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Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder

Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder

Dark and Light
3.1 from 104 reviews

Using since it started. 2006

I have been using this product since it started? For the last few years I've noticed the product is now LESS in the compact than it used to be! They also stopped the brush & pencil which is very silly? I love the pencil as well as the compact but.... the price has gone ridiculous so I'm now sourcing another produc! I recently ordered one from the discount chemist on Ebay and the product never arrived so now I'm off to try some new ones? Cutting your own throat Thin Lizzy!!!!

Purchased in September 1994 for $30.00.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Skin TypeNormal Skin

Wonderful way to buy makeup . Can be used so many ways

Thin Lizzie has been a favourite of mine for many years. When you purchase the tin you get two powders and two brushes as well as other products. This is great because you can keep one for yourself and give one away as a gift or keep them both and they last twice as long. The makeup is wonderful and no need for a foundation. Use it as a blush and an eye shadow. Fabulous product.

Stopped buying after 12 years

Given the recent MASSIVE price increase I will be changing products. They used to charge $50 fpr 2 compacts 2 brushes 2 pencils and 2 glosses and it's now $30 for 1 compact are they serious!!???

Please bring the 6 in 1 Thin Lizzie Professional Powder back.

I love this product and I am very disappointed that Thin Lizzy no longer sell the 6 in one and have to buy everything individually... please reconsider bringing this product back. I have read that some consumers may turn away and use other products. I have used other products but this is my favorite!

Stop buying this product.

Not happy!!! You can't charge $50 for 2 compacts 2, brushes, 2 eye liners and 2 lip glosses then turn around after more than 12 years and start charging 30 bucks for just one compact!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad your product is irrelevant anyway. Guess I'll change brands.

Thin Lizzy Stopped Producing the Boxes

Priceline tell me ThinLizzy no longer produce the boxes with the two compacts, lip glosses, brushes, pencils etc.
ThinLizzy now sell everything individual- however the prices have increased as a result.
Additionally ThinLizzy staff will be in store turning to win the customers back in this competitive make-up market by having promotional girls in store over the weekends.
I’m disappointed as a single compact is priced at $29.99 when a box of two with the extras was only $49.00.
Can’t say I’m happy...

Great product if you know how to use it

Thin Lizzy is a great powder for a range of uses full cover or enhancer yes the light shade is dark yes you can end looking not right but that’s only because u only need the tiniest bit to get a lot of coverage once worked out how you need for yourself I will say it’s one of the best powders I’ve used literally only need to lightly touch your brush onto the compact and buff it that one touch should do you’re whole face oh and the other thing is if you can get a pack that contains the eyeliner in it grab the only liner is the best ever number one on my list better then a liquid and other pencils can’t hold a flame to the thin Lizzy eye liner good job and thanku for the great products

Excellent product

Thin Lizzy is an ideal product if you want the finished look, it can hide in perfections and enhance cheek bones and even define lips and enlarge eyes, it is only one product with amazing finishes to give the end result.

Give it a fair go

Okay, I can see both sides of the reviews I’ve read. Despite one reviewer constantly saying it’s not a concealer, it’s an enhancer, Thin Lizzy do actually promote this product as a concealer on the promotional video – they don’t use the word concealer, although they do claim it will cover tattoos, blemishes, redness, dark under eyes etc. It WON’T. I rated it lower because of this.

The first time I used it, I too looked like an Oompah Loompah. I thought they must have put a dark compact in my kit by mistake, but it was definately the light product. I took the advice of the Thin Lizzy consultants and tried again and by the third try, it was just right. If you look like an Oompah Loompah it’s because you’ve used too much product, probably because you’re trying to cover up something – give up on that. I have olive skin and used the Light version and found that even using layer after layer and getting darker and darker, it wasn’t going to cover up anything.

Yes, the lip gloss is sticky, but I don’t mind that since it looks great. It does have a slight smell, but I wouldn’t have noticed if a reviewer hadn’t mentioned it.

To avoid the Oompah Loompah look and get the best results that are possible from this product, these are my tips:
• Less is more
• Use it over the top of your regular concealer
• Don’t use it all over the face, only on areas that you want to highlight
• Use make-up brushes for your eyeliner and lips for more control
• Blend into the neck, for a more natural look

If you can’t get it right, I suggest that you have it applied by someone else before you give up on it, preferably a consultant in a store.

I wore this to work for the first time after two weeks Christmas holidays (at home) and got a number of comments that I looked lovely, healthy and refreshed and that I must have had a great break. It’s our secret :)


Great product for blemishes to cover up them. Affordable price for everyone looking for value for money. A lot of shops sell this product which is convenient for buyers .A must buy.


well Iv'e used both shades didn't buy from ---is this product with my perfect eyes?Ibrought from chemist Havent tried concealer though.How much does it cost both products please Cheers angel

Thin lizzy

I like using Thin Lizzy, but I'd like to know if there's anyway, you can make it stay on longer and not rub off onto clothes? I like how it feels, nice and light. I don't have a reaction to think lizzy either. Can you also bring the prices down as I'm a beneficiary and can't afford to pay the price of it when I run out. Please.

excellent products

Have been using all of the Thin Lizzy range for a few years. The concealer is my favourite covers all imperfections, then the 6 in 1 does everything you need. I have been extremely happy with the products.

carnt live without

love the no caking feeling
on my face ends up soft finish for me too touch. look of makeup without feeling makeup
found i carnt live without using everyday.thanks cass

Fantastic coverage

Love the concealer it gives full coverage for dark circles under eyes, bronzer is fanastic for blush and highlighting, would like to try a matt powder??? Eye liner, black/brown is also fantastic, and I've also tried the lip gloss which has staying power...

Absolute Rubbish

Nothing good at all,total ripoff,go to the chemist priceline if you must,$139 for nothing,meanwhile for $50 at the chemist I could have tried it,I seriously don't know how these companies are allowed to get away with ripping people off like this.

Love this product!

Absolutely love the product. I have been using it since it first hit the aus scene years and years and years ago. Always my go to daily. No need for heavy foundations. Bronze until your hearts content. Use a bit more on cheeks as bIush. I have never had a shiny complex with this product, only a gorgeous glow.... i will continue to use this product and recommend others to do so.


Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 is the best! I use the dark one in summer and light in winter. Every time I use it people always ask me what bronzer I have on! Love love love it!

Waste of money

Recently purchased to use while on holidays to Nth Qld. As l always have make up on l thought this would be a lighter alternative to liquid/powder/blush etc. What a horrible product, besides the fact it made me look like a shiny clown it made my skin breakout. l am furious with myself that l did not keep the receipt to demand a refund.


I've been using this product in light for over 10 years, and living without it (a rare occurence, I assure you) is more difficult than I care to think about.

I am a pasty ginger, extremely pale, and I find the colour perfect to bronze, contour and frame with.
There were a few applications that resulted in an orange glow but those really only happened in the first few weeks before I had had enough practice, or when I applied it in the dark.
(Occasionally I make poor choices.)

I chose not to use it as eyeshadow, lip colour or body bronzer because I use other products for those purposes.

All day, every day. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Questions & Answers

Why can’t I buy the 6 in 1 pressed powder kit in the tin anymore?
3 answers
Dear Melissa, I have not had to buy another one for a while but as far as I know you can purchase it on line from Thin Lizzy or the last I saw it was available from Big W. I do not understand why Thin Lizzy could not answer this question for you but I do hope this has helped you in some way as I will soon have to purchase it again myselfYes, it’s available everywhere but not as the set, they seem to have taken the original set off the market and now just have it all available single for a higher costIf anyone knows where the set is still available I would love to know where

Hi are they discontinuing this product? I hope not just got it and it’s amazing
No answers

Can I still get the buy one and get one free?
2 answers
No, they are now charging $30 FOR ONE COMPACT when you used to get 2 compacts, brushes, eye liners, lip glosses for $49.00.I used to buy thin lizzy at the old price but stoped when the price changed Kindest regards Jan

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