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Awesome car - 2008 Toyota Estima V6 Aeras 3.5L

Exciting, considerate, honest, genuine, hassle-free, supportive - you won’t get that from a normal car yard!!

Such a pleasant experience from the start.

We wanted a car that we could fit our 2 young kids in the middle row with baby seats, still fit an adult in the back, fit the dog in, and some luggage, so that we could go away on trips or just help us perform our normal routines in style. The Toyota Estima delivers in spades!! We have a 7-seat SUV but with the 2 baby seats taking up the middle row, you cannot fit an adult in the middle row, and having someone in the back takes away most of the room for anything else. And the high back entry makes it difficult to put the big dog in. The Estima has solved all of our problems.

We love the space, the bright interior, amazing condition of the car - some people thought it was a new car, but it’s actually 2008!! Bodykit, mags, DVD player, bluetooth - and most of all - power SLIDING DOORS!!! (yes, on both sides). The front doors aren’t giant like you’ll find on a big SUV. Seats are very comfortable, and we love the armrests. Also, a powerful V6 makes every drive a pleasure while still giving reasonable fuel economy. And it’s actually shorter and narrower than some of the 7-seat SUV’s.

I would happily recommend one of these cars to anyone. Such great value, you really get so much for your money. The kids (3 years and 1.5 years) absolutely love it. My only regret is that we don’t have 2 of them ;-)

We bought the car from Best People Movers in Kirawee near Sydney. From the moment i contacted Natalia she was just so happy to respond to any question i had. She really knows her cars and she is so passionate about them, and you can hopefully see why. She is honest and will explain anything - e.g.: how to verify a car’s mileage. We didn’t feel pressure at any stage through the process.

We cannot recommend her, or the car, highly enough.

Purchased in August 2019 at Best People Movers.

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Boot Size

Toyota Tough

An ex fleet vehicle with low odometer reading for its age. Has very light steering for a people mover and moves well through the gears in city driving. Don't know much about the technical aspects of this vehicle but purchased to meet need to carry safely a young family of seven. Extra anchor points were retro fitted in accordance with Australian rules as child restraints of various styles are used at this stage and there were originally no anchor points in the back row. Six CD audio unit has a persistent bug and now only use a USB devise or blue tooth to play selected music. But radio AM/FM still okay. Recently the centre seat belt in the second row of seats was fully extended and would not retract - replacement by qualified mechanic cost $700.00 including parts and labour. Automatic box with petrol engine runs well on e10 fuel but not as economic as more modern vehicles. Metallic paint still is good order with only fading on foil over rear hatch otherwise still looks near new.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedApr 2018

Best vehicle I've owned so far. 2006 Estima 3.5 V6, AWD, 8 seater

This is a review for the 2006 Toyota Estima 3.5 V6, 6 speed auto, AWD, 8 seater (This is the Japanese market Toyota Tarago, which you can buy from most importers here in Australia). Feature level is equivalent to an Ultima + more. Seats are like a GLX (non-leather)

I've also driven the 2.4L 4cyl, CVT, FWD, 8 seater for a week, so I can give a reasonably good insight into that version too.

Due to family growth and the love of road trips we decided to purchase a people mover after weighing up against station wagons and SUVs.

Our 1st experience was on a holiday to NZ where we rented the base model 4cyl (2.4L) 2wd CVT, 8 seat version of the Estima, we were impressed with the ride quality, handling and features. Power of the 2.4 was adequate (just enough) to get the job done touring NZ (5 adults, 1 child and luggage). Being a 2WD model we found the wheels spin too easily on wet roads and/or gravel.

Once we got back to AU we decided to get an Estima or Tarago for ourselves at some point. Having extra creature comforts is a welcome bonus, but the non-negotiable items were climate control, cruise, AWD, V6 and 8 seater. I found out later that the Australian delivered Tarago never had an AWD option (which is unfortunate). We ended up purchasing via a car dealer that specialises in Japanese grey market imports.

