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Uniden FP 1200

Uniden FP 1200

MPN: FP1200
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not impressed


This phone has hardly been used and the keypad doesn't work. Yes it is out of warranty but a poor quality product. Uniden don't care. Uniden offered for me to send it back for a repair at a minimum cost of $55, happens to be the purchase price of the phone. So not buying from Uniden again.

Date PurchasedApr 2017



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Not very happy!


We bought a new Uniden FP 1200 as on our previous one the caller ID and the correct time went haywire.The same has happened on this one.The time is showing as 2 hours ahead of Perth time,and the caller ID did not work at all.Uniden says that it is the fault of our phone provider and Optus says it is the fault of Uniden.We have a friend who also has a Uniden but a different phone provider and she is having the same problem. So what is going on? Who is right? I manually set the time and date on it but when a phone call came in it reverted to Queensland time.
Other than that the phone seems OK.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

regularblokeNew South Wales

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Handset "sticking"


After 8 months ownership, the button under the earpiece is now sticking and stays down for a few seconds when you pick up the handpiece. I can live with this normally, but when you pick up the phone to answer a call sometimes you miss the call whilst waiting for it to "pick up" properly. So frustrating and I wouldn't buy the same phone again. Also the menu / screen system is too complicated and needs to be modernised.

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Edit September 2018: The handset button is no longer sticking perhaps to be loosening up after a long time of usage, but the menu system is still dated. I would give it 3 stars now.



wall mounted


I bought this same phone 2 days ago after discovering that the handset would not stay in position in wall mounted situation I found the little clip next to the dial tone button has to be removed and turned upside down and that takes care of the wall mounting.And you people that say this phone can't be wall fitted are wrong.



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Great phone - great price.


Bought this phone at Dick Smith Electronics and got an additional free 12 months warranty. Haven't installed it on a wall, but cannot see any problem if instructions are followed. Ringer volume & hand set volumes are good. And I wear hearing aids. Also have cordless phones in use, but cannot use them when the power goes off - with the FP1200 I can use it whether power's on or off.


JohnJHunter Region, NSW

Uniden FP1200 Wall Mounting Problem


The phone cannot be used wall mounted as it wont switch off dial tone. Took it back to Dick Smith but salesperson wouldn't acknowledge there is a problem. Pity I already drilled holes in wall, so unless next phone is identical I have a problem...not happy with Uniden or Dick Smiths.

Disappointing wall phone


I bought the FP1200 as a wall phone and it does not hang up the line in the wall phone position. I placed a sticky pad into the mouthpiece recess which rotates the phone slightly out and then it works.


LorraineWoodcroft sa

Wall mounting does not work


When mounting this phone on the wall the handset does not hold to switch off the dial tone. Phoned the company Uniden and they suggested we take it back

Can't Listen to Recorded Messages!!


I've looked at the instruction manual, and there no means of how to listen to your voicemail. Is this phone even capable of playing back voicemail? Please help me with this. This isn't a cheap phone and I am disappointed in this product. Its pretty decent phone other wise, just the answer machine is the only thing thats impossible to find.

A Bad phone for elderly people


The volume on the speaker is very weak even on max , my elderly father could not hear anything. Terrible! The design of the phone is great, big and readable buttoms with style. It needs to improve the volume to a louder mode. Now, I have to look for another phone with extra loud volume and big buttoms.
it's a great looking phone with clear big buttons
Volume on the speaker is too weak for elderly people even when put in Max. Bad!

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Questions & Answers



How do you listen to messages. I have Messagebank with Telstra, I get the dial tone which tells me I have a message but there is no button to press to get the messages. ALSO, the Manual tells you to go to the Menu, can you tell me how to do this.

2 answers
Uniden A.Uniden

With our phone range, in regards to Answering machine options, there are 2 classified categories;
Models with an integrated answering machine where we provide answering service options.
Models that don't come with an integrated answering machine.
Your model fits into category 2.

Even though we don't provide any answering service options for your unit, you can, however, still use a voicemail service on the phone but it will be through your service provider.

It seems like you have this activated as you have indicated you have Messagebank with Telstra.

You will need to contact Telstra as they will also advise you on how to retrieve messages, delete messages, adjust ring time and record greetings.

Can you please confirm if you have the manual for the FP1200?

Your phone does not have a Menu option and there is no reference to a menu in the manual.

Please see manual on the following link;



Thank you for your prompt reply. I found out how to retrieve messages so that problem is fixed. I do have a manual which states that the battery compartment holds three batteries when my phone has space for four - if needed, I will be using four. Because of the battery 'error' in the manual, and having seen 'Menu' mentioned on some websites, I thought that the 'Menu' may have been missed too, now I know differently.

David Griffiths

David Griffithsasked

I have an Uniden FP1200 as my main phone, plus a triple handset 1735 cordless in 3 other locations The telephone line is split so that I can make/receive calls on any of them. In the last fortnight interference noise on the FP1200 make it virtually impossible to hear what other parties are saying, although those other parties have no such problem. If I lift the main 1735 (the one with the answering machine) off its cradle and leave it off, the interference disappears and conversation on the FP1200 is crystal clear.
Any clues?

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an't keep batteries up to it continually going flat in very short period of time. any ideas?

4 answers

Sorry i only had the phone for one day before returning it to supplier for refund. I purchased a different phone to go on the wall. Maybe call the supplier and complain or return the phone to the retailer.


So what is a "short period"? Good batteries should last up to three months (according to the user guide). You do realise that the batteries are only there as a back up source when power is off? I purchased my phone on January 23rd and the batteries are still in working order.


Batteries for backup are only lasing a couple of days

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CategoryHome Phones
Handset TypeCorded
Price (RRP)$49.95
Release dateNov 2011

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  • GTIN13: 9322402008912
  • MPN: FP1200

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