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Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple

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Triumph bonneville

So I bought a 2009 fuel injectord bonneville, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical, but now I would recommend it. It a great medium to large cc motorcycle for ya everywhere go naked cruising machine.
So if anybody wants to contact me and ask a question, by all means do so. And ask for Angelo the great, I’ll try to answer all your questions

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Speed Triple R

I have owned this bike since new in 2014. Since then I have done a lot with this bike. Weekends away, commuting and a few track days.

I do love this bike and give it five stars. I think it is a really well balanced motorcycle that is both safe and flatters your riding. I think the strongest positive point of the bike are the brakes and handling. The frame is so balanced cornering is excellent. Handling is neutral and very predictable and confident. This allows you to dominate the bike and push very hard. I have the R model and find Ohlins precise. Adjusting suspension makes a real differences and track settings are firm and just what you want. Triumph have done an excellent job and I have never felt the need to improve the suspension in any way. More than can be said for many Jap bikes I have owned. I found no fade on the Brembo brakes and have had them smoking hot. On track the handling and brakes allow you to catch faster bikes by braking deep and late into corners. Ground clearance is generous and allows confident lean angles. The bike looks and sounds amazing. I have three into one with carbon pipe which has a deep burbling sound. The speed is a soulful ride and many people have commented on it's looks and sound.

It was designed as a road bike and this is where it shines best. Double headlights are high and prominent and allow drivers to see you well. You can see over cars and see what's happening ahead. Your head isn't stuck facing the road like a sport bike. Seating and positioning is very comfortable and can be ridden all day. Fuel efficiency is excellent with 350kms to a tank on open roads. Pillion is okay for short runs or for small people. Does it wheelie - of ccourse it does it's a speed triple. Keep in mind no fairing so highway wind and rain are right at you. It is an excellent road mannered bike and accommodates well when things get complicated with unexpected incidents. It will keep up with most sport bikes on the road simply because it has ample handling,brakes and power in that environment sport bikes can't use their power anyway.

To be honest for track use the bike is not completely powerful enough. In a straight line bikes like Ducati 899 and of course BMW 1000 etc will leave you standing. On the track the Triple will see the rev limiter often. I found I can cut it with almost any bike in braking and cornering and often catch up. But on the straight it's just simply not there. I have to qualify this statement by saying the speed is not primarily track bike. It has the right amount of power for the naked bike that it is. The engineers have resisted the temptation to make it monsterously powerful like a Tuono but seriously most of the time this will save you. It has the right amount of power for a sensible and even experienced rider to keep you interested. It is a very well balanced bike. Get a sport bike for track and save the Triumph for being a totally satisfying, great looking, excellent sounding road bike.

I have not spared my bike and ridden it quite hard. It has NEVER broken down once. If I had my time again with this bike I would have babied it and treated it as the classic it really is. I think the Speed has tons of style and graceful manners and is a completely engaging road bike. Like most Triumphs they seem to age gracefully and have a cult following as being unusual & good looking enough to stand out in a crowd of Japanese makes.

An excellent soulful road bike. Mine will not be for sale any time soon.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

The most powerful

What a bike and speed.
Amazing bike, the 2009 was the last year to have the round bug eye headlights, after that the design team at triumph discovered the joys of heavy drug use.
The 1050 triple provides brilliant power and torque, the figures seem modest compared to many modern super bikes and there naked spin offs such as the cb100rr, fz1 and aprillia offering but the speed is by no means a slouch offering more then enough get up and go on road and track alike.

The next iteration of the king of the naked road bikes

Choosing a bike is never an easy process. It usually involves test riding heaps of bikes that you're interested in. Last year my Triumph Street Triple was ridden off thanks to a truck driver who viewed road signs as more of a guide, rather than set in stone rules of what you can and cannot do. Anyway, it was time to choose a new bike and while the Street triple was perfect for me in every way, I decided that it would be better to ride something new. As a fan of Triumph motorcycles, 2016 couldn't be a better year to think about ridding one of their new machines. The Street Twin looked appealing and rides great, then there's the new Thruxtons which I've heard are amazing. But when I started to see the reviews come out about the improvements that have been made to the New Speed Triple I put my money down for one of the first ones that came into the country.
I could not be happier with my choice! The new speedy is such a nice bike! It has a far better gearbox thanks to the slip assist clutch, the ride-by-wire makes the throttle control extremely precise and the overall balance of the bike is awesome! Really awesome bike for honing around on but because of the refinements, it's also fantastic for just cruising, dipping into corners and smoothly riding about on. The bike also looks really modern and the styling changes really bring it into the 21st century.
Overall 5 stars because I can't pick a fault with this machine!

great bike

my second triumph and a great example. the 2009 was the last year to have the round bug eye headlights, after that the design team at triumph discovered the joys of heavy drug use.
the 1050 triple provides brilliant power and torque, the figures seem modest compared to many modern super bikes and there naked spin offs such as the cb100rr, fz1 and aprillia offering but the speed is by no means a slouch offering more then enough get up and go on road and track alike.
upright position and wide bars mean its comfortable in town and handles well in the bends, breaks are top notch as is the suspension when adjusted to rider weight, some say its in need of immediate replacement but i would refute this, although i am a lighter rider.
its a tad heavy to be a fast group contender in average hands but lets be honest most of us will be blown off before we hit the top speed or wish we had been.

good fun street bike with true hooligan potential, well designed and reliable with appealing design, new bikes can be fitted with proper headlights for the purest or those with working eyes.
engine, reliability, handling.
pillion comfort

Amazing bike!

Nice looking bike that handles well through the twisties and goes like a demon! Very comfortable too with a nice upright riding position. Will keep up with the supersport bikes as well. Sounds great with aftermarket exhausts or even the standard ones. The three cylinder engine gives you all the good bits from a twin and a four. Nice and torquey and the power is in a usable rpm range for the street - you don't have to rev the guts out of it to get it going.

The bike is very easy to ride and inspires confidence. I came from a 1000cc sport bike and could never go back, it's just so much more comfortable and offers equivalent performance on the street, long rides are no problem now!

The suspension works well on smooth roads but on rough and pot-holed roads it's uncomfortable.

The only downsides in my opinion are the lack of a fuel gauge and overly firm suspension.
Just about everything
No fuel gauge and firm suspension

great review, currently looking to buy Speed Triple. worried about firm suspension asI'm only 75 kilo's. Test ride today.You should be OK, I weight the same. You can always take the bike to a proper suspension centre and have them set it up with you sitting on it.Thanks, Bought the bike, and have spoken to a local bike suspension specialist, he said the same thing,he will set it up for me using existing suspension, and if not satisfactory will upgrade forks to suit. Otherwise, I love the bike, power delivery is so awesome compared to jap four, so torquey low down in the rev range.

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Speed Triple
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