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UK Prepaid Sim Card

UK Prepaid Sim Card

3.5 from 16 reviews

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I paid $46.45 for express post delivery service. My sim arrived after I had left and was returned unopened by my family for a refund which was never processed. This organization is not efficient.
Pat Beattie

Purchased in May 2019 for $46.45.

Very good value for under 30 days in Europe

The card was delivered and installed without problems and proved to be good and reliable for Europe calls, text and data. However the GBP10 add-on for calls to Australia seems to be charged at a higher rate than advertised and was quickly consumed.

Purchased in June 2019 for $57.00.

I think this website is a scam!! Took my money! No SIM arrived, cannot contact anyone!

UKprepaidsimcar.com.au please refund me my money. I paid for a SIM card $49.95 and then paid extra for express post. Your site promises delivery one day after dispatch which is one day after payment with express post. However 4 days later no SIM, no email response, only a message bank on phone number and now i have to leave overseas with no SIM.

Purchased in July 2019 for $49.95.

A Great Uk Sim Card Provided Here In Australia.

My wife and I travelled overseas between 20 May and 5 July 2018; visiting England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Orkney and the Shetlands. We obtained the prepaid data card for our iPad before we left Sydney. We received the card by mail in the promised time; the data service automatically engaged when we arrived in England; and data was available to us in all of the countries we visited. An excellent service without a hiccup. I would highly recommend this service and I will use it again when I next visit the UK.

Saviour sim

I made a few calls and connected with others. internet worked very well and shared it by hotspot.
europe trip was from aug 26 - sept.17, 2018. thanks to uk pre-paid sim card.

SIM CORNER for Europe and UK data and calls

Have just returned from 10 weeks in Europe and the UK using SIM corner prepaid cards. Had to buy 4 because of the amount of time away and our itiniary but they were great in our iPhones, no need to do anything other than put them in your phone and with 12 gig of data we never ran out even though we used them for navigation. Only place they didn’t work was Russia! Also topped 1 up in the UK at a 3 shop easy peasy. Highly recommended!

Worked a treat

Our time with the UK prepaid sim card was a seamless experience; from delivery to returning home.
Everything worked as promised.
It was really helpful to have a phone number to provide before we left home so contact details for SmartTraveller, tours, friends and family, hotels, etc, rather than purchasing a card in London on arrival at Heathrow.
We would definitely use it again.

Didn’t arrive!

I purchased a card and paid additional for the Express Post. It never arrived. I have a locked mail box, so clearly it was delivered to the wrong address as Australia Post shows it was delivered. They did not respond to emails for three days, despite me contacting them daily and then said that there is nothing they can do and they will not issu a replacement card. Never use them.

Buy when you touch down in Europe

I purchased their Sim Card for $49.45 and it never worked so I purchased one on arrival for €10 and used it in France, Spain, Belgium and Italy worked perfectly

Great SIM - as promised it worked in numerous European countries

I traveled to Europe in August to October 2017 and needed a SIM that would work as soon as we had landed in Germany. The data on the card (9 to 10Gb) was great for calling friends and family via WhatsApp, Messenger, Duo from all over Europe and surfing the net. But the 200 minutes of UK calls that came with the card can be used up very quickly when calling people in europe. Re-charge takes 24 hours so not immediate.

October 7th 2018 Update: Great! Again!

Another Great experience with this SIM in Europe! As promised it worked as soon as we landed in Munich and all around the countries we visited in Europe. Used it every day to stay in touch with email, news, Trip Advisor etc and call and message family and friends back in Australia and in Europe using WhatsApp or Messenger. I saved the phone calls for calling people to book accommodation. That really worked well for me. It even worked in Singapore on the way home after 3 weeks of holiday. That was a surprise and unexpected bonus. Will use it again next trip to Europe.

iPhone Hot Spot didn't work. Phone, SMS and mobile that worked fine

Everything worked OK other than being able to use the SIM as a hot spot on an iPhone to give mobile data to another device (iPad). Disappointing as that was the reason we chose it.

