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Packed with features but audio quality lets it down

We have owned these units now for over two years. The units are packed with features and we found the digital and tome squelch function invaluable for locking out third party traffic. Our biggest gripe is that audio quality on the units if poor and absolutely shocking on the handheld microphones. Audio quality is our no1 requirement and would not buy this product again based on this issue. Apart from this it is good unit although an external antenna connection would be useful to improve range.

uniden promises a lot on this unit

Totally useless and a complete waste of money
This unit has extremely poor reception and if there is reception of some kind its only crackle and static noise
also the extras such as external speaker microphone and the hands free head set are totally useless
I never buy a uniden product again and the product info is just disgraceful
After purchasing this unit and tried it for 2 month there is nothing to like about this uniden product
I fell for the numerous capabilities advertised about this product by uniden and none of the various functions and hardware accessories actually perform as advertised

Great radio with some issues

Great radio, cheap, easy to use, comes out of the box with everything you could want. Buttons and features are easy to navigate around and keypad can be locked to avoid pressing any buttons inadvertently when you don't need to. Great for line of sight communications from car to car or in a shopping centre on 2W maximum power.
cheap, easy to use, reliable
Speaker mics don't have as good audio as the built in mic, connector is 2.5mm TRS type that can be pulled out too easily or broken/damaged. Earpiece throat mic is not sensitive enough.

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Time to update this review - unit now is faulty - sent in for repair. It thinks the batteries are flat when transmitting 2W for more than 2-3 sec.

Great little unit

Great little item.
I bought the single radio pack UHF720SX-NB, the other unit mentioned is the twin radio pack.
The sales package comes with everything you need, nothing really to buy as an optional extra to get up and going and keep going which is very convenient.
My use is mostly for work... and have gone through a fair share of two-ways in my time!
Being a nice compact size it doesn't get in the way of your working activities as do other brands, in my case it's a big plus.
I've also found it's pretty gutsy, this little unit has already had it's fair share of 'droppages' and is still functioning as good as new.
There are too many features in the unit to mention... though worth mentioning are the 3 selectable transmission power options, a great battery saver if needed otherwise on high it transmits at 2 watts very clearly at quite a distance.
The CTCSS feature is another great option to use for private broadcasting... and the buttons and switches aren't fiddly!
Battery time is quite good I use this unit constantly on a 12 hour shift and still have plenty to spare, this unit has been the most power efficient I have owned.
Summing up, great value for the money, it has become the more popular unit amongst my workmates for work, play and many other reasons.
Everything you need in sales package. Compact. Clear. Gutsy. Plenty of channels & functions.
None to mention

hopless reception

i just purchased the UH720sx-2NB and although it says that it is good for 10km's, I am lucky if i can get 1km from it and thats wit the highest watt setting.This is on flat country and not over any buildings. Although I know its on the highest battery use setting, it goes flat pretty quick. Would not recommend.

The range wont go further than if lucky 1km

I'd say anyone who expects more than a few kilometers doesn't understand CB radio. even a 5 watt system won't do a kilometer with trees or hills or obstacles and 10 kilometers will work.. if one person is on a hill and the other on a flat lake .. maybeSome areas have magnetic interference which limits transmission.

Questions & Answers

Can it be used in car?
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Yes i use it when we are travelling horses in the float and someone may have to be in there to or just when we are away to locate each other, a long as you are close around. I had to send back my first set as they were faulty, I only used them about a dozen times and they packed it in, the reception is pretty lousy, we have driven through major towns and cant even pick up anyone not even a lot in sydney, I wouldnt buy them again, I wish I could of got my moey back.


UH720SX-NB (1 Handset)UH720SX-2NB-TP (2 Handset Tradies' Pack)
Output Range6km6km
Price (RRP)$149.95$299.95
Release dateDec 2011Dec 2011

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