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Toyo Open Country M/T

Toyo Open Country M/T

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Perfect tyre

Can’t comment on durability yet, but these tyres appear to be long wearing. Very well behaved off road and even in the wet on road, road noise doesn’t seem to be too bad for a muddy of this size 295 70 17 and would definitely recommend this tyre to all my friends

Car2016 bt50

Excellent Tyre

Have had a set of highway tyres previously, i find the TOYO MT awesome compared, dry road driving i believe out matched the highway tyre, the highway tyre had better fuel economy tho.
Driving off road they handle perfectly, havnt been bogged in the mud sending it and in loose dirt it has awesome grip. great tyre strength to, drove on a screw and had no puncture.

Car2010 Ford Ranger

Long wearing good tyre

These Toyo OPEN COUNTRY M/T tyres have been on my 80 series cruiser for almost 80000 km. They are wearing well and are still good tyres, l use my 80 as a daily drive on dirt and tarmac roads this is exceptional for a mud type of tyre. Good value for money he'll yes. Would l purchase Toyo tyres again? Well yes l plan to, next time it will be the Toyo all terrains.

Car1995 Toyota land cruiser petrol auto full time 4wd

Great tyre, very good off road

These tyres are very durable off road. Grip is excellent on gravel roads and in the mud. On road performance is better than I expected, however, they got noisier as they wore out. Considering I’ve run almost every top brand of mud tyre over the years, I personally think these tyres represent good value for what you get.
These tyres balance easier than ANY mud tyre I’ve had previously, I would purchase this tyre again.
Draw backs of this tyre, very hard side wall. It makes the tyre very stiff when on the sand, so you have to let more pressure out than other tyres. This is fine until you need to hit a sharp corner with speed on soft sand. I e popped the bead off twice now. But when you find your trucks sweet spot, it’s a none issue. But I thought I’d mention it. Off road anywhere else, the performance is amongst the best I’ve ever used.

CarLandcruiser 79

I will be sticking with these.

They use them in Baja and dakar rally and they are the Isuzu rally teams tyre of choice. They are tough. I have an Isuzu Dmax with 245/75r16. I have done over 8000kms with these tyres now and and they are great. You have to air down a bit more because they heavier than most tyres. To get them to bag out I now go straight to 12psi for sand and have not had a single issue with digging in even in super soft deep sand they just float over. These are my play tyres so I have only done about 2000km of highway driving not town driving but they are wearing well and handle fine in the wet or dry(for mud tyres). I found 38psi on road to be the best, 22 to 26 psi for dirt tracks and 16 to 20psi for rocky tracks. They clear mud/sticky clay very well. I have no chipping/cuts or side wall damage from driving steep rocky/shale tracks. Yes they are more expensive but I have not needed to replace one yet. So it has been cheaper in the long run for me. Cons I have not has a chance to use my new winch.

Car2016 Isuzu Dmax

Excellent tyre, very happy!

These tyres are heavy and durable, I have them now for 5k km and no sign of wear at al.
Road holding is so much better than my previous m/t tyres and they are quite for an m/t.
My previous tyres could never be balanced properly, always some shaking of the steering wheel around 100km/h, not so on the Toyo's!
They need to be deflated more, while off-road though because of the stiff sidewall, and the rolling resistance is greater, causing a bit worse fuel economy.

CarNissan Patrol
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Just an update, after 25000km still very happy, done some really rough country, still no chips or damage! Fuel consumption is up slighty though, still would buy again!


Handles very well in dirt roads, mud and even wet hwy roads. Handles sand well, and doesn't dig In too much. I did a lot of research before I bought these tyres, and almost 10,000 kms on I couldn't be happier with them. Hopefully they will continue to perform for years to come.
Be heading up north again soon to test them further.. a happy camper

CarUsing hj47 troopy

Toughest and quietest tyre ever had!

I have a large 4wd built for offroading and touring. I have had Coopers (which fail at high temps and warranty doesnt cover up north AU), BFGs (AT KO) which would wear choppy and be slippery offroad, Mickey Thompson MTZ (which are indestructible offroad but are slippery on road in the wet) but the 315/75/16s that I got for my beast are really the best tyre (offroad) that I've ever had. Havent slid yet on road in the wet around round abouts. The traction off road got me and my wife out of a jam pulling or campertrailer up a muddy vertical hill (my Coopers couldnt get me up without the trailer). I always air down abs head into mud and sharp rocks and no Knicks or scrapes. Even doing 600k's offroad the tyres still look brand new. I did love my Mickey Ts by you can't even hear these on the road (compared to all of my other muds). Very happy well worth the price. Have put 15000k on now and will put out another at 50000k to review the wear and noise. I have 6. Buy with confidence. Dont believe the advertising hype of Cooper, new BFG arent too bad, Mickey Thompson MTZ better, Toyo Open Country M/T best so far. Also will post another review in the snow.

