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Uniden UH5000

Uniden UH5000

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80 Channel CB Basic and Does What You Need

An Easy to USE CB Radio, simple to program with a few added features, It covers all the stations.
Customisable 7 colour display with a flip screen , external speaker jack, very compact and light
I cant complain about this its got all the channels and its very light, and has a small footprint I mounted it in a D-Max Ute using A Heavy Duty Scotch Velcro ( not ordinary velcro ) instead of screws although it does come with a bracket and screws, use the type that sticks to rough surfaces ( get it at the hardware store ) for $5
The UH5000's crisp clear speaker makes it easy to hear and communicate , I matched mine with a short 6db broomstick fibreglass antenna recommended for 4x4s.General Use if you are unsure about which antenna is best pair it with a 3-6db all round antenna you wont go wrong. ( use a higher gain if on the open flat plain for distance )
UH 5000 CB can be purchased for between $155 ( CB radio+ accessories only ) or $200+ ( depending on antenna , cable, fittings) The UNIDEN also has an unbeatable 5 year Warranty and has a rugged design to handle bumps on the dirt or outback roads.

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can;t seem t get ch 490 what am I doing wrong
5 answers
yhay should have read ch 40jHi bjm Unable to get Ch40 ? Depending on how your radio has been set up it , you may have skipped a channel see the manual ( link below ) in the settings Check "Group Scan" setting or "Busy Channel Lockout" or Add/Remove Channels from scan Memory " , ( The link to the manual is at the end of this message alternately contact Uniden for help: https://uniden.com.au/contact-au/. " ( manual link is here." https://uniden.com.au/product/uh5000/ " ). best of luckHi Bjm, Are you able to please try the following procedure on the unit to see if this rectifies the issue? Turn the unit off, Press and hold ‘’MENU’’& “SCAN” buttons together at the same time and turn the power back on. After 15 seconds turn power back off then on



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