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Triumph Thruxton

Triumph Thruxton

1200 and 1200 R
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Good bike but not the best

Had 2011 triumph thruxton, bought brand new from procycles Sydney: Good points: - lower seat, - vintage cafe racer look, - engine is awesome, - comfy seat for rider n passenger, easy to ride. .................Bad points: rear shocks are terrible( need to get after market one), - for better performance n sound need to replace exhaust ( esp. arrow- expensive), rego n ctp is pricey, annoying handle lock, difficult to clean wheels, although it’s a annual service it’s quite pricey( about $600 if you perform at triumph dealers)... hope this helps

Date PurchasedJun 2013

What a heap of crap

Heavy, under-braked, under-damped and under-done. I owned a 1969 T120R. Wish I still did. The Thruxton I rode (2013) was slower, handled worse and didn't have the pizazz of the original. Needless to say I told the dealer what to do with it. Highly disappointing. Let's hope the new one is better.

A stylish starting point

If you're reading this review, it's because you want (or have bought) a Thruxton, you like the look, the style or the history. There are other bikes (a Ducati monster for example) that will out accelerate, corner and brake and give you a far superior riding experience, but like me, you wanted a classic look and feel.
As soon as I got it home I set about making it "mine" (or better suited to me) as others have stated, the suspension is not good (new springs and fork oil in the front helps, new piggybacks in the rear) and a Zard 2into1 exhaust and remap gave me a better low end punch. I wasn't happy with how the bike fell into corners so after playing with tyres, rake and trail (adjusting the forks up and down the trees, and changing the height of the rears) I ended up fitting a steering damper and just living with the fact shes top heavy. There are so many things not quite right with this bike, from the seat comfort to the position of the key, and the side stand access... But you can change all those things and that's the fun in owning a cafe racer isn't it. The joy in owning a motorcycle is how big a smile it puts on your face, the Thruxton isn't for everyone (but neither is a 200hp supersport) but it's a wonderful "modern" classic

It is what it is

I've recently (2015) bought a new Thruxton and a Bonneville Newchurch, replacing a CBR1000RR and a Honda Varadero respectively. Having owned over 160 motorcycles of all types over the last 45 years, and raced maybe another 40 for their various owners with a degree of success, I think I'm fairly well qualified to comment.

The Thruxton's made down to a price, with modest performance and modest suspension to suit, but fits its style perfectly. You'd go a long way to see a bespoke "café" bike that looks better, or functions better for that matter.

It's a lot of fun on a twisty back road stock standard. I have no intention of changing anything from stock until I get a gutsful of the lack of damping in the rear shocks, though at present the bouncy castle ride just makes me smile.

It would have to be a pretty radical 60's Umph that had more poke than a new Thruckie. (I know, I've classic raced a very quick 750 Triton).

{Edit: Since writing the above, I've also bought a 2015 build Scrambler. These things are just ideal for my "just bopping around on bikes whose looks I like" riding. I should also mention that I did a 2400km tour in Australia - Brisbane to Bathurst and back via various backroads - recently on a 2015 H-D Road King, and found it a much less capable and comfortable tourer than my Bonneville.]

[Further edit: I replaced the Thruxton's rear radial tyre with a crossply to match the new crossply front - stock front was crossply. The ride is a bit harsher, but the handling is much improved, with the front end now refusing to wash out when you push it hard, and the ride is much less bouncy. I presume the radial rear/crossply front that is standard on this and some other Triumphs was intended to give a more comfortable ride, but I'll take the improvements I've mentioned here any day.]

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Beautiful bike but needs some tweaking.

I bought a new 2014 Thruxton after lusting over it for a year. I have had Jap and English bikes in the past so I am familiar with old and new machines. After reading many reviews I understood that the suspension was not that great but for the first time in a long time I bought a bike for form over function. I went on a demo ride at the local dealer and that particular bike had Arrow 2 into 2 pipes on it. I loved the sound so I ordered a set of pipes to go on my new bike. I picked up the bike but the pipes were not in yet so I took it and booked a pipe change at first service, along with a remap.

I was not prepared for the change the pipes made, my fuel mileage plunged from 55+-mpg to 44+-mpg and the exhaust stunk of raw fuel. The bike loaded up like a 2 stroke sometimes as well. I thought I had made a big mistake but decided to keep the bike and start sorting it out. First I bought an OBD cable and installed a different fuel map. That helped but it was still running rich and the bike had an off-idle throttle snatch/silly that drove me crazy. Also, the stock suspension sucks, anyone who says different is lying or has not ridden many motorcycles. It was rough and jarring over all imperfections on the road. The steering felt nervous and I would have to make corrections mid turn to maintain my line.

