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Uniden Premium DECT 31xx Series

Uniden Premium DECT 31xx Series

3115, 3115+1, 3135 and 3135+1
1.6 from 16 reviews

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this phone is okay for the price paid

This phone is quite hard to set up without the user manual - which was not included in the pack - had to get it online - okay for price but nothing flash

Purchased in April 2019 at Catch for $58.00.

Awful product

Dreadful device - battery is useless - lasts about 6 months - complete waste of money - Do not buy. Would not recommend. Have to buy another and will never buy uniden again - battery life is short. I will never buy this brand again- awful awful.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

great phone

the phone is great i am very happy with it.
the only issue i got is when people phone me it shows unavailable,it's been doing that since begining of january 2018.
can't find how to fix the issue.looked at the manual it doesn't explain very well.manual could be written alot better thank you

April 5th 2018 Update:

love this phone it has an answering machine which I don't miss any calls. I love it because it shows the phone numbers and people names .and you can screen calls .each call can have a melody for different names of friends.while on a call you can make the volume go up or down

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Sound quality is fuzzy and battery poor

This is a cheap model, when buying Uniden it can be hit and miss, my previous Uniden model was just fine however the Dect 3135 not so. needed to replace the battery after the first year and the sound quality is fuzzy and low and hard to hear off and on.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

One of the worst

I acquired a brand new (not refurbished) DECT 3135+1 kit from a friend and I could not believe how bad it is. Very poor voice quality and the speakerphone facility is impossible to use due to crackle and interference. Obviously this model did not get anywhere near the Uniden testing department during it's design and development phase. Also very slow response time when going through the menu items. This model should never have been allowed to get into the shops. Needless to say I will not consider purchasing another Uniden phone.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Worst Cordless Phone I've Ever Used.

This unit replaced a much older Uniden system, which was a very good phone. Had to replace it as the answering message function no longer worked. The new model DECT 3135+2 has such poor sound, it's almost impossible to conduct a conversation with callers. It is a very poor performing phone and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Low price phone but some quality problems

This phone is probably one of the cheapest phone handset available on the market. It has a speaker which works well, easy to read numbers, good display screen and ability to turn it off. However, I had problems with the mute button which stayed mute despite effort to cancel the mute. In the end, I just bought a new one as being the best option. I recommend this product for people who occasionally use their landline and for people who can use the speakerphone function when waiting in a queue.

This is one of the worst Phone's ever

I've brought many landline phones before. Some have been great, some have been terrible. This sadly falls into the category of one of the worsts!

Why do you ask? I brought this phone about 2 Months ago. The day after I brought it, i had to get it replaced. The reason why, the day i brought it I unpackaged everything. I plugged it in and it apparently worked. However as soon as I got a call i found that neither headset produced sound. The ringer didn't go, even when the volume was turned up on the fullest level. And once I had answered the phone the speaker wasn't going either, it in total produced no sound at all. Annoying however I got it replaced under warranty at the electric store I brought it from. Despite the replaced headset and base, the new one was also faulty, only one of the headsets played sound. You could hear the ringer, speaker phone, and sound through the built in speaker (not the speaker phone speaker) on the one the worked. The faulty one did the same issue i originally encountered, no sound it all came out it.

Do I recommend this: NO. If you want a decent phone go to Panasonic, Cisco, Gigaset or any other brands. Sorry Uniden, you maybe considered the greatest phone brand but you have disappointed me and my money.

PS. The Phone I brought to replace this phone (once i had received my refund) was the Panasonic KX-TG7652AZB. This was worth my money, not the Uniden. The bluetooth built in was a great feature too!!

Sorriest Excuse for a Phone I Ever Saw

I would give this one a zero or negative score if it were possible. The menus are **slow**. Push speaker phone and watch it show "connecting" for a few seconds before it switches on. The tophat button is not the best and sometimes multiple presses are required. The intercom has a similarly slow menu to select the destination handset, and then the handset you are using rings as part of the paging. Why? The ring choices are limited and mostly annoying. The speakerphone gets muffled and unintelligible as the volume is raised. OK clarity on calls but with a tinny quality. Not a lot of volume on the earpiece. As many posted the ECO mode is not adjustable and makes an ordinary product a very ordinary one as quality/usability comes and goes with the ECO mode. I kept it for about 24 hours, then back to the shop for a refund.

Unusable and unreliable

I purchased this from Officeworks. A few weeks out of warranty the battery became faulty; as in the battery never stopped charging (the battery indicator never stopped blinking). Furthermore, adding to this annoyance, the ridiculous 'ECO mode' began turning on at random times during a normal call. This caused the call to become severely muffled, as the other person's voice volume dropped dramatically to a slight whisper (even with the handset's volume on maximum). I also found out that there is no way to turn off 'ECO mode'.

