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Valco Serene

Valco Serene

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Loved it!' (for the first few weeks!)

Tried out this chair in the baby shop and absolutely fell in love. Got it home and after a few weeks it started squeaking really loud than out of no where felt like it was going to fall apart. Had it replaced and the new one is doing the exact same thing after 3 weeks. Disappointing considering you are supposed to be relaxing with Bub in it.

Perfect! Couldn't have survived without it!

I have been using this glider for over 12 months now with my first born and I have to say it has been absolutely perfect! It gets used multiple times a day, every day and has been a total life saver. My daughter loves being rocked in it and when we sit in it she knows it's sleep/relax time. As I have spent MANY hours in this chair I can happily say it has been extremely comfortable. The glider is extremely smooth and has never made a sound. I have slept in it for hours in the recline position on those really bad nights and have slept quite comfortably. Easily one of the best baby related purchases we have ever made. Worth every single cent, and plus some!!! Love that it has a high back (being 180cm tall this is VERY important!) and the padding and material hasn't worn in the slightest. Very, very, very happy customer!


I bought one of these to use with my new born baby. I paid $449.95. It was really nice to use for the first month. From then on it became squeaky and the rocking motion in the chair became 'lumpy' so to speak. Also the padding beneath the buttocks has become quite hard and flat! Also the material has split on the right hand side of the arm rests. The lever to recline the chair is also extremely difficult to use whilst sitting. It is now four months old and I am left with a horrible squeaking chair. I am taking it back to the store to hopefully be replaced. At the least repaired. Would much prefer my money back!!
Swivel and reclining action.

Sweaks a lot

We bought this glider after trying it out in the shop. It is comfy and was great to begin with....then it started sweaking. It got louder and louder. We took it back and replaced it. It has started to happen again and this time it is louder. We are going to take it back and replace it with another brand. For the cost you wouldn't expect it to do that.
Comfy to sit in
Sweaks loudly!

Ok but not worth the money

Purchased at baby warehouse on sale for $429. Chair I tried in store was fantastic however when I got my chair home it was anything but. Inaccurate instructions made it difficult to assemble, excess stitching hanging out and a lot less cushioning than the chair I tried in store. There are a lot of other cheaper chairs that will give you the same level of comfort.
Could get it in black.
Overpriced, looks/feels cheaply made.

Comfortable but not durable

My husband bought this chair for me when I came home from hospital with my newborn and she is now 10 weeks old and the chair has been great up until a week ago... It started to creak, which I could've put up with but the ball bearings are now destroyed. So now I'm left with a chair that creaks and wobbles when I rock it. In hindsight we should've just bought a chair for durability rather than looks but I would've thought with the amount of money we did spend it should've lasted a lot longer than this.
Expensive considering it doesn't last long without creaks starting

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Hi Kyles85, I'm sorry to hear you aren't satisfied with your product, If you could send an image of the damaged area to support@valco.com.au our customer service team can have a look and hopefully get this issue resolved for you.

Good chair, but not great quality

Bought this chair for feeding with my first child 19 months ago. Very comfortable, easy to clean. It's a little on the large side so for a newborn I needed to add pillows to get comfortable. As baby got older though it worked well with the extra space.

Around the 12 month mark the leatherette started to crack and split, so now the chair looks worse for wear and it needs a cover. Very disappointing considering the cost! Could have bought a cheaper chair with better longevity. Also, it does a develop a squeak which isn't ideal for rocking baby in. Now using it for baby number 2, pity it hasn't kept its appearance.
Easy to clean and comfortable. Looks great when new.
Not great quality for price

Chair that rocks and swivels, some concern over the quality

We purchase this chair for my wife to use while nursing. It was quite difficult finding a chair that both rocked and swivelled, so we decided to get the Valcobaby Serene chair.

The chair looked great in the shop and photo’s, but upon assembly it quickly became apparent that the structural integrity of the chair was questionable, especially with a RRP of round $400 to $500, it is not a cheap chair. The chair is reasonably comfortable for my wife to sit in, but I am concerned the about the chair falling apart during use and hurting my wife and baby.

The chair was also missing the protective coving for the chair and ottoman bases, which is shown in the instruction the chair arrived with, but not in the photo’s on their website.

The recline lever is also very difficult to use. It is currently too stiff for my wife to operate while she is sitting down.

That being said, the chair does rock and swivel
Rocks and Rotates, the otterman rocks as well
Concern about the quality of the chair, especially the structure of the chair! Recline lever very stiff, unusable.

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Hi Guppie, You've chosen a great nursing chair for your wife which also has a 12 month warranty. Please shoot an email to cust.service@valco.com.au Our Customer Service team has read this post and is waiting for your email to help you out.

Wish I'd bought one sooner

I wanted a glider chair since before my son was born. Now he's almost 1 and finally I have one!! I wish I had bought one sooner, as it would've made breastfeeding so much easier. I tried out all of the glider chairs in the store (as you do), and there was only one that was more comfortable, but came only in brown material. The Serene in black leather is comfy and easy to keep clean. Although the piping on the edge of the arms digs in a bit when you rest on them, I have solved this problem simply by putting a towel or a soft blanket over it.
Comfy. Reclines and rocks smoothly
The trim of the arms is a bit uncomfortable

Questions & Answers

How to assemble this chair?
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I just bought one second hand and the chair is in excellent condition. But its squeaks really bad. How do i fix this?
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Hi! Depends on where the squeak is coming from I think. But a little grease spray should do the trick. However since mine has never squeaked, I do wonder whether some people are putting them together incorrectly and perhaps not tightening things as much as they should etc. I'd try a little WD40 on a few joints and see if that fixes it, make sure all joints are screwed together properly and see how you go. Hope you can get it not squeaking, because mine has been by far one of my best purchases to date and I have not had a single issue with it :)Yeah all joints are tight and greased. Its coming from the main pivot point. Thanks fr your answer anywayHi I had tried the good old WD40, as we all know, that stuff fixes just about any squeak, but this one! I left my chair with the shop owner who said he woul try to repair it. Got it home, done the exact same thing after minimal use. In the end I i complained once again, had a brand new replacement base dropped of to me. The owner of the shop I bought from had informed me that WD40 is not ideal (I cant quite remember the reason, it had something to do with the type of lubricant it was). He had explained to me that the chairs are made with little ball bearings. Hope this helps.


Valco Serene
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