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Uniden SS E45+1

Uniden SS E45+1

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! its AWESOME. !!!

found it in a charity shop here in NZ for $6.00 idiots had it priced way to low lol its in EXCELLENT condition (with book) im so happy its an awesome ph. nice and loud. wrong plug on end that fits in to modem..but just swapped out cord from our old dumb ph. now it works a treat.

Purchased in July 2019 at Charity shop. for $6.00.

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Thank you kindly for your review. We appreciate the time you have taken to provide feedback and wish you all the best with your Uniden product. Should you require any further inquiries please don't hesitate to contact Uniden Support at custservice@uniden.com.au

Home Phone for Special Needs

I purchased this new model cordless phone for my 88 year old mother who has sight impairment and arthritis in the fingers. The phone has large numbers and special features that would be beneficial for those with hearing issues also. The answering machine component is easy to use and there other features which can be added. It is perfect for her needs and reasonably priced at $129.

I had to call a few stores to get one but found JB Hi Fi and some Harvey Norman’s stocked them.

One great bonus I found on the uniden web site was a special promotion on various models including this one. If you complete the form on their site, print out and attach a copy of your receipt then mail all paperwork they will send you a bonus handset. This is for purchases between April 2018 and December 2018. The salesperson didn’t know anything about this.

Questions & Answers

Years ago when I had ADSL internet I decided to upgrade to a newer phone from my old one handset cordless Uniden (900Mhz). I tried 3 different brands (higher Mhz) and all of them had such awful static that it was not pleasant or easy to use them. One of the senior salesladies told me that 900Mhz works best in some old houses with old wiring, so I went back to my old Uniden. About 5 years ago I picked up a two handset cordless Uniden (900Mhz) in an Op Shop. I bought new batteries for both handsets and bingo! - the same clear reception as my old one. I was super happy! Now I get my internet through a dongle, so the phone line isn't sharing with any other device. Theoretically, it shouldn't matter what Mhz I use now, should it? Or does the house wiring still have the capacity to interfere with the phone reception? Lately both handsets have been cutting out so I've ordered new batteries again (this would be the third lot) but I was looking at your website and saw the SSE45+1 and noticed it had a lot of features that would benefit me. I could only find one review for it on Product Review and wondered whether it would be a safe investment. We sometimes lose our phone line if it's been raining heavily and I was wondering about battery back-up. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated? Thanks for your time, sincerely, Emmie
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Hi Emmie, Initially 900Mhz cordless phones are introduced to the market but due to bandwidth constraints. (Many other products are using the same frequencies.) 1.9Mhz and 2.4Mhz were then introduced. The only major difference between lower frequencies and higher frequencies bands are the operating distance. Lower frequency have longer range. Signal clarity are generally the same. Also 900 Mhz phones are less secure and are prone to eavesdropping from a phone scanner (Unless it is the DSS type) Clarity of the phone signal generally depend on the phone service operator's input signal and the medium of transfer either via phone line or modem. This is where most static occurs. If you are not on ADSL but using the old copper phone line, we don't foresee any static other then maybe from the old wires. If using ADSL, please use ADSL filters. As for battery backup during power blackout, the Handset battery could power the base for a period of time dependant on the remaining battery life at the time of the blackout. We also have available an optional BP100 that would work as a backup power supply. Should you have any further inquiries please email Uniden support at custservice@uniden.com.auThank you so much for this information :)No worries at all, Emmie :)

Our new phone XDECT SSE45 can’t connect to any number. The number rings but you can’t hear any ringing and the called number won’t ring. Any ideas? Plus it has a ECO showing on the screen - help please!
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Does this phone pair with the modem?
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Which modem? If it’s the emergency call modem we have that separate


Uniden SS E45+1
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