Car2007 Nissan Patrol 4" lift

Open country M/T

These are a mud tire for sure! off road these tires are great, on the hi way they are noisy but not bad, I also drive where we get a lot of snow and they are terrible! no traction what so ever and that's in four wheel drive. I would not recommend these tires if you need a tire to take you through 4 seasons.
Off road traction, durable
Terrible cold wheather traction


These tyres are the best tyres I have run on any 4wd I have owned. I have had 4 lifted/locked and big tyred 4wds over the last 14 years so have a fair amount of experience. Also, are the 5th different set of MT's I have tried. These days we do mainly touring with tough tracks thrown in.

I try different brand/type of MT tyres almost every set to see what works, but with the Toyo's I don't think I will try any others. They actually handle better on road than the OEM AT's that came with the car from the factory. Quality, solid construction, the best sidewall tread/protection out there, very little weight to balance them (Less than half of any MT tyres I have had in the past) very aggressive pattern, that is not overly noisy compared to a lot of other MT's. They work very well on the rocks when aired down and have amazing levels of grip in the mud. I have never had a tyre with so much grip on clay, when everyone else is spinning looking for grip, to toyos just find traction and pull the car up. Sand performance, we all know MT's don't perform well in the sand so that's pretty much across the board, I run 15 psi straight up and down to 8 if the sand is really soft.

If I have to say something negative... they are heavy (read, strength), more costly than some, not available in every size -but 90% of sizes we use here- and they have to be aired down a fair way more than most other tyres due to the strength in the sidewall. I have run 10psi on the rocks and never lost the bead so letting them down is not really an issue accept that it will take an extra few minutes to pump them back up.

Running them in LT285/76R16
Strength, Amazing levels of traction, side biters are huge, made in Japan

Toyo OP M/T

I've been extremely impressed with these muddies. I have 245/75r16 (running at 38psi) and after people telling me that MT's are very noisey I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet they are. In addition, reading that MT's do not perform as well in the sand is non-sense. I can do more with these then my last set of A/T tires on dunes. I've done about 2000km on them and they are only just showing signs of wear. Took 1100km before the little rubber tabs wore off. All in all, I'm very happy with how good these tires have been and I will definitely purchase them again.
Performs well on-road as well as offroad, heaps of grip in the wet, really quiet for mt, aggressive tread


Superb tyre that somehow doesn't compromise in any area. Robust construction with aggressive off-road tread yet passanger car handling and quietness. Brilliant off-road performance. So much better than any of the "big" brands I have used.
These tyres are simply the best I have used. Excellent cleaning in mud, super quiet on the road, bitumen handling more like an expensive dedicated road radial.
Cost and can't get them in all sizes.

I secured six 285/75-R16 tyres, mounted to Speedie steel Sunraysia type rims. Having travelled extensively off track over the past years, I am familiar with the damage that can be done to a tyre by rocks sticks and even the odd tech screw. This year was no exception. Three of our vehicles had the Toyo’s on this year and for a total of 14 tyres on the ground, we had 5 punctures in 14,000 km (11,000 on dirt and rock, 1800 totally off track, desert crossings). Ten tyres of another well known brand had closer to 40 punctures for the same country. I cannot speak highly enough of the Open Country MT. It took everything I could throw at it. It operated well in soft sand at pressures below 20psi (but I wouldn’t want to be doing that all day) and would go all day every day at 25psi. The tread pattern extends all the way to the buttress area and the open-shoulder design means very good road handling as well as extra grip in sand and slush. The shoulder is also scalloped meaning that there is little chipping or tearing of the tread blocks, particularly in rocky areas that can be associated with full width, square shoulded tyres such as a Cooper ST/STC. The tyre is still quiet on the road and provides good handling in all conditions. As a compensation to the load I had on this year, I ran the tyres a lot higher than I would some other brands and again, their resistance to sidewall damage from stakes and rocks were amazing. These tyres have one of the highest load ratings of any comparable tyres available on the market. (1700 kgs or 3740lbs for the 285/75 10 plys like mine). They will also handle high operating temperatures (in excess of 80C). Only complaint, the bead filler system means that they have a tendency to throw normal, side clipped tyre weights. When balancing, I would recommended to use flat weights and have them siliconed to the rim rather than standard clip on. Small inconvenience for the quality of the tyre. 5 Stars from me for these. Well worth the money for the serious outback traveller.Do they wear well?

Questions & Answers

Do they come with white writing on side walls ? Thanks Ian
2 answers
One side is white, the other side is black, you have a choice!No they do not have white logo's. I have three different types of toyo tyres, A/T, M/T & Proxes SUV. Neither of them have white lettering.

do these MT`s come in 31x9.5 R 15 ? Thanx Dean
2 answers
Sorry mate, haven't got a clue. Sounds like a common tyre size so it might. Have a look at their website.Great answer Chut

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