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Trimplex Elite

Trimplex Elite

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I kept receiving this product after cancelling this fake advertisement. I have about 10 bottles of each which is not true to their advertising. I want. Full refund the more reviews I read the more I can see I got roped off big time.

Purchased in June 2018.


I think the other reviews say it all SCAMMERS still fighting with them CURRENT AFFAIR is next I didn't even open the bottle and I found this on FACEBOOK !!!!!!


I'm planned to take this matter to television stations to expose the fact that there are so many duped people, lies being told , funds being illegally attained. You are scam artists and I'll see what consumer affairs say about you ripping people off.

DON'T want any more! Tried to phone but get a message that they are inundated with phone calls.

NOT GOOD!!!! NOT able to contact supplier or even an address to send the both of them back. Wrote and said not to even dare take out any money from our credit card!!

Be Careful Patrons

What I ordered is not what I received, very deceptive, I will never ever order again from this Company, I was still charged for wrong prosucts, after being informed it was their mistske! Absolute rip off and corrupt!

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This is a scam be careful


Can't believe this happened. Received nothing. Tasted nothing. Then was charged to my bank account. Scammers and this should not be allowed. I want my money back. Legal action should be taken into account.

poor customer service, read the fine print carefully

Ordered my trial bottle on 29th april, now 19th may and still not in sight. Have emailed their customer support and have had the trial period extended. Bottom line is, its a scam and nothing else. I have informed them that I have reported them to Consumer affairs and that will take legal action against them if they attempt to take any payments from account.
Anyone interested in doing a class action against these scammers?

Read the fine print!

I ordered my "free trial" bottle of trimplex on 16 April, I received it in the mail today (9 May) only to find that it is $141 after the trial period of 14 days from the date ordered (which I didn't realise). So how am I supposed to trial a product I haven't received??? I rang the customer call centre to cancel the trial bottle and send it back, the lady from customer service informed me that $141 has already been taken out of my credit card on 6 May, as the 14 day trial time had elapsed while it was in transit (how convenient). I told her that I had only received the product today, so how do I know if I liked it or not before I had even received it. She was actually very nice to deal with, and told me that because I had already been charged that I didn't have to return the product and she canceled any further payments being taken out. Although I'm annoyed at having been charged, I chalk this up to realising that if something sounds too good to be true it usually is, lesson learnt! Don't fall this scam.

*** READ the SMALLPRINT $280 PER month for Trimplex Elite & Cleanse Booster *** direct from your cre

Most definitely READ the small print - I was told EXACTLY the same thing - my 2 x trial products arrived on the
21st of April and they deducted the $280 from my account on the 20th of April - and had the audacity to advise me I hadn't requested an extension of the trial period of 14 days therefore because they had not heard from me my account was automatically processed - YOU CAN buy the same product ingredient/combination from ANY good health store - seriously - this is a total con - TRY and find the smallprint in the terms & conditions that actually gives you the ongoing actual price - good luck - they offer to give you a 25% discount, persevere then they offer you a 50% discount BUT you get a 100% discount if you return it - 2 of my friends opted to return... they snail-mailed it back overseas with the packaging (original) - neither package apparently ever, ever arrived so they were both still charged anyway and both had to cancel via the bank on this company trying to take more money on the next shipment ******* PLEASE READ the terms & conditions before you proceed with this ********
They have perfected this technique very, very well in extracting $ from your account - wish I had not been so stupid to think this was a reputable business - same 2 x products on ebay for $136 Trimplex Elite and Cleanse Booster - but lots of options with exactly the same spec ingredients at your local healthstore !!
Hope this helps someone else from being a sucker like me.

Read the fine print!

I saw the 30 days free tria and signed up. I was then told - after being charged $280 a month for two products (!!!) that it was a 15 days and if I didn't return it is be charged the full amount. Apparently it was in the terms and conditions. This was certainly dubious as if I had seen the price I would never have signed on!

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How can you talk to someone. Is there a customer service number.
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There was a number on the letter I got with the delivery but don't have it anymore. Sorry.send them an email.. I had to threaten to take them to consumer affairs..they will respond to emails but the phone numbers are phony.I got a phone number on the letter they gave me, they answered and I got to speak to someone. I just told her to cancel my subscription (which I didn't ask for in the first place), and not charge me anymore. Hopefully she did cancel it and I don't get charged again.


Trimplex Elite
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