Unfortunately winter arrived so the bike got put away. Over the winter I made some changes to the bike in an effort to get it running and handling better. I replaced the rear shocks with TEC aluminum piggy back reservoir shocks, the fork springs and fork oil with Progressive progressively wound springs & 5wt fork oil.

In the fuel department I blocked off the air injection, removed the 02 sensors, the airbox snorkle, airbox baffle, and replaced the air filter with a high flow unit plus a high flow airbox "cover". I also purchased an aftermarket fuel map tailored to the changes I had made in intake and exhaust.

This spring I took it out to discover how the bike ran and handled now. In the engine department I am happy to report the bike is now running beautifully. The off idle silliness is almost gone, hooray! I am not yet sure if fuel milage is better but I suspect it will not be as good as stock.

The bike now rides much smoother but I still am not satisfied with the front end as it still does not feel planted and tends to move around a bit. Not sure what I will do there, maybe a fork brace or different tires are needed.

If I were to do it again I would work on the suspension first and get that sorted out as it is my biggest beef. All the fueling issues were a result of me wanting louder pipes.

Bottom line is that there are many bikes out there that are sorted out from new and will give a more satisfying all around experience. There are however, not many bikes that look that good and exude "coolness" like the Triumphs do. If you are looking for a retro styled bike and are not afraid to spend some money and time sorting the machine out, this is a fun bike.

Good bike, but not without its flaws.

I have owned my 2011 Thruxton for two years. It is a beautiful machine to look at but offers fairly average performance for a modern bike. New exhausts are a must. I have the Arrow 2-into-2 system and it sounds awesome. Pirelli Sport Demons are a good upgrade from the stock Metzlers and they reduced some of the front end 'chatter' that it gave me when I first got it. Wish I could afford to upgrade the suspension too as the stock springs are comfortable but do not aid performance.

My gearbox, however, is silky smooth and the front brake is good enough. The engine has a lovely note and good torque but I wish it had another 20hp. The seat is also a little uncomforatble on longer rides, but I've learnt to shift around into positions that minimise that. It's a bit of a chore at slow speeds, too; the narrow tyres and top-heavy weight makes it want to flop over on u-turns or in the driveway, so be careful. Its wet weight is 230kg so it's not a light bike. Once in motion though, it handles well and in third gear rolling through long, sweeping corners at 80-100km/hr it is very stable and an absolute joy to ride.

Many people find it brutally uncomfortable, too, so a long test ride is a MUST.

In short, if you want a great LOOKING bike and are prepared to lower your standards in regards to performance, the Thruxton is a great bike. Don't listen to the enthusiasts, though, it is NOT a sports bike no matter how you ride it. My Street Triple handles, brakes and accelerates in a way the Thruxton never will.

+ Awesome engine note, beautiful styling, decent brakes, good torque and great finish.
- A bit lacking in power, suspension a little lacking under harder riding, side stand hard to operate and separate steering lock is fiddly.


Still under waranty, just. Going back to the shop for the third time to find the leak. Third Triumph I've owned, the only brand new one ever. Pretty sad when the old 68' Trophy handles better!
looks tops and now goes like it should, new pipes and a re-jet.
Front-end wobble at the slightest bump and tries to tank slap at speeds over 140. Remember the old oil leak jokes? With the one I got they're apropriate.


A great all round bike, good for any occasion even touring.
Highly recommend this bike if your after a lean mean handling machine.
Take one for a ride and you will see what I mean.

I just want ti ride!!!
Hi I just picked up my 2011 thruxton last Thursday and have travelled 600 k' s on it , I've had all sorts of sport bikes over the years but this one is just so much fun to ride I think she will stay with me for a long time.
Mine has the handle bars on top so no clip ons , the handling is fantastic , she's not a race horse but all the power is usable in today's speed camera infested roads.
Stopping power is great and engine breaking is really good, I hardly had to use the breaks in any corner I came across.
Mine is fitted with stay in tunes and allows the bike to breath as it should.
I bought it for ride days and riding to work as well as anything I want to do her

The seat is a bit hard but I did not suffer in the 600 k trip at all.
Great sitting position coupled with great handling and breaking means heeps of fun.
Fuel economy was good to at around 225 ks per 9 liters of fuel ( she drinks less than my Rocket3 ).
Steering lock a bit dodgy

a great bike with excellent value for money.

