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Uniden ELITE 9135

Uniden ELITE 9135

9135 + 1, 9135 + 2 and 9135 + 3
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Really happy with these phones

I picked these phones up secondhand and couldn't be happier. I can see others aren't happy with them but maybe they received faulty units as mine work really well. No interference or noise during a call, sound volume and quality of call on voip is excellent and the bluetooth function works great. Someone said that adding numbers to the phonebook was hard but I didn't find that at all. Just read the manual and follow the directions.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

It's A Phone And It Works...

Having read all these bad review, i would like to say ive had mine since 2012 and have only had battery fail once, everything else is fine and still working. the phone book system is a little stupid but it still works. the call volume could be louder and more clear ( sometimes can't hear person on there other end. ) but that aside it still makes a call and receives calls.

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Horrible. Do not buy - Don't even consider

I usually never write reviews, but today I make an exception. Even with the manual I can't manage to add a new phone number to the phone book. I initially set up the phone book many months ago. Now I can't figure out how to add a new number. Phone book is really awful to use, extremely tedious, cumbersome and slow to navigate. This phone proves the saying beauty is only skin deep. Avoid.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Absolute garbage of a phone

I bought this 3 phone handsfree set 2 years ago to replace a good old Telstra system that I had for years. It was expensive & top of the range, I was advised. This Uniden system is a shocker. It's feedback is appalling. Every time I want to use handsfree, people at the other end constantly complain about noise & interference. I rang the Uniden helpdesk about the problem & was given some mediocre instructions by a girl that had no confidence about how to fix it. Needless to say the instructions never worked. The make of the phone set looks modern & sleek, but trust me, it is as tinny & cheap as you can get. The 3rd phone charger has now packed it in & I'm looking for a replacement phone set, & guess what, it will definitely NOT be a Uniden after this experience.

Wrong purchase.

Apart from the quite stylish design, the rest is so bad. The sound quality, background noise makes a lot of frustration and we, despite paying $260 are looking for a new phone. All in all this is terrible phone and I'm sorry I didn't read reviews for this model. It has many facilities but considering the overall quality it is useless. We regret disposing out 15 year old Panasonic phone set which was far better.

Sound quality is total rubbish!

We just bought this the latest Uniden Elite 9135 (+2) rom JB HiFi to replace our brilliant 17yr old Panasonic cordless phone - which had finally given up after years of trustworthy service and several replacement batteries. To put it bluntly this $200 Uniden is just crap! The sound quality and reception (incoming AND outgoing calls) compared to our great 17yr old Panasonic is quite distorted and echoey. I called my daughter (at home) from my mobile phone (was at the shops) and when she answered I could barely recognise her voice and barely understand what she was saying. How - after 17yrs can the technology and quality go so far backwards? Don't buy this phone!

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After several months of putting up with this hopeless phone we recently returned it as it just didn't improve. It's basically junk - need to be within about 15metres of the base station to get have anything remotely like a clear signal/conversation particularly from the person on the other end of the call. Our 17yr old Panasonic cordless phone (RIP) could easily be used from the neighbours back yard two doors down and still have a clear signal.

Echo echo echo.....

We have always had positive experiences with Uniden phones but this is simply the worst!
There is the constant echo that drives me nuts. If I use a headpiece then I need to pull the jack in and out a few times to make it go back to normal use. Also if you let the battery run out, once you place it back in the charging cradle it takes more than two days to reconnect to the line! Seriously TWO FRIGGIN DAYS!, which means it flashes on and off "searching" driving me insane with the constant flashing and the searching. One of the handsets even makes a audible click every time it flashes...brillianlty designed to push me to the edge of absolute insanity. We tried replacing the battery, but to no avail, money would have been better spent on a new phone. Was the most expensive model available at the time, but it is fairly obvious that it was assembled by a monkey with a stick.
Was best looking phone available at the time
Constant echo

Wish we had read reviews

The worst phone ever not happy at all what could be wrong is. Just stay away from this phone. We have always had Uniden but never again. Our friends say they can not hear us very clear & it echo's. The best thing is the look. Thinking of taking it back. :(
The look
The sound is terrible, on speaker you can not hear what people are saying

Extremely disappointing

Just looking at this system, it looked great. Initiat set was a little different from our last phone (Panasonic), but worked through that. Connected my mobile and uploaded phone numbers, saved them on the home phonebook then edited them and deleted what wasn't needed. However, whilst this is all good, the ring sounds are tinny, the phone reception was shocking and our callers complained. So switched back to our old phone and all good. Same phone connection cable, so the issue is the phone, not the connecting cable.
east to read
the bad reception, and the tinny sound

Disappointing performance

I bought this phone because it was the best looking of all the phones on display. The performance is less than satisfactory. Callers complain about the poor voice quality and the echo. The speaker is just hopeless and distorts badly even at lower volumes. I have just packed it up and am taking it back to change over for a Panasonic. My previous phone was a Uniden Elite and I have had problews with it too.
Great looks

This is the worst cordless phone I have ever had.

