. Would try one of the other products next time for sure.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

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Questions & Answers

I was going to make the white sauce tonight but my machine was jumping around everywhere when it was at speed 4. Does anyone know what this problem might be caused by?
1 answer
Hi Kate, maybe make sure it is sitting securely on a flat surface. Mine does this sometimes depending on what it is I'm trying to make so when I have big/bulky things it's trying to move around this normally happens to me.(normally a higher speed though.is it due for a service?

Is it easy to replace the motor without affecting the functionality of the screen. I was a qualified electrician but not too hot with anything that needs to be resolved- programmed. Thanks
No answers

Hello - does anyone know how I can remove the front clear plastic face/ cover on the control panel? I want to clean under it? TIA
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Thermomix TM31
Price (RRP)$1939
Motor Power500
Release dateOct 2008
Replaced byThermomix TM5
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