NoT up to Old Uniden's standards

Bought two of these radios to work onsite.

Both batteries would not hold full charge.

One belt clip broke.

One volume knob fell off.

Both tx/Rx remotes failed, with speaker fail.

TX distance is great, works well in buildings that mobiles don't.

Solid compact design.

Purchased in April 2016.

Hi Sean, Please send it off to our postal address for our repair center to evaluate the problem. Uniden Australia Pty Ltd 73 Alfred Rd Chipping Norton NSW 2170 Please send a note with your details, brief fault description, along with a copy of your receipt/invoice from purchase to verify the warranty. (If you do not have the receipt, we can still inspect your unit and give you a quote). For any further inquiries please email Uniden support team at custservice@uniden.com.auWow, thanks for the reply. Is it possible to drop these off at this address? ThanksHi Sean, Yes, you can. We are open Monday to Friday. (9am to 5pm)


I can’t beleive that uniden let this go to market. Consumer watch dog should look into it. My mates have cheaper handsets from Kmart and is way better than the rubbish I paid big bucks for. All the clips are Brocken. The reception and transmission is terrible. Thanks for nothing

Date PurchasedJun 2016

UH076SX Garbage

absolute garbage, stuck on busy which apparently happens to most of them after three or four years. Uniden denies responsibility. How can you do that when over 90% of this model fail? disgraceful absolutely disgraceful. Uniden get your act together and recognise that where there is a problem fix it.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Bucket of rubbish

Used 4 times - stuck on busy. Apparently common problem with Uniden

Tried a few hacks. Tried memory button with scan button held down, turned on. Nothing. Not impressed with quality. Will continue but it appears 4 time use is common with Uniden.

Certainly wont be buying this product again.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Battery disapoints

Nice radio, but battery doesn't last. First battery packed up after 1 year and bought new battery, which did not last long either. New battery was very expensive. Always keeps battery fully charged after use, but still not lasts. Try different product or buy cheapy with disposable batteries. Money wasted.

reasonable uhf cb radio

I bought one from dick smith and few years ago although a great compact radio it takes about 15 hours to charge though it's great to access the local uhf cb repeater channels

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It's not really good quality though it does its job

Lasts only three years then need to be replaced

Worked well for the first few years. Only used four times then just out of warranty it broke. Busy signal on every channel. Sent back to Uniden. There happy to fix for a fee. The impose a fee for even looking at it. Cheaper to buy a new one and get three years of use then buy another. I have a GME unit too, that failed just out of warranty. Guess what, GME fixed it no charge with a smile. Not Uniden.
It worked for three years (only used 4 times)
Cant use it anymore

Surprising my own experience was the exact opposite, GME happily charged me to fix a radio that didnt last 18 months, yet Uniden bent over backwards to fix my 076 for me.I,m with altinis. Busy signal on all channels. Uniden repairer quoted me $185 to fix. Admitted well known problem. Would not have used unit in anger more than a dozen times.

Good handheld

I use mine for hunting in the Vic alps, it gets used weekly at least, and in an environment where I need to be able to rely on it. Its been my go to radio for 2 years now without problem. the only issue was a failed battery at 14 months, Uniden replaced without question.
Robust, waterproof and priced well
Heavy and the speaker mic that came with it was junk.

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i have a uniden uh076sx-nb and my squelch wont work any help please
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I can't remember much about my radio as I didn't have it for too long though I'd recommend calling uniden Australia hotline and asking the staff there - alternatively you can consult your manual


UH076SX-NB (1 Handset)UH076SX-2NB-TP (2 Handset Tradies' Pack)
Price (RRP)$299.95$299.95
Output Range15km15km
Release dateOct 2010Oct 2010

Visit official website - Download manual