- Comfortable
- Quiet
- Great handling (for a people mover)
- Well thought out interior design, very efficient in space.
- 4cyl with the CVT is extremely good on fuel and can run on 91RON regular unleaded.
- V6 version is a extremely quick for a people mover. 0 to 100km/h mid 7s range according to my VBOX
- My Estima also has a few more features compared to the Aus. delivered Tarago. Such as AWD, premium sound system, premium cloth interior, automated parking (reverse and parallel), dual electric sliding doors, 110V AC power point and triple parking cameras (front, rear and left side).
- AWD has excellent grip on all surfaces. AWD system can be set to auto or disabled.
- Toyota reliability, commonality and ease of access to genuine parts. Basically anyone that can work on a Camry can work on these.

- V6 is quite thirsty around urban areas (as expected)
- V6 requires 95RON premium fuel as a minimum
- AWD version is heavier and has more mechanical drag which adds fuel consumption
- 4cyl version needs to be driven hard to get power.
- FWD version is easily prone to wheel spin in the wet, loose surfaces and when taking off on hills
- Some interior plastics are flimsy
- AWD model doesn't have provision for spare tire, it needs run flat tires. (In my scenario, I simply load a spare tire and tire slime into the back when heading out of the city).
- Estima costs more to insure compared to the Aus. delivered Tarago.

Engine Size3.5
Date PurchasedJun 2018

A disappointing cramped fuel guzzler

We upgraded from an older Toyota Hiace Super custom to the 2014 Tarago. we have 6 kids and I knew from the start it was too small but went against my gut and now regret it. 8 seats yes but don’t expect to fit a realistic family of 8 comfortably. 2 adults, 2 teenage boys and 4 younger kids and no one is happy.
Add the terrible fuel consumption of the 4 cylinder and it’s a big regret on my part.
For a smaller say 4 kid family zipping around the suburbs it probably do fine but a big family

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedAug 2017

Great and durable car!

Driving experience is great! Very smooth and great if your looking for a family car. I suggest if your looking for a car with better interior designs but less durability, get the Nissan Elgrand. Reliability is great and is cheap for its price. Servicing is cheap since the parts are basically everywhere

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedJul 2012

Family workhorse for over 20 yrs and still going strong

They say Toyotas last for ever and from my experience it has always been true. I also own an 90s corolla and both vehicles have out lasted the delivery trips from bunnings, road trips with the kids around Australia, up the snowys, etc. Performance is impeccable. Love the space in the vechiles. Love the rounded look on mine, i am confident it will keep going for another 20 yrs.

BadgeGetaway II
Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedJan 1998

Perfect Family car

This is a great family car, drives very smoothly and noise is limited. The dashboard and interior are quite nice but now out-dated compared to other cars. There is a lot of leg room for the front two rows but a bit squishy at the back. It is not heavy on fuel which is + and is quite affordable to run it but we do have another car. It is a beautiful family car, with it seating so many people and looking so good.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedMay 2012

I absolutely love it

last year I bought estima Aera g Edition. Very smooth Light interiror. ITs very elegant car. you feel like you are driving 2010 car. The engine is very storng and this model has a lot of features. Automatic doors. Moveble seats. Both windows at the back roll down. Its much better than tarago.

BadgeG edition
Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedJun 2016

2005 Toyota Estima MCR30 V6 Premium

Excellent vehicle spacious comfortable can't stop driving it.
Fuel consumption approximately 9.5ltrs / 100klm.
Powered by Toyota's excellent MZ1FE VVTI engine.
Estima has plenty of get up and go.
A majority of parts are shared with the Australian Toyota Tarago with the exception of the motor which shares its heritage with the Lexus ES300.
To date I have been able to source all parts for servicing without any real problems.
The external mirrors are large and give plenty of vision as does the reversing camera.
Highly recommended as a vehicle you can drive and relax in.
I am going to upgrade shortly to a later Estima model.
Have the vehicle insured with NRMA..so that isn't a problem.
There are now thousands of them in Australia and I find they are a great buy.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
BadgeAeras Premium
Engine Size3.0ltr

Great van for camping or families

Very smooth car. Also, very efficient with the gas. lots of interior space. the engine is definitely big enough for its size. You can take the seats out and have lots of room for moving furniture or even for camping. taking the middle seats off is not that easy though. overly, happy with the car.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedDec 2016

This is a good car. stable, quiet and easy to drive.

