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Uniden UH515DLX-2

Uniden UH515DLX-2

3.3 from 3 reviews

Tiny but Powerful

I bought these radios as a test of the brand and was pleasantly surprised by their performance. I had planned to buy a pair of 5W for use in national parks etc, but these little 1.5W radios work so well I don’t think I will. They do exactly what they say on the box. Which is rare. Would happily recommend them to anyone.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great Set Of Two-Way Radios! Highly Recommended!

The Uniden 515DLX-2 pack is a great pack for those who need to stay connected out in the middle of nowhere, between building to building, and in some cases, from town to town. The pack comes with 2 radios, a twin desk charger, 2 carabiner clips, 2 police-style speaker mics, two headset mics, and 2 belt clips. The speaker mics are great. The sound quality is OK, alright not as good as the sound from the radios themselves. There is a 360 degree turning clip on the back so you can clip it anywhere, and there is also a 3.5mm Auxillary audio output plug. The headset mics sound great and have a comfortable fit for all ears, even smaller ones like mine. They support VOX (voice activated transmission) and there is also an in-line mic and transmit button. The radios themselves feel sturdy and rugged, and they definitely don't feel cheap. These radios are feature packed! The range is around 8 KM, as I have tested it. I was in a gully while my friend was in the car driving in another gully, around 6-7 KMs away, so I think they could definitely reach 8KM even if it's not in the line of sight. The only thing is is that the included batteries only last for half the time advertised. But luckily, you can install AAA batteries into the radios as well. These are great two way radios and are highly recommended!

Date PurchasedMay 2017
UPDATE: The included battery inside one of the radios has stopped functioning; now using AAA batteries for that one. They work much better!UPDATE: The included battery actually has not stopped working. The MEM (M) mode wasn’t turned on so it drained the battery really fast. When in use, make sure that there is a little ‘m’ to the left of the channel number on the display. Thanks!

Cheap garbage

Purchased a pair of these for added safety in the bush.
At first glance the features and functionality seemed great.
After use they are extremely flimsy and the supplied batteries are crap!!!
Batteries last less than half of the advertised duration and get nowhere near the range advertised, the units have to be on Hi power or sign language will suffice, - draining the batteries even faster. Giving these to kids as they are only of use as toys and purchasing a competitors brand -

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Questions & Answers

Will it work in other pacific countries?
1 answer
Hi Trevor, Our UHF CB and Scanner equipment is permitted for license-free use in Australia and New Zealand under each country’s relevant communications regulation. To use outside these countries may be deemed illegal. Before using our UHF CB and Scanner equipment in other countries, we recommend that you investigate the relevant communications regulations, to ensure that the product is suitable for use in your intended destination.

How to set the volume on uhf 515?
1 answer
Use the ‘vol’ buttons up and down



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