Hopeless - wrong SIM twice

I paid for a phone SIM and fast delivery. The SIM arrived but was a data SIM not a phone SIM.
Tried to contact them - phone is just a series of messages - you can't speak to anyone. They tell you to use "any of the email addresses on our website" - there are none. Eventually found a comments submission box, and sent this.
They did reply and sent another SIM, but AGAIN it was the wrong one - a data not a SIM card.

They then emailed me to say they had made a mistake, and that it would not be possible to get the SIM to me in time for my trip.

In fairness, they have refunded me, but what a shambles!

April 5 2017 Update:

Following on from previous review I did, I ended up getting a SIM in the UK - it will take you 5 mins in a mobile shop - the supermarkets also have them. 20
GBP for 2000 mins, 2000 texts and 4GB data. Set up took 60 seconds. Don't waste your money getting one in advance in Aus - costs more and is a major hassle.

Good product and service

My husband and I just returned from a trip to the UK. We purchased a sim card each from www.ukprepaidsimcard.com.au.

I sent an email to the website providing positive feedback and they suggested I leave a review on Product Review, which I am more than happy to do!

The sim card was exactly what we were after. It was very confusing for us when we were researching the best sim card for the UK, but we were able to speak to www.ukprepaidsimcard.com.au on the phone to ask some questions before we purchased from them. The sim card internet speed was fast and we were able to call and text each other when we were doing our own things in London.

Thank you again for your service. Much appreciated.

Thank you for the excellent product and service

Just wanted to leave a review here for www.ukprepaidsimcard.com.au

We purchased a UK sim card for our daughter who is currently in London.

It was sent to us in Sydney quickly via Registered Post.

We were able to know our daughter's UK mobile number prior to her departure to London, which was comforting to know because as soon as she arrived in London, we were able to call her to make sure she was safe.

The business quickly answered some questions for us prior to our purchasing.

Thank you for the great service.

Worked Exactly As Expected - Fast Data Speeds

Recently bought a sim card from www.ukprepaidsimcard.com.au

Much easier than waiting until I got to the UK and getting it set up there. Needed the phone to be working as soon as I hit the ground at Heathrow.

Great coverage across London, and very fast data speeds (4G).

It also worked when we were in Paris and Rome.

Can highly recommend. Thanks.

Awesome! Saved Us On International Roaming.

I purchased a sim card from www.ukprepaidsimcard.com.au for our current European trip.

It arrived quickly to us in Sydney with clear set-up instructions.

I knew what my UK mobile number would be so I could update our flight details and our pick up from Heathrow airport with our UK number.

Worked flawlessly all across the UK with fast data speeds. We were able to call UK numbers which was handy for ringing restaurants, etc.

Best of all it worked when we were in France and Italy too!

Questions & Answers

How reliable is the TUK Sim card for Austria and Greece. Many of the reviews for travel sims don't inspire confidence nor assurance. Thanks. C
4 answers
That should read UK Sim (without T before it)Our last trip 3 months in Europe we used SIM Corner cards $40 for 12 GB and they were great!Thanks for your reply Trish. It's encouraging. Any tips on activating / using it, or challenges?

What SIM would you recommend for our Huawei portable wifi router? My wife and I are going for three weeks to South Korea and Japan in October and November. I doubt we will need to make calls but would use data for email, Facebook and FaceTime. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely John
1 answer
Sorry I have no idea

Will the UK travel sim also work in Amsterdam Belgium and Paris as we are travelling to these places as well as the UK?
2 answers
Sorry I didn’t get to use it as the sim failed activation, I purchased a Lebara on arrival for €9 and it worked all over Europe was fantastic, I didn’t go to the UKThe short answer is 'Yes'. I fly direct to Europe from Australia and the UK Sim has worked for us each time in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The european countries included in the coverage are listed on the web site. I am pretty sure that your destinations are listed there.

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