I have 3 pp mover. 1st is tarago, 2nd odyssey, 3rd elgrand. Tarago is a good choice.
I did drive tarago 10 yrs. seldom got problems. No main problem.
Stable, Elgrand>tarago> odyssey.
quiet, tarago>elgrand>odyssey.
cheapest running cost. tarago > elgrand 2.5 > odyssey.
Price cheapest. Odyssey> tarago> elgrand 2.5.
cabin space tarago 7 seat > elgrand 2.5> odyssey.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedJan 2005

The best ever!!!

The seven seat Tarago Ultima is the most amazing car. The flexibility of the seating arrangement / storage area is fantastic. You can even comfortably sleep in it if need be. From the kids point of view the best aspect of the car is the leg rests that come up from the two seats in the middle row. It is an extremely powerful and smooth car to drive and guest (friends) that drive the car comment on how great it is. Very economical even though you can only use premium unleaded petrol in it. There is nothing that I could question with this vehicle. It is superb!!

Engine Size3.5
Date PurchasedApr 2015

A true thoroughbred.

My most trusted and appreciated possession. Purchased with 230000k's on the clock, now has just under 400000. It just goes and goes and goes with minimal attention. I have had 100s of kids in this car and although its looking a bit tired and worn inside, the airconditioning still works beautifully, the seats are still comfy and the engine just purrs along. My teenage son has requested it be handed down to him if I replace it so it must have some street cred too! Honestly, the best purchase I ever made. Would buy another in a flash.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedOct 2006

A fantastic car!

I bought the 2005 3L estima for my growing family and business. This vehicle is comfortable, modern and the designers anticipated every need I could have thought of. When I got it I thought it would feel insecure to drive, it's so tall! But instead it is a solid, secure and well balanced power/manoeuvrability drive. The extra space inside allows easy travel from the front to the back seats, great for young families, and there's heaps of boot space.

Great for family day outings!

Mine is a 7 seater bought secondhand, 2015 model. Performance is great, fuel efficient for such a big car and V6 engine, pretty smooth and quiet drive. Just that passengers in the back row can feel more of the bumps and turns compared to those in front and the middle.

But what I like about this car is the ability to move the middle seats where both car seats are (one front facing and one rear facing) easily and widening the middle space for passengers to move to the back and also preventing harsh sun on the kids during summer. Next thing I love about this car is the boot space and ease of lowering the back row seats for bigger boot space. Lastly the safety features where the door does not automatic open when gear is not in park.

The only I would recommend is never to get a light coloured interior and if only the boot door is automatic that will be perfect as the boot door tend to get stucked when opening. Not sure why.

But this is indeed a people mover as I use this for kids, grandparents and hubs and I.

Engine Size3.5
Date PurchasedJan 2017

No Lumbar support ,2 fake A/C outlets at back

Great to drive but not economic to run ,couple of my friends convert the van into LPG. I use the van as maxi Taxi my average spending is $55 .
When my friends converred into LPG the average went into $35. The coast to convert the van is around $4000.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedDec 2016

I need infomation on this vehicle

This car has only done 75k which is very low for a car of this age and I would like to hear any problems if anyone has got one or owned one it has been very well looked after and in very good condition I am thinking of buying it but don't know about parts for an imported model


Does the job!

Its clearly the best in people movers! Ours is a 2007 Toyota Estima G/ Tarago GLX, its an 8 seater and comes with dual electric sliding doors, electric tailgate, electric folding mirrors, bluetooth controls on the steering wheel, rear tinted windows, multi function display on speedometer, rear DVD player which plays from the speakers - ours comes with the $4000 sound system option
Driving experience:
This doesn't feel like a van, it feels like an average sedan, when you go up a hill on low throttle it automatically chooses the right gear to go up - ours is the 3.5L V6 model, the corners are fair but not best, on tight corners the vehicle tends to roll a bit, ours has three cameras - front, rear and left side!
Bad things about the interior
I don't like the idea of where the cup holders are - they look small and misplaced, Toyota seriously, you could have made a center console there!
- Only if there was a HUD display, the speedometer is too far towards the left of your field of vision
Running costs and reliability
Being a Toyota its what you expect, reliability is kept at its best and for fuel for us once a week $50 for a full tank, not bad for a heavy car!


