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BabyDam Bathwater Barrier

BabyDam Bathwater Barrier

2.2 from 28 reviews

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Took me a few attempts

I was given one of these and it did not have any instructions. After a few attempts I was frustrated that it just didn't stick properly but I watched a YouTube video and once I wet the suction caps it worked most of the time....

I gave it 3 stars because although I got it to work and I still use it... it's does collapse easily when knocked and it doesn't seal 100%.

Don't waste your money

I honestly wish I had listened to the majority of reviews and not purchased this. Absolute waste of money. I have tried several times to get it to stay up but it collapses when I fill the bath. The idea behind it is great but would be even better if it actually worked.

Works great but there's a trick to it!

Bought my baby dam second hand and was sceptical because of all the reviews here. The trick to it is you have to wet the bath first then push down fairly hard on the handles at the top at the same time as pushing the suction caps down until there is no loose wiggling of the suction caps. This ensures the dam doesn't bust out and let the water run away. Then you need to run your fingers around the seal on the sides and bottom so there is a good seal. Works every time for us and very happy with the product!!

Doesn't fit bath

This concept is a great idea.
Pity that it doesn't work.
Our bath is not that wide and by bath standards, it is the regular width of nearly all the baths for sale in most plumbing stores.
If the edges of the baby dam would actually seal to the curve of the bath where the base of the bath meets the wall of the bath, then it might have actually worked.
They need to make the bit that meets with the curve of the bath wall and floor a bit longer or wider to ensure that the seal is water tight.
Or just make the baby dam wider


We purchased it and it never worked!!! Fortunately, the seller accepted the return. Simply it doesn't work. We tried it with all care, even washing the bathtub with alcohol (!) to avoid any grease. We tried also in another bathtub... it was a totally waste of time! Absolutely not recommended!

Terrible product

This product is terrible! Firstly, the suction caps don't stick properly and secondly, it can't hold up against much water. The dam collapses before you even fill to the 'max' line. I think it needs more suction cups (and better quality ones) in order to hold up properly. This product is useless, don't waste your money.

Great concept, crap design

This product is such a great concept for saving water, it's a real shame poor design lets it down. The suction cups are so cheap and flimsy, they just don't stick and hold the thing in place so when you fill the tub the dam lifts up at the bottom and lets the water escape. I'm constantly pushing it back down to try keep the water in.


The baby dam is a terrible design! I had such hopes for it as it saves water! Completely useless! It collapses and doesn't stay down. there's a yellow blow up duck that is sold at target and is amazing, it saves water and it actually works. Don't even bother buying the baby dam

Great Product!

Bought this product to try to save water in my large bath. The instructions are easy to follow and after a couple of false starts BabyDam fitted perfectlly. I've read quite a few negative reviews but for me BabyDam is a brilliant idea and it DOES work but you've got to follow the instructions carefully.
Reliable, Space Saving, Eco-friendly

Should be written on the box!

Just called the company to ask why the product wouldn't work. Lady asked if my bath had a non slip surface in the form of bubbles, it does. That is why it doesn't work. Would have been helpful if this was noted on the packaging so I wouldn't have wasted my time!


Don't waste $60 on this product that doesnt even stick and leaks water.. tried on 4 different bath tub and still doesnt work! Very disappointed

great product, saves water, easy to use

So I bought one of these 5 years ago for my first baby. I had a lot of trouble getting it to stick, the handles on the suction cups broke, basically fell apart. So with my new baby I wanted this product again, because lifting those baby baths is a ridiculous strain on your back, plus there's no room for it in our bathroom. I bought the new model and I've finally worked out how to use it. What do you do with suction cups to get them to stick: you wet them first! So now when I wet the cups first it sticks and works perfectly.

Fab product easy to set up!

Despite the bad reviews I thought I'd buy one and give it a go. Brought from Baby bunting got straight home and tried it out, works piece of cake! Not sure why others are having so much trouble as I have a normal size bath but could use on a slightly wider bath too. Mine curves at the bottom like others mentioned but All I did was press down the seal at the bottom and it's good as gold. After 15 mins I've gone back to check if there is any water leaks and none at all. Just required 1 minute of setting it up, so easy!

Limited design

The design of this thing really limits the bath shapes that is can be used in. The only warnings regarding the fitment of the device listed anywhere is that it won't fit in baths wider than 580mm or with "overly curved" bathtubs. I wouldn't describe my tub as "overly" curved - it's just a normal fibreglass one that is less than 580mm wide.

Sweet, should fit. It doesn't. Oh.

What the website, the box, and the included instructions all fail to mention is that the suction cups that are fairly critical to the dam wall holding in place have a sort of shroud or skirt around them that is made of hard plastic and goes down to the bottom of the cups. The outside of these skirts are about 295mm apart. This means that if the base of your bath tub isn't dead-flat across the width of these cup skirts, the suction cups will not attach to the bath tub and the dam will collapse. In my case the base of my bath tub starts to curve up into the walls and is only completely flat about 285mm across. A difference of 10mm sounds trivial but due to the way the product is made, it is rendered completely useless. It is also worth noting that the skirts around these suction cups seem to serve no practical purpose.

The makers would go a long way to avoiding a lot of bad reviews if they made the dimensions of the baths that the product will fit absolutely clear on the outside of the box, on the website, and in the instructions. They don't, so they deserve all the bad publicity.
Nice idea
Poorly executed design, poor instructions

What a let down!

Was so let down after trying 4 times to get the BabyDam to work to no avail! Thought it was me not setting it up correctly. My husband tried on more than one occasion and just got worked up and frustrated. Never people to give up, especially after pay $60, we took to our neighbour to try in a different bath, but alas, still no luck!
Great idea, just a pitty it doesn't actually work!

What a great product!

The babydam works and seals perfectly to my bath, have no idea why it does not work for anyone else. I bought one secondhand on the cheap because of all the bad reviews and it still worked really well. I have quite a skinny bath, but I just followed the you tube instructions video and it did not let one bit of water through. Awesome purchase
saves water and money!

Totally Dissapointed

Absolutely agree with all the bad feedbacks from this site.This product is a good idea but doesn't work and the water leaks out.I bought it for $30 (second hand) last week and finally understand why the seller wants to sell it though in new condition.Not worth spend money on this product.

Expensive,does not work.

Does not work

Tried to get the Baby Dam to work more than 3 times. Twice ended up leaping into the bath to rescue my baby as all the water vanished from beneath her. The suction cups did not contact with my bath sides at all and the hard blue plastic surrounds prevent this contact from occurring. Unfortunately, when I approached the company they were highly sceptical of my claim that it would not work and requested photos etc before they would consider a refund. Baby Dam should admit that there is a significant design fault with this product and that it may only suit a limited number of baths as their company seems to be blaming my bath for the problems. My bath is a very standard Australian Bathtub that other 'suction style' products such as shower mats etc stick to. I resent the way I was spoken to by the Baby Dam representatives and felt that at least an apology might have gone a long way. Instead I am left irate that not only have I wasted time, money and caused my baby girl some distress but that my very real complaint and problems are being ignored by a company who says that: "We've sold thousands of these and never had this complaint." Well, you have it now!
The concept of the prodcut was great which is why I bought it.
The design is terrible and does not work.

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Hi There. I am the inventor of this product and am very disappointed to hear of your experience with our Australian representatives. I am based in the UK and would really like to speak with you directly about your BabyDam not fitting. Feedback is very important to us - positive or negative!! Please send me an email via our website www.babydam.com with your contact details on! Best regards Debbie

Baby dam, shame on you!

The concept is simple, a plastic and rubber barrier with suction caps that is designed to 'dam' water into one half of the bath....So then why won't it work?!? I have tried this product in two different houses and so far have only had ONE successful attempt with it, so Im thinking that was just a random fluke. It feels as though the suction caps don't always adhere to the bottom of the bath, and even when I think they have and I've pushed it right down so no water can leak out....What do you know, the water leaks out! I feel as though they were attempting to join the 'save our environment' trend with a water saving product that SHOULD have worked and been great, but it even at the 2nd hand price of $25 I feel cheated, and I definitely feel sorry for the parents who have wasted the full $50 that this retails for at my local Target.
The idea of what it SHOULD be
It does not work

Great idea but doesn't work well in practice

Have been using this product for 2 months. The BabyDam would only work maybe 30-40% of the time. As stated by some other reviewers if knocked it collapses. I've even noticed it leak if you pour water into the dry part of the bath and the water touches the suction cups.

Wish I read these reviews before buying!
Great idea
Doesn't work in practice and is very expensive for what it is

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