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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Advanced Comfort Bottle and Standard Baby Bottle
3.6 from 208 reviews

I am giving it 1 star because there isn't any lower rating

We got the big and small size of this bottles, and this has to be the worse design ever, being new parent we didn't know what to look for, but after a week, this design is exactly what you need to avoid:
1 - Too fat, so it interferes with the baby chest during feeding, limiting the feeding angles, a better design would be to make it longer and thinner.
2 - The teats are very soft so it tends to be squeezed and blocked at the slightest twist or turn or baby clamps, they are also shorter, so again harder to feed into baby mouth.
3 - Other teats you can see through the teats, this is useful to see how much milk is at the teats so you can adjust the flow, with this one you are flying blind. so the baby is more likely to choke with overflown.

Purchased in March 2019 at babybunting .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child No
Bottle LeakageNo

This Bottle is Rubbish

I only used Tommee Tippee with my first. But these anti colic bottles are rubbish. Just what a stressed mum need after her milk has dried up is a bottle that leaks everywhere all over the baby and if you tighten it the teat collapses inwards! I’ve never written a review before but I’m fuming. So disappointed!

Purchased in September 2018.

Breastfed Child Yes
Bottle LeakageYes

Love them!

Love these bottles! Very easy to use when out, they don't leak. Tried a lot of other bottles, Advent, Dr Browns to name a few but settled on tommee tippee and haven't looked back! Bubs is happy, so I am happy! Price is good, and easy to purchase at woolies.

Good product but not for new born

I bought this for my son when he was about 4 month he didnt like it... its too big for a baby whos less then 5 month id say.. the nipple is too big it was harder for my son to latch on it... however Id recommend it for an older baby 6-8 month plus.


This is a terrible bottle, leaks from the neck the teat gets sucked in when drinking and i need to take it out to regain air. Will never buy product again and will never recommend it to any mum. My opinion this shouldn't even be selling on the shelf such a bad bottle.


Made my baby vomit which she never did with other brands i thought its a good idea anti colic but its not bought 2 same problem ..manufacturer support horrible keep asking so many questions but no solution at the end waste of time and money changed everything to different brand their loss.

Great bottles!

I have used these bottles since my daughter was born and have had NO issues with them at all. She took the bottles immediately. You do have to make sure the valve is facing up (under baby's nose) so the milk pours correctly. I haven't had any issues with leaking when the valve is positioned in the correct spot. I have used the entire tommee tippee range and haven't had any issues with any of it! and best of all my daughter loves it all too!

Unbelievably bad

These these bottles dont leak, they literally pour from the threads and it seems nothing we do can fix it. Given the number of other reviews with the same problem either this is bad design resulting in user error or terrible quality control. Just go buy pigeon bottles, far better.

Made my baby get more air

The tommee tippee anti colic bottles are terrible they have given my baby worse colic than she had originally. The teats sink in with air so you have to constantly stop. Also the part that is supposed to be a breather blocks up when you are feeding so you have to pull it apart and open it up while your baby has to impatiently wait. I will be going back to the original bottles I had less dramas with air.

Poor Product

i purchased these bottles because my daughter suffered from colic. From the outset, the bottles leaked when feeding her.

I contacted the manufacturer who wanted the batch number on each bottle. The batch number is not readable with the naked eye. Luckily I had access to an illuminated loupe and this was the only way to be able to see the batch number. I duly sent the batch number to the manufacturer, whose reply was that they wanted a video showing leakage when feeding.

To put it simply, I was not prepared to have my daughter saturated again just for the benefit of a manufacturer (who has other less than satisfactory reviews) and is trying to abrogate any responsibility for their inadequate design and manufacturer.

A little further research thanks to these reviews led me to an alternative which is superior in every way, from feeding to cleaning.

Shame on you Tommee Tippee.