Amazing hearty car

I have had my Tarago for 11 years. It has only given me trouble when l left on the interior light. When you have 3 kids at all different schools, you need a reliable car. I am ready to update my car, but it is just such a great car to give away. The only gripe I have is that it is not the most comfortable car which was a 2002 Gli. Otherwise the car has been through thick and thin


2014 Tarago Ultima V6

The build quality is excellent, as one would expect in relation to a car that has been on the market for 8-9 years. In many respects the quality of the Tarago is Lexus-like. Personally, I think the leather is superior to the Mercedes.
The drive is terrifically smooth. The combination of the ride, engine and transmission is silky. The 3.5 litre V6 is responsive and always in the right mood.
As mentioned by others, the third row does not have ISOFIX nor does it have a latch to tether a child seat. It is, however, suitable for booster seats (children aged 5 and above usually). For our family that is fine, we have the 5 year old at the back.
The middle row of captain chairs are equipped with ISOFIX and have a latch at the bottom rear of the chair. The captain chairs are quite handy as the can move forward/back and side-to-side. We have our baby and 2 year old in the captain chairs. The power sliding doors are so handy with kids, as is the keyless entry and start. The air-conditioning is spectacular: so much better than European counterparts in Australian weather.
The xenon headlights are powerful and the adaptive system works well.
Now for the complaints:
1) a reversing camera is not standard (you can have a genuine one fitted and there is already a hole for it in the rear chrome garnish in the tailgate);
2) the speakers are awful (In Asia they have the option of a far superior sound system with tweeters built into the front door);
3) the rear tailgate is not electrically powered (again in Asia they have this option available);
4) the DVD player does not play it sound through the car's audio system but ONLY through the infra red headphones which are curiously too large for small children (again in Asia the DVD player can play sound through the sound system);
5) the AVN navigation head unit is counter-intuitive and confusing to use (that being said, once learned it becomes manageable);
6) the mirrors do not retract automatically.
7) the speedometer is difficulty to read due to its distance from you and it's central placement: it really should be digital given that it is so far away from the line of sight;
8) the bluetooth phone function can only be operated from the head unit, which distracts one from driving (in Asia - i sound like a broken record - they are on the steering wheel);

A lot of my grievances are with the specification of the Australian model. I have inferred that the Japanese spec head unit must not have been compatible with Australia (presumably from a navigation perspective). But there have been knock-on effects in functionality that really frustrate me. The other commissions are hard to fathom, except from a costs saving perspective. But you know what? I would have rather optioned mine up and then waited a few months for it to built and shipped. But this is not the Toyota way it seems.

Having aired my grievances, I can still say hand on heart that there is no better vehicle out there for our family. It's just that - it could so easily have been perfected. Despite this, we love it.

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Questions & Answers

I have toed a pop top caravan, horse float & car trailer (no car) with my 2004 Gli Tarago & the inside of my rear tires have worn badly. My mechanic says to replace the rear axel & my best friend who is an automotive engineer says to replace the bearings. Fantastic vehicle & don't want to lose it, no oil leaks with only 261k on the clock & great fuel economy. What should I do about the rear end??
No answers

Hi, Headlights stay on when turn ignition turned off. Lights previously turned off when hopped out of car. What is causing this?
1 answer
Hi Bucket. Did you previously have the headlights setting on "auto" and then changed the setting to something else? I'm convinced that some cars will for some reason flick the switch to another setting by themselves and you have to switch it back. Otherwise it may be an electrical issue and you may want to call an auto-electrician

What oil should I use for my Toyota Tarago 2007 petrol?
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