I have trouble with 95% of people I talk to on this phone telling me it's breaking up or crackling or similar .
I unplug this phone and use a normal house phone and everything is perfect..
I have tried everything but cannot make it work correctly and I am about to throw it out and try something else...The major problem I have is that I no longer have the receipt.
The looks

Points to consider

1. You mobile phone can not make calls through your land line.
2. With caller ID active from your provider, you need to populate the 'Home' address book if you wish to have callers named. Mobile calls are named when address book shared via BT.
3. Does not wall mount.
4. BT pairing (3 metres recommended - in manual) otherwise drop outs can occur.
5. 16 minutes answering machine memory possibly not suitable for business purposes.
6. Needs to be charged for a day before use.
Awesome unit for domestic use at its RRP
Manufacturer offers differing functions across range, no domestic product has all functions available in one unit

Returned product for a refund.

Got these phones as a Christmas present in white colour and although the phones have an excellent looking design they were marred by the following major problems:

1. Poor Reception. I live in a 4 bedroom full brick home. The base station was placed at one end of the home while the extra handset was placed upstairs at the other end of the home. They were about 10 metres apart with a concrete floor in the middle. I had to buy the signal extender (Uniden XDECT R002) as the extra handset could not connect to the base. The R002 worked but the signal was not 100% all the time and dropped out every now and then. What upset me was that my 7 year old Panasonic cordless phones had no issues with reception or signal strength and did not require the purchase of a range extender. Given that Uniden had 7 years to improve the technology in their phones I was expecting an "upgrade" over my Panasonics and not a "downgrade".

2. Poor Call Quality. Callers at the other end would complain that I sounded like I was talking on a mobile phone in a poor reception area even though I was using the base phone with the base only a couple of metres away.

3. Speaker phone not usable. Could not use the speaker phone as it distorted at louder volumes and made it hard to understand what the caller was saying. The speaker is either of poor quality or needs more wattage to handle louder volumes.

The other technological features in the Uniden (like bluetooth transfer,...) are good but what is the point of having them if the fundamentals (like being able to talk to each other without getting frustrated by poor reception or dropouts) of a phone are not up to scratch.

I returned the Uniden phones, have gone back to using my 7 year old Panasonic cordless phones and am happy again.
Good looking
Poor reception, poor call quality and speakerphone not usable at high volumes

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I agree with your review and found uniden customer service to deny any fault and offering me to go to a service centre to have them tested at my expense. I will never buy this brand again it was a complete waste of money

Great phone - especially bluetooth functionality

I Bought this phone about 3 months ago and followed instruction manual, sync'd 3 x mobile phones to the base station and it works brilliantly. You can answer or make phone calls directed to a mobile phone with the handset and download the phonebook of a mobile to the handsets. I read the reviews of the previous model and almost avoided this phone due to the reports of echoing and poor reception, but this phone is great even from the boundary of my home on a 750sqm block. My home is single storey so i can't say how it would perform in a multi storey home, however i have used it within the roof a couple of times without interference of issue. Great product
great reception, bluetooth, clear audio
nothing to mention after 3 months of use

Do you know if you can you use a bluetooth earpiece with it???No. There is no way of using a bluetooth headset with this phone.Uniden sell a earpiece that joins the phones on the DECT network. It's not bluetooth but works in the same way.

Questions & Answers

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My Uniden Elite 9135 won’t work now we’re connected to the nbn. There is no dial tone, just beeps similar to an engaged signal. Will the phone work at all with nbn?
3 answers
phone will work when plugged into a nbn modem with netphone enabled. i am currently using it with my iinet modem with no issues.Agree with the above. You need to connect the phone through the modem into the socket for the phone.Get a telephone lead and put one end into the modem telephone socket (the telephone modem socket has a telephone symbol) and the other end into the telephone wall socket, by doing this you connect all sockets to the modem.

I reset my handset but now when i ring my mobile to test it my mobile doesn't ring but the handset sounds like i have a busy tone. Any ideas?
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I’m sorry I have no idea.


ELITE 9135 + 1ELITE 9135 + 2ELITE 9135 + 3
Handset TypeCordlessCordlessCordless
Price (RRP)$159.95$199.95
Mobile Phone Integration (Bluetooth)YesYes
Included Handsets23

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