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Totally Natural Fluid Away

Totally Natural Fluid Away

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I broke down in the Gym last week after feeling so bloated and just generally miserable after years of bloating! after 2 days i noticed i had flat tummy which i have not had since pre children! My PT swore by this product so i gave it a go and WOW! I'm due for my monthly's too and i have no bloating and waking up feeling refreshed - I didn't end up having to wee a lot like others have stated so i guess that's a bonus for me :D



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Worked for me


This worked for me. My pharmacist scoffed when i asked about it as its herbal but i feel better on it. Preferable to being on prescribed meds from a gp with all the side effects...


JenniLaunceston, TAS

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Waste of money


I have suffered fluid retention for years in my ankles. Was recommended this product, day 6, nothings changed. I am NOT going to the toilet anymore than usual and my ankles are still very puffy. Unfortunately I bought 3 packs so will continue to use but feel this product is not delivering.



For the best part of a year my legs and lower back were swollen.
Chemist suggested this and inner health plus. The pain and swelling is easing. Less tears.
I still have troubled walking due to swelling in my back & around my knees, but the improvement is noticeable.
I'm happy its worked on me.

Beware of false claims


I agree with the other reviewers who state that this product does not work! Still had fluid retention after five days accompanied by a very unpleasant taste in my mouth.



Absolutely no difference in swollen hands and feet or change in toilet habits. Completely useless. This is after a week taking as directed. It seems all reviews are either 5 star,,fake, or few stars, honest. At least I didn't waste much money.

Works for me


Recommended by my rheumatologist to remove fluid from my ankles and it works. Did just as instructions say, one tablet twice a day after meals, now need to pee thru the night (don't normally) by day 2 fluid was gone, so it works for me. Now use it when needed.

Wasted money.


I was scared to take herbal pills as they are not tested for side effects like real meds. I found these pills to do nothing. I had more luck with tea, coffee, sauna and beer. Go see a doctor for the real deal and watch the toilet visits triple. The 5 star reviews read like text book marketing copy like midnight telemarketing.... On the product it clearly says 'may', the Placebo effect also may relieve water retention......

Has helped reduce swelling in hands and feet


I've been using it for 3 days but have reduced to 1 tablet as the amount of B6 is 25mg and as I'm taking a multi vitamin, would bring me up to the maximum B6 intake if I took 2 tablets as recommended.... So far so good!

works in just ONE day !!!! amazing


this is amazing product works on me so well. look at the ingredients:

Stone Breaker
Celery Seed
Vitamin B6

If you google the main effect of each of the main ingredients you will get the idea.



My experience has been positive- would recommend!


I'm on day 2 and have been going to the bathroom non-stop. My stomach (particularly my lower abdomen) is already slightly smaller and noticeably less swollen. I can't say I've noticed a significant difference elsewhere however it is day 2. I'm certainly going to the bathroom far more frequently than usual, which would indicate the ingredients in this product are doing something. On the not so bright side, i have felt bouts of nausea today. Would suggest taking this tablet mid-meal if you're prone to an upset stomach.



Day one!


This product seems too good to be true. I have been suffering swelling and fluid retention for some time. Can't believe the results at day 1! My knees are noticeably smaller along with my waistline. Look forward to reporting again in a couple of days...wow

Big Scam


Total waste of money, doubled the dose for an entire week - no increase in urination, still holding lots of fluid. This stuff does absolutely NOTHING. You would be best to sit in a good sauna or workout. As I already workout but suffer water retention because of hormones I need something and this stuff is a WASTE OF MONEY.



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A Complete Waste of Money!


This product does not work. I took one tablet twice a day for a month and there was absolutely no improvement. These pills made me feel physically sick even with food. My fluid retention got worse not better and my small veins started bursting. This products is garbage and a complete waste of money and time. Go to your doctor and get the correct medication or your condition could end up worse like mine did.



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Doesn't Work


It's clear from this site that all the 5 star reviews are fake. This product does absolutely nothing. I doubled the dosage and still no effects. Thankfully it's not too expensive so I didn't lose much money.



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Fluid away


Day 10 no swollen ankles or feet,the runner glove feeling has gone.Plenty of trips to the urinal,very pleased with result Doctor and nurses amazed.Best my feet and ankle have been for years.

Total rip off!!!


The advertisements got me in hook line and sinker. Puffy ankles and fluid build up on the knees exactly what the packet tell you it's for.
Very little information on or in the packet only advertisements for other Caruso products that I will not be buying.
Let me be clear, it does not work! I have a nursing background and know what true fluid retention is and I know when fluid retention is relieved and this product did not deliver.
Do not waste your money.
Those glowing five star reviews are a crocks and make me more concerned about the engine behind the product and its ethics. I want my money back!!

Great For What It's Meant To Be, Fluid Away!


After over a week of taking 2-3 a day, I feel as though I have released a lot of fluid retention with a half half diet. Nothing extreme with change of diet. I feel less bloated, also keeping me very regular daily also I am on medication. So far, so good. My advice would to be give it a week.



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started taking one tablet..nothing..a week later took 2 tablets a day...another week later, nothing... this kept going till I was taking 4 of these horse tablets a day... completely useless product.

This is perfect !!!


Thank you for putting this product on the market. Twice a day after a meal is all it takes. My skin feels great and don't feel bloated anymore. It's easy on the stomach. I suffer from joint stiffness in my knees, feet and hands. I just wish I tried it earlier !!!

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Questions & Answers

Shirley L.

Shirley L.asked

What harm could because by incorrect use of Caruso fluid away

No answers



How long before I can see difference? Thanks!

1 answer

This is a public review forum, it's not the company's site, maybe try contacting them directly.



I get very swollen feet and calves [and hands] especially when the weather gets hot. I have tired prescription diuretics to no avail......is it likely that this product will help in my situation? I think my veins are compromised, which is causing this complaint...........any help would be gratefully received.....thanks
Mez replied on Feb 08, 2014

4 answers

I'm with you Mez! Why can't anyone give us an answer?


It would be great Evie but I think unless you actually suffer with this complaint, it just gets popped into the 'too hard basket'.........we will have to suffer in silence as best we can.....Mez


This is a public review forum, it's not the company's site, maybe try contacting them directly.

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