All in all, even though it was a cheap as chips handset ($10), the manufacturer should be putting a little more thought into the reliability of the product. Thus, even though I have bought this brand in the past and remember it was a reliable brand, I will not be returning after this experience. There is no use placing your brand on a product that has clearly not had much testing. More importantly, Uniden should learn that quality is far more important than quantity.

What a lemon!

Extremely poor reception for both incoming and outgoing calls! Lot of crackling and broken distorted sounds!
Should have kept the uniden Wdect and replaced the expensive batteries which would have been the same price as this piece of rubbish!!

Uniden DECT 3135

Bought the Uniden DECT 3135 recently and have had nothing but trouble with inward calls since.
People complain my voice is breaking up or cannot hear me at all. I have no trouble using the Oricom corded phone in my bedroom at all and will never, ever, buy another Uniden - nor will I recommend them to anyone. As an aged pensioner, I have ended up with the loss of $100 and a bad buy. My line is OK.

Bad Bad Bad!!!

When my mums home phone died I took her shopping for a new one, the Uniden Premium Dect was a fraction more expensive than the one she wanted, I talked her into getting the Uniden because of the Uniden reputation but never again will I do that!!!

She has complained to me before about the poor quality of sound via the handset as well as not being able to hear messages properly, I was with her today and heard first hand how muffled her voice messages are then I needed to make some important phone calls for her and OMG it was bad, not only was the person on the other end muffled but every sound in the room was amplified through the handset.

I wish I had of read these reviews before helping her purchase the phone, never again will I buy another Uniden neither will my mum.
Muffled voices on the handset and message bank, amplifying room noises.

BAD bad phone

Had to buy a new phone. Old Uniden had falt batteries. How i wish i had kept this old phone.
This new Uniden is a terrible phone. Do not buy. Box thrown away or i would be taking it back. there is a "stall" time, after you answer. The caller cannot hear you say "hello" etc. Horrid sound.
Awful product. Again - do not buy this.
looks like a nice phone. But i was terribly mistaken
See review. Bad sound. Bad product.

This is so bad .never will reccomend

We had this in less than 1month .and [censored word removed] It did not work.I always cuts of every single time I talk.We bought A uniden elite 9135+1 and it is the best phone ever .This phone Has such low quality.I tell you and really listen to me ,Thisphone is horrible. Buy the elite and you will be happy
Works during a blackout

Disappointed with sound quality

Recently my 6+ year old analog cordless had a flat battery so I decided to upgrade. The Uniden works OK in pretty much every regard except I find that the sound of the voice of the caller on the other end is always accompanied by a "hiss" that I found distracting and irritating.

It isn't that the voice on the line is distorted at all and is OK to understand, just that the hiss/static that comes with the voice and disappears when they stop I found quite annoying. Some callers seem to be more affected than others, especially if quieter where they can become harder to understand.

Tried different volumes and I followed the manual troubleshooting guide to try to eliminate any possible interference (different AC outlet, direct phone line without modem splitter, away from other electrical etc..) but always the same. Took it back to the shop and they thought it was OK and in the noisy shop it did seem better, but in the quiet of home this hiss that surges every time the caller speaks just bugged me so much.

Took it back and bought a new battery for my dodgy old Binatone analog cordless and it sounds so much better. I really can't compare to other DECT phones (perhaps they all do this?) and maybe this sort of sound won't bother others but I much prefer the old phone's clarity. Dissapointed as I once had a Uniden (analog) years ago and thought it was a better phone than the Binatone at the time.
Ability to work in a blackout, good menu system, pretty much everything was fine apart from the sound quality
Very annoying surge of "hiss" with the voice coming out of the speaker

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I agree with your comments and had the same issues. It's a bad phone don't get it.

Questions & Answers

Is the 3135 uniden compatible with NBN
1 answer
Hi Coral, Yes, the DECT3135 has been tested to work with the NBN.

Can I register a DECT3035+2 on a DECT3135+2 base?
1 answer
Hi Lucho, Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, both models are not compatible and won't be able to link together to work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

phone only rings twice then stops I think it is call forward how do I turn call forwarding off ?
2 answers
Hi Shane, Call Forwarding/ Call Divert on your phone is a feature that is set up and provided to you by your service provider. (Telstra, Optus, etc) For Telstra assistance, you can see the following link for reference; https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/home-phone/features-settings/how-to-set-up-call-forwarding-on-home-phone For Optus assistance, you can see the following link for reference; https://www.optus.com.au/shop/support/answer/manage-call-diversions-fixed-phone?requestType=NormalRequest&id=1428&typeId=5 For other service providers, you will need to contact them directly on how to activate Call Forwarding / Call Divert.call forwarding,is set up by your provider, they will cancel it ,I suggest to phone your prvider and tell them the problem and they will be able to help you.


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Wall & Desk MountableNoNoYesYes
Answering MachineNoNoYesYes
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