I have found my 2010 thruxton to be one of the most enjoyable bikes I have owned over a 30 year period.
Sporty enough for quick spits through the twisty bits and cool as cucucumbers around town with the looks department.

With a set of Staintune mufflers it sounds the part.(late sixties british of couse)make sure you t it remapped though ($30 from the dealer)

Comfortable to ride, and I have covered 500ks in one hit with no problems and I am a fifty year old with dubious level of fitness.
But if you were REALLY out of condition and overweight you may find it hard work.

The suspension is set up to a price and in most circumstances it works fine, but when pusing the envelope it has weaknesses that are not unerverving but makes you curse that you can't take the twisty bits as fast asyou would like. This is only a problem at the pointy end of rides.

Engine pulls like a train and encourages you to ride with the torque pulling you out of the corners(Old Style). It is no super dazzler sportsbike and I think it is better for not even trying to cross that bridge.

All in all I am satisfied with the finish of the paint and cycle parts, again a to a price but def. not cheap.

Good value for money as a retro cafe runner that can do longer distance runs with no difficulties, also more than able to take most twisies in its stride so long as you forgive the suspension sometimes
Great looks, good build quality, great price, competent mid-distance tourer with rack, fun weekend blaster
Suspension built to a price,piffle original mufflers-really needs staintunes or Arrows, may not suit people with dire fitness issues.

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Not as good in power as an original 750.It has no guts.

Best of the bunch

I've seen it called a sports bike for cruiser riders, and that's probably not far off the mark. Standard she's a nice enough bike but if your like me she won't stay that way for long, After all it is a cafe racer and they're normally a work in progress. Unlike modern sports bike's where your hard pressed to improve them much and probably wont get within coooeee of their limits anyway, the Thruxton has plenty of scope for practical improvements. A good bike for the tinkerer, especially in carburated form. I've spent many enjoyable hours sorting out the handling and improving the engines breathing as well as a few cosmetic mods. In the saddle she's quite relaxing, but can lift up her skirts and scamper along quite well if the occasion requires it. Won't keep up with a well ridden sports bike at the limits but still very enjoyable and not all that far behind at rides end.
It's a Triumph and looks good. Won't temp you into warp factor 5. easy to work on.
Not much, some of the alloy bits corrode, carb to aircleaner boots rotted and replaced under warranty


This is my first bike in 20 years (I'm 48). It is the most fun I've had in yonks. All the style of the 69 bonny with more performance and modern day reliability. I use the bike as a daily ride and clock up 500km per week - all of it on the open (Aussie) backroads. She is ideally suited to this style of riding - comfortable, stable, yet nimble, and reasonably powerful. I bought a 2008 model with 800km on the clock - an even older bloke couldn't stand the riding position. The bike was fitted with Staintune mufflers and a K&N filter. I changed main jets to 125s and have ordered a 'D' tool for the mixture screws from the US. The jet change led to a surprising and substantial improvement in performance. Love this Bike!
This bike has style, simplicity and performance. Home serviceability ( I am 200+kms from the nearest dealer)is a feature - the forums are fabulous and the valve shimming ISN'T that daunting!
The factory mirrors were useless - elbows only - the (Napoleon) Triumph barends are brilliant.


If you like to ride at or below 100mph / 160km/h, this is the bike. If you want a bike that breaks the sound barrier, buy something else. I love mine and don't intend to get rid of it, ever.
Fun fun fun! As long as you don't expect modern sport bike performance, that is not what this bike is about!
Stock seat is uncomfortable after a moderate ride, stock exhaust is too strangled. All easily fixed though.


I have the late 09 model in black. I ride to work every day and have people asking me questions at every traffic lights. Best comment- 'Glad someone remembers who won the war'. I have Triumph performance pipes that set car alarms off as I ride past. My bike sits in the window at work were I day dream of corners on the way home. Everyday someone walks around it and drools. I have had more people take photos on my bike in the carpark that of any other vehicle I have ever owned. Beautiful to look at and magic to ride.
Classic style of a by-gone era. Pure Cafe Racer looks. Quick and easy to drop in.


As a classic sports bike with modern reliability and performance (that doesn't outshine the suspension) the Thruxton is hard to beat. The gearbox is as sweet as I've used in a long time, and besides a failry tall first gear, is well matched to the 900 twin. Not riding around with a constant smile on your face is difficult on this bike as even at the speed limit the sound and feel are reminiscent of classics of the past. It does feel and look very special. Unless your addicted to sports bike riding positions don't expect to commute on the Thruxton. Overall, a great bike and perfect for those weekend rides through the hills or along the ocean road.
Is there a better looking bike on the market? Classic styling with modern reliability. Most attention grabbing bike I've ever owned. Great value and enormus fun as a weekend ride.
Couldn't ride it every day due wonderful looking (but low) clip on's. The suspension is fairly rudimentary, with pre-load on the front and rear the only adjustment.

a magnificent machine i have a RED 2008 model the first with EFI got rid of the polution stuff (filled a 20 ltr bucket with it) the thing is a crowd puller no matter where i stop got rid of the rear guard and indicators fitted a rear extention for the no plate and small bullet indicators a set of moose rear shocks and factory race pipes. i have a street triple r as well another drool machine totally extraed up, but i love riding the thruxton when i can get my son off of it.im a sixty five year young bloke with a need for a trusting fast handleing bike the thruxton and the street triple r fill this hole for me. LOVE IT.I bought a slightly used 2012. Diablo red,in September. 2300 miles with D&D chrome exhaust, air injection delete, remap and 19 tooth front sprocket. Great bike that gets too much attention even from the Harley folks. I did want a Norton 961s but for about 1/3 the money, I'm very happy. It's about 470 lbs. and handles very nicely. Seems just a little twitchy in the steering at 70+mph, might try a steering damper or different tires later. Great all around bike with plenty of power and torque. If you like really pretty bikes and don't have compensation issues this ones works well.


You can park this bike with Duks, Sporty Jap's and Harleys and without a doubt the attention will be the Trumpy
I purchased the bike based on what I grew up with. I like the fuel injection and the way they have kept the carby look. the new all black paint on the mud gards, the redesign of the spokes in the rims. The choice of handle bars rather than the clip on's, it solves the long trip problems.
Rear wheel spoke problems on the early modles.

Questions & Answers

I can't decide between the Thruxton and the Standard Bonnie. I love the looks of the Thruxton to bits, but worry if my wife would feel the same way when she comes to ride pillion. Is there even a pillion seat below that gorgeous cowl? The dealer guy said that a 'pillion seat' had to be purchased separately. But then Triumph have just arrived in India and I'm suspicious that the dealers are not yet up to scratch on features. My intent is weekend rides and the occasional ride to work - none exceeding 100 kms in a day. Once in a blue moon, a highway blast involving 4-6 hours on the saddle for two. Can more experienced Thruxters help with this?
4 answers
Bonnie is better for doubling. Thruxton seat goes under the cowl and yes it's a full seat already.Thanks roadrunning123. Do you ride either of the two? In case you're on a Thrux, would it be possible to post a shot of the OE seat minus the cowl? I take it, dynamically, there isn't much to differentiate between these two, except the ergos on the sportier setup on the Thrux. True?Unfortunately I don't have the thruxton anymore but the seat is exactly the same as the Bonnie only with a cowl over it.

Gong back to bikes after my family has grown up and am looking at buying a "handlebar" version of this machine, I am 6 foot over 50 and wonder if it will be too small; honest answers appreciated?
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Mate I'm 6 ft and close to 50 I weigh 95 kg and I ride a Bonnie. Go for I say you won't regret it they are truly a fun comfortable and practical bike. Weather you choose a Bonnie se or t100 or thruxton or any other model you will have lots of fun. Good luck with your choice and safe riding to you. Regards Roadrunning123.

I have a 2008 thruxton and at present is stopping after 30 minutes of riding. After cooling for 15 minutes it then starts and runs for another 10 or so minutes then stops. I have Staintune pipes and have recently fitted a Air Injection removal kit. Has anyone had this problem?
5 answers
First of all we have to establish if its efi or carb ? If its efi then did you get it re mapped ? If you have done the change over right then I would say your alternator or charging system is faulty. Reason being that the bike will only run for a short time because it drains your battery then when you stop and wait a bit the battery regains a bit of charge and she will run for a short time again. With out testing it personally its hard to say but I would be checking the charging side of the bike. Cheers Hope this helps you PaulIt could also be the pressure relief hose for your tank could be blocked. If you did an air box mod it's more than likely to be the breather hose. Check it be fore you do anything else Cheers Paul.Thanks Paul I will check that hose. Harry


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