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Tommee Tippee Washable Nursing Pads

Tommee Tippee Washable Nursing Pads

3.2 from 12 reviews

Absolutely useless

These pads are terrible and useless. They soak through and leak after only a short time of wearing. My top is as wet as if I had no pads on at all. They are a Total Waste of money!
Do not buy these pads. You are better off using disposable pads.

Non-absorbent not recommended

These breast pads provide no absorbency, they leak and I have to change them between feeds. I have no confidence in this product and do not recommend it, a total waste if money, unreliable, I definitely would not leave the house wearing these as they are certain to leak. You are better off going with disposable version in this brand.

Leaked, non absorbent


I wasn't happy with these. I found that they weren't very absorbent. After a few washes they became quite hard and uncomfortable to use. I also found that they would move around in my bra (unlike the disposables which have a sticky back). I only kept them in the drawer to use as a back up for when I ran out of disposables!

Not very absorbent, not very big.


very cost effective and comfortable but diameter is a bit small so tends to get leakage around the pad, also, the pad is quite shaped and firm so it's very visible through your bra and clothes (eg fitted t-shirts). also, the cover is quite smooth so it does tend to move around a little, again resulting in leakage. very quick drying though, so a good cost-effective option to use whilst you're at home.
cheap, dries quickly after washing
firm shape so quite visible through clothing


As I was quite leaky I needed a breast pad I could rely on and unfortunately these were not it. I tried several cloth breast pads and none of them worked well after a few washes.
Great theory as I am all about re-usable products. For the first few uses they are absorbent and comfortable.
After a few washes they loose their absorbency a bit, or it seems that the milk just runs through them more easily so they are actually not that effective. As such they are not actually for environmentally friendly or cost effective as they need to be replaced often.


I have used these for 8 months and they are still fine after being washed repeatedly in the washing machine. They are thinner than some other pads which is both an advantage and a disadvantage - its good because they are less visible under clothes than thicker pads, but bad because they don't absorb as much so they don't last as long. They do tend to slip a bit.
Cheap, reusable, comfortable, nice shape. Machine washable.
Quite thin so they don't last long (need to change frequently). Can see them through fitted clothes, but I think this is true of all cloth breast pads.


I used these for 6 months of breastfeeding my first child. I found them to be very useful and a life saver for the budget as you can use them over and over again. You can't wear fitted clothes when using them as they leave a "ring" that is easily visible through your clothing. They are comfortable and soft. I had to change them fairly regularly as they are quite thin and if I left them too long I did leak.
Price. Washable (reusable).
I found them to be a little small in size - I think if they were larger they would stay in place a little better.


A worthwhile investment, cheaper than disposables in the long run. Although a little more expensive than some other washable brands, I think that they are worth the little bit extra because of the comfort factor.
Has a nice curve to it, so sits nicely and does not ripple at the side to cause rubbing. The edges are overlocked with soft cotton so when they do eventually move they do not rub on tender tissue. The pads dry quite quickly after washing. Compared to other washable pads, these are quite thin and comfortable.
Not the cheapest washable option, no included washing bag. They can move around especially under a crop top, but I suppose that happens with all washables.


The Tommee Tippee breast pads are a handy item to have. They are soft cotton and they are breathable which is necessary to heal nipples. It is best to buy a few packs so you can have some in the washing while you are using the others.
These washable breast pads are very handy to have as it cuts down the costs of using breast pads.
They can leak through at times but that is to be expected with cloth breast pads.


These breast pads are fantastic if you are on a budget as they can be washed and reused. The pads are quite thick and seem to be absorbent although I only experienced light leakage. You will need to have more than one pack though so you always have a continuous supply. I have used them through breastfeeding two kids now and they are still in good condition.
The price. They are reusable so once you buy a pack, you can wash them and use them over.
Can't stick to the inside of your bra so they will move around if you are not careful. Probably best for women with light leakage.


These are fantastic, I used them whilst breastfeeding my second child whilst I fed her for 11 months and had no problem whatsoever. They are fantastic to rewash again and again and do not lose their shape or their ability to hold milk when in use.
They are lightweight,easy to use and easy to find within local stores, I love this product and have reccomended them to my friends who are pregnant and looking into breastfeeding themselves.
They are light and reuseable and at a good price
nipple protection cream leaves stains on the breast pads


I got caught out on a number of occasions whilst feeding as the pad had moved away from the nipple and as a result my clothing got wet from the milk let down.
They are reliable when they do not move as although they absorb the leakage, the leakage does not go through the pad and onto the clothing (as I had initially thought it would). I prefer to use the washables as they are quick & easy to use, but you do have to be vigilant in ensuring they are correctly placed before, during and after feeding.
Quick to use (no mucking around with wrapping & adhesive tabs), easy to wash/dry.
Once wet, they were wet (and uncomfortable). Seemed a little too small & moved around a bit.

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