Works perfectly fine

I don’t know why some of you are complaining about leakage, you have to put the insert in before shaking it so that it has a seal around the edge.
Or you have faulty bottles and should get them replaced. The reason your teats cave in is because your baby needs to go up a size in a teat or the valve on the inside doesn’t open anymore therefore you need been teats!!
Check the tommee tippee website for more info, with answer a lot of your questions

Bad design

I love tommee tippee bottles but this one is definitely a miss. It leaks heaps every time I use it, no matter what I do, and it is pretty annoying to assemble. Milk pours out of I don’t even know where and goes everywhere each time I make a new bottle

The best gift I received

My son has been drinking milk from this bottle from day 4. We love the design and never had any issues with it. My son had been mixed fed and I had no issues with him going back and forth as the bottle's teat is very similar to the breast

Awful design

The milk stops coming through the teets so i have to squeeze them to get any milk out in order to make it easier for my baby. A few times, the teet has completly come out when i was squeezing causing milk to go everywhere. There so flimsy and nothing is holding them in properly.

Relief at last

My son is 9 months old and has suffered colic since 2 weeks old. We tried everything infacol, gripe water, comfort milk. But it got steadily worse once we weaned him. Taking his milk at bedtime was like ingniting fire, instantly crying in pain waking every 40 minutes all night every night. I even stopped him having milk just water but this didn't help. As a last resort I decided to try the anti colic bottles I felt crazy spending money on new bottles for my 8 month old but I was desperate for sleep. From the first night they worked I couldn't believe it he slept but I didn't I was so used to interrupted sleep. I can't thank the designers enough as I have a happy comfortable sleeping baby and im a happy mommy
Thank you


Very disappointed for the money I spent on so many of your products. These bottle are frustrating as the leak more often then not I'd be up in the middle of the night stripping my baby's cot and changing her from head to toe it has ruined my babies matress very unhappy customer

Horrible bottle

Must say that I’m really angry .More then once I had problems to Close this bottle cause is always leaking ,I don’t know how is that possible and why it has this stupid mechanism .Several times at night I had to change my baby clots because the milk was all over his pijiamas ....not happy at all.


The lids dont screw on easy, milk pours out from i dont know where. Teat sinks in during feeding. Teat also hard to assemble in ring, sometimes taking several attempts to not pull the teat completely through the ring. Measurements are insufficiently marked, markings also not long wearing and prone to fading.

seeing that my baby finds it difficult to latch on, bottles are now broken

Although the teats are soft, using this didn’t bring me a delightful experience. The bottles are leaking and the teat are choking my baby. I have tried replacing the teats from the same brand but still to no avail. However I still believe in the brand. I own a few of their products at home and most of them are working just fine, I guess the bottles are just not good.

Perfect start for newborn baby

I m using tommee tipped closer to nature bottles since my daughter born and we never had any issue like colic, gas or any thing.
My daughter simply love this bottles and it's easy to hold for your little one.

Easy cleane Nd sterilize .
Available in all sizes.
Please do try for your little once.

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Questions & Answers

Can I use the anti colic bottles without the air vent sometimes? It's looks so hard cleaning your baby is crying. So if I need it urgently, can I use the bottle without the air vent?
No answers

Does the air hole vent on the teat need to be covered with milk or held at an angle so it’s free from being covered with milk? Thanks
2 answers
Hello these ones don't have an air hole on the teat, its in the bottle neck instead. With the standard bottles though the hole needs too be facing up.With mine it didn’t matter if the vent filled up (it will when there is a full bottle). As long as the vent is under baby’s nose.

Can I over tighten the teat ring on these? The teat keeps caving in and there are air bubbles appearing in the milk as though it is not being filtered through the purple stork properly!?
1 answer
We have the same problem with the teat caving in and it seems from other reviews on this page that it is a common problem. I phoned the tommee tippee helpline and they suggest I buy the medium flow teat even though my baby is only 2 months old, because he is sucking to hard!!!! I don't believe the valve on these bottles work properly. They instruct you to check the opening everytime you use it and even though I do that it is still not letting any air out. I am not willing to spend any more money on trying new teats to see if these bottles will actually work!

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