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Car insurance claim

Had an accident on 26 of June 2018. It is the 2 of August and nothing has been done, each time I ring Tio insurance, I'm talking to a brick wall.

Insurance claim madeYes

Happy customer

Highly recommended for car insurance. My car was written off & they made process of claim easy & hassle. I got good value for my car. Can say there are some companies who cares for customers over their profits.

Insurance claim madeYes

Not Happy So Far More To Follow As The Saga Unfolds

. Policy felt like good value, in its initial stages
.Policy was easy to set up, a little to easy in my opinion
. Partial satisfaction - cant seem to get consistent answer though.

Even sent DASH CAM footage to support claim, in case of dispute, two separate consultants have viewed it and the other party has not disputed fault.
"They just don't seem to want to pay up "
I don't understand what the delay is and they cant explain it either, it just goes on,

Insurance claim madeYes

The (Slightly Flawed) Dream Insurer

We have had home contents and car insurance with TIO for many years. Earlier this year, our house was broken into, and money, items and our car were stolen. The car was then trashed. What follows is the story of the claims we made for compensation.

We lodged our claims through the Internet and by phone. The process was reasonably painless, and the TIO staff uniformly friendly and helpful. Their attitude seemed to be that a claim was as natural and normal a part of their business as receiving premiums; they were sympathetic to our losses, and helpful in guiding us through the bureaucracy of completing the necessary paperwork, and lodging the necessary forms.

At this point, there was a bit of a delay. A major catastrophe had struck in Alice Springs, far to the South of us (we live in Darwin), and all the assessors were busy. After a little prodding, and a few weeks, however, all was resolved, and we had our pay-out. During this stage, the staff once again were both apologetic for the delay, and sympathetic to our plight.

The pay-out, for our stolen vehicle and house-contents, was very reasonable, and, allowing for the uncertainties of the value of things, left us content. TIO, so far as we were concerned, had played us most fair. We thought they deserved a 5 out of 5 rating for their fairness.

That, however, was not the end of the story.Today, a month or so later, I received a phone call from them. It seems that in the shuffling of paperwork for the claim, the paperwork for one of the stolen items had been misfiled in their office, and been overlooked in calculating our pay-out. Now it had come to light, and they were going to pay us for it. I think that deserves another half-point. So, I am giving them five-and-a-half points out of five.

So what was our overall impression of TIO?

Much of our contact with them was via their local (Palmerston) office, where the staff are uniformly friendly, and attempt to be as helpful as TIO's system allows. Unfortunately, that is really not very much. TIO provides a comprehensive range of legal documents, a very modest variety of brochures to help you *buy* insurance, but almost nothing to help you *make a claim*. Not even on their website! I thought that this might be because TIO doesn't like claims, but the phone staff's attitude suggests otherwise. Nevertheless, when it comes time to make a claim, you are strictly on your own. Our policy entitled us to a rental car; nobody bothered to alert us to this, nor to remind us of other things that we perhaps should have thought of. We were on our own! TIO was only interested in dealing with the legal and bureaucratic processes of paying us out for our stolen car, and totally neglectful of helping us with the task of replacing it.

Still, what goes around, comes around. Because of TIO's indifference to helping us through the process of replacing our trashed car, we ended up insuring our new car with another company. This was not because we disliked TIO; it was because another company took the trouble to make it very easy to get replacement insurance. And just at that particular moment in history, 'easy' was what we needed.

Insurance claim madeYes

Customer service and a great product.

I'm not usually one for public product reviews but after being messed around by several different companies with travel insurance claims, I can honestly say TIO is the only company I'll ever use again. Excellent customer service, fast claims turnarounds and no horrible off shore call centres! Please keep up the great work TIO.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent Service

I have had TIO Landlord Insurance for a property in Darwin for a number of years and have had the misfortune to make 2 claims during the the past year. One was an electrical problem with an Air Conditioner and switch board, and the other with tenant damage to a door and vertical blinds. Photos were taken and a proffessional trade opinion was obtained in each case. Details were submitted with the claims, which were promply settled.
The staff were exemplary, pleasant, knowledgeable and punctual with all their dealings with me.

Insurance claim madeYes

Never waiste your money here

Aftrer having house insurance with TIO for 5 years and never making a claim, we convered our policy to landlord insurance this year and unfortunatly had the tenents from hell. After only being in the house for 7 weeks, they have done over $8000.00 of damage which TIO wont cover, saying it is reasonable wear and tear. Buyer beware- TIO are full of promises and deliver nothing. By far the worst insurance company I have ever had the misfortune of using,

They cover nothing- dont waste your money

Good Honest service

I have been with TIO for many years,I have 2 cars and housold contents with them.
I have made a few claims over the years and found them to be excellent.
I wrote my car off 2 years ago and they paid me the market value for my car 5 days later.
Quick resulition of claims,easy to deal with

Questions & Answers

Do you insure (Housae and Contents) in Queensland?
2 answers
Hi Cyril T.I.O Territory Insurance Office is Based in the Northern Territory and only insures items in the Northern Territory. Perhaps you are confusing it with G.I.O which is Government Insurance Office www.gio.com.au which is based in Victoria but may insure and have offices in each state.Check the link to find out more. Cheers Billx

Hi do you have for both claims ( home and contents) flood Fusion, temporary accommodation, accidental damage and jewellery to a limit
1 answer
Hi T.I.O (Territory.Insurance Office) is Government owned insurance provider for residents of the N.T. I have Contents insurance which covers Floods,Cyclones,Theft,Loss and Damage (Fusion etc). I do not have Home (building cover as it is covered by the Body Corporate) They do cover Jewellery but you must specify